DANNY : DE HEKThe people behind WeWe Global include Diego Endrizzi (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), Steve Condos (Adelaide, South Australia), Michael Faust (Thailand), Kalpesh Patel (UK, resident of Dubai), Jose Gordo (Spain, resident of Dubai), Fabio Endrizzi (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), Tony Mark-Seymour (Adelaide, South Australia), and Luis Goes (Brazilian, resident of Dubai).

This is the full transcript of the meeting that was held at Novatel Christchurch Airport Thu, 9 Feb 2023

Frank Everard Stace

There are a few things going on, right? All sorts of, you know, of course that’s ridiculous, but cause as a result of some of the misinformation about what it is we do. This is gonna be addressed legally and the legal team are on it. And from our point of view, nothing changes. It’ll get sorted.


And so will a couple of the people out there throwing some negative articles about what it is we do, without any evidence. So I just want to just lay that one out, you know, I think that’s gotta be, I think that should be outlined. I think it should be laid out on the table so we’re all on the same page.

And I’d like to get into the meeting if that’s okay with everybody. Alright. Yep. Now we could have an exciting meeting. There’s a little individual that likes to pop in every now and then. He’s a serial pest, unfortunately. Come in, take a photo and shoot out again. I’m not gonna name him alright, but he likes writing negative articles.

And his deal is to create a following, but we’re not gonna talk about him. Not tonight. So I just wanna invite you guys, first of all, well done. Congratulations for being out here. Some of you, and I know a number of us in this room are probably first timers looking at an opportunity. Some of you don’t even know what you’re here for, right?


Can I just see a show of hands if anybody’s not even sure what they’re here to see. Thank you. Anybody else? I know there’s a few. Okay? Look, welcome to you guys. Don’t worry, we’re not gonna convert you.

But you gotta understand that what you’re about to see is probably, in my opinion, one of the best opportunities you’re gonna get laid out on the table, alright? And I’m not here to convince you to do anything, right? And despite the fact that Diego couldn’t make it into New Zealand on legal advice in Australia, this will get sorted out and he’ll be back here as soon as possible.


In fact, he said he apologised for not being here. So I just wanted to lay that out for Diego. Okay. So with this opportunity, for those that haven’t seen it, just watch as the business presentation gets laid out. We’re very fortunate, of course, to have our Oceania Country Managers, Steve Condos, Tony Mark-Seymour, both from Australia, they jumped on the plane, right?


And they’re here. Cause otherwise we might have just been little old me. Maybe we might, who knows, right? You’ve gotta got bored with me very quickly. I’m sure. But look, we’ve got a lot to come tonight. Tony. Tony, sorry Steve. In a minute I’m gonna hand over to Steve. He’s gonna talk a little bit, give, give some background.


If you’ve got, if you want to take some notes, it’s what the paper’s there for. Take some notes. Couple little housekeeping things before we get going. First of all, please, if you don’t mind, refrain from the questions during the presentation. We can, afterwards, we’re gonna be around when we close off the meeting, we’re not going anywhere and we are here. We’ll be happy to take questions.


But here’s something: because of the current environment with some, with what’s been happening, again, I’m gonna ask that no videos, no streaming, right? I mean, this is a private meeting, it’s not a public meeting. We use the public platform for the, for the thing, but you have to be invited here or be a member to be in this room tonight. That’s something the gentleman didn’t understand, he tried to make out. Anyway, as far as some of the slides you’re gonna see, you might want to take, you might be tempted, come on, take a photo. Don’t worry. For those that are there, we’ve got those slides available to us online.


Alright? So you’ll have access to that. And we’ll have a time for questions after the presentation. So with that all said, I wanna introduce the first speaker. His name is Steve Condos. He’s from Australia. He’s one of two Oceania area, which includes Australia, New Zealand, the islands, Malaysia, Singapore.


No, not Singapore. Not Singapore. And it’s quite a large area. They’re responsible for managing the development in this side of the world. And I’ve got to know Steve and Tony over the last six months or so. And we, no, sorry, a bit longer than that. Yeah. And the support we’ve had from them, I’d just like to, I certainly have a, listen, we’re gonna do the presentation.

We’re gonna cover off a couple of things, so I’m sure you’re gonna find this interesting, Enough talk from me. I haven’t done this before. If I’m looking comfortable, don’t believe it. All right, without further ado, Steve Condos. And did you want to come up too, Tony?


 just to say, I think I’m gonna come up.

Steve Condos

Can you hear me now? Yes, it’s working. Thank you. Thank you. Good evening everyone. Good evening and welcome. Thank you, Frank for that. What a venue. We’ve already been to Melbourne and Sydney, and I’m glad to say so far this is the best venue we’ve been to. And now we’re gonna have to work extra hard, I think here because we were here earlier today and I was thinking, how are these people going to focus on what we’re saying when there’s planes taking off behind me?

So that said, I want to give you a little bit of a background about you know, where I’m coming from, how come I’m involved here. So I’m actually an islander, believe it or not. I originally come from a beautiful Greek island. And back in 1976, I had to follow the family to come to Australia because I had a childhood dream and that dream was to become a civil engineer.


So that’s my professional, my traditional professional background. And I’ve done that for about 30 odd years. So I’m not as young as I look. And at some point, you know, I started feeling like I was engineered out. I felt like I’d done everything. And that professional, that childhood dream, I guess it was fulfilled for me and it no longer made sense for me to continue to do that.

So I started looking for something else to do, something that will give me more autonomy, something that will make me be in charge of my time, my income source, and ultimately my life. So I started looking around. Now I’m gonna cut a very long story short. About 2015, 2016, someone opened the gateway for me into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Now that space really, of course, at the beginning I didn’t understand what it was all about. I’ve read quite a bit and maybe my technical background helped me understand a little bit more. But I saw an opportunity and that what I saw back then is, at least as far as I’m concerned, is it’s kind of, I’m seeing it now, the potential that I saw back there.

I see it now because back in 2015 you know, when I was to talk to someone or even mention the word cryptocurrency, the immediate response was crypto-what? Now, today, and you guys can correct me if I’m wrong you know, if you mentioned the word cryptocurrency, or especially bitcoin, do you think everybody knows about it, or at least heard about it?


They might not understand it, but they’ve heard about it. So that’s how further industry has come, or the technology, because ultimately that’s what it is, is a technology. And you know what technology does? Technology keeps evolving, keeps getting better, keeps getting more efficient, more effective, and very importantly, more user-friendly.

And we all know that. We all know that because we all got, who’s got a smartphone? Okay? Who understands the operating system? Who understands the nuts and bolts of your phone? Okay, we’ve got a gentleman. That’s okay. There are people that do, maybe that’s their role, maybe that’s the area of the profession they’re in.

But ultimately, you don’t need to understand, really, how your iPhone or your Android phone works. You just, there’s a bit of a learning curve, right? And then eventually you know which buttons to press and then it becomes very user friendly. So I want to, before I start, and I’m gonna introduce shortly, my partner and my friend, we’ve been together as friends and business partners for almost 30 years.


My message is that don’t try and get too much trying to understand the nuts and bolts of this technology, because that’s not our role. Our role is to understand and derive the benefits that this technology brings to us. Is everybody okay with that? Okay. So that is all I wanted to say. Now, also, before I ask for my friend to come up here, I’m really excited to be here, really excited, personally.


I know Tony’s just as excited, but I am especially excited because I was meant to be here last, in October, there was another event like this, but unfortunately I had an unfortunate incident and ended up at Melbourne Hospital. So I am very glad to be here at this time. And in particular in Christchurch.

I don’t know if you guys know it, but we both live in Adelaide, South Australia 10:03 and Adelaide and Christchurch are sister cities. Did you know that? No. I’m glad you do. Okay. Well, thank you for listening to me for this session. I will ask my friend and country manager, fellow colleague, Mr. Anthony Mark-Seymour.


