DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorIs Freedom Camping allowed in New Zealand? And other frequently asked questions.

Freedom Camping or Free Camping is still allowed in New Zealand. However, due to the actions of a few selfish people, this may change in the future. Campers defecating in pristine camping areas and dumping human waste from campervans, often near waterways, is a very real problem. Also, the amount of garbage left behind at some sites is disgusting to say the least.

New Zealand has a countrywide network of Dump Stations and refuse collection facilities, so there really is no excuse for campers to leave their rubbish and waste behind. In the interests of New Zealand remaining a Freedom Camping paradise, DANNY : DE HEK LIMITED urge everyone touring the country to please manage their waste and garbage properly.

Thanks to the feedback from clients searching for more information on Freedom Camping in New Zealand, we have put our own Q&A section together based on the questions you have put to us.

Now to those other frequently asked questions.

While we have endeavored to provide answers to some of the most common queries we receive, we know there are a great many more questions that viewers might want answers to. So, if you can’t find the answers you need here, or through the links we have supplied, simply ask us direct. You can Contact DANNY : DE HEK LIMITED with your question and we’ll attempt to find out the answer for you. If we don’t know it, we’ll track down an individual or organisation that does.

We intend to continue to expand the Green Camping Guide over time, so your questions and the answers we provide may very well be included here for all to see.

Enjoy camping Green in our beautiful country and look after it as you would your own garden, for the benefit of all those who will come after you.