DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorStep onto the Auckland Sky Tower outdoor observation deck, and look down at the miniature red bull’s eye painted on a raised platform 192 metres below.

This is your precise landing spot in the Sky City Plaza on a leap of faith that is like nothing else on earth – as near to ‘Jump Heaven’ as you can get.

You fall at about 85 kph and gradually decelerate as the ground approaches and finally touch down on the lower platform at a safe landing speed. The fall lasts approximately 11 seconds and provides an unbeatable ground rush.

It offers a new kind of free falling thrill with wide appeal, because of its controlled descent. The vertical cable-guides provide a safety feature that enhances the experience for people who would baulk at a total free fall experience. The guide wires on either side prevent the jumper from turning around and becoming disorientated.

The Sky Jump is reputed to be one of the highest public tower-based jump in the world. For comparison purposes it is four times higher than the popular Taupo Bungy, Mokai Gravity Canyon. Bungy founder AJ. Hackett made a courageous bungy jump off the Sky Tower in 1998 setting a new world height record for a jump from a fixed structure. Now that the guide wires have been added it is a ‘breeze’ and is within the capability of any thrill seeker.

Put this awesomely massive jump on your ‘must do’ list if you dare.