DANNY : DE HEK*[WARNING: Strong Language]* Before we dive into the shocking revelations about ELLIS MAYBERRY and his Ponzi schemes, we want to let you know that this video contains strong language, and the word “fuck” is used three times throughout.

Welcome back to The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger YouTube Channel! In this eye-opening video, I, Danny de Hek, delve deep into the shady world of serial Ponzi scheme and scam promoter, ELLIS MAYBERRY, also known as BigEllis.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Platinum Success Equities, Ellis Mayberry has a notorious reputation for promoting anything and everything, with complete disregard for the financial devastation he leaves in his wake.


Introduction 00:00:00
Who is ELLIS MAYBERRY? 03:18
Overcoming The Struggle Of Building Your Network 05:28
Become a Whistleblower 11:54
ELLIS MAYBERRY Profile 12:15
BigEllis Criminal Activities 15:00
Super Patches Presentation 18:37
Pre Built Downline™ -ID=bigellis- 25:50
TeamLimitless Twitter 29:22
Beyond Bitcoin Event 31:08
Conclusion 35:00
Rory Conacher 38:17

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In this exposé, I reveal shocking details about his unethical tactics, including opening Zoom meetings with prayers, all while claiming to have God’s blessing on his schemes. It’s time to name and shame Ellis Mayberry and send out a warning to anyone even considering doing business with him.

But this video isn’t just a call to action; it’s also a plea for information. If you’ve had any business dealings with ELLIS MAYBERRY, The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger wants to hear from you. Your experiences could help protect others from falling victim to his scams.

📢 Here’s what you need to know about ELLIS MAYBERRY:

– Name: Ellis Mayberry (USA)
– Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/ellis-mayberry-8737668a/
– Facebook: facebook.com/ellis.mayberry/
– Twitter: twitter.com/TeamLimitless
– YouTube: youtube.com/@BigEllis777
– Telegram: @EllisMayberry
– Instagram: instagram.com/bigellis/
– Phone: (469) 371-7187, (469) 371-7188, (469) 766-8866, (972) 475-3875, +14699256779
– Email: ellis.mayberry@gmail.com, ellism@yahoo.com
– Age: 66
– Born: 04-03-1957
– Nationality: American
– Location: 7109 Westway Dr, Rowlett, TX 75089, USA
– Occupation: Business Administration Cryptocurrency & NFT Educator
Company: Platinum Success Equities
– Ponzi Scheme(s): HyperVerse, NovaTech, Platinum Success Equities (Biggest scam), Vidilook, Smart Steps, 7K Metals, GSPartners, Cash NFT
– Promotion Techniques: Zoom Meeting, text messages, phone calls
Victims: Many
– Associations: Hyperverse, Novatech, Cash NFT, Vidilook, 7K Metals, GS Partners, Platinum Success Equities, Smart Steps
– Publicity: Telegram, Facebook
– Complaints: In June 2022, Ellis Mayberry hosted a meeting introducing an investment opportunity through his US-based company, Platinum Success Equity, promising guaranteed returns from investments in Oil and Crypto. He requested notarized contracts and urged investors to deposit funds using cashier’s checks or money orders into his Wells Fargo checking account. Shockingly, after receiving the funds, he failed to return the signed contracts, leaving victims in the lurch. My total loss amounted to $6,378.00.

Join me in exposing ELLIS MAYBERRY’s deceitful practices and let’s protect others from becoming victims of his scams. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger for more hard-hitting investigations into the world of crypto fraud and Ponzi schemes. Together, we can make a difference! 🕵️‍♂️💥 #CryptoScams #PonziSchemes #EllisMayberry #BigEllis

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