Waimakariri District

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Leaving Christchurch, head north across the pancake-flat, patchwork quilt of the Canterbury Plains, for a breath of fresh country air.

Rangiora, Woodend, Oxford, Ohoka & Swannanoa, Loburn & North Loburn, Cust & Fernside, Ashley & Sefton, Kaiapoi, Waimakariri District and Waimakariri Beaches


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Oxford, a rural town on the Inland Scenic Route 72, is the perfect place to appreciate the mountain scenery and seasonal beauty of the North Canterbury Plains. Named after the university city of Oxford, this farming town of 1,600 people, was a saw-milling centre until 1898.


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Kaiapoi, North Canterbury’s top river town, is located on S.H.1 just over the broad, shingle-strewn Waimakariri River from Christchurch. This principal town of the Waimakariri District occupies a strategic position, flanked by the river and fertile farm flats to the west and the great expanse of Pegasus Bay to the east.

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