DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorWelcome to this unique one-stop adrenalin-pumping centre, which offers bungy, jet boating and rafting adventures from the same base.

Thrillseeker’s Canyon Bungy at the Waiau River Bridge near Hanmer Springs is an ideal location for first time jumpers. At 35 metres it is the lowest New Zealand bungy site, so the free fall sensation lasts just a few seconds. By contrast the Nevis bungy (Queenstown) at 134 metres seems like a never-ending fall. However, Thrillseeker’s bungy still gives you time to experience the full range of emotions as you plummet down to the surface of this wild river. Each person’s reaction is different but the full gambit can range from excitement and pure elation to abject terror.

The jump platform is built on the side of the 135 year old Waiau Ferry Bridge. No bookings are necessary and you arrange for your jump at the Adventure Centre just downstream from the bridge. The total time for preparation and the jump is around 15 minutes. Certificates are issued to jumpers and souvenir photos and T-shirts are available.

The jumpmaster gives advice on the various ways of leaving the platform. These include a graceful swan dive, a straight down pin drop, a backward dive or somersault. Tandem bungy jumps and ‘baptisms’ i.e. water touchdowns, are available.

The Thrillseeker’s Adventure Centre is just 5 minutes drive from Hanmer Springs and 300 metres from the turnoff on S.H.7. The centre is the departure point for bungy jumping, white-water rafting and jet boating trips. The raft trips use self-bailing inflatables, which carry from 2 to 12 people and last 2½ hours. The jet boat trip runs up to 30 km through narrow gorges and braided shallows with spectacular scenery.

If you are looking for full-on excitement it’s available here on tap, with the tempting trilogy of adrenalin action in Thrillseeker’s Canyon.