DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorIf you’re after an unforgettable urban bungy experience The Ledge is legendary.

The fun factor is definitely a ten and the views of Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables are out of this world.

The Queenstown Ledge Bungy offers a number of unique choices as well. You can choose a body harness or an ankle tie, jump off either the mild or the wild side of the platform, take a running jump or a sedate swan dive, or even a reverse somersault. You get to choose the method that suits your personality, and gives you the maximum rush.

The jump ticket includes a T-shirt and the price of the Skyline gondola trip. From Queenstown you can complete the bungy jump and round trip on the gondola in one hour. The Ledge platform is cantilevered out from the cliff face, 400 metres above the town, and directly below the Skyline lookout terrace.

In addition, The Ledge Bungy Sky Swing is the latest AJ. Hackett creation for thrill seekers looking for a new gravity defying experience. You are strapped into a full harness and then lowered 3 metres down the rock face. After the usual heart-stopping countdown you pull the self-release cord and free fall at a sickening pace until the cable tension sends you flying through the air in a huge arc.

Watch the jumpers on The Ledge from the Skyline observation deck for a while and enjoy their antics. You can then decide which super hero you wish to emulate on your own jump. You can run, jump, back flip, spiral or fly any which way to get the most adrenalin-pumping action. The high elevation and panoramic views over the town far below, make this a fabulous free-falling experience.

For a truly surreal sensation launch yourself off the Ledge at night and watch the lights of Queenstown spin in a multi-coloured kaleidoscope below you.