DANNY : DE HEKWelcome to a blog dedicated to exposing the masterminds and promoters behind crypto Ponzi schemes. My name is Danny de Hek, also known as The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger. On my YouTube Channel, I focus on naming and shaming anyone running or promoting Ponzi schemes or scams. My mission is to create public awareness and protect people from financial ruin. I earned my nickname from a full-featured ad in the New York Times that highlighted my relentless quest to expose these fraudulent activities.

Ponzi schemes thrive in the shadows, preying on the uninformed and the desperate. By bringing these individuals into the spotlight, we aim to disrupt their operations and warn the public about their deceptive practices. This blog is not just a tool for exposure; it’s a call to action for everyone to be vigilant and informed.

During recent Zoom meetings, we observed several individuals who were actively encouraging others to invest in what they described as “the opportunity of a lifetime.” These individuals are not just victims but potential future promoters of these scams. It’s crucial to name and shame them to prevent further propagation of these fraudulent schemes.

The Dark World of Ponzi Schemes and Scams

The dark world of crypto Ponzi schemes and scams thrives on exploiting the trust and naivety of individuals, particularly targeting those aged 50 and above with strong religious beliefs and a desire for community. These schemes, often disguised as legitimate investment opportunities, use manipulative tactics and sophisticated presentations to lure victims.

Promoters, frequently lacking formal financial credentials, present themselves as authoritative voices, convincing people to invest in fraudulent schemes like Miracle Cash, NFT Rewards, and HyperFund. They exploit platforms like Zoom to disseminate their deceptive messages. Classic Ponzi schemes involve paying returns to earlier investors using new investors’ capital, collapsing when new investments stop. Pump-and-dump crypto opportunities inflate the value of cryptocurrencies with false promises before scammers sell their holdings, leaving others with worthless coins. Other scams promote membership or licensing fees, claiming significant rewards or returns. Statistically, those most often ensnared are aged 50 and above, with strong religious beliefs and a sense of community, making them prime targets for fraudsters.

By naming and shaming these promoters, we aim to disrupt the operations of Ponzi schemes and scams, and raise public awareness to protect potential victims from financial ruin. Stay vigilant, question high-return promises, and verify credentials to safeguard yourself and others from these financial predators.

Known Ponzi Schemes and Scams

This list includes various Ponzi schemes and scams that have been identified and will be updated regularly to ensure the most current information is available. These schemes often present themselves as legitimate investment opportunities, using sophisticated tactics to lure in victims. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive resource to help you stay informed and vigilant against these financial predators. If you come across any new scams or have information on existing ones, please reach out so we can continue to protect potential victims from financial ruin. We also encourage people to report these Ponzi schemes and scams to their local authorities. Check out our guide “How to Report Cybercrime and Cryptocurrency Scams: A Global Guide.”

Ponzi Schemes and Scams: DEFIUSDT, Nano Club, MetaMax, Cartier USDT, Hollywood-Films, Dott USDT, P&G Group, Intellexa, Legacy Builders, Auratus Gold, Xera, LGreen, MabCredit, Genesis Investment, Trust Investing, QubitLife, Hyperverse, Berry Trading, StableDAO, GSPartners, Mind Capital, Mirror Trading International, OLYMP Quantify, Mavie Global, Ultron, iX Global, SuperAI App, RT-AI, Sol People, UKFarm, Olive Tree People, ABQTBOT, Miracle Cash, NFT Rewards, MavieLab, FlipMe, LottoDay, Genius Arbitrage, Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS), Wharf Street Studios, Blue Water Group, Botex Value, NeloLife, GetFit, Trade11, AMC Global, The Promise United, Metaf Global, AI Crypto Spy, 7K Metals, MetaFastTest, Gelios, TLC Trading, Trade Like Crazy, HyperFund, HyperNation, HyperCosmos, Vortic United, Hex, EazyBot, AelfUnion, Smart Steps, Affiliate Advertising Club, We Are All Satoshi (WAAS), Boomerang, NovatechFX, The People’s Project, SuperOne, Validus, Q-Bond, CMB, MaxPread, Taygeta, TranzactCard, Daisy, Empower NFT, LunaOne, Apollo Fintech, FourthStar, Hotel Bookings, Daoversal, WeWe Global, The Blockchain Era, XBR Foundation Lab, Connect United, iGenius, Overdome

Known Promoters & Leaders

These individuals were seen actively chanting and encouraging others to invest, using persuasive and manipulative tactics to lure unsuspecting victims. Often acting as Zoom meeting hosts or providing testimonials about their experiences with the platform, they read PowerPoint presentations to convince people that these are genuine, reliable investment opportunities. Despite lacking any credentials or qualifications as financial advisors, they present themselves as authorities on investments. They hold nothing back, exploiting people’s trust and naivety for their gain. These bottom feeders prey on the vulnerable and must be named and shamed for their deceitful actions.

