DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorStep into a world of intrigue and deception as you embark on a riveting journey led by Danny de Hek, renowned as The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger.

In this comprehensive four-hour and fourteen-minute narration, you’re about to unravel the astonishing events that transpired on August 31, 2023, during a pivotal Zoom recording.

Brace yourself for a tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat, revealing the calculated tactics of manipulation, scripted performances, and a web of characters entwined in the notorious “We Are All Satoshi” saga.


Introduction 00:00:00
ShaveZ (No Last Name?) 00:05:48
ShaveZ’s Resurrection Blueprint 00:31:00
Membership Packages $50, $500 and $5000 00:43:35
What just happened? WHAT Next? 00:45:30
Carl Miller Stole AU$4800 01:02:35
Stupidity, Trust and Blind Faith 01:11:45
Every 10 minutes you will Make Money 01:13:00
Transferring Bitcoin Back to Investors 01:18:00
Unmasking Puppet Master Tami Jackson 01:25:04
Carl N Millar Sleeping 01:28:19
Questions and Answers 01:48:38
Tracy Cassivi (Puppet Master) 01:50:08
Mario Halkyer -TheHyperDriver (Puppet Master) @TheHyperDriver 01:53:23
Previous Chat Questions 02:04:04
Sam Lee is Done! 02:06:30
RHINO TRADING PTY LTD taking VAV Payments via Carl Miller 02:07:00
Negative Questions, will result in Removal 02:15:10
Leadership Zoom Meeting Exposed for Scamming Investors 02:32:30
September 8th People will start Making Money? 02:47:20
Become a Whistleblower 02:54:10
Phoning Carl Miller to wake him up 02:59:00
WEWE Global Scam Explained 03:14:00
Steve Condos: Australia’s Most Notorious MLM Scammer 03:16:00
Danny’s Rant 03:23:30
Elephant in the Room 03:25:37
Who is the CEO and Leadership Team? 03:29:00
Tami Jackson is a real Bit%h! 03:30:00
There’s NO Risk the Problem Sam Lee! 03:35:30
Garrett Blakeslee Video 04:05:45
Conclusion 04:07:25

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• 🔴 LIVE NOW: Unveiling the Shocking Tr…

🔍 Unmasking ShaveZ: A Key Player in the Shadows

Central to this unfolding narrative is ShaveZ, the public face of the collapsed “We Are All Satoshi” Ponzi scheme. As his presentation unravels, a critical question emerges – is he merely a pawn reciting a rehearsed script, or does he hold a more sinister role as the orchestrator of a complex deception? Guided by a PowerPoint, ShaveZ lays out his ambitious vision, inviting scrutiny into his rapid ascent and meticulously crafted performance.

💡 A Scripted New Strategy

ShaveZ weaves a narrative that appears to have been years in the making, but curiously emerges over just 48 hours. His bold claims of surpassing Sam Lee, despite a lack of experience, prompt skepticism about the authenticity of his words. Is this a well-rehearsed performance, carefully designed to manipulate a vulnerable audience?

🌐 Claims of Control and Leadership

During the narration, ShaveZ takes center stage, asserting his complete control over the company. He introduces a cast of nine purported leaders steering the ship of “We Are All Satoshi.” Amidst his promises, the allure of quick profits every ten minutes beckons, yet the veracity of these claims remains uncertain.

🗣️ Tami Jackson: The Intriguing Interruption

A mysterious figure named Tami Jackson repeatedly interrupts ShaveZ throughout the meeting, casting a shadow of doubt on the authenticity of the proceedings. Her presence raises questions about her role, motives, and potential involvement in the orchestrated narrative.

🌟 A Choreographed Audience

As the meeting opens for questions, a curious pattern emerges. Leaders from the shadows interject with supportive remarks, crafting an image of unity and control. This spectacle manipulates the emotions of over a thousand attendees seeking answers to their lost investments.

🌴 Carl Miller: The Sleeping Leader

Amidst the orchestrated chaos, a figure named Carl Miller stands out. An Australian leader, he spends a staggering 80% of the time asleep during the meeting. Further revelations unveil his involvement in a corruption scandal, underscoring the layers of deception at play.

This four-hour and fourteen-minute narration is more than just a retelling; it’s an immersive exploration that uncovers the depths of deception, revealing calculated strategies and the intricate web of characters perpetuating the mind-bending “We Are All Satoshi” scheme. Prepare to question the very nature of cryptocurrency and the lengths to which scammers will go in the pursuit of ill-gotten gains. 🎥🔍

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