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Hello, and welcome to this presentation. It’s your invitation to explore the hybrid community 2.0 and to realize the incredible benefits of joining this dynamic membership platform and the HyperVerse, which is backed by the world’s most comprehensive digital ecosystem. One thing we take very seriously as I don’t hear it’s too compliance.

We understand the. Of the hyper community. And the goal of this presentation is to show you how you can be rewarded on a daily basis and learn from our comprehensive blockchain education system. Once again, our adherence to compliance is something we take most seriously, and we’ve gone to great lengths to be a globally compliant company for long-term benefit and sustainability.

You’ll appreciate the need for compliance while not exciting. It is. If it appears these statements and disclaimers are cumbersome or lengthy, your patients will be rewarded as we will quickly get to the benefits of the membership for you. With great opportunity comes responsibility to do the right thing.

You learn about the stature and reputation in the marketplace of our owners and founders, their stellar success and their heritage. They have built the community. Your membership will connect you to is your doorway. To benefiting from this game-changing blockchain ecosystem. So if you can remove all distractions, you’ll discover something very powerful over the next 30 minutes or so the following disclaimers are not simply words on the page, but rather provide a brief summary of the program.

A quick explanation of how it works, how it’s governed, what it is, what it isn’t and more importantly, how you were protected. So please leave. Carefully and intently our general disclaimer, the information here is provided to you in general terms, without taking notice of your specific, personal and financial situation under no circumstances, should this presentation be considered as any type of solicitation?

Investment legal or financial advice and describing the hybrid community membership and the opportunity past performance does not guarantee future results. And it’s for informational purposes only acquiring a hybrid community. Membership gives you access to benefits such as education, optional access to other services and access to the daily rewards plan of the membership that’s provided to each and every hyper community.

Uh, membership acquisition involves an exchange of the cryptocurrency USD tether for the hyper community unit of account called hate. You are hyper unit and is not an investment access to certain other optional products and services may be subject to KYC and separate qualification processes, and may not be available in all countries.

Each membership carries a specific benefits and specific timeframe and will expire as specific. Access to membership can be extended through acquiring additional and separate memberships by your personal choice. The hybrid community membership is on a best efforts basis and like any project there’s a risk of loss of funds and rewards.

The world of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile. Can involve risk of loss and may not be suitable for all persons risks include, but are not limited to market and trading. System and transaction processing risks, cybersecurity, regulatory risks, business failure, mistakes made by yourself. Opinions market data and recommendations are subject to change.

Without notice HyperVerse seems to mitigate risk by exclusively accepting USD team-based stable coins, which have historically not been subject to the market volatility found with other cryptocurrencies. We do an alt proport hybrid community membership to be a get rich, quick scheme. There was no recommendation of this presentation to acquire any membership, product or service.

You make your own decisions based on your own. Decision-making we recommend that if you are unsure and. You seek the advice of a suitably qualified professional and your continued attendance at this meeting or a recording of this presentation beyond this point indicates your acceptance of the above terms that let’s get to why many people consider the hyper community membership platform it’s built upon over seven years of successful development of great blockchain projects and large group.

Mining assets. Hypertech groups. Leaders are experts in defined, decentralized finance, and the metaverse where it’s predicted trillions of dollars will flow into quantity projects in the next decade, grading large potential opportunities. And the barrier to entry is quite low and anyone over 18 can become a member from as low as 400.

USD based cryptocurrency. And with that membership, leverage the company’s strengthened expertise. For example, the opportunity to generate daily rewards on your membership. Our finder is Ryan Xu Barnes using zoom. Ryan is the English name. He uses. He’s a visionary and innovator, a top Bitcoin miner since 2009 and is a blockchain legend.

And of course, success leads to. He’s been an angel investor in 12 of the top 20 cryptocurrencies of all time, a founder and board member of H cash hyperdeck has been like in the future, in the traditional stocks and shares world. He’s been an early investor and shareholder of several publicly listed blockchain companies on the Australian, Tokyo and NASDAQ stock exchanges.

Ryan Zhou is also the founder of the hypertext. And the hybrid community and was an angel investor in over 40 digital currency exchanges, still own an outright, the who and calling w exchanges. He’s also been present as you’ll see at the bottom of the screen, the king of cryptocurrency. This is not a title.

He earned easily more, a mark of respect and of the statute in which he’s held in the blocked. And digital currency and defy industries. Our chairman is lead an Australian citizen and as a distinguished blockchain speaker and blockchain enthusiast for about 10 years now, Sam is the co-founder of 16 blockchain centers with plans to open about 300 of them around the world.