Promoters and Leaders: Sam Lee, Narciso Wales, Rubens Jesus Silva Júnior, Celso Dias Neves, Robert Craddock, Tristram Norriss, Yunis Rafeal Lattuf, Mike Donaldson, Bing Wang, Mike Lucas, Tesfai Tecle, Shreyas, Clayton Ford, Mahmoud Elawa, Vitality Dubinin, Pawel Sobkow, Munir Jannedy, Susan Lawrence, Chantal Sturkenboom, Brandon Ivey, Shirley Lynette Artin Crawford, Edel Hsieh, Siani Kijlstra, Simon Le, Kim Sigurdson, Nandi Baloney, Federica Zoppetti, Kylie Raphael, Keith Walden, Holness – West Jackie, Tracy & Lucien Humphreys, Angela Baptiste, Su Patel, Lloyd Egan, Joe Salvo Trzeja, Nigel Lau, Vivian O Callaghan, Clare Shanaher, Rhys Rupene, Colette Daniels, Simon Wesley, Mike Nawoyski, Lizz Perkins, Andreas Christensen, Simon Le, Kathie Munsen, Sly & Ronette Corley, Faiana Brown, Ellis Mayberry, Pete Kachev, Susan Bachelder, Jan Gregory, Bren Blaze, Michael Obrien, Alex Talopau, Bernard Whimp, Nadia Feb Jacobs, Wessel Sevenster, Diego Endrizzi, Tami E. Jackson, Valerie A Campbell, Gabriella (& Mark) Ambrose, Sharon Rodgers, Felix Boughton, Grace Uzomba, Trashit Gehlot, Ryan Xu, Sam Lee, Karn Dwivedi, Shavez Anwar, Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi, Jayden Wei, Keith Williams, Kalpesh Patel, Chen Kaiyu (Kevin), Garrett Blakeslee, Des Amey, Brenda Chunga, John Barksdale, Rory Conacher, Tracey Burgess, Chrissy Juno, Rannal Hepburn, Shifa & Paul Jr Ali-Scott, Thanh Oc, Mike Tharp, Bernard Whimp, Nicholas Schizzan, Ron & Avril Deledio, Edward Recordon, Bitcoin Rodney, Dia Cha, Kirten Louise McDonald, Stephen McCullah, Natalie Zaher, Daniel Puzny, Cory Cozad, Tom McMurrain, Roy Ridge, David (& Josie) Mably, Steve Harrison (Stevo), Yannis Divramis, Ioannis Athanasiou, Dan Comeau, Lee Behnke, Soma J. Gobikishna, Nomntu Dlamini, Anna Jooron, Nancee Zabel, Pat Kelleher, Blair Millar, Michael Dalcoe, Mai Summer Vue, Janet Dorothy Hort & Brendan Larkin, Steve Reuben, David Chandler, Daunchey Newsome, Pascal Bertson N. Diffo, Steve Condos, Luiz Góes (Luiz Goez), Fabio Endrizzi, Michael Faust, Darryl Oxley, Tony Mark-Seymour, Goran Hemstrom, Bernie (& Amy) Purcell, David Cole, Conrad Swailes, Jonathan Callinan, Sheila Morris, Kelly Hopkins, Vahid Chaychi, Geoffrey (& Natalie) Curr, Mick Mulcahy, Pinakee Naik, Claire Taunton, Alicia Banton (Prayze), Kyesha Raulston, Jonah Glasgow, Simon Stepsys, Vitaliy Dubinin, Troy Rejda, Jesam Michael, Rajiv Saraf, Carl Haavaldsen, AJ Mora, Frank Everard Stace, Willie Boshoff, Stephen McCullah, Ollie Trew, Colin Eggen, Jose Gordo, Whitney Smart, Sean Maaske, Gabriella Giannone, Carl N Miller III, Kathryn Anne Longley, George (& Linda) Marquis, Yvonne (& Richard) Henry, Moira Kincaid, Ryze Conley, Mat (Mathew) Whant, Sam Pratt, Crystal Cavalier, Dee Okeh, Danni Blackley, Clay Montgomery, Mama Debbie, Lani De La Peña Tranberg, David Brunberg, Vinod Agrawal, Vaishali Puri, Mike Molina, Roger Oliveira, Setaita K Olive, Lee Baines, Deborah Pearcy, Oliver Jando, Bernadette Kniest, Cristian Rosswog, Wil Hagenaars, Alan Hagel, Benjamin Maseko, Lukhanoy Jay Dhula, Abiodun Towolawi, Agnes Abanda, Ash Mufareh, Ajay Mather, Alex Reinhardt, Alfreda Strong, Alice Ger, Alison Marnix, Alphis Wang, Amanda Lee, Andre Jackson, Andrew Boyden, Andrew Martin, Andy Cummings, Angela Baptiste (UK), Annie Johnson, Anoute Benjamin, Anthony Ford, Apeh Joseph, Arlene Dieran, Arlene Russel, Atu Vaivaka, Awet Abrahayo, Beatrice Dorley, Beatrice Tamu, Beejay Jolayemi, Ben Maseko, Bertie Mckie, Bettie Arbaiza, Bevan Warambwa, Beverley Spencer, Beverly Paul, Bishop Ernest, Bob Bearden, Bobbie Gilmore, Bobby Gilmore, Bohat Gurung, Bozi Kiekie, Brenda Walker, Brent Harding, Buhle Mxinwa, Carline Clarke, Carlo Auguste, Carmelle Neal, Carol Banks, Caroline Chenier, Carrie Williams, Cassandra Mccaskill, Catherine Alexander, Cecelia Aiken, Chandra Singh, Cheryce Bennett, Christina Smita, Clevie Stewart, Coach Nana, Crypto Inferno, Cynthia Brown, Cynthia Henderson, David Bailey, David Hurst, Dawnette Been, Dean Coke, Deb Williams, Dee Mitchell, Del Casarez, