DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorThe spectacular Mokai Gravity Canyon Bungy is located only 20 minutes southeast of Taihape in the beautiful Rangitikei region and features the highest tandem swing in the world!

Visitors have a selection of three world class activities on offerÉ or you can leave the adrenalin adventure for others while you simply enjoy the great surroundings with a hot cup of coffee.

At Mokai Gravity Canyon you can experience the most Extreme Flying Fox in the world! Imagine being launched 170 metres above the mighty Rangitikei River before racing down a 1km long cable with the wind whistling in your ears as you experience breath-taking speeds up to 160 kph! Totally wild!

The Giant Swing is for those that totally want to indulge the adrenalin junkie within! After freefalling a mind-blowing 50 metres from the Mokai Bridge before arcing into a major swing in the highest tandem swing in the world you will experience a rush like no other! The swing is 80 metres of pure unadulterated rush and a popular activity.

For the ultimate extreme combo add a 80 metre solo or tandem Bungy Jump from New Zealand’s highest bridge jump. Night jumps add a new twist to this Kiwi icon and provides a stunning evening spectacle above the river!

Check out the Mokai Gorge as you traverse S.H.1 in the centre of the North Island.