The blockchain centers are the world’s first nonprofit, blockchain knowledge hubs. Sam has been a distinguished speaker and a commentator in much demand at global platforms and media channels. He’s spoken at the world economic forum, the United nations assembly, and on some of the major news outlets of the worlds like BBC CNN, sky news, Forbes, and Bloomberg, he’s also been christened the crown prince of blockchain and offer services to fortune 500 company.

As well. And now we introduce our hybrid community CEO, Stephen Reese Lewis. Steven has spent over a decade in the I-Team and FinTech industry, focusing on business management, project consultations and communications. He started his career as a credit derivatives trader with Goldman Sachs and then began his own web development company, which later was sold to Adobe.

He’s a business builder with experience across emerging markets, new technologies and digital ads. In 2016, Stephen Steven Sobey, disruptive potential of blockchain technology and predicted that the crypto market would be the key driving force in economic growth. Over the next decade, he secured nearly $10 million from angel investors to launch an it consulting startup, advising on building blockchain based solutions for the financial sector.

His performance and drive caught the attention of the Hypertech group, which then acquired Stephen’s it and blockchain consultancy company in October, 2020, which then brought Steven and his team aboard in early 20, 21. Academically, Steven holds a BA in economics and mathematics from Leeds university, along with an MBA, a master’s in business administration and finance from the university of Cambridge.

Originally from the UK. He has spent many years in Asia and currently running. In Dubai. So what’s in it for us in this new unit, the universe of benefits let’s find out what’s enough for all of us. Well, principally there’s education, our Mars academy, a blockchain cryptocurrency, and defy education, including podcasts, articles, and videos, regular member-driven live trainings and webinars.

All in sized consumable chunks designed to increase your knowledge. To very advanced at whatever speed you choose to engage you move through the system and develop your expertise on the membership platform, which interests a lot of people you’ll receive a daily membership reward of a minimum of 0.3% in hydro units or hates you just like credit card, loyalty points, frequent flyer points, or sharper points, et cetera.

It’s a membership rewards program where you will receive a Daniel. I have a minimum of 0.3% of your membership value in hyper units. Many people already have these type of membership rewards systems to their bank or credit card company or to their airline or hotel loyalty programs or shopping points.

And those typical rewards systems. You can use your points to book a ticket or take your shopper points and go get something nice with them. Well, the same thing happens here. You’ll be receiving membership rewards and you’ll be able to receive those rewards and go off and do something nice for yourself from.

Hyper community awards, the Mars academy, which will enable and empower our growing global community is available to all our members. It’s a blockchain and crypto education as mentioned that includes podcasts, articles, and videos. And if you haven’t noticed, learners are the ones who leave in benefit ahead of others.

Learners are the winners of the world. People who understand the power of continuous learning learners are the people. Well, one step ahead of everyone else and all the others invariably fall before. We have a simple idea here for personal growth learn, do, and teach, learn for yourself, apply it by doing and serve those around you by sharing what you have learned.

So in the membership has its benefits. The more, you know, the bigger the advantages you have and the membership will bring rewards, no matter which country you resided to incentivize members to remain loyal customers and share. The hydro community membership opportunity memberships will receive a daily membership reward of a minimum of 0.3% of their combined membership value because you can purchase more than one membership.

Hyper humidity appreciates these strong support from our community users throughout the development of the hyper community. And the company has constantly strived to do. With the platform now, growing from strength to strength, hyper has decided to launch a new membership known as hyper community membership.

2.0. It has up to four X rewards and as our way of thanking our users for their support, all the. Years the launch of our hyper community membership. 2.0 has been a great success. The release was well received by our members and the results have even exceeded expectations. The new membership represents an overhaul of the platform and the chairs, our determination to share, continue to grow and evolve.

The new era of the hybrid community platform is here and with new upgrades in the company’s competency, sustainability. Security platform distribution and more to big changes in 2.0, the pending rewards given by hyper community membership. 2.0 are now four X instead of three X and 0.3% of the membership acquisition would be granted daily until the pending rewards of the membership has been fully released.

With the transition to membership 2.0, you will realize four times the value of your membership acquisition shown here. The increased total is referred to the pending rewards that you’ll receive over time. And as you can see the 2.0 total rewards. Are substantially greater let’s move from three X to four X includes a change from 0.5% data towards to 0.3% dated awards, which reflects a sustainable business model going forward.

