DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorPrepare to be taken on a gripping journey into the dark underbelly of scams, deception, and the dramatic downfall of the infamous Sam Lee empire.

Buckle up, because the revelations that await you in this rollercoaster of a video will leave you absolutely astonished!


Introduction 00:00:00
Garrett Blakeslee’s Revealing Phone Call 00:03:12

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The saga begins with an eye-opening phone call from none other than Garrett Blakeslee himself. With candid insight, Blakeslee provides an inside look into the real Sam Lee, peeling back the layers of fraud that have made Lee a notorious name in the industry. This conversation is nothing short of mind-blowing and stands as the unquestionable highlight of the entire video.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The “We Are All Satoshi” scandal takes center stage next, as we delve deep into a Zoom meeting hosted by the enigmatic “ShaveZ.” What unfolds is a shocking revelation – the marketing budget has been drained, the community’s funds have been withdrawn, and the once-flourishing empire is now on the brink of bankruptcy. As tension escalates, ShaveZ is forced to shut down the chat due to the barrage of outrage from his own followers. Brace yourselves for the next chapter, where ShaveZ emerges as the new owner, peddling a fresh start under the guise of nine multilevel marketers – a spectacle that defies belief.

The financial collapse story gains momentum as we trace its connections to other Ponzi schemes like ViDiLOOK and VAV, all tied back to the enigmatic figure, Scam Lee. Speculation swirls regarding Sam Lee’s sudden disappearance and the dubious transition of ownership to ShaveZ, who claims to possess no business acumen.

As the dust settles, Danny de Hek, also known as The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, steps into the spotlight. He exposes a quartet of Australian multi-level marketing scammers Carl N Miller III a.k.a Crypto Dundee, George Marquis, Kath Longley and the notorious Yvonne Henry operating under the banner of ANZAC Crypto Whalers @ANZACCryptoWhalers-eg9vx. With a sizable following of 700 victims, they are effectively drawing innocent individuals into their intricate web of deceit. Danny appeals for information to construct a comprehensive database aimed at thwarting their fraudulent activities. If you know these people please share your experience with Danny de Hek at https://www.dehek.com/contact/! He have built a substantial database of individuals who are active promoters of Ponzi schemes and scams. Rest assured, it’s strictly confidential, and we truly value your story.

This video promises an electrifying voyage through the labyrinthine world of deception, fraud, and the relentless pursuit of truth. The narrative is one that defies imagination, and we stand committed to delivering the latest updates on this ever-evolving saga. Brace yourselves – what you are about to witness is an unparalleled blend of education and entertainment, a stark reminder that reality can often surpass even the most creative fiction. 🍿🔍 #ScamAlert #CryptoExposed #StayInformed #WeAreAllSatoshi #ViDiLOOK #deHek