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The world’s great outdoor adventure playground, New Zealand – otherwise known as ‘Bungyland’. DANNY : DE HEK has prepared this guide for travellers and adventure seekers to help in locating our awesome bungy jump sites.

Nevis Highwire

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The Queenstown Nevis Highwire Bungy is 32 km from Queenstown. Trips leave daily from the Station Building in Shotover Street by 4WD vehicle, passing over a high country sheep station to reach the site. Here, you put a harness on and board the cable car, which is suspended from 380 metre long high-tension cables spanning the whole valley.

Skippers Canyon

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The Queenstown Skippers Canyon Bridge Bungy is kept operational by the AJ. Hackett Company specifically for special events and corporate conferences. One popular event is a ‘Full Moon Bungy’ available for group bookings, where up to 40 people can enter into the canyon for a midnight jump.

The Ledge Bungy

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The Queenstown Ledge Bungy offers a number of unique choices as well. You can choose a body harness or an ankle tie, jump off either the mild or the wild side of the platform, take a running jump or a sedate swan dive, or even a reverse somersault. You get to choose the method that suits your personality, and gives you the maximum rush.

Kawarau Bridge

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The Kawarau Bridge Bungy is situated on the main road between Queenstown and Cromwell, near the Nevis Bluff and the Gibbston Valley. The bridge platform is 43 metres above the Kawarau River and the jumper has the option of a head and shoulders splashdown in the river if he/she feels like cooling off.

Rotorua Bungy

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This exciting attraction can be found in Western Road, Ngongotaha, just off S.H.1 and 9 kms from Rotorua. The bungy is operated from a 43 metre tower in beautiful surroundings, with Mt Ngongotaha as the backdrop, and views over the Paradise Valley and Lake Rotorua.

Sky Tower Sky Jump

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The Auckland Sky Tower Sky Jump is different from bungy jumping. It is a cable-controlled base jump, where participants can choose to go down feet first or glide down head first like Superman. You wear a special suit with a full body harness attached to a wire cable and a descender unit. As you fall the cable drum feeds out wire behind you at a controlled speed.

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