DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorHow do we keep ourselves and our possessions safe?

New Zealand is no more dangerous than any other Western country and considerably less dangerous than a great many other nations. Common sense is the major factor in maintaining personal safety and the safety of your valued possessions. The same safety criteria as you would look to in your own country are those you would be expected to adhere to in New Zealand.

Don’t carry a lot of cash on your person. Protect your PIN number and cash card or credit card at ATM machines and don’t draw large amounts of cash at any one time. Be aware of your surroundings and any suspicious individuals. Don’t leave valuable objects exposed to view if you have parked your camper and intend going for a walk. Ensure you lock your vehicle.

In the cities, as no doubt in your own town, stay in well lit areas if walking at night. Don’t leave drinks unattended in a bar or nightclub setting. If you carry a mobile with you, and who doesn’t today, the emergency services number in New Zealand is 111.

Note that the carrying of weapons in New Zealand without a good and lawful reason is strictly illegal. Handguns, clubs, disabling sprays, Tazers and knives, other than small pocketknives are a total no-no. A knife such as a Swiss Army knife is not deemed illegal, although, be warned, it should be in your hold luggage when flying out of the country.