Tony Mark-Seymour

Thank you, Steve. First of all, one thing, we are not a hype company, so don’t expect any rah rah rah from us, and I’ll tell you the facts as they are, and I’ll tell you a bit about my story. But first of all, I just wanna thank Frank, right? Put on, in the last minute, changes like this can be very, nerve-wracking, and Frank’s right, I mean, I spoke to him at three o’clock in the morning this morning.


Alright, so well done Frank for your introduction under pressure, well done, and true, 24 hours and lots changed. Diego had his bags on the plane. They were on the plane. He was about to board when he was advised, the legal department, alright, his legal department, ‘This is not a good idea.’ Alright? So, yes, the planes had to stop for a little while, while they took Diego’s bags off. Okay? So he was definitely 100% coming up here up until basically, you know, 26 hours ago, whatever it was. So we apologise, sorry. [Take seven last night.] Yeah. Okay. There you go.


So I love New Zealand. All right. Now I’ve only been here four times and it’s only been inside hotel rooms, . And that’s the fact. Every time I’ve been here, it’s just a short stay and all I’m in is hotel rooms. So I haven’t seen this beautiful country, but I’ll tell you what, you guys are amazing cause you’re such a small nation and I’m a sports lover.

Alright? My son’s played for Australian volleyball and my daughter’s represented the states. I’m a sports lover and I look at the Kiwis and my goodness, for such a small nation, you excel. Who loves the cricket? Yeah, man, cricketers, rugby, sailing. But on the way over, I like motor sports as well. I didn’t know until  I started watching this program, documentary, I love documentaries, on McLaren. Who knows Bruce McLaren. Well, guess what? I had no idea where Bruce was born. And then I realise, my goodness, another bloody kiwi. All right. Amazing, amazing story. And I – Steve, you need to watch it. So yeah, this country has produced some amazing individuals. So anyway, my story, yeah, I live in Adelaide.

I’m married with four children, four adult children, by the way, all single and all struggling financially. They can’t buy a house or land, they can’t afford to. And it’s getting harder, harder to save a deposit, to buy. And I see where it’s going. I understand the financial system. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was in my twenties.


Started my first business when I was in my late twenties. I’m a diesel mechanic by trade, so I had a workshop where I had employees.  Had employees that were older than me and I had staff. All the red tape that the traditional business has superannuation, work cover, you name it. I did that for 10 years and had a very successful business.

And then I realised there’s better ways to make money, and found alternative sources of income. And it’s been fantastic. But really it wasn’t until 2009 where my life really started to evaluate the world and the world of banking. When there was the financial crisis, 2008 people would’ve known about that.

And then in 2009, there was this source code that was put on the internet called Bitcoin. And I heard about it, but I didn’t take it seriously until, I think Steve mentioned it to me, right, 2015, 2016, and I started looking into it, and that’s when things really changed. Finally, there was a technology out there that solved the double spend[?] of sending digital currency across the internet.


And I thought, oh my goodness. This is it. This is amazing. And then I became a believer in Bitcoin. Now it does take a while to get your head around it, and I wanted to understand that, in fact, I reached out to a couple of individuals that were, I would say they were just geniuses, right? And they understand Bitcoin blockchain technology.


And I had a vision, when I really understood how powerful Bitcoin was, to have thousands and thousands of merchants accepting cryptocurrency around the world, thousands of people being able to use crypto [on a] daily basis rather than using the current financial system. That was my vision. And so I teamed up with these, with one particular guy to start with, and we formed a company, okay? Then we had two other people join the company. There was four directors of the company, and it was an education company still going, if you wanna look it up, cryptocake.com au, right? And we’re going around educating, running seminars on Bitcoin. Now, I’m only saying this to show you that I have got some knowledge in this area, right?


And so we ran seminars on this to explain to people how to get involved in cryptocurrency, how to store it safely, how to send it to people, etc. And that vision wasn’t going to create what I wanted in regards to mass adoption of cryptocurrency. And so I ended up selling my shares to my younger colleagues and they’re doing extremely well.


Okay? And you know, things don’t always go to plan things – like tonight. And you know, I found myself from, from some unfortunate, bad experiences working again to in traditional business, a traditional working for your boss, right? This is something that I don’t like. Be honest with you, I like to be my own boss.

Cause I’ve been my own boss since I was in my twenties, right? And it wasn’t until Steve reached out to me and said, Tony, you need to have a look at this. And I thought, okay. What is it? And I understood what was going around on the internet and what was happening in the the blockchain space and cryptocurrency.


And there were so many scams – everywhere, people losing money left, right, and centre. And he said, you need to have a look at this Tony. And I said, okay, get me on a call and I’ll have a listen. I’ve known Steve for a long time, right? And I’ve known this guy does a bit of research and he was very confident.


So we got on a call with Diego and he shared the vision of LYOPAY with WEWE Global. And I thought, well, this, this looks, looks impressive. You know, I’ll dip my white toe in the water, but I’m not gonna tell anyone, right? So I put $5,000 in it, right? Just to see if it worked. I wanted to know whether this was real, right?


And sure enough, like clockwork. But I still wasn’t game enough to share this with anyone, right? My reputation’s too important for that. I I didn’t want too risk it. And Diego says, Tony, you know, come, Steve, Tony, come to, come to Dubai. You know, come and see it for yourself. Touch it. Meet Alessio and the team, and the compliance officer and the legal department.


Meet her yourself. See you. I can’t – for some, we couldn’t go that particular Covid, et cetera. So Diego then flew to Adelaide and met with us, and he sat down with us and he showed us the roadmap. He showed us the vision of where this project was going, and I thought, oh my God, this is the real deal. This could really accelerate mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

This could be different than anything else that’s out there in the market if they can pull off this ecosystem that they’re developing. And this is going back 13 months ago when I first looked at this and I thought, wow, Diego, the vision is huge. It’s massive. You know, can the company do it? And he says, Alessio can do it.

And I said, okay. I trust you. You’ve flown all the way to Adelaide to catch up with us. I’m in. Right? I gave notice. I had a vision, and I gave notice to my boss and said, I can’t do this. I have a bigger job to do. So this in job as a country manager is really important. I get a bit emotional because you have people out there that just don’t understand.


They think they do, they think they know everything, right? But they don’t. So I’m really passionate about this because I’ve been there. I’ve flown to Dubai a number of times. I’ve met the people involved. I understand the industry. I’m not an idiot, right? I come from a traditional business a long time and I understand blockchain.

So this is the real deal. No matter what some people think, it is the real deal and the best hand is to go there personally and feel it. I mean, this company now has over 420 employees. Three offices in Dubai, office in Singapore, office in Hong Kong, office in the UK. I mean, they’re a serious deal.


So that’s what I just wanted to share before I come up and explain a bit more. So, you can see that I’m passionate and I really want to help people understand that there’s a need for this because you might have heard, you know, with the Central Bank digital currency and you know, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand is looking at having a CBDC, okay?


And that’s different from traditional currencies that we have now you know, we have digital currencies for right now, we use a MasterCard Visa card, right? That’s run by the commercial banks. When it goes to a central bank digital currency, right, it’s gonna be a different ballgame.


They’re gonna have complete control of every cent you spend, OK? And that’s what you’ve gotta watch. Which financial path do you wanna stay on? You can stay on this one – the current financial system, OK? You’re gonna get to a point down the road where you are locked in there and you can’t get out or you take a chance at an alternative financial system, OK, which is what we are involved in.


To me, now’s the chance, now’s the time before it gets too late. Steve, thank you.

Steve Condos

Thank you, Tony. Now you can see, you can see the guy’s passionate, right? About what he does, what he says, and that’s why I enjoy working with Tony.

Now, I’m just gonna give you a quick presentation, but please, I will just say a little bit more of what Tony said, how we see this. This is a vehicle that can provide a solution, a solution to what a lot of people need today. Tony spoke about his kids, OK? They need a solution, but it’s a solution that works for the people.


