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  • Better relationships, more accountability
  • Better service
  • Accountability increases
  • More likely to give referrals
  • Buying local means that if you have a problem with the service/product it’s easier to resolve the problem.
  • Longer term, repeat business
  • Human interaction – better service
  • Face to face business ( ie local) strengthens the relationship and trust.
  • More impactful to small local business – bad reputations are hard to shake … good reputation matters more.
  • Prepared to go the extra mile.


  • Price
  • Limitations around goods availability
  • Choice may be limited
  • Slower to adopt new products / technology
  • Poor quality and service
  • Scale of operation – ability to serve multiple customers
    May have to pay more
  • More expensive due to lack of purchasing power
  • Problems easier to solve in face to face situations
  • Easier to have your reputation dented (fairly or unfairly)
  • Transparency of business ownership
  • Try local, buy on-line


  • Supporting your community
  • Create a good customer experience
  • Business Looping
  • Create positive ripple effects
  • Go to give not go to get
  • Trade on quality not just price
  • Think about where your money goes
  • Local visibility always pays dividends
  • upstreamnz.co.nz


  • Buying local is a double win; win for us and for the community
  • Go local, go local, go local
  • Think local, be local, support local
  • Buying local is a conscious decision


  • I love KFC (Mark)
  • I love my relationship with Helen (Danny)
  • I love working with my husband (Jaline)



Transcribed by Otter

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