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Different Ways to Communicate Effectively… Verbal, Written, Oral, Face-to-Face, Nonverbal, Physical, Paralanguage and Visual


  • If you personally are prone to anxiety or depression, then you actively need to build up a network of supportive people around you.
  • Problem shared is a problem solved
  • While there often is no apparent reason for someone to take their own life; there can be prior subtle signs.
  • We need to listen carefully if we are close to them.
  • We don’t talk about it, but there is no harm if you do
  • People taking their life when they feel there is no way out
  • Celebrate all the successes no matter how big or small they are
  • I’ve found its so important to have “something” I do for me… once a week I try to have a coffee date with a friend & that’s my me time, download. It’s great if they are in business & you can download together then just chat..
  • Being sad, angry, hurt is ok. There is nothing wrong with those emotions.
  • You never say the words I know exactly how you’re feeling, because it’s impossible to know how someone is feeling a nicer way to say this would be to say I can only imagine what you were going through at the moment.


  • Alcohol drinking too much drinking when you are low.
  • Avoid alcohol around stress. Have to look carefully at problem and booze interferes.
  • Entrepreneur can be perfectionist
  • Having that attitude of I can do this is so important
  • Comparing ourselves to others is not productive
  • We can create our own stress when often we find later it’s misplaced.
  • Having no one to talk to
  • Getting useless information from well meaning people.
  • False modesty and unwillingness to admit failure.


  • Do some Physical Exercise
  • Realise it is ok if things are not smooth sailing in business. That is normal.
  • Trust yourself as you do not know what is going on in someone else’s business
  • Join/Find group of link-minded people and talk.
  • Find some practical things that you could do to support someone
  • Immerse yourselves in successful network groups like elite six where issues can be shared in supportive ways.
  • A walk in the forest & catch up with an old school friend has been great.
  • Build systems in your business to relieve pressures
  • Ask people how they are on a scale of 1 to 10


  • Don’t believe the hype
  • Identify the supportive people around you and reach out to them when things are not going well for you.
  • Find a network like ELITE : SIX or someone you can share success, failure and uncertainty with.
  • Celebrate every success big or small



Transcribed by Otter

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