DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorWhat is the emergency service number in New Zealand.

For all emergency services, 111 is the number to dial. The controller will ask you what service you require, Police, Fire, Ambulance.

If you see a serious incident, a fire, accident or fear for your safety do not hesitate to dial 111. There is no penalty for genuine calls or honest mistakes.

The New Zealand Police force is charged with enforcing criminal law within the country. There are almost 9,000 staff based in 400 stations through the country providing a 24-hour service. Essentially, New Zealand Police are an unarmed force along the lines of the traditional British force. However, firearms, while not carried in the normal course of their duties, are readily available to front line police in case of need.

The New Zealand Fire Service is a mix of urban professional fire fighters and small town and rural volunteers spreading the length and breadth of the country. All fire officers are trained to a high level of proficiency and while fire fighting is their prime objective, they are also highly trained in accident and disaster operations.

The New Zealand Ambulance Service works in close conjunction with the Police and Fire Departments, nationwide. Fixed wing air ambulance and rescue helicopters are included within the service and they have the ability to reach even the most inhospitable, mountainous regions within the country.