It’s a solution that can work for you, individually, not for the big banks, not for the, you know, huge corporations, not for the government. It’s a vehicle that can provide a solution that works for you. That’s how we see it, and hopefully we’ll be able to give you enough information to be able to see that yourself, and then sure, check it out yourself.


Inform yourself fully, get all the information or the answers that you need so that you can make a decision that will suit you. Does that make sense? OK. Let me now start with this presentation and OK. I’m gonna be walking up and down here. Hey, how are you? Okay, so pardon if I use a few of my back at some point.


Okay. Business presentation. Now, as always a disclaimer, I’m not gonna ask you to read all that, but basically I want to direct your attention to the first paragraph and the last one. But briefly, what it says is that WEWE Global is a decentralised platform that offers products and services. And those products and services are offered from partnerships that we have with external parties.

So really, ultimately what Wewe Global does is offering a brokerage service between the providers and the customers, clients, the community. OK? That’s what we do. And finally, the last paragraph, WEWE Global is not an investment. We’re not an investment vehicle. I’m an engineer. I’ve got no way of knowing how to offer a financial advice or … it’s not a matter of you know, profit and guaranteed returns and ROIs and all those kind of terms.

We don’t offer that. Okay. Rewards can be generated and we reward people because of the activity that happens within the ecosystem. And I’ll talk a little bit about ecosystem. That’s one of our ecosystems, an ecosystem. So it’s, it’s a, a closed network, if you like, of various products and services that people want and need.


Does that make sense? Okay. So with that said, revolution in the world of money, who is aware of that? I don’t think I’m gonna shock anyone here if I say that. We have been experiencing quite a revolution in FinTech, in the FinTech sector of our economy. FinTech financial technology. That’s what it stands for.

Now, some people call it evolution, some people call it revolution. It means the same thing. You know, if you really look at the meaning of those two words, evolution is something that develops over time, you know, slowly. And that’s what’s happened in our money, in our world of money, our money has evolved, right?


You know, over hundreds of years the way it started with battering and you know, people exchanging goods, to gold, then to coins and paper money, then we’re going into the plastic and blah, blah, blah, right? And today the latest evolution is this technology, cryptocurrency. Now, this technology though, is bringing about a revolution in the world of money because it’s rapidly changing everything and it’s going to change or, rather, impact right across the entire business landscape. It’s impacting industries, services. It’s gonna impact everything, and that is what we are getting involved with right now because we see what’s coming.

Now, the intended, who’s familiar with the internet? Who can live without the internet today? Right. Do you know, or I don’t know if you remember, I’m sure you’ve done enough to remember when the internet first came out, quite a few people reject it, all right?


Quite a few people rejected the computer when he first came out, yeah? A lot of people that did this back then are kind of feeling a little bit lost today, right? Because it’s an integral part of our life today, whether you like to accept it or not, you’re on the internet 24/7, you got a smartphone, right?

The internet is there with you in your pocket. So, but what has happened is the internet has really changed and made us the owners of information and communication, right? But now what is happening with this technology blockchain, all of a sudden, we are able, for the first time in human history, this is that revolutionary, I’ll use the word, for the first time in history, we are able to transfer value over the internet.

We were not able to do that with the internet. But now with blockchain technology, we can transfer value importantly without the need of a third party. That’s what makes it quite unique. In other words, you’ve got something that I want and you are selling it, and I want to buy it, I buy it, I send you my payment, it goes from my pocket to your pocket.

That’s it. No financial institution, no intermediary, OK? That’s quite revolutionary. That is what’s happening out there, and it’s gonna happen more and more and more. So we are experiencing a revolution now, the potential of the crypto market. A lot of people, you hear a lot of people saying, ah, I should have been there at the start.

A lot of people somehow can’t believe. They think that it’s already too late for them. It is not. We’re still at the embryonic stages of this technology. It’s only 14 years old. It’s only 14 years old. There’s only, and you can see in capital letters there, only 400 million people in the entire world use cryptocurrency.

That’s from crypto.com, only 400 million. How many people? How many people on this planet? I think we can safely say 8 million now. Okay.


So I think something like 4.2, 4.5% of the population, you know, owns cryptocurrency in one way or the other. Doesn’t mean they all understand it or they understand the full potential of it, but, you know, they’ve, let’s say, got a wallet.

Okay? So the potential is huge. And when is the best time to realise the potential of something that is coming? What has history taught us over the years? Okay. I think they call them early adopters, they’re the people that benefit first. So you’re either going to –  and, and this applies with anything, anything that is coming that’s new –  has got a potential, and especially, especially if it starts being disruptive.


You understand that term, disruptive? It starts changing everything because as I said, that’s what’s happening now. This technology is touching every industry. So the potential is huge. And now is the time to at least, at least start educating yourself on it, start educating yourself on it, and then you’ll be able to make a better decision. Yeah?


OK, so what is WEWE Global? I’ve already touched on that, but I want to go a little bit further. So, WEWE Global is a decentralized platform. It is a multi-services platform. As I said, it offers a number of of services now that is based or is governed by a DAO, what is known as a dao. And DAO is a decentralized, autonomous organisation.

In other words, there is no CEO or manager running this. The whole running of the DAO, of the platform, is based on what is known as smart contracts. Now, I’m not gonna go into the, what’s a smart con–  you know what a contract is, right? A contract is an agreement between two parties, okay? And an agreement is with certain conditions.

And when those conditions are met, the two parties agree to execute the contract. Yeah, I’ve been a contract administrator in my previous life, okay? So a smart contract because of the technology computer code, okay? The conditions of the contract are pre-written into the code. So when the software realises that those conditions, predetermined, are met the contract, self executes, that’s what’s called a smart contract.

You know, that’s why you call a smart car, right? What’s a smart car? The definition of a smart car. Eventually a car doesn’t drive itself, right? Mm-hmm. , okay? So it’s, it’s based on smart contracts. It’s a decentralized platform. There is a known manager or CEO that runs it, but it’s run… whatever happens on that platform in terms of, you know, further development, new development or integration of new services or products, is done by voting of the community members.

Okay? So in that platform, you can put forward, submit a proposal. For example, recently we had a rebranding of the website and the colors. Okay? That possibly started with someone saying, you know what? I’ve got a proposal. I hate these colors on our website right now. I’ll put a proposal that we should change our colors or you know, our font style.

I’m just giving you an example. Okay? So, and then the community votes, and if 51% of the community agrees, then the proposal goes forward. Who likes that? So it’s not the decision of a single man or woman or entity, OK? That’s the WEWE platform, OK? So, and of course if you decide to help the community expand, obviously you receive rewards, you can receive rewards.

Who thinks that’s kind of traditional?


Right. Okay. Okay. Again, as I said, we offer products and services through a partnership that we have with external parties. Obviously, we have an agreement with them, so you can access the community, or we will use as access services from external projects and companies that are connected to the platform, and you can access those products and services of those providers from our platform.

Okay. Now let’s look at some of those products and services so that you know… Crypto Bulls, for example, Is one of the services or products that we offer. Now, basically what they do is they, you can buy from them trading signals. What, who knows what a trading signal is? Basically, you know, they send you a signal that says, you know, you can enter, you know, you can enter the market at this point and exit at that point, basically. Personally, it’s not for me.

It’s not for me, but there’s people… I was talking to a young man earlier here today, actually, the guy who’s helped us with the audio visual, he says, I’m a day trader. See, he would love to do that. Okay. But it gives the opportunity to people that, you know, haven’t got the skill to basically use the signals and still enter that industry, OK?


So you can purchase signals from our platform. Now you can go to cryptobulls.biz and buy directly from them, this product or this service. Right? But if you get it through our platform, you get a discount. Does that make sense? Okay. So this is what we mean by external products and services.

Okay, Travel4u. Who likes to travel?


