Wellington is a compact city with places of interest being easily accessible within walking distance. Lambton Quay – Wellington’s main shopping area, runs through the commercial heart of the city.


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It would be hard to imagine a more shopper-friendly city than Wellington. The capital has a huge variety of stores, conveniently situated in shopping arcades, underground malls and clusters of shops along the ‘Golden Mile’ of Lambton Quay, Willis Street.

Things to Do

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Wellington’s stellar attraction is undoubtedly Te Papa (Our Place) - the national museum, which provides a treasured link between New Zealand’s people, land and culture. Its interactive displays are at the leading edge of virtual experience.


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Wellington is strategically sited close to the geographic centre of New Zealand and is the vital hub in our network of air, road, rail and sea links. Wellington International Airport is served by Air New Zealand, Qantas, Air Pacific and Polynesian Airlines with regular flights to/from Australia and the Pacific Islands.


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The capital city vies with Auckland as the queen of New Zealand’s nightlife and clubbing scene. Wellington has been dubbed the 'Cafe Capital' as the 400 restaurants and cafes give it the highest per capita concentration of eateries in the country.

Places to Eat

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Wellingtonians claim with obvious pride that their city is the political, geographic, entertainment and gastronomic centre of New Zealand. Arch rival Auckland has grown numerically into a sprawling metropolis with a strong Polynesian and Asian influence.

Places to Stay

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Wellington’s central district has a range of good accommodation that places you easily within walking distance of its heritage, cultural and entertainment attractions. The convenience of being close to all the action makes it worthwhile to book well in advance and secure a bed in the downtown area.


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Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city. It is a complete contrast to the sprawling urban mass that constitutes Auckland. Wellington New Zealand Wellington - New Zealand's Capital CityWellington is a visitor-friendly, upbeat, compact city, which can claim to be the world’s southernmost capital. It offers the visitor far more than a look at New Zealand’s parliamentary democracy in action.

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