DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorWhat are the basic Road Rules?

In New Zealand we drive on the left as in the UK and Australia. This of course may take some getting used to. The left-turn versus right-turn rule – This rule now requires all traffic turning right to give way to a vehicle coming from the opposite direction and turning left. This applies at cross roads, T-intersections and driveways where both vehicles are facing each other with no signs or signals, or the same signs or signals.

The uncontrolled T-intersections rule (‘uncontrolled’ means when there are no signs or signals to tell you what to do) At an uncontrolled T-intersection, all traffic from a terminating road (bottom of the T) should give way to all traffic on a continuing road (top of the T). This brings it into line with T-intersections where there are Stop or Give Way signs on the terminating road. Think: Top of the T goes before me.

The open road speed limit in New Zealand is 100kph, all other speed restrictions are clearly posted. We use international symbols for Compulsory Stops and Give Way signs. Speed limits are heavily enforced. You are required to carry your driver’s license with you at all times.

All drivers and passengers must wear a seatbelt when the vehicle is moving.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited as it is in most countries.

Because of the relative speed of campervans as opposed to other vehicles, DANNY : DE HEK LIMITED recommend that when you have a stream of vehicles building up behind you, you pull over at the first safe opportunity to let them past. They will appreciate it and it adds to your status as a good and thoughtful driver. For further information on New Zealand Driving Regulations, go to: www.nzta.govt.nz and enter New Zealand Road Code in the search box.