DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorOne of the greatest attractions for migrants to New Zealand is the lifestyle that this country has to offer, not only do ‘Kiwis’ seem to enjoy a more relaxed living philosophy but compared to many international countries, the cost of living an enjoyable lifestyle seems to be more obtainable in Aotearoa.

The cost of living varies depending on where you choose to live in New Zealand. Auckland is a more expensive city in which to live but it seems that the further South you travel the less expensive the cost of living becomes. Housing may cost more in Auckland than it does in Dunedin but the average employment wage in Auckland will be a lot higher than in Dunedin, so living costs tend to ‘balance out’, wherever you choose to reside.


New Zealand proudly boasts one of the highest home ownership rates in the world. Housing in New Zealand is very affordable compared to numerous other countries however the amount you should expect to pay for a house depends where in New Zealand you choose to settle.

Rental Accommodation

The majority of migrants choose to rent a house (long or short term) when they first arrive in New Zealand. The benefits of initially renting a house far out-weigh any long term financial benefits of owning a home when first shifting to New Zealand.


Visitors and migrants to New Zealand have an extensive choice of transportation available to them. Because New Zealand is an easy place to navigate, be it around a town, city or the length of the country, most people find it relatively easy to find transport to fit their requirements and budget.

Living Expenses

How much does a loaf of bread cost in New Zealand? What about a Taxi fare or perhaps a bag of carrots? Find out what you can expect to pay for general items in New Zealand.