So how does. Well, and then up to four times out, regardless of whether you’re receiving passive or hyperdrive or warrants, a maximum of four X of the membership acquisition cost of the package is awarded to you in each new 2.0 membership. So how does it work? Here’s what happens when you’re pending. Uh, fully granted either you require a new membership package to continue receiving passive and hyperdrive rewards.

Are you performed new revise in multiples of 125 hates you to extend your pending rewards. Let’s dig further into this rebuy option. You can leverage your earned rewards. If you like. Taking those accumulated 0.3% per day rewards and using them to rebuy a mini membership right within the platform without having to redeem and withdrawal the rewards.

First, anytime you receive 125 hate you, you can rebuy it and add 508. To your pending rewards since each membership package independently achieves four times its value. Each ribeye has the effect of extending your membership time with the Hyper-V humidity. And every Revit is a separate mini membership in unbiased.

You’re adding additional memberships. You’re not adding to your original membership, but adding additional memberships, this combination of multiple simultaneous memberships will increase your daily rewards to match your personal program goals. And each membership inspires individually. Once the Forex has been reached very importantly, 24 7 365, you can redeem, you can convert.

You can withdrawal. This is the system that stands up. From every other membership rewards club in the world, we believe, and really marks this as something special. Here’s how it works. You can redeem and withdrawal your own rewards. Every time you have at least 50 units, you exchange your, hates you to specify cryptocurrencies at a minimum of 50 hates you, you then move them to establish the exchanges and then you can keep them all convert to other digital currencies of your choice.

Or you can convert. To the fee of currency of the geography of the country, where you live. Indeed, you can also send your digital currency to your optional hybrid, BC visa or MasterCard, and then converted to real products at over 50 million outlets around the world. So membership really has its benefits in the hyper community.

So if you’re making a decision, this is how to get started. It is an invitation only scenario you register as a member using a link from your inviter, you then deposit USD T based cryptocurrency from the crypto. Or want us into your hybrid community membership accounts to acquire your membership. Your inviter can help explain if this is beyond your scope of knowledge at this time, then you start enjoying the multiple benefits of your membership, which brings us to receiving rewards each and every day.

Then there’s the option to share and accelerate your rewards. The premise of this is that it’s easy to share because a hundred percent of our members are receiving wards and rewards daily. We must stress this sharing. Completely optional. There is no requirement to share, but if you do, we give you the opportunity to accelerate those upending rewards and a hundred percent of our members receiving rewards daily is easy to share.

So if you were taking the option to accelerate those pending awards coming to you, this is exciting, quick recap of what we’ve discussed. There are two main categories of benefits you’ll receive as a member of hiker community. First, you can learn about. And the Mars academy. Second, you received a warrants every day by joining the hyper community as an active member.

And of course there is the option. Accelerate those rewards coming back to you by sharing the story and the success. And this is subject to our income. Disclaimer, we make every effort to ensure we accurately represent the hyper community membership, membership benefits and the referral rewards plan or hyperdrive.

The hyperdrive part of the hyper community membership accelerates accumulation of HQ. As a result of a member sharing the membership opportunity. A new member is subsequently receiving reward. Via the membership platform in no way, does hybrid community offer a commission or financial reward or percentage payable for referring a new community member?

There are no guarantees regarding income or awards for the hydro community membership opportunity. The basic membership rewards plan offers members and anticipated daily. Based on the value of membership acquired that is on a best efforts basis and is subject to change at any time I need description of potential rewards made in this presentation can only describe the hybrid community membership plan itself.

The hyper community terms of service and regulatory requirements include these specific prohibition against members or present. Making any income claims whatsoever as such may be considered enticements. The examples used may show exceptional results, which do not apply to the average member and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results, income or awards or rank levels and achievements are dependent upon the individual members businesses.

Personal ambition, time, commitment, expertise, activity, and demographic factors. As with any business, your results may vary. The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own decision making. And you agree that our company is not liable for any success or failure of your business that’s directly or indirectly related to the acquisition and use of our membership information, referral plan products or services.

So how to do accelerated rewards. New membership packages will increase the amount of pending or warrants you have in your account. For example, the 1200 hates your membership package, but four X leverage will increase your pending awards by four X, 1200 or 4,800 hates you when your pending warrants decrease to zero.

You’ll need to acquire new membership packages to continue receiving passive and hyperdrive rewards. There are three types of accelerated rewards. One uni level rewards paid daily awarded based on your downlines daily rewards and rewards from revise are included. It’s very simple. You refer 20 direct downlines to unlock 20 levels of uni level.

