DANNY : DE HEKELITE : SIX Think Tank meetings are discussed over ZOOM with our members every Friday at 9:30am.

Facilitated by DANNY : DE HEK meetings are recorded for our Podcast, we’ve been doing this since COVID-19 if you’re interested in joining in with us check out our Website.


  • Get into other people’s heads – understand their energy, challenges and be practical about offering solutions.
  • Your ability to react positively to imposed change will keep your business ahead of the pack.
  • Crisis is an opportunity revaluate, reassess & react positively.
  • Identify what the crisis actually is and how it may impact on yourself or business
  • Look to work with like minded people or collaborate with a business that tells with yours
  • Look at tools to help your business (e.g. VR software to create immersive 360 tours etc.)
  • Be able to work anywhere
  • Look to take your business online
  • Diversify our businesses
  • Learn new ways of communicating with clients
  • Stay positive, mindset is key
  • Bugger, Bugger


  • A crisis will highlight your system deficiencies.
  • Meeting peoples expectations
  • Build redundancy into your systems
  • Health (stress, diet etc.)
  • Realised you didn’t have a plan when a crisis hit
  • Earthquakes – lack of planning
  • Money
  • Proper fire equipment on hand


  • Apply for funds, grants
  • Back up your data in a few places
  • Networking asking others for help and guidance!
  • Business Continuity Planning. What is important and how can you protect it?
  • Understand client expectations then exceed them
  • Bookmark sources of reliable, current and simple information.
  • NAS could be the offline online file back up solution network-attached storage


  • Have an emergency kit with crisis information in it for when a crisis happens
  • Be prepared for every eventuality
  • Know what you can offer and be prepared to clearly offer this.