DANNY : DE HEKIn this eye-opening video, join Danny de Hek, known as The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, as he delves into the dark world of cryptocurrency scams.

Danny takes you through the sordid history of three notorious Ponzi schemes orchestrated by none other than Sam Lee, alias Scam Lee. The schemes in question – We Are All Satoshi, ViDiLOOK, and VAV – have all crumbled, leaving investors in despair.

But the scammers have a new trick up their sleeves, convincing people to wait for relaunches while explaining that all the money has mysteriously vanished.


Introduction 00:00:00
Reverent Maurice Demands Stolen Money Back 00:16:10
Maurice Not Clear 00:16:45
Lost $44,000 to HyperVerse 00:17:45
Maurice tells Shavez to he Beating around the Bush 00:26:41
Took out LOANS to INVEST in WAAS 00:37:23
Maurice is DONE and Leaves the Meeting 00:41:19
ShaveZ Claims no one Lost Money 00:43:00
Community Question and Answers 01:09:15
Yvonne Henry 01:22:39
Susan Lawrence 01:27:45
Mr Satoshi (Mr H) 01:43:40
“Cordx4” Kiwi Scammer 02:15:30
Conclusion 02:39:10

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Witness two leadership meetings held on September 2nd, 2023, and September 3rd, 2023, where participants engage in rapid-fire question-and-answer sessions to decipher the chaos and figure out how to sign up for the revamped platforms. It’s a chilling revelation as overseas scammers, fully aware of these Ponzi schemes’ true nature, eagerly prepare to deceive their friends and family once more.

With over a thousand people in attendance, one poignant moment stands out. Reverent Maurice steps up to demand the return of stolen funds from ShaveZ, the tech guy whom leadership has thrown under the bus.

This video unravels the heated discussion between Maurice, a disgruntled investor, and ShaveZ, the operator of the We Are All Satoshi platform. Key points of contention include Maurice’s frustration over the platform’s dire state, skepticism about the unrealistic new plan, and the debate over using the proof of reserve to purchase miners for income generation. Meanwhile, Maurice and others voice their concerns about delayed payouts and communication breakdowns, advocating for an immediate solution to access their invested funds.

ShaveZ, in his defense, maintains that he never personally took anyone’s money and vows to rectify the situation, even pledging to return funds if he had control over them. He explains how the depletion of the marketing budget due to rampant withdrawals has made timely payouts challenging.

This discussion shines a light on the trust issues within the cryptocurrency community and underscores the importance of proof of reserve in combating scams.

Join Danny de Hek as he unravels this gripping tale of deception, betrayal, and the struggle for justice in the world of crypto Ponzi schemes. Don’t miss the explosive confrontations and shocking revelations in “Reverent Maurice Demands Stolen Money Back from ShaveZ: Unveiling the Crypto Scam – ARE WE ALL SUCKERS?”


Maurice expresses frustration over the platform’s current situation. He mentions that people are unable to cover their bills, despite investing in the platform.

Maurice is concerned about the platform’s new plan, which involves waiting for 400+ days to see returns and the potential of investing more money. He believes this plan is unrealistic.

ShaveZ suggests using the proof of reserve to buy miners and generate income. However, the majority of participants are against this idea.

Maurice brings up issues he’s experienced, such as not receiving the expected payouts and facing difficulties in communication.

Maurice and others ask for a solution that allows them to use the money they already have in the platform to cover their immediate financial needs instead of waiting for an extended period.

ShaveZ emphasizes that he did not personally take anyone’s money and expresses his dedication to resolving the situation, promising to return money if he had taken it.

ShaveZ explains that the platform’s marketing budget was depleted due to aggressive withdrawals, making it challenging to fulfill immediate payout requests.

The discussion revolves around the tension between users’ expectations for quick returns and the platform’s ability to maintain reserves while facing challenges.

ShaveZ defends the platform’s integrity, emphasizing that he did not run away from responsibility and plans to find a realistic solution.

There is a broader discussion about trust within the cryptocurrency community and the importance of proof of reserve in preventing scams.

Ultimately, the discussion highlights the frustration and mistrust among users who invested in We Are All Satoshi and the challenges the platform faces in meeting their expectations for quick returns. Maurice’s departure from the Zoom meeting underscores the unresolved issues and dissatisfaction among investors.