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Welcome to “The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger,” where we uncover the truth behind crypto scams. I’m Danny de Hek, aka The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, and today, we’re shining a light on the deceitful practices within HyperVerse.

Join me as I play seven videos exposing Steven Reese Lewis, a hired actor posing as HyperVerse’s CEO under the alias Steve Harrison.


– Steven Reece Lewis (6th December 2021) 00:00:00
– Steven Reece Lewis (6th January 2022) 00:06:11
– Steven Reece Lewis (18th January 2022) 00:09:15
– Steven Reece Lewis (25th March 2022) 00:11:09
– Steven Reece Lewis (29th March 2022) 00:17:36
– Steven Reece Lewis (5th April 2022) 00:19:59
– Steven Reece Lewis (8th April 2022) 00:23:08
– Steven Reece Lewis (20th April 2022) 00:24:57


– BUSTED: Fake HyperVerse CEO Who Stole $1.3 Billion Unmasked! – https://youtu.be/KmSXQrVlk0M
– Fake HyperVerse CEO Claims He Didn’t Know it was a Scam – https://youtu.be/7egdJGwrexo
– Chief executive of collapsed crypto fund HyperVerse does not appear to exist – https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2024/jan/04/chief-executive-of-collapsed-crypto-fund-hyperverse-does-not-appear-to-exist
– Composite of Stephen Harrison in his role as the HyperVerse ‘chief executive’ Steven Reece Lewis, left, and as himself. – https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2024/jan/11/hyperverse-stephen-harrison-crypto-investors

Lewis’s charade was unveiled by US-based YouTuber Jack Gamble, who traced the real identity behind the mask. Harrison, a British man living in Thailand, was paid to play a role in the collapsed crypto fund, HyperVerse, orchestrated by Ryan Xu and Sam Lee, co-founders of Blockchain Global. Over nine months, Harrison pocketed $7,500 for his portrayal, leaving a trail of broken trust and financial ruin.

But what is HyperVerse? Marketed as a virtual metaverse offering endless possibilities, it promises users connectivity, trade, and exploration across millions of planets. Yet, beneath this façade lies suspicion and regulatory scrutiny. HyperVerse’s ties to HyperFund, a previous MLM crypto Ponzi scheme, raise serious concerns about its legitimacy.

Despite attempts to rebrand, HyperVerse remains under a cloud of doubt, with regulators flagging it as a possible scam or pyramid scheme. The CEO’s questionable qualifications and lack of official records add fuel to the skepticism.

Join me in unraveling the truth behind HyperVerse and its fraudulent practices. Let’s raise awareness and protect investors from falling victim to crypto Ponzi schemes. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and together, let’s safeguard against financial exploitation.