To VIP rewards on sub page daily awarded based on your total sales results, excluding the sales results of your strongest downline team paid as rank earns, percentages of teams, daily rewards, three global awards paid monthly monthly awards of 4% of all company sales are divided amongst state. Who quantify for VIP two and above let’s look at the uni level award.

As one example, you built a strong personal team and your direct downlines earn a total of 100,000 takes you per day because they’re direct. You receive 20,000 takes you daily or 20% of those earnings. Plus one to 15% from levels two to 20. Once you quantify with sufficient. Referrals. The second reward is a VIP rewards.

This is for you. If you’re a go getter, if you’re hungry, once again, this is seven days a week, really strong awards. Everybody works at their own speed and at their own ambition with this opportunity as with the community awards we discussed previously, these VIP rewards. Accelerate your own rewards to your Forex value as you refer others, the combined weaker legs, when they reach 50,000, hates you in total memberships acquired with the company or in you, the rank of expert, you’ll keep that rank for life until that is you get up the ladder to pro at the total team volume of 125,000.

Teach you these rhymes continue all the way to 5 million hates you. When you become a VIP five. Accelerated awards and ranking is based on the total team memberships acquired with one or two providers. It does exclude your personal membership and your strongest leg, meaning the biggest group starting from your personal referral down.

And that group’s volume. How does it work? Well, let’s say John and Mary are your strongest leg, every other team at every other month. Uh, to help to build their community will count as your weaker legs. This results in the totals used to calculate your daily accelerated VIP rewards. Once again, in favor of all the builders of teams and communities, this is a lifetime cumulative term.

Coded out bonus. It’s very transparent. It’s very rewarding. And it’s very, very fair. The cumulative element of turnover means that your membership volume will always accrue to the positive as you grow your community. It’s never reset to zero. The coded egg bonus means it pays out to a total of 12% and accelerated rewards.

It pays to infinity much, much stronger than just 20 levels. So no. Gotcha. And for those of you compensation plan Takis, once again, this bonus of rewards is known as a lifetime cumulative turnover coded out bonus. That simply means no flushing, no zeroing of lines, no resetting of targets and no sales plan pressure Watson.

To make sure everyone understands let’s contrast positive rewards versus hyperdrive rewards. Positive rewards. A hundred percent of your passive rewards are released to you with no restrictions. I’m going to be withdrawn. Anytime you reach the minimum withdrawal amount in hyper-drive rewards, 80% of your accelerated awards are released to you with no restrictions.

And once again can be withdrawn anytime you would. The minimum withdrawal amount and 20% of your accelerated rewards are automatically. To your certified account, which can be used to purchase X products and other hybrid community products or services as offered to the members from time to time. Very, very exciting.

And the last type of driver award is the global award paid monthly. For example, the company earns 100 million hates you and membership sales. So 4% of 4 million hates you is divided amongst quantified members who are VIP to. The amount received by you depends on the volume of your new team memberships and how many others qualify for the global reward here is at global awards example, your share of global awards would depends on the total new volume of non VIP to members in your team.

Membership volume is from any members in your team who are VIP two and above. Of course, do that. Uh, they count towards those particular members. Now we’ve looked at the basic aspects of memberships, including sharing it, just to recap your membership in the hyper community, entitles you to blockchain education and to our unique membership rewards program, where 100% of our active members receive rewards every single day, we look forward to having you join us.

And we’re excited to let you know. But the hybrid community is a dynamic and vibrant community dedicated to helping you every step of the way, whether you’re a passive member or choose to accelerate your daily rewards by sharing this optional opportunity, uh, with the hyper community, we have live presentations, they’re daily.

They are delivered in multiple time zones and multiple languages. And you can please check with your advisor for details or learn more at www dot the high-growth community.net and ask your inviter how to get started today. This is the hypertension. Where dreams become a reality suggestion. Perfect. The art of invitation and let the presentation such as this one, do the heavy lifting for you.

Join us if you wish, we hope you do because here dreams become reality. Thank you for.



This Agreement is entered into between you (hereinafter referred to as “Member”) and HyperVerse and HyperTech Group (hereinafter referred to as “Vendor”). By accessing, downloading, using or clicking on “I agree” to accept any Services provided by Vendor (as defined below), you agree that you have read, understood and accepted all of the terms and conditions stipulated in this Agreement. This Agreement comprises this Service Agreement and incorporates by reference the attached Code of Conduct and Social Media Guidelines, all of which together comprise this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”).

Vendor has agreed to provide services to the Member on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement, and Member considers that the Vendor has the proper and necessary qualifications, experience and abilities to provide services to Member.

