DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorHow do you run a sustainable business with all the demands that you employees put on company owners.

I’ve just been reading some post on LinkedIn and a lot of people are saying that they feel they should have all the perks that perhaps a company owner has as incentives to be good employees.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for quite a few years, the idea of starting a company and employing staff would do my head in. These days it seems employees want everything straight away, they don’t seem to want to make any sacrifice they just want their perks as they walk in the door.

A pet peeve of mine is university students who spend years studying and getting what they call an “education” however they don’t have any practical experience. Many of them expect to walk in to a job with full pay and perks with very little business knowledge, just a qualification on how to do their job.

I liked the old system. I’ve been an apprentice working for peanuts with a carrot at the end. When you became a tradesman you got paid what you were worth for your abilities.

When you’re self-employed and you’re starting off you normally work like a dog, working 16-19 hours a day. Sometimes you don’t even make a cent, you may even have failures and have to re-think the whole strategy. As soon as you start hiring staff they just want all the benefits. You may find the company owners don’t even make the same money as their staff and spend their time at night fixing up all the blunders that the staff has made.

Anyway would you sacrifice a few of the perks that seem to be on demand to help the company grow and be sustainable?

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