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Central Queenstown is a shopper’s paradise! Compact and picturesque, no need to find transport to navigate downtown Queenstown as it is well designed to enable visitors the luxury of being able to stroll around all the fabulous shops, cafes, restaurants and bars, while enjoying the breath-taking lake and mountain views.

Places to Eat

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Queenstown is renowned for fresh, contemporary New Zealand and international cuisine, excellent customer service and award winning New Zealand wines. There is a huge range of eateries in the Queenstown area offering an extensive range of menus to suit your taste buds and wallet!


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As part of the stunning Southern Lakes District, the alpine resort of Queenstown attracts over 1 million visitors each year for the world-class snowfields, bungy jumping and huge array of award-winning activities and stunning scenery that can be enjoyed all year round!

Places to Stay

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From the moment you drive or fly into Queenstown you will be swamped with a huge selection of holiday accommodation on offer. From backpacker hostels and campgrounds, to affordable motels, friendly bed & breakfast, luxury lodges, boutique apartments and world-class hotels, there is always somewhere to lay your head at night.


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Wanaka is big and popular enough to have some really big festivals plus a complete range of great bars and clubs to entertain anyone looking for an enjoyable and entertaining holiday. For a relaxed drink and friendly atmosphere you might want to check out bars.


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Visitors enjoy Lake Wanaka for its year round alpine appeal, world-class ski fields and the vast array of outdoor activities and water sports. Friendly and vibrant, Wanaka is an incredibly popular place to visit, especially if you prefer to avoid the huge numbers of tourists and tourism.

Places to Eat

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Wanaka has quickly built a reputation for offering fresh, contemporary cuisine, outstanding customer service and award winning local and New Zealand wines. A large selection of eateries in the township offer a range of menus to suit your tastes, budget, dietary requirements plus any food allergies you may have.