DANNY : DE HEKToday, we delve into the enigmatic world of Sam Lee, an Australian citizen with Chinese roots living in Dubai. Sam’s story is a blend of financial deceit and opulent living, funded by ill-gotten gains. In 2020, companies linked to him, Blockchain Global and ACX, faced a colossal $48.9 million collapse.

Sam’s involvement in Ponzi schemes, including We Are All Satoshi, ViDiLook, and AVA, came to light, preying on unsuspecting victims. Our journey reveals Sam’s detainment in Dubai due to alleged fraudulent checks, intricate romantic entanglements, and his extravagant lifestyle.


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Before we delve into the heart of this occasion, I feel it is my duty to provide you with some vital and factual information about a certain individual named Sam Lee. Sam Lee is a notorious figure, originally of Chinese heritage, but currently an Australian citizen, residing in Dubai. His story is one that involves financial deceit and a lavish lifestyle funded by ill-gotten gains.

In the year 2020, both Blockchain Global and ACX, companies associated with Sam Lee, experienced a catastrophic collapse. In the same year, Sam Lee, along with an individual named Ryan Xu, fled to Dubai, seeking refuge from the fallout of their financial mismanagement. Liquidators have assessed the losses incurred by Blockchain Global and ACX to be a staggering $48.9 million.

Recent revelations have uncovered that Sam Lee has been actively involved in orchestrating three separate Ponzi schemes, namely We Are All Satoshi, ViDiLook, and AVA. These schemes were designed to extract money from unsuspecting victims.

My own investigative efforts led me to an interview with a gentleman named Garrett Blakeslee, who shed light on Sam Lee’s activities over the past six months. However, additional information has surfaced, shedding even more light on the public’s need to be aware of his actions.

Notably, Sam Lee was detained in Dubai for a period of three nights, reportedly due to his involvement in writing fraudulent checks amounting to approximately $1 million USD. As a result of this legal entanglement, he currently faces a travel ban and is unable to leave Dubai until these matters are resolved. Yet, there are intriguing details concerning his extravagant lifestyle that have recently come to light.

The money obtained through these scams has been squandered on Sam Lee’s personal indulgences, primarily involving mistresses and girlfriends. To provide a glimpse into this lavish lifestyle, it’s worth mentioning three key individuals who have been romantically linked to Sam Lee:

1. Mandy, a Chinese national, recently gave birth to Sam’s child. As a reward, Sam financed an opulent trip for Mandy’s brother to Dubai in July 2023.
2. Grace, another woman associated with Sam, serves as a stay-at-home mother, supported by a host of domestic staff paid for by the ill-gotten gains from these schemes.
3. Ann, whose real name is Janchai Nambutr, enjoys a luxurious existence, frequently indulging in staycations at expensive hotels and acquiring designer handbags from Chanel and Dior, all funded by the proceeds of Sam’s scams.

It is important to note that none of these women are legally married to Sam, but they all believe themselves to be his wife, unaware of each other’s existence until recently.

If one were to inquire about Sam Lee’s current whereabouts, it is suggested to approach his women. For those interested, Ann, the only woman without a child from Sam, may have the most knowledge, as she has spent considerable time with him.

In a curious twist, Ann and Sam had a “wedding” in Thailand in July 2022, with their reception held at the Sunee Grand Hotel & Convention Center. Only one month prior, Mandy gave birth to Sam’s son in Malaysia, in August 2022, unbeknownst to Grace, who was left in the dark about these developments. Ann is of Thai descent, while Mandy and Grace hail from China.

These revelations paint a complex and troubling portrait of Sam Lee, highlighting the consequences of his actions and the extravagant lifestyle he has built upon his ill-gotten gains. As we move forward, it is crucial to remain vigilant and informed about individuals like Sam Lee and the schemes they perpetrate.

Information presented here is based on third-party sources, and while we strive for accuracy, we advise conducting your own research. Sam Lee’s story is a cautionary tale, and as the crypto community, it’s crucial to remain vigilant against scams.