This is another service that we offer on our platform. You know, you can get discount vouchers towards travel, towards accommodation. Who likes that? So that’s another one, LYOPAY. Now here, I’m gonna spend a little bit more time because LYOPAY is one of our major, major partners that provides a huge, huge ecosystem for products and services that people want and need. As you can see, there’s some pretty strong branding. Everything is LYO. now, l y o or LYO is also the three letter of the coin that we have or that works within that ecosystem. And, you know, every time people decide to use any of those services, what happens when you buy stuff?


There’s fees, right? Always. Okay. It generates fees and as the ecosystem expands, okay, obviously the value of the ecosystem grows. The value of the coin or token that supports, or it’s used as what we say as a gas fee. That’s what it is. A gas fee. That’s what makes the ecosystem sustainable


from the, you know, financial point of view. So for example, you can see the LYOtravel. Now, that’s another service and you probably can see the banner at the back. This is basically a, like a booking.com. Who’s heard of that? booking.com platform. Okay. But you, you can go and you can book your travel, your flights, your accommodation.

You can book a hire a car. When you arrive at your destination, you know, you hire a car and you have the option to pay with traditional digital money. Credit card, debit card, or you can pay fully with cryptocurrency. Okay? So we are bridging that gap. People have the option to use traditional methods of payment or these new methods of payment.

So that’s all your travel. So you can travel with it next. So you can see the LYOtrade, I talked about the crypto bull signals, LYOtrade, that’s our own public trading license exchange. So people can get on our exchange and they can buy or sell, trade and do that. So they’ve got another option if they want to, they can.


So I, I see it also as, you know, being able to diversify within one ecosystem, if you know what I mean. Everyone with me? I haven’t confused anyone? Okay. Then you can see LYOPAY. LYOPAY is – LYOPAY Pro in particular’s coming out now. Basically it’s, it’s a super application. It’s enough that you’ll be able to combine, you know, you have a, an account, you have a card.

But actually we, was it last week, Tony, or the week before? We’ve ordered our debit card, our LYOPay Pro card. Okay. Which we’ll be able to use. It’s a MasterCard, but I can go and use it online, offline, buy stuff with it. And at the point of sale, it all works behind it. The conversion will happen into the local currency.

So a merchant can accept cryptocurrency, right? I mean, they won’t even know it. They won’t even know they’re accepting cryptocurrency because they’ve got, you know, they’ve got a, they see a MasterCard, okay? And again, that’s what we are doing. We are giving people the opportunity to use their cryptocurrency and purchase stuff.


Now, LeoMerchant, this is very exciting. It works in combination with LYOPay. So LYOpay is like our payment gateway if you like. Okay. It’s all going to be together on a platform where you can do all sorts of things. Leo Merchant is, for example, this facility here, this hotel, they can, beside that, okay. You know, this is a technology that is coming very fast out as we want to accept cryptocurrency because they’ve got international guests so they can expand the, the customer base, the demographic of the customers, and start accepting cryptocurrency.

But at that point of sale, you know, they will have a POS machine, right? EFTPOS machine. Okay. And they will accept cryptocurrency. But right there at the point of sale, they can decide whether they want to switch their payment in local currency, New Zealand dollars, or they might want to keep it as cryptocurrency, or they might want to convert some of it.

Okay, so we offer that service now. Actually, it’s not LYOagent, it’s not up there now, yes, it is Leo agent. Now this is very exciting also, and I’ll use the same example with this particular establishment here. Now, let’s say they want to take it a step further and they want to… we offer what it’s called a white label service.

Do you, does anyone, have you heard of what a white label service is? You know, for example, you know, you can go to a winery and you can pick up some wine that you like and then give it to you in a bag, and then you stick your label, okay? And you call it Steve’s wine, or Tony’s wine. Okay? That’s quite a white label service.

In other words, they do all the work. The winery, they pick the grapes, they, you know, tend the wine and blah, blah, blah. And then you just go and you stick your brand on it. Okay? So here, this establishment might say, okay, We will use the whole payment gateway and all the infrastructure that we have been developing for the last two to three years.

Okay? They don’t have to go through that work. It will cost millions of dollars to develop it now, okay? We can just use that infrastructure and call it, white label it, call it Novopay or something like that, Okay? So that’s what we offer. And then we have LYOWallet. LYOWallet is a fully decentralized crypto wallet, so you can store your crypto on your own private wallet where you have the private key.

You don’t, you have the code kind of thing, okay? Nobody else has it cuz you know crypto. If you don’t know, you can hold crypto. Public wallets changes where you know you are not really in full control or you can send it to a fully decentralized wallet. Which is, you know, you are the owner, you’re in full control of that.


LYOPAY labs now. Tony’s gonna talk a little bit about some of the products and serve the products that we offer with LYOPAY labs. Okay. Very, very exciting. Very exciting. Because we are starting to bring physical products. I think the slogan that was used when we were at the Dubai event is, you know, we’re bringing digital products into the physical world now, and that helps us a lot because there’s the doubting Thomas is out there.

You know what that means? Yes. Okay. That yes, Steve, but yeah, the cloud, it’s up there does it really exist, but when people see, feel, and touch the physical product and see it working, it’s a different, right, it’s a different feeling and it’s a different result. It gives a different emotion if you like.

So what? LYOBanq. Okay. Now that is exciting. LYOBanq or the first, possibly not the first neobank. What’s a neobank? It is both fiat friendly (fiat is our traditional money) fiat friendly, and crypto friendly. Again, bridging the gap between the two parallel financial systems that are running right now.

Tony just briefly spoke about it. Okay. So you can see if you are part of this community, you can travel, you can trade, you can do all sorts of things within the same ecosystem with your cryptocurrency, and that will only help the ecosystem grow and expand. So that is why we are very excited because Tony spoke about (and I think we share this vision, or mission, whichever way you want to see it), that, you know, to help accelerate mass adoption of cryptocurrency. And there’s only one way that you can do this: if you provide tools and instruments that the people can use, you know, the average guy in the street can use without having to understand the complexity of the technology.

Okay. Again, as I said, the analogy I like to use analogy’s always with a smartphone. We all use a smartphone, but we don’t, you know, and I – look, who likes cars? Okay. I mean, how many people love driving cars, right? And love buying expensive cars, right? How many people do you think open the bonnet and know exactly how it works underneath? Not too many.


Sure, there’s those fanatics that, as the gentleman over there said that he understands how the, you know, his phone’s operating system works. Doesn’t quite[?] – generally people don’t want to understand the technology; they want to understand how to use it and how to derive the benefits. Yes or yes?

Okay. So that’s a little bit about – I just wanted to paint a little bit of the big picture, because we’ve got a long term vision with this project. We are not a project that develops (in inverted commas), develops a coin, puts it on a public exchange, and we wait to see, is it gonna go up? If it goes up I’ll sell. Is it gonna go down? Because there’s 22,000 other cryptocurrencies. Of the 22,000 cryptocurrencies, only 3.7% of them are compliant. Only 3.7% of them are compliant because most of those projects, when they started, they would develop under an environment where there was no regard for regulations, because it was a brand new technology, you know, the Wild West as we say, right?

So they had no regard towards regulations. So those projects though, today have evolved. I’ll give you an example. Binance – who’s heard of Binance? Huge, huge. They’ve got trouble in some jurisdictions because they’re not fully compliant. In the US and in the UK they’re under heavy investigation because they’re not fully compliant with regulations that are coming now.

All governments are bringing forward regulations because the industry, the space needs to be regulated. Because the number one currency, the number one currency in every industry, no matter what, the number one currency is TRUST in capital letters. That’s the number one, that’s the fundamental currency in the marketplace.


I don’t care if you got US dollars or Euros. If I don’t trust you, am I gonna do business with you? I’m not. The same guys, if you don’t trust me, it doesn’t matter whether I have US dollars or New Zealand dollars or gold. You’re not gonna do business with me because you don’t trust me. So trust is the fundamental currency in the marketplace, and that’s what we want to bring.

And that’s what regulations will bring because a lot of the trust has been lost because of all the scams that have been around for the last few years. So people have lost the trust. And part of our mission is to rebuild the trust. And there’s only one way to rebuild the trust. Be legal, be compliant, be audited, and be transparent.


