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Imagine an undeveloped tropical wilderness as big as the State of Victoria, that has fewer than 15,000 residents. The great tapering Cape York Peninsula thrusts into Torres Strait, enclosing the vast brown mudflats of the Gulf of Carpentaria. To the east the fragmented coral ramparts of the wondrous Great Barrier Reef offer an ever-changing kaleidoscope of vivid colour.

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Self-Drive Trips

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Hundreds of 4WD enthusiasts set off from Cairns and Cooktown for the long trek to Cape York. It is one of Australia’s classic adventure.

Thursday Island

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A short ferry ride from Seisia, near the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula, takes you to a totally unique & fascinating multicultural world.

Travelling Routes

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The ‘Trip to the Tip’ starts from Cairns with two options. Take the winding coastal road through Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation to Cooktown

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