DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorBelow is an approximate costing of what you may pay for various items.

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Item Price (NZ$)
Apples 1kg 3.99
Beer Local (12 pack 330ml) 24.95
Big Mac Burger 4.90
Bread (Sliced White 700g) 3.95
Bus Fare (Adult) 3.50
Butter (500g) 4.99
Carrots 1kg 2.39
CD (New Release) 29.95
Cheese (500g) 6.99
Chicken Drumsticks (1kg) 8.99
Chocolate Block (220g) 3.50
Coca Cola (1.5L) 2.49
Coffee (Instant 100g) 4.99
Ground Beef (Prime 1kg) 12.99
Ice Cream (2L) 5.48
Milk (1L) 2.75
Movie Theatre Pass (Adult) 17.00
Newspaper 2.20
Pasta (Spaghetti Dry) 2.18
Petrol (1L 91 Octane Unleaded) 2.16
Sugar (1.5 kg) 2.48
Taxi Fare (per km) 2.00
Toilet Paper (4 pack) 2.39
Toothbrush 4.99