Therefore, in consideration of the matters described above, the receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is hereby acknowledged, the Member and the Vendor agree as follows:

1. Scope of Work

The Vendor is to provide the Member with the following services (the “Services”):

1. Through the acquisition of a membership via the Member’s computer or Internet compatible devices for the Member’s personal/internal purposes, the Member shall be granted a membership which is revocable, limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable (other than as a result of the death of the member and any relevant will or probate processes in the member’s country).

2. Vendor’s Services herein are a membership, and the membership includes only education, membership rewards, and such optional products or services to which Vendor may introduce to Member, as specified below.

3. Vendor will provide educational resources such as text, graphics, photos, audio and video files, virtual live training, and documents for the Member. The educational resources provided shall be subject to availability, and shall focus primarily on cryptocurrency and blockchain education, terminologies and concepts, and the Member is expressly prohibited to use these resources for resale or commercial purposes. Beginner education resources begin at the 300 HU membership level, Intermediate education resources begin at the 500 HU membership level, and Advanced education resources begin at the 1000 HU membership level.

4. Provided that Member constantly complies with the express terms and conditions stated in this Agreement, Member shall receive rewards (hereinafter known as “HU”) from the Vendor on a periodic basis. The expected Rewards are estimated to be between 0.3% and 1% (as determined by Vendor in its sole discretion) of the Member’s membership amount in HU, equivalent to USDT, per 24-hour period, to commence the day following membership acquisition based on Hong Kong Time. Memberships begin at a minimum of 300 HU, as exchanged from Member’s 300 USDT, and come in increments of 300, 500 and 1000 HU and multiples therefore. As rewards are earned, they may be left on account, redeemed, or they may be used to obtain a fourth size of membership of 50 HU, known as a “rebuy” and available only from earned rewards. This will enable the Member to accumulate Rewards, acquire additional memberships at their discretion, or to redeem specified cryptocurrency tokens or vouchers through the Vendor’s platform, or other third-party platforms as may be designated by the Vendor in its sole discretion.

5. When Member decides to redeem rewards with cryptocurrency tokens through Vendor’s platform, Member recognizes that with Vendor allowing Member to redeem rewards for designated tokens that Vendor may determine which such tokens shall be available and how they may be offered to Members. The decision of which tokens and for how long they will be offered for redemption of HU for tokens shall be at the sole discretion of Vendor. Redemption of HU rewards to tokens shall be based on the external market price recorded in the HyperVerse system for that cryptocurrency compared to USDT. Vendor and Member recognize that cryptocurrency tokens are subject to significant price fluctuations due to market unpredictability. Member recognizes that token prices may rise or fall from time of redemption to the Member’s own exchange of that token on the Member’s chosen external exchange. HyperVerse does not bear any liability or responsibility for the price fluctuation of the released tokens.

6. At the sole discretion of the Vendor, the Vendor may introduce to the Member access to additional services beyond the education and membership rewards offered by HyperVerse, including other products and services of the HyperVerse or HyperTech Group or other third-party platforms which may include discounted pricing, preferential rates, and non-discounted access to other platforms. Member understands and agrees that these optional services are not a part of the membership, other than the membership includes awareness of such optional services. Member agrees that Vendor in this respect is merely providing introductions, and Vendor is not recommending any or all such optional products or services. Member understands and agree that Member’s decision to proceed with such products and services is Member’s own discretional decision and Member should have acquired independent professional advice in relation to the same. Vendor’s introduction of these optional products or services to the Member is conditional upon Member satisfying all terms and conditions of those third parties, and Vendor makes no guarantee that Member can qualify. There is no guarantee that this type of introduction by the Vendor will be automatically supplied to the Member, and Member acknowledges that such services may require additional KYC, disclosures, applications and other requirements, and also may not be available in all countries. Member also agrees that one member’s acceptance or rejection for additional services is not an affirmation or indication that Member may likewise be accepted.

2. Terms of Service

Subject to the terms of this Agreement, these terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect until the completion of the Services.

1. Acquiring a Membership.

The Member shall acquire cryptocurrency on their own exchange or wallet and transfer the said cryptocurrency to the Member’s own cryptocurrency wallet address inside the HyperVerse back office as provided by the Vendor for the purpose of exchanging it for HU. The cryptocurrency shall be chosen by Vendor in its sole discretion, and as of December 2021 it is USDT (Tether) and may be changed from time to time. Vendor is not in the exchange or wallet business nor in the business of providing financial guidance or advice in any way, nor is Vendor in the business of providing specific training or support regarding specific exchanges or wallets the Member may use to acquire their own cryptocurrency in their country.

2. Member Services.

– Vendor shall make available the education and instructional content for Member to understand and execute operations as required to accomplish the Member’s aims from the membership.

– Vendor shall issue a receipt based on the membership acquired by the Member. Receipt shall be sent to the Member’s email address of record.

– Vendor shall generate Rewards for the Member in the amount of HU from 1.5X to 4X (as determined by Vendor in its sole discretion) of the Membership level acquired by the Member, depending on the membership package the Member acquires and the amount of HU acquired by the Member.

3. Limits of Membership.

Member understands that the cryptocurrency exchanged for HU is the exclusive property of the Vendor, and Member is only entitled to the membership and has no further entitlement to the original cryptocurrency exchanged for HU.

4. Vendor’s Best Efforts.

The Membership is on a best effort basis and, like any project, there is a risk of loss of all funds and rewards. The world of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile, can involve risk of loss, and may not be suitable for all persons. Risks include but are not limited to: market risks, system risks, cybersecurity, transaction processing risks, regulatory risks, trading risks, risks or mistakes made by yourself, business failure, and others. Opinions, market data and recommendations are subject to change without notice. Past results are not indicative nor a guarantee of future performance. Vendor seeks to mitigate risk by exclusively accepting USDT (Tether) as payment for membership. USDT (Tether) is considered a “stable coin” and historically has not been subject to the market volatility found with other cryptocurrencies. There is no recommendation by Vendor to acquire any membership, product or service. Members make their own decisions, based on Member’s own due diligence. Vendor recommends each Member seek the advice of a suitably qualified professional before deciding, if Member is unsure.

5. Eligibility.

By registering to use a HyperVerse Account, Member represents and warrants that (i) as an individual, Member is at least 18 or is of legal age to form a binding contract under applicable laws; (ii) as an individual, or legal person, Member has full legal capacity and sufficient authorizations to enter into these Terms; (iii) Member takes responsibility and has determined that the acquisition of this membership is lawful in the country or territory in which the Member resides, and holds Vendor harmless for its decision to acquire this membership; (iv) Member has not been previously suspended or removed by Vendor for cause; (v) Member’s use of Vendor’s Services will not violate any and all laws and regulations applicable to Member; (vi) Member warrants that they have not and will not accept fiat currency for the purpose of providing USDT to someone else’s membership account; (vii) if at any time Vendor discovers that Member is in violation of AML/CTF or other applicable laws, access to membership Rewards account may be restricted or blocked indefinitely or terminated, and Member may be reported for both criminal and civil penalties.

6. Know Your Customer (KYC) Requirements.

At the exclusive discretion of the Vendor, Member may be required to provide KYC information to the Vendor including but not limited to passport or national identity, photograph, date of birth, or other forms of identification. Member may also be required to provide information related to the source of the cryptocurrency used to exchange for the HU used to acquire the membership. Member also understands that optional services may and often do include separate KYC information and additional details.

7. Recourse

The acquisition of a membership from the Vendor shall be with full acknowledgement that Vendor’s activities are on a best-efforts basis and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Member understands that Vendor’s blockchain activities include multiple sources of revenue, historically generating in excess of the minimum of 0.3% per day per membership Rewards expected by Member. In the event that such activities by the Vendor fail to produce the minimum of 0.3% per day per membership Rewards expected by Member, the Vendor will ensure membership Rewards expectations are met by liquidating digital portfolios of the Vendor in excess of 100,000,000 USD as and when Vendor deems it necessary to meet such shortfall.

8. Independent Member.

Each party is acting independently under this Agreement. There is no employer / employee relationship. The parties agree that this Agreement does not create a joint venture or a partnership between them.

9. Notice.

All Vendor notices or updates or requests pertinent to the terms of this Agreement, including any required revisions, and/or enforcement action will be given in writing and delivered to the Member electronically via email address registered with Vendor or in the back office of the Vendor’s membership site, or both, at Vendor’s discretion. A general notice in the Vendor’s back office as provided to each member is considered as a personal notice to the Member. All of Member’s notices or requests or responses to the Vendor will be given in writing in English, and delivered to Vendor at compliance@theHyperVerse.net.

10. Time is of the Essence.

No extension or variation of this Agreement will operate as a waiver of this provision. Time is of the essence in this Agreement.

11. Non-Refundable.

Member understands that once cryptocurrency has been sent to their Member wallet address provided by Vendor, and exchanged for HU, no refund is possible. Membership Rewards will be earned in accordance with this Agreement. Deposit of USDT to Member’s wallet address provided by Vendor is acknowledgement of the nonreversible nature of that exchange and cannot be reversed.

12. Integration.

This Agreement contains the entire Agreement and understanding by and between the Member and the Vendor and no representations, warranties, promises, agreements or understandings, written or oral, not herein contained shall be of any force or effect.

13. Choice of Law.

This Agreement and the performance under this Agreement and all suits and special proceedings under this Agreement, shall be held and construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (Hong Kong SAR).

14. Assignability and Severability.

Vendor may revise its corporate structure from time to time, and at its own sole and exclusive discretion assign the performance and fulfilment of some or all of the Services under this Agreement to another company under this group, whether education, rewards or otherwise. If Member is unhappy with such changes, Member may simply cease doing any rebuys and cease to be a member following the receipt of its last membership reward under this Agreement.

The provisions of this Agreement shall be deemed severable, and the invalidity or unenforceability of any one or more of the provisions hereof shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions hereof.


This Code of Conduct is an integral part of this Service Agreement, and Member understands that any breach of this Code of Conduct is considered as a breach of this Service Agreement and can result in disciplinary action or even termination.

As a member of the HyperCommunity and as a user of the HyperVerse membership platform who is sharing the benefits of the Vendor’s growth, there are some standards that the Member must uphold as a member of the platform and community. The HyperTech Group, including HyperVerse, has a commitment to innovate the blockchain industry, build great products and services, and attract loyal users. Respect for our users, for the opportunity, and for each other are foundational components to our success, and this is something we need to support every day.

Who Must Follow Our Code?

All members of the HyperCommunity who have either acquired an initial membership or a rebuy must follow this Code of Conduct.


Our reputation as a conglomerate of companies that people can trust is by far our most valuable asset. It is up to the community and our team to ensure that we continually earn that trust. If there is any suspicion of wrongdoing amongst our community members such as poaching members, defamation, fraud or deception, money laundering, stacking of memberships to capture accelerated rewards to the detriment of the sponsor tree, abuse or other acts that violate laws or violation of best practices in the community toward our members and corporate team, we call upon the community members to inform the Vendor to help us uphold the highest integrity. If any such wrongdoing exists, and the Member has failed to maintain integrity, Member may have their account restricted until such activity is investigated and rectified.


For those who are building a community or inviting other members to the opportunity, it is absolutely forbidden to pose as the Vendor or to use any of the Vendor’s trademarked or copyrighted marketing materials, logos, or support channels to promote other businesses or to use any of the Vendor’s trademarked or copyrighted marketing materials or logos in unapproved marketing efforts without express permission from Vendor. Member understands and agrees that it will never use the HyperVerse trademark or copyrighted materials, logos or other materials.

Anyone found in violation of the above will receive one warning and any subsequent offenses may result in a permanent ban from the Vendor’s support channels and membership and/or appropriate legal action, depending on the severity of the offense.

Abuse or Misuse of the Referral Rewards Plan / Multiple Personal Accounts

For those who are building a community and seeking to rise in the ranks of HyperVerse, it must be clearly understood that the ranks of Expert, Professional, and VIP1-5 are accelerated rewards for building the Community. It is an abuse of the rewards plan to use your own multiple accounts to qualify for any of these ranks from the Vendor. Such use of your own accounts clearly is not building the Community, and Member can have no legitimate expectation of receiving Community building rewards for activity that is not actually community-building. It is also a clear standard in the networking community that if a member stacks multiple accounts beneath that member that are only theirs, they are earning rewards on themselves and they are depriving those above their original position of rewards that should be going to those uplines as accelerated rewards. It must be understood that anyone abusing the rewards plan with multiple accounts, either for the purpose of qualifying for rank in whole or in part, or stacking multiple memberships under their original membership, is violating this Code of Conduct and Service Agreement and any additional financial benefits should be returned to the Vendor. Also, multiple positions will be collapsed into a single original position owned by Member.


Our community members who are actively benefiting from the HyperVerse platform are to uphold the Code of Conduct and are forbidden from publicly sharing any misleading or defamatory remarks about HyperVerse, the HyperCommunity, or any other companies/platforms owned by the HyperTech Group. This constitutes fair warning to all of our active and paid members.

Anyone found in violation of the above will receive one warning and a temporary account suspension for 1 week. A repeat offense will result in account termination without warning.

Anti-money Laundering and Counter-terrorism Financing (AML/CTF)

By entering into the Privacy Policy and Service Agreement, Member undertakes that Member will not knowingly do anything to put Vendor in breach of any law in relation to Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (“AML/CTF Laws”), including, but not limited to: acting as a money broker or related criminal activities, fake deposits, taking “fees” for helping prospective members become a member, or accepting fiat currency from individuals with whom you have no prior relationship. In no case should you accept fiat currency in exchange for USDT or other cryptocurrency, even for someone with whom you have a close family or personal relationship, in excess of the equivalent of 1,000 USDT without getting specific approval in advance from the HyperVerse Office of Compliance, which will not approve the same without full KYC and proof of source of funds. Member undertakes to notify Vendor if you are aware of anything that would put Vendor or Member in breach of the AML/CTF Laws. Likewise, if Member has been asked by a sponsoring member to make payments to that sponsoring member, that person should be reported to the HyperVerse Office of Compliance. Additionally, from time to time, Vendor may require further information and/or documentation to assist with this process.

Account Suspension and Termination

For the avoidance of doubt, if an account is suspended, it will mean that the Member will not be able to withdraw or to make rebuys under the current plan.

If an account is terminated, it will mean that the Member’s conduct has breached this Agreement, and all unaccrued benefits of membership, including any remaining payment of membership rewards, will be forfeited by the Member.


We at the HyperVerse and the HyperTech Group rely on our Community’s and our corporate team’s good judgment to uphold a high standard of integrity for ourselves and for the Vendor. We expect all of our corporate team and our Community members to follow the Code of Conduct to the letter. We do understand that sometimes, doing the right thing is not an easy call, so if you are unsure of what to do or need some guidance, please do not hesitate to consult our Community members or the management team for more clarity. The Compliance Office is also available for advice and questions.


These Social Media Guidelines are an integral part of this Service Agreement, and Member understands that any breach of these Social Media Guidelines is considered a breach of this Service Agreement and can result in disciplinary action or even termination.

We at HyperVerse and the HyperTech Group are committed to ensuring our community builders are successful and providing the resources they need. When joining our community as a community builder, it is absolutely imperative to ensure that everything you are saying on social media is accurate and properly represents HyperVerse and the HyperTech Group.

To that effect, we have created these simple guidelines for everyone to help you and every member to grow the community effectively and in a compliant manner.


-Share your referral link or company-provided website with your social media contacts in private messages ONLY;

-Refer to our official channels for message guidance;

-Invite your social media contacts privately to our approved Corporate Presentations;

-Answer legitimate questions (provided you know the answer) using the correct terminology for the HyperVerse membership;

-Utilize your referrer or an Expert or above rank in your line of referral in HyperVerse to answer questions.

-Refer to official guidance if you are in any way unsure;

-Direct people to official HyperCommunity channels, presentations and FAQs if required.

-Study the Vendor’s official presentations and use official materials and the precise language approved by the Vendor to describe the Vendor and the associated companies of the Group.


-Make any public presentations without first being approved by the Office of Compliance of the Vendor, and only by using Vendor’s pre-approved Standard Presentation materials.

-Impersonate the HyperTech Group, HyperCommunity, HyperFund or HyperVerse trademark, name, logo or other official representations;

-Share unofficial marketing materials or posts on social media outside of the official Facebook and Telegram Groups (without explicit written permission from Vendor);

-Use the Vendor’s brand or logo in profile imagery (without explicit written permission from Vendor);

-Use the Vendor’s brand, name or logo on personal social media accounts, personal web domains, OR hosted group chats (without explicit written permission from Vendor);

-Post or make income claims of any kind;

-Allow abusive or defamatory comments on your posts;

-Post misleading or inaccurate information;

-Post defamatory comments about HyperVerse, HyperCommunity, HyperTech Group, HyperFund,

HyperMining, HyperPay, Blockchain Global, Collinstar Capital, or parts of the HyperTech Group, or Vendor’s Community members;

-Promote products from a rival organization to known affiliate partners;

Please take action as soon as possible if necessary.

The publication of this Agreement constitutes fair warning to all HyperCommunity/HyperVerse Community Builders who are in current violation of these guidelines. Member must take immediate action to rectify any shortcomings or violations.

Anyone found in violation of these rules relating to Social Media by our Compliance team or other affiliates may be subject to warning and subsequent termination or blacklist upon repeat violations

Now that you know what to do and what not to do, it’s time to get out there and use social media in a clean and effective way to help us build the world’s strongest blockchain community.


All of the above Service Agreement, Code of Conduct, and Social Media Guidelines comprise the Agreement, effective as stated.