DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorTake the perfect plunge at Taupo. Swan dive through space with a shout and a smile, as 100,000 people have done before you, from the world’s first cantilevered bungy platform.

The Taupo Bungy site is at 202 Spa Road, just 5 minutes drive from the Taupo town centre. The purpose-built platform is set against the cliff top 47 metres above the mighty Waikato River, just a short distance below it’s outlet from Lake Taupo. The river scene is quite spectacular, with sheer white cliffs plunging into the clear water and views to picturesque Cherry Island. The cantilevered platform projects 20 metres out over the river and can carry 100 people. Spectator viewing is possible from this platform, and from several lookout points down the long river access path, including the riverside jetty where the inflatable recovery craft is moored.

The crew gives you the option of a solo or tandem jump. If you want to chill out they can adjust the bungy cord to give you a water touchdown. This provides the ultimate ground rush as you fall all the way down, splashing your head and shoulders as the bungy cord stretches to its limit.

The Taupo Bungy has gained an excellent reputation for safety standards and professionalism. Bookings are recommended in the summer months. High-tech videos, multi-frame photographs, T-shirts and souvenirs of your jump are available as positive proof of your exploits. Group discounts are offered; there are special rates for backpackers and worthwhile discounts are offered for repeat jumps.

The North Island’s most popular bungy jump is a real blast. For an exhilarating experience go for the full nine yards with a water touch. It’s a Taupo specialty and you can choose to have a simple hand splash or a full dunking to waist level.

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