And that’s what we are proud of, of that we have this project. Okay, let’s move on. Okay, now one of the services that we also offer is a cloud minting service. Now, what is cloud minting?  Basically with cloud meeting with the service that we offer is you can rent, you can rent hardware and without hardware, what – I’m trying to simplify and make it really simple. When you rent the hardware, that hardware provides storage space and computing power in the cloud. Very two valuable resources today. Okay. Data storage and computing power. And for providing these two valuable resources, we get rewarded. Does that make sense?


So there’s hardware that do this, provide these two valuable resources, but to go out there and buy this hardware, it’s not easy and it’s not cheap, because you have – first of all, you have to know the knowledge, right? You have to have the knowledge right? Then you have to know how to install it. You have to know how to maintain it.

You have to know how to upgrade them if there’s an upgrade. And if something happens, you have to know how to, I don’t know, reinstall it or reboot it or whatever you have to do. However, we make it easy. All you need to do is rent the hardware. You just simply decide which hardware, what, you know, what – I’ll show you in the next slide, I believe it is.

And because you will provide these resources, you will get paid daily rewards until the value of the hardware that you purchase, matures or turns into 3.5 times the value of your contract. Who understands that? So we’re in hardware. They provide these two resources, computer power and storage, and in return we get rewarded because we paid money and we part own that hardware ’cause we’re renting and we haven’t bought it. Okay. And it would reward us until we get 3.5 times the value. So, how do you start? It’s simple. You don’t have to understand cloud minting. All you need to do is choose a minting program or contract that suits you.


Example: the 500 – WEWEX is our internal stablecoin, one. WEWEX is one Euro. Okay? We operate in Europe. The company originated in Europe. So if you get the 500 Cloud Minting program, that will give you rewards daily, rewards until that value becomes 1500. Sorry 3.5. What was that? There you go.

3.5 times. If it’s a thousand, it would reward you every day until it matures to three and a half thousand. It’s that simple. It’s that simple. You decide that you want to get involved, not just with WEWE, not just with this project. Because if you get involved with WEWE, you are starting, you are getting involved in the new digital economy that is coming, whether you like it or not, it’s coming, it’s coming at us so fast. And the thing is, there’s nothing you or me can do about it.

Whether you like it, whether you hide it, you don’t understand that it’s gonna happen and it’s happening. So WEWE Global gives you the opportunity to step into this new digital economy in a simple, safe, and secure way to simple as that. Okay. Now here is where I’m gonna finish and Tony is gonna talk a little bit more.

This is very exciting for us. I briefly spoke about the, you know, the different emotions that, you know, comes out when people see physical hardware. And this is what I meant when I said we are bringing digital products into the physical world because now you still have the option to do cloud minting, but you also have the option to have that hardware at home, next to the money producing bots.

Does anybody have the money reducing box at point? The TV, there’s a time that you spend looking at it. You could have been earning money, right? So when people come in and say, what’s that, Steve? You know, ’cause look, they look, they look like hi-fi components that come from the old, you know, I’ve got an old hi-fi.

Components, but that’s the, oh, well that’s my money generating box. That’s my money producing box. That’s my money generating box. That might get some interesting And then if you want to, you can say, yeah, I’ll show you. You get your phone and you show them how it works. And then look, I get Murray Woods on my phone now, more mink, but I’m not gonna steal anymore of Tony’s fun.

I’m gonna leave up this, I think, and I’m gonna ask Tony to, if I got something else to say. Oh yes. You wanna do that? Okay. Now I talked about transparency. You can go, once you have a cloud minting program, you have your, the ID number, the IP location, the hardware activity, everything that you need to know.

This is just a screenshot of what you will see when you log into the platform, okay? As you become a member of that community, you’ll be able to track the – call it activity production. And there’ll be an IP, an IP which is a, a number. You can copy that, copy going to Google or any browser, paste it, click Enter, and you will go (sorry), you go to Google, find an IP locator. There’s hundreds of them, okay? And you paste that IP address into that, and you will see where in the world the hardware is minting for you, is a locator, and how it produces, how much, you know, storage and how much hash rate, which is the computing power.

So you are able, so no other company, no other project provides this with cloud, with a cloud mint service. No other project. Full transparency. And again, now taking it to the next level is actually having the physical hardware at home, the money generating box.

Okay. Now why access? Why get access to these services through WEWE Global? I think I just, I think I touched on that. Basically what one of the reasons is because you can, you have the option to pay fully with cryptocurrency. Okay. Fully with cryptocurrency, you can exclusive discounts and receive rewards with introducing friends.

As I said earlier, if you help us, if you help WEWE Global expand its footprint, expand the community, you will be rewarded further. Who thinks that’s okay? Who thinks that’s cool? So that is the first part of the presentation, which basically, you know, I wanted to give you an idea of how we kind of started.

Now, what Tony’s gonna do is going to introduce really what we already referred to as Cloud Minting 3.0. Actually we started with Cloud Minting 1.0 that finished what we have currently until the end of this month, February, isn’t it? Yeah. Until the end of month it’s Cloud Minting 2.0. 1st of March, we are starting Cloud Minting 3.0.

And thank you very much for listening to me. I’m gonna ask Tony Mark-Seymour to come up here and talk to you about Cloud Minting 3.0. Thank you very much.

Tony Mark-Seymour

Some of this information might be a little bit technical. I’ll try and dumb it down a bit. And this is a new presentation, by the way, as a new slide deck that will be available very shortly if you haven’t downloaded it. So some of this information is probably a little bit technical and I don’t want to confuse people too much.

So I’ll try and explain as best I can and some of the information, I won’t go into too much detail before I do keep you awake, just stand up just so you can get some blood flying. Cause I don’t want to put you to sleep. Okay. That’s the last thing I want to do ’cause I’ll be looking at you. So just stand up and just stretch, put your arm in the air and just get some blood flowing.

Okay. So hopefully you feel a bit better. Okay. Sit down. Thank you. Okay, so I’m gonna be talking a bit about the products now. Why is this important? It’s extremely important in this current crypto space. I mentioned before there’s so many companies out there making outrageous claims, outrageous returns, etc.

And without anything substantial fashion. Okay. Purely speculation. Right. You can get involved in 22,000 coins. 20,000 of them are purely speculative and are probably gonna go to zero. At some stage we’ll be closed down. Okay. As regulations coming. That’s the reality. Okay. I told you before, Diego came to Adelaide back in April last year, and I wanted to get something really solid to make me make a commitment that I was gonna do this.

I wasn’t, I was sitting on the fence bit, alright. I didn’t jump in boots and all, like many people did. I wanted to make sure that this was a long-term project. One of the things he brought with him was a couple of things actually, but one of them was a phone and he showed me this phone. He said, Tony, here’s the phone that we’re gonna to launch next year.

Now, it didn’t work, obviously, but I could see the size of it, shape of it, feel it, touch it, right? Hard wall up. So he had these physical products. He said, wait till this, wait till these products come to the market. Wait and see what will happen when these products start going out to the masses, the products that people want and need.

And then you’re gonna see mass adoption. Now you’re gonna see the company really grow. That was coming up, you know, 10 months ago now. A lot has happened, you know, in the last few months. If you follow crypto, you know what’s happened with a couple of companies, FTX, for instance, Celsius and a few others.

That’s really scared the market and it’s very, very important now that we can give people something physical that they can touch, right? It’s not in the cloud. ’Cause there’s people out there that are very sceptical. Ah, yeah. It’s just numbers on a screen, right? It’s just stuff real. You know, is it really producing storage in the cloud, mega hash, etc.

Now we can actually show them, right? The IP address will be at your house, right? It won’t be in somewhere in America, somewhere, one of their large facilities. Okay? So this is extremely important for us. Now, this has been accelerated by the way the company is working around the clock to make this happen.

