New Zealand offers the visitor a whole new dimension in world travel as it has infinite variety within a very compact landmass.

You will be delighted with the ever-changing landscape vistas. Complete contrasts can be experienced within one day, including breathtaking alpine scenery, golden sand beaches, and bustling modern cities – all conveniently linked with planes, trains, coaches and ferries.

Guided tour companies such as Great Sights offer a full selection of flexible, modular tour packages, with daily departures. You choose the accommodation and meal plans that suit your needs and budget. Once the tour is underway you can relax and enjoy the scenery while the guide takes care of the transport, luggage and accommodation arrangements.

Scheduled public coach transport networks like Intercity and Newman’s can enable you to travel independently around the main tourist routes making advance hotel bookings as you proceed. To get the most travel for your money one approach is to buy a ‘Best of New Zealand’ pass which provides a choice of coach, train and ferry bookings within the total pass value. You can plan stopovers in any of the 100 main cities and towns, which the pass connects, thus effectively creating your own package tour.

You may want to combine the benefits of a structured itinerary with the freedom of a self-drive tour. A range of popular itineraries is offered by major rental car companies. To enhance the feeling of greeting away from civilization you may wish to hire a ‘campervan’, as motor homes are called in New Zealand, and stay in the excellent camping grounds throughout the country.

Whichever package you elect, you are sure to enjoy a hassle-free holiday in New Zealand’s awesome natural environment.