DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorJoin the throng queuing up to get ‘highly strung’ at the Agrodome, a premier adventure park at New Zealand’s No.1 tourist destination, Rotorua.

This exciting attraction can be found in Western Road, Ngongotaha, just off S.H.1 and 9 kms from Rotorua. The bungy is operated from a 43 metre tower in beautiful surroundings, with Mt Ngongotaha as the backdrop, and views over the Paradise Valley and Lake Rotorua. Access to the bungy site is very easy and no walking or climbing is necessary. The whole process of getting prepared and making the jump takes around ten minutes. This still leaves time to appreciate the view from the tower, unless your mind is preoccupied with the gaping void of space that separates you from the Ngongotaha River far below.

The Rotorua Bungy was opened in 1998. The bungy is a year round business and offers both tandem and solo jumps. A certificate is provided to each participant and action photos, T-shirts and hats are available as optional extras.

A big swing has also been installed in the Agrodome Park. The ‘Swoop’ has the ability to terrify up to three riders at a time as it propels them forward at a cool 130 kph. From the start position you don’t realise just how high you are. So it seems easy enough to slip into a hang-gliding harness, be hoisted 40 metres into the air, pull the release cord and soar. But soar quickly translates into ‘rocketing’ through space like a jet plane. Awesome.

Rotorua Bungy is located in the Agrodome Park, which also offers jet sprinting, zorbing, helicopter rides and the world famous Agrodome sheep and farm show.

So swoop into ‘Sulphur City’, and dive and soar through the aromatic airs of this great holiday centre.