I’m telling you, Alessio is a workaholic. The guy hardly sleeps and his staff are working around the clock to push forward some of these roadmap dates forward. For the benefit of us to take, probably take a leading position in this space by doing this. What other companies are laying off staff?

Some fantastic IT guys are being laid off because their company’s, you know, going backwards and losing money, and we’ve been able to pick up what we want really and pick, pick up the cream of the crop, so to speak. So while others are failing, we are actually growing, which is fantastic and it’s very, very good for us long term.

So having products is extremely important. The best market in the world. And you probably all know that. Who do you think where would be the best market to get products into in the world? US right? That’s the biggest market by far, right? In this industry. And there’s so many companies out there that are gonna go to, okay, we have our see LYOtech labs there, the SEC in the US set when our product’s available to ship out and we can get those products into the US.

The US market’s gonna open up for us. Our company’s just gonna go to the roof. So these products are really, really important. And it’s really important to get ’em out now and be in the front. No one’s ever gonna catch Bitcoin roof. Who agrees with me? I can’t see anyone catching Bitcoin, right? They were the first in the market.

The only real decentralized autonomous technology. No one owns Bitcoin. There’s no company. They can’t shut it down. Okay? Only the only one, right? They’re the leader. We want to be a leader in this space, and we, believe me with what Alessio is doing in the team, there’s no reason why we can’t. Okay? So really important.

LFI build your independence. That’s really important, allright, that we take charge. Have our own financial situations here. There’s no real job security anymore. Wanna hear what you say? I told you Diego came to Australia. I was working as a diesel mechanic for a company, big multimillion dollar company, Babcock.

They’ll have an office here in Christchurch, I’m sure, right? In defence, big defence in Australia. And they also had a transport division, which I was part of. Okay. They planned me to stay. They wanted me to stay. I’m a good mechanic. I don’t like it, but I’m a good mechanic. And I, no, I made the decision to go.

I was up on Gold Coast in October and I got a phone call from Bob Langs, who was my boss there, and he says, Tony, you’ve still got your toolbox sitting in our workshop. And I said, I’ll, I’ll get around and pick it out one day. You know, I hate, I’ve given that up, right? And the toolbox is still sent in.

It’s worth quite a bit of money. And he says to me, you know, you better hurry up and get it because that clock is closing down the transport division in Australia, you haven’t got a job anyway. You know, and this is a multi-billion dollar company, so, you know, talk about job security. You think you’re safe in a big national multinational country company.

You haven’t. So I’ve gotta take charge. So I make the best decision in my life by quitting that job and doing this. Okay? All right. So not going twice. Okay. So how do we get LFI? Really simple. Two ways you can buy from an exchange. Okay? We’ve got the own exchange, LYO Trade, but it’s listed on about 10 other – sorry, LFI.

We haven’t got on the exchange yet. It will be in March, as you can see there. In March. It’ll be available on the exchange, or you can mint LFI by the cloud. Steve talked about, or these devices now come, come March. You can also buy LFI from the exchange, but you’ll need to have our centralised token, which is LYO credit.

Okay. So we have a centralised ecosystem. Fully regulated. Fully compliant, okay. The great thing about it is price of that token has to grow because the only way you can get LFI is with live credit Token is the centralized. Token, so that’ll be available come March and it’ll be listed on exchanges and all of those exchanges will be put up there, there you can see it, it’ll be available for the back office.

You’ll be able to transfer your LFI minting tokens that you’ve minted to an exchange and you can stake them single. I know what staking is. By the way, in the crypto space, a couple of people, that’s where you can lock up your tokens for a set period and they reward you for that. In LYO Trade, we can actually stake LYO credit and we can earn up to 30, 50%, you know, as a stake.

That’s fairly common, but it’s a great reward in stake USDT and that platform as well. So you’ll be able to transfer to exchanges from March, which is fantastic.

The personal, sorry. The power of personal knitting. You can see their collateral license hardware. What the heck this is all about, right? Hardware, my is fairly self-explanatory. We have a device there, a solid object that’s hardware. Okay? We have a licence. We purchase a licence and that licence will give you a return, you know, you can get a licence with the cloud minting.

You can, like Steve said, you can buy a thousand dollar Cloud Minting pack. That’s the licence, that licence you sign as a contract, right? It’ll give you back 3.5 over a certain period, 35 months. And now we have collateral added to the equation. This is 3.0. Steve mentioned currently 2.0. 3.0 will have collateral.

So collateral will give you the full a hundred percent power. And as part of making this program solid, re part of the regulatory process of having collateral backing it. Okay? So we need later, but before the company would be paying for the collateral, now we have the choice to own the collateral. The landscape is changed.

We must make sure that we are compliant. We must make sure that we are sustainable, the returns. So there’s always gonna be slight changes, right? But just remember the people that have got cloud minting packages now and buying this month, the contract. We’ll keep going, right? Doesn’t change anything for people that have got a current contract, you’ll still get the same rewards every day, every month for the next three years or whatever.

Okay? That doesn’t change at all. But as of the first of month, 1st of March, it will change. Okay? There will be some slight differences because now with the LFI, we’ll have availability to own the cloud for ourselves. And attachment is something that is yours, right? It’s basically, you are putting your reserves there to accelerate and get the maximum return out of the travel team, right?

So you’re putting funds there, you’re holding funds there, those funds are yours. You get them back, right? And if when we haven’t locked in the period of that collateral yet, okay, it could be three months, six months, and you can re, and you can pull it out, say, look. My kid’s going through university, I need to get that collateral back.

You can get that collateral back, right? No problems. But then your returns will be slightly different. I don’t want to talk too much today about percentages, okay? Because just in case, okay, I’ve got instructions here. All right. So the percentages will slightly change. If you own the collateral, you’re gonna get a high return. If you don’t own the collateral, it’ll be slightly less.

Come up and see me afterwards, please, or Steve or Frank, and I’ll explain exactly that. I’ve just gotta keep there some guidelines here. Okay? Right. So you can see there, pick your hardware. Steve mentioned it. I’ll go in a bit more deal on detail around unit. You can see there, there’s a number of of units you can pick as your hardware.

Activate your minting and boost the process by owning collateral. Now, there’s no requirement to have collateral. You don’t have to own collateral, okay? So please don’t think, oh no, it’s gonna cost me more. No, you don’t have to. It’s just gonna give you a slightly higher return, okay? So don’t get BO down and, okay, so how do I mint LFI?

Quite simple. Remote cloud minting I’ll be doing. Now nothing changes. We go to 3.0, so the percentages will slightly changed, okay? If you own the collateral, nothing changes, right? You’ll get the same return, or you can buy as three hardware devices there. I’ll go in a bit more detail in a minute, or like Steve said, you can buy a phone.

Our phone is not no ordinary phone. There is no phone in the market that can compare with this phone, A phone that everyone will want if they understand the technology that runs behind this phone. It’s not just a simple frame, it just got one sort of interface, one processor. This will have dual processing power in it, one specifically for crypto minting and the normal Android processor and other features.

Okay? It’ll have the fancy camera, 48 mega pixels or whatever, but it’s a phone that you will not be able to find anywhere in the market. So

meeting dashboard. Steve covered that, I believe. Yeah, Steve covered that slide. Okay. How do I get LFI with minting hardware? So the hardware is one of the layers of LFI. As with the whole project, every single device spark innovation from each and every feature. Now, you can see there, there’s three of the hardware devices and you’ve got the mobile phone.

So obviously they make different amounts of tokens. One is next slide. We did have a video, but this will launch in March, 1st of March, so you’ll be able to order these come 1st of March. And you know what, this is gonna change things for you because if you are on one of these devices, like Steve said, people can actually see it working and it works immediately.

And I would suggest, and this is what I’m gonna do, is buy a spare one because when I show this to someone, if you would like to get involved and be able to mint your own tokens, which can be, by the way, instantly converted to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most liquid cryptocurrency out there. So it’s as good as cash.

Would you be able to show them? They can see it, they can feel it, they can smell it, they can plug it into the wall, get it going, scan it code. All of a sudden it’s connected to their back office. Game changer. Okay.

How much are these devices cost? Whether you have the minor xLFI 500, that’s just like a 500 CLA inching packages that we 5 97 vbx, which is your 597 euro for one of these devices. Now that includes the licence. So really we’re basically paying out a hundred bucks for, cause that includes the licence.

Which will give you the 3.5 x. Okay? Except me. That’s a very good, it’s a very good price, and you’ve got something that you can physically touch and feel and show people, right? You’ve got a thousand, thousand and 97. Now you can buy these, by the way, directly from LYOPAY, what Steve said. We’re a third party provider, right?

WEWE Global provides products and services from third parties. So if you wanted to go directly to LYOPAY, you can bypass WEWE Global. You don’t have to get ’em from us, that’s fine, but you’re gonna pay more. Okay? So what do you wanna pay? Do you wanna pay $700 for an I 500 or 5 97? It’s up to you, right?

But we are giving our members a discount. . So it’s an advantage to be, to be a member. Correct. Makes sense. Mm-hmm. . Okay. So they’re the three, three devices. Now you can have a combination. You may not say, look, I want to have one of these units at home, right? And I want to have a couple of cloud minting packages, right?

You know, I don’t want to have the whole house for tar meeting solid units, but I’ll have some to show people that it’s real, right? And it works. Smartphone. I talked about the smartphone. You can see some of the specs up there called ran 48 camera, long battery life, etc. But the most important thing to me, apart from the encrypted technology, that, that it has sending text messages, voice messages, fully encrypted, encrypted in the mobile.

Minting app that’s on there. So this phone can actually make money so it can basically pay for itself. You paid $1,100 for a phone. What’s an iPhone worth these days, by the way? The latest iPhone three grand too much. Two, three, is it? That’s fine. I knew it was over $1,500 isn’t realize. Whoops.


Okay. They’re expensive, right? They’re new iPhones. They’re not as good as this any plane after price. So to me, they’re great value and the iPhone costs you money. This thing’s gonna make you money. Now you can’t give percentages. But if you come and see me afterwards, I’ll tell you roughly what it’s gonna you view.

But these phones are gonna sell like hot cakes. I’m telling you, once people start seeing them and seeing ’em actually knitting, they’re gonna want one. What are you talking about? One phone. We have another phone, which is not on a slide presentation called the Ghost. Right? Now, this is the next level when it comes to security people that are in the blockchain space and have crypto stored in exchanges.

When you call, when you store crypto in exchanges, they own the public keys to that. That means if someone hacks that site, they could possibly get to your cryptocurrency, right? Or I guess the X for instance, completely shut down and you’ve lost everything. You want to own the crypto. If you’ve got a large amount, you want to own it, right?

You’ve gotta own the public keys. You’ve gotta have it on your device, not on the, in the cloud, on an exchange. You’ve gotta own it. Now, this is gonna be. Unable, we’ve been told dispute device called the ghost fully encrypted as well. Voice, text email. So if you, if you want the best of the best, that phone will be coming out late of the year.

Okay. But the, this one here will be out of order 1st of March. I believe. That’s the plan. Now we’ll be able to get it straight away. Unfortunately not. Okay. There is a waiting period, and we’re looking at June this date. We have a conference in Dubai in June. The plan is, and we don’t say it’s in concrete because things move right, but the plan is to have that phone available in June.

You go to the conference in June. You pick up the phone, you pick up the hardware and bring it home, and you are the first in New Zealand to be able to share that with you. Now, what’s the benefit of ordering the device now when it’s not available? Two things. First of all, you’re gonna get shares in this company here.

Course the wrong button, Frank. There you go. That’s the one there. Yeah. Okay, so this company, where is it? LYO Tech Labs. It’s gonna be listed on the stock market US nice day, right? You want to get shares. Who would like drop shares in Apple? Now I’m not being, I’m not being Tony here. If we have stores around the world and there’s gonna be a store in Dubai that are gonna have all of these products in.

And you can go and visit the Dubai and you can see the whole showroom of all their products. And there’s a lot more products coming as well. Imagine if you had a store here in Auckland Price Check. Sorry, sorry. I have been in Auckland this few months ago. Sorry. Okay, so that’s gonna bring, that’s gonna build the value of those shares over time.

As more and more people want this technology and these products, you can imagine how valuable those shares can be if you get it in the IPO. Right. Okay. Initial purchase offering. So you’ll be able to buy, order one of these things and you’ll be able to get shares. I haven’t put these share prices. The the basically airdrop you get good shares is roughly half the price of the, the phone or something like that.

I think my head can’t remember. Okay. So it’s worth getting because of the shares, but also, even though you haven’t got the phone or the other products, you will get some rewards. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the sentence. Right. But you will get rewards even though you haven’t received it. There will be a, a pooling pool that will go in and you’ll start getting rewards.

So you’re not gonna be waiting, you know, three months without getting anything for ordering the phone. Okay. Which is really, really good. Okay. And then it’s the matter of scanning in your device. When you get it, it’ll take off what they’ve already paid you and the program will run like clockwork. Okay.

That makes sense.

I think I’ve missed some slides. So there will be some other products that will be coming out that are in the pipeline. Very exciting. Unfortunately we can’t share that, but I’m gonna assure you that in the future, we’re gonna have products that people want and need, and we can show a lot of people up.

You know what I’m talking about, right? Once we have these physical products that we can share with people, we can show that product that our company is real. Now, I want to just talk about Theen. Steve mentioned, you know, we are one of our services is the platform, the launchpad, where new projects get launched through our back office.

So as a member, you get special ability to earn or get involved in what we call an ICO. Or even a pre-ICO, right? In a private sale, ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. Okay. So when all these coins get listed, most of them, they go through what we call initial coin offering, right? And they go up every month until they go to the market.

Okay? So we’re in a private stage at the moment, and it’s February, so $1.80, sorry for breathing, Betty. So at the moment it’s $1.80. It’ll go up next month, $1.99, and then it goes to the ICO. So the ICO is for the general masses to have access. So at the moment, this is just for the private is just for WEWE Global.

Okay. WEWE Global members have access to this. So you can go in the back office now and order Zen and when Zen gets launched, This particular project promises to be a bit of a no-brainer with the technology that’s behind it, that’s currently working with arbitrages and the tokenomics behind it. Does everyone know how many times, does anyone know how many Bitcoin there is?

There’s about 19 million Bitcoin that’s been mined, right? 21 million is the cap Bitcoin that’s gonna take, you know how many years? 2046. They last 2046. Yeah. So every four years it has, and it gets harder and harder to mine the coins to find those complex algorithm solutions, right? So we’re going, wants to do this product and it’s gonna be 156 million, but it’s going to be booted down to 21 million.

So this is gonna be another. Maybe Bitcoin, they call it. Okay. It’s gonna be very valuable because it’s gonna be a huge demand for this, for this particular token, because of the tokenomics and the rewards that you get withholding this token staking Bitcoin. In Ethereum, you need to have this token and they offer, I’m not sure the percentages on this, but higher rewards in any other platform with the end world ecosystem.

So this particular token is really gonna do extremely well. I’m not gonna say any more than that, but you can buy it now. Add 80. Okay. Your back office. Just watch that. Okay. We also have a career plan. Obviously, the idea is to build a huge community that builds value in the whole ecosystem. It that builds value in the token.

I missed a couple slides there on how LFI, but it builds value in the decentralized system. It builds value in the decentralized and decentralized system, and there’s gonna be fantastic rewards with sharing with people. We want to have, the goal is a hundred million. That sounds like, oh my, that’s possible.

No, it’s not. Not the vision with this company and being involved now, getting involved with our token and ecosystem could be financially the best decision that you made. So please take us seriously. Don’t be put off with what some people are putting out there. Misinformation. See, I wanna hand it back to Frank.

Okay. Frank, if you could just close the meeting. I hope you got some value out of Steve and I talk tonight. Hopefully we’ve done Diego. You know, we know Diego. I mean, he’s a special individual, but hopefully we’ve done some justice here for Christchurch and hope you see a big picture for what we’re trying to get across.

Thanks, man. All yours.

I get you. Good, good. And, and closing. And first of all, I sort of thank Tony and Steve after being over here to support us here in New Zealand today. I’m gonna finish off five minutes. I know a lot of you in the room and I know there are faces here that I can’t put names to but I know we’ve met and as you might have guessed, I get to talk to a few people.

And I love sharing this program and there’s a reason I share it. And this is optional for each and every one of us. So look, I’m just, I’m hoping these slides are here. Here we go.

Hmm. One of the reasons I got involved when I looked at this thing it only crossed my car last night and I thought having a real understanding blocked my interest to the point July I went to Dubai to go check this company out in person. Cause I didn’t want to get behind something that I had any doubts about it.

So I went there. One, one of the things that Tony didn’t mention, cause we could talk all night and I’m not gonna do that, right? I’ll wrap this up in five minutes. One of the things that Tony didn’t mention in the Zenit project is that project is backed by the Crown Prince of Dubai and his family offer.

The technology is such that WePay owned that product, own that what we call the, it’s a high frequency trading program. This is revolutionary. I won’t bother to try and explain it other to tell you it makes a lot of money other than the typical after charge projects that are available. Now, some people might not have understood that.

I, I’m sorry. I know I can explain it in probably better terms. So he owns half when he saw it, and he’s one of the wealthiest people in the world. He said, nothing happens in United Arab Emirates without this guy’s approval. I mean, you go have, if you’ve ever been there, your know, you’ll see his face in all the big buildings.

Not like here when you see Sony and whatever on the buildings. No, no, no. Over there. It’s his face. This guy plus the developers, he saw the project and he said, I want that. And so they did the deal and he goes, 50% of that project. I dunno how many million Twitter followers he’s got. I’ve heard a number.

It’s true. But, so there’s a lot of credibility behind that. Of course, nobody can predict the future, nobody’s making any outrageous claims here. But when you look into that, you can make a decision on that. You know, look, one of the reasons I built this thing after getting a lot of those boxes ticked off with me was when I saw the program, and we haven’t covered it here, and Mike doesn’t, but if you decide, and it’s optional, if you decide to share this program, you can get it to a point where you hit a certain, what we call rank, right?

And then you qualify for these retreats. I just came back from Thailand, oh, less than three weeks ago, Steve. We’re over there with a bunch of others. I just want to give you just a little taste of how they treat the leaders in the business, right. This was the hotel that we stayed at. It’s called the Renaissance Hotel.

And it’s at patio. This is just the entrance and you can see there through, you’ve got the infinity pool and you’ve got the, I mean I, when I go to season travel, I can tell you now, I don’t often stay in hotels like this and most of us cans, we like a boat, we wanna save a bit of money, we’ll take the best deal based on our budget.

Well, let’s just totally blew us away. This was our second office at the end of the night. You said That’s wooden decking there. So we pull on the other side and please curve. We’d sit back at the end of the day. But you know, we do the conference on day one, we come back, we have a little drink or two or lemonade.

Right. And this is where we sit, talk about the stuff we learned. You know, a lot of these product releases that Tony’s just mentioned. I know some of us are probably going. Oh, you know, just tell us what it does, man. Simple. You buy the box and it makes three and a half times and do is plug it up and then you can convert the Ali fives that it producers and turn that on the back.

And you can use that on card. You can actually put it on a card backed by Visa and you can it in Visas accepted right. Craig and Leon, the company treated us to some of these, you know, little gift pets in the hotel. They obviously look pretty happy. I didn’t take the photo by the way. Some of these were taken and put up on a telegram group or something.

So I just download over here the See Steve on the left Go on Ham. Yes. Mania guys. And I know he really wanted to be here today, right? I wish Diego was. I mean when he walks through that door, you can feel his presence and he doesn’t mix his words right? And and so once we get this little thing sorted out, I’m sure that Diego will be very keen to come back here.

Over to the right. Darren Perk, some friends of mine, that young chap there as the business development manager behind , these guys have got the best tech people and in recent times when we had a little, little, whatever you wanna call it, the market or FTX and people were rely on staff is what LYOPAy doing, picking the it fed of the people that lost their jobs.

Unfortunately, and I think we just put on another 120 staff, got a couple of hundred contractors globally that work from home on these projects. This is not a small deal. First night you might recognize the face there. This was first night dinner right at the hotel. When you build, if you decide to build a team, and I’m not here to say that you’ve gotta do that.

It’s only if you want to hence what you want. That young girl there on well and left hand decided  youngest, what we call ambassador seven in the team, right throughout. Earnings last month, 20,000 euros for the month, and put that in perspective. It’s about 30,000 New Zealand dollars, roughly, approximately 21, been in this business three years.

It won’t take us the same time to do that. They’ve gone through the hard, hard yards. We we’re riding on their success, all the hard times that they did business to the point that we now can and we, we can help expand that through O Ocean and through the rest of the world. Of course, Tony’s talked about the LFI mobile team app, first time and telephony history.

We’re the only company on the planet that will have a phone and that actually mints tokens. That generates an income for us that launches to the public in Dubai in May, and there’ll be retail stores everywhere around the world on this. So that’ll be rolling out second night, the Hilton. Pat mate, Diego, you basically reserved that hotel for us.

We had a wonderful dinner over there. I mean, another day we’re out on cattle Marines and these guys don’t look stressed, right? They look like they’re having a good time. On the last day that I was there, we went to a place called The Temple of Truth. And that building there, 45 years in the making, there’s no nails, there’s no metal in it, it’s pure wood.

Quite amazing. And that night, and this was the thing that, you know, I mean, I’ve never been treated like this. That’s a little piece of Italy. I don’t know where it is. I know it’s spent 20 minutes. We stayed, I dunno, it’s like a castle. Got all the cars lined up. We were ushered around the back. We went in there, they treated us to a meal like I’ve never been treated before.

The attention to detail, the silver service, the whole thing, in fact, And I don’t have that for, I was gonna show the sorry, sorry Frank. A couple of you know we were wind and dying violins, the whole thing. Alright, I just wanna make another comment before you Oh Frank, that you to get there, fly in.

Okay. Just saying that because they’ve changed the rules for this and they’re gonna be paying for your flights as well, so you don’t have put your hand, sorry, my flight. Yeah, that, that was it. They pay for everything. So if you qualify for this, you don’t have to put your hand, your pay for your flights, everything over there, food, accommodation, everything.

So that’s pretty impressive. Okay. Thank you. Okay, so look, I’m gonna wrap up with that. We’ve got coffee and tea down the back. We sit provide coffee. I just, you guys Hey Megan, and stay off for a while. So it’s there. Feel free to hang around, enjoy a cup of coffee and so forth. Look, I just wanna really want to thank tonight, first of all, the attendees that are here.

It’s been a pleasure to share the program with you. I suggest if you got any, you might, I’m sure you’ve got some questions. We’re gonna be hanging around. If somebody wants to have a chat, ask a few questions, feel free to do that. One. Thank Also the volunteers is the people with the . He’s the people that very well and are, and then the team.

I just wanna thank you, Mara, for organising your people and everybody that assisted Greg and Mara, Peter, Cheryl, Christy, Greg. Have I missed anybody? Wanna say thank you we know everything we do is on. And so thank you. So look, I want to also thank, especially our speakers tonight, speaker Tony, Oceania Country Managers. They’ve come over here at their own expense to spend a month supporting WEWE here in New Zealand. And so, you know, despite the fact we’ve got a little bit of disruptive information out there that’s gonna get sorted about that, and that’s being sorted right now.

So I think that the, I think that’s beautiful meeting. So look, I just wanna, again, thank you very much. Appreciate that. We’ll be around, feel free to help for a cup of coffee.