DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorIn a shocking turn of events, Sam Lee, better known as Scam Lee, finds himself at the center of a cryptocurrency storm. His ill-fated Ponzi schemes, “We Are All Satoshi,” “ViDiLOOK,” and “AVA” (Velocity Achieves Victory), have all crumbled in just the past ten days, leaving countless individuals reeling from financial losses.

What’s even more alarming is that despite Sam Lee’s promises of prosperity, not a single person reaped any profits. It’s now evident that these ventures were nothing more than desperate cash grabs.


Introduction 00:00:00
Leadership Meeting with ShaveZ 00:08:00
ShaveZ started a Corporation at 17 00:21:00
ShaveZ Tech Team (The Boys) are real bad Asses 00:25:25
Worked with Governments providing Tech 00:26:05
Served Marvel Studios 00:27:08
AI tools are Developed by ShaveZ (NDA) 00:27:36
What is Affiliate Marketing? 00:36:45
People in the ZOOM Meeting 00:46:00
HyperVerse was Funny 00:52:00
Stupidity, Trust and Blind Faith 00:56:12
Missing Sam Lee 01:05:39
Magic Trick 01:06:29
Blow People’s Brains Away Right Now! 01:10:20
Danny de Hek Travel Stories 01:11:00
Get Hold of some Real Energy 01:25:28
Jose Peterson Phone Argument 01:32:30
Mining is not Rocket Science 01:34:13
WEWE Global Ponzi Scheme 01:35:14
Glass of Water & Toilet Break 01:38:22
“AFFILIATE MARKETING 2.0” Hangman 01:40:20
Whiteboard Graffiti Hacker (BANKSY) 01:48:04
Become a Informant/Whistleblower 01:53:22
Video Testimonials Requested 02:01:28
Mining Bitcoin every 10 minutes 02:07:00
Another Sleeper (Zoom user) 02:30:37
Name Suggestion “We Are All Suckers” 02:35:00
Bring Sam Back 02:35:50
Is Tami Jackson ShaveZ Mother? 02:48:00
Conclusion & We Are All Satoshi Song 02:52:00

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Revelations about Sam Lee’s fabricated claims of being a billionaire, running a vast workforce, and being a property tycoon have come to light. In reality, he faced legal troubles, including a stint in a Dubai jail for writing two bad checks for $1 million. Reports of excessive drinking, cocaine use, and taking uppers further highlight his erratic behavior, offering insight into his desperate quest for funds through fraudulent means.

With Sam Lee’s sudden disappearance, a new figure has emerged on the scene – “ShaveZ.” The question looming large is whether the community, burned by recent experiences, will place their trust in this revived Ponzi scheme.

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that “ShaveZ” now operates on the same platform as the failed “We Are All Satoshi.” He’s soliciting ideas for a rebrand, raising eyebrows about the authenticity of this transition. In this video, we delve into the enigmatic persona behind the scheme, as “ShaveZ” highlights his remarkable achievements, including starting a corporation at a remarkably young age and working with Marvel Studios. He cryptically hints at creating a widely-used product shrouded in nondisclosure agreements.

Yet, it’s clear that “ShaveZ” isn’t the sole player in this narrative. Despite his claims of leadership, he avoids disclosing the true masterminds orchestrating the scheme from behind the scenes.

This video serves as the first glimpse into the new leadership’s agenda, and unsurprisingly, it revolves around the art of affiliate marketing. “ShaveZ” promises to unravel the secrets to earning money every ten minutes and shares a PowerPoint presentation outlining the path to crypto riches through purchasing crypto mining packages.

Join us as we pull back the curtain on this bewildering saga, exposing the intricate web of deceit, charismatic promises, and a community hanging on the precipice of financial redemption or ruin. 🕵️‍♂️💰 #CryptoDrama #UnveilingTheScheme #StayInformed #ShaveZ #dehek @SamLee

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