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Different Ways to Communicate Effectively… Verbal, Written, Oral, Face-to-Face, Nonverbal, Physical, Paralanguage and Visual


  • Everyone has at least two languages – their native language and their body language.
  • Gauge your audience. Communicate to suite
  • Even those hard conversations should be tackled sensitively and with calmness
  • Don’t shy away from courageous conversations; giving strong feedback or bad news


  • Wasting Time
  • Misunderstandings if not clear
  • Miscommunication never ends well. Be clear & concise
  • Key concept about communication is to focus on your clients needs rather than our own needs.
  • Being pressured when you don’t have time to consider your response or get the facts


  • Always be “in the now” when communicating with your clients – focus while you are communicating – multitasking interferes with communication.
  • Listening and play back what they said
  • Recognise that different mediums require different communication styles often
  • Get confidence by doing and getting feedback
  • CAUTION: This message has been composed by a dyslexic person using voice recognition, over bluetooth, with predictive texting enabled. So, who knows if it is 100% accurate. If in doubt phone me on 021 961 652
  • Set clear expectations: budget, time line, deliverables etc
  • Documenting key discussion points
  • Prepare for important communications; do your homework. Use facts and examples
  • Admit when you are wrong or have made a mistake
  • Be transparent
  • Present Solutions / alternatives when things go wrong
  • New book I have found – Average sucks


  • Documentation
  • Flip It by Michael Heppell