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BOOMERANG Leader Fabian Farquharson: Is He Taking the Piss?

In this eye-opening video, we dive deep into the latest revelation: Fabian Farquharson, a British entrepreneur and health advocate, has been promoting the dubious BOOMERANG AI Crypto Arbitrage Trading platform. Known for his controversial promotion of urine therapy, where he claims drinking urine has various health benefits, Fabian’s advocacy has both intrigued and shocked many.

But there’s a darker side to this story. Secret recordings reveal Fabian gaslighting his Facebook community, convincing them that BOOMERANG is a legitimate investment opportunity. This 40-minute exposé showcases his unwavering belief in Shavez Anwar, despite numerous red flags indicating that BOOMERANG is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

The Reality of BOOMERANG: Fake Arbitrage Trading

Our investigation has shown that BOOMERANG does not engage in real arbitrage trading. Instead, it operates a simulation, using new membership money to drip-feed returns to earlier investors at a mere $0.50 per day. Shockingly, 65% of the money from sold licenses is funneled back into the affiliate marketing system, revealing the true scam.

Fabian Farquharson’s Double Life

While Fabian’s professional image centers around alternative health practices, including his well-documented urine therapy, his involvement in promoting scams like BOOMERANG tells a different story. His Facebook page not only features images of him drinking urine but also promotes dubious opportunities like ViDiLOOK, with outrageous claims of earning $500-$4000 per hour.

Key Findings and Evidence

Misleading Claims: BOOMERANG’s false assertion of crashing the Polygon network, with smart contracts that can’t handle the claimed transaction volume.
Minimal Payouts: Most trades yield only $0.30-$0.50, far from the promised lucrative returns.

Hidden Liquidity Issues: The newly discovered wallet address (0x4653db04f1ba81546546f3991cc065f276c56805) lacks liquidity and only shows payouts, raising serious questions about the platform’s legitimacy.

Regulatory Troubles

Shavez Anwar, a key figure in BOOMERANG, attempted to legitimize the platform by forming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in Wyoming. However, the DAO was quickly flagged for fraudulent practices and lost its legal status, underscoring the critical need for transparency and regulatory compliance in the crypto industry.

Join us as we expose the truth behind Fabian Farquharson’s involvement in BOOMERANG. Watch the video to hear his deceptive pitch and see the evidence that debunks BOOMERANG’s claims. Together, we can make a difference and protect unsuspecting investors from falling victim to these scams.

Stay vigilant, stay informed, and always question too-good-to-be-true investment opportunities. If you have any tips or want to support our mission, reach out and join us in the fight against crypto scams.

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