DANNY : DE HEKNew Zealand has a great many camping grounds and caravan/motorhome parks spread the length and breadth of the country. These facilities range from sophisticated sites with all manner of services and conveniences, to simple DoC (Department of Conservation) sites in wilderness areas, where facilities may be limited to a toilet. Go to www.doc.govt.nz for a comprehensive list of DoC camp sites throughout the country.

Other campsites may be owned and run by a local council or private operators and charges vary considerably from one to another. When looking at your prepared itinerary or any of the itineraries suggested here, estimate how long you will be comfortable driving, cycling, hiking or hitchhiking and what you want to see along the way, then choose the nearest convenient camping ground or caravan/motorhome park. Go to www.top10.co.nz or www.aatravel.co.nz

Freedom Camping or Free Camping is still legal in New Zealand, however, permission to camp or stop over should be asked of local people in the area. Go to Freedom Camping for further information.