DANNY DE HEK › Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorNew Zealand Outdoors – Welcome to New Zealand, a magical world where a clean, green, pristine landscape provides the setting for an amazing variety of outdoor activities. This small country has a big reputation as nature’s theme park in the South Pacific.

Kiwi Adventurers – New Zealanders are renowned for their relaxed lifestyle and their passion for the Great Outdoors. One third of the country’s landscape is preserved as conservation estate where Outdoor Adventure rules – ok? In the adrenalin-pumping, heart-stopping realm of extreme sports, this is ‘The Adventure Capital of the World’. Professional tour operators can be found in virtually every town, waiting to transport you into another dimension of exciting holiday activity – adventure sports.

Take the Challenge – So come to New Zealand for the holiday of a lifetime. Choose from a dazzling array of achievable sporting activities devised by passionate Kiwis. Some are fun-filled pursuits, which you can savour in cruise mode, while others will test your skill and daring to the max!

Enjoy the buzz of shooting white water rapids, riding a rocket ship on a wire, and throwing yourself off a bungy platform – and that’s just your average day! You can walk on a glacier, ski on an active volcano, abseil into a canyon and parapent off a high mountain or countless other daring adventures.

Whatever thrill sports you choose we guarantee you’ll feel on top of the world – downunder. And between adventures you’ll be blown away by the breathtaking scenery, the fascinating Maori culture and the warmth of the friendly, laid back Kiwis.