DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorJoin the crowds taking a leap of faith from Auckland’s first permanent bungy site.

The Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy was officially opened in April 2003. A state-of-the-art jump pod has been installed under the road deck of the bridge in the main navigation span.

Jumpers leap 40 metres from the jump pod to sea level and rebound into the air several times, often accompanied by screams of fear or exhilaration. They are then winched back up by a patented retrieval system developed by A.J. Hackett Bungy in New Zealand. A range of splash options are available from a simple hand touch to a head and shoulders dunking or a total body immersion. The choice is yours. According to the Polar Bear Club a cold water plunge in mid winter can be invigorating.

The jump pod is reached from the city end of the bridge along walkways, which are also used by Auckland Bridge Climb. Jumpers and spectators report to the Harbour Bridge Adventure Centre at 70 Nelson Street in the city. After the briefing, jumpers are harnessed and transported to the bridge. From the base of the bridge to the jump area is a ten minute climb on specially built walkways. Trips depart from 10am-4pm (Sunday-Friday) and 10am-5pm (Saturday). Combo bungy and bridge climbs are available.

A Quantum Leap bungy package combines the Auckland Harbour Bridge, Kawarau Bridge, Nevis Highwire and The Ledge bungys. Photos, video packs and T Shirts are available for sale at each location.

For those adventure seekers who don’t think stepping off a ledge into thin air is a ridiculous notion, this is a ‘must do’ challenge. After the bridge jump move on to the Sky Tower Sky Jump, a cable-controlled base jump situated in Federal Street.

Imagine the cool sensation of conquering the two most death-defying challenges in the City of Sails.