Christchurch has achieved a fine balance between the extremes of modern metro hustle and the grace and charm of an earlier era. The city is an ideal size; large enough to achieve economic viability yet small enough for people to feel they belong.


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A shopping spree in the laid back Christchurch malls and retail arcades can really add the gloss to a perfect holiday. The city’s downtown shops are open to 5.30 pm Monday to Thursday and to 9 pm on Fridays. Many city stores and the suburban malls open on Saturday and Sunday.

Things to Do

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Where else in the world can you ski in world-class alpine resorts in the morning, whale watch on the Pacific Ocean in the afternoon and then relax and unwind in a thermal spa in the evening? Christchurch is the main city in Canterbury province - an area greatly blessed with stunning alpine scenery


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Christchurch is the South Island’s largest city and the international gateway to its scenic wonders of mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers, fiords and forests. Christchurch International Airport has regular Air New Zealand flights to Australia with onward connections to worldwide air services.


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The Garden City’s nightlife is becoming as celebrated as its vibrant cafe culture and performing arts scene. Visitors can enjoy a night on the town in Cathedral Square, Oxford Terrace or the Cashel Mall. In these areas you will find fashionable cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants

Places to Eat

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Christchurch has a long tradition of serving fresh produce (e.g. tender Canterbury lamb), gourmet cuisine and fine table wines. Gastronomic delights await the visitor in elegant restaurants and lively cafes that serve a wide range of European, Oriental and American cuisine.

Places to Stay

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Christchurch is visitor-friendly, having been laid out by the founding fathers to a simple geometric grid design centred on Cathedral Square. Within a few city blocks in each direction you can find everything from backpacker hostels, to Bed & Breakfast guesthouses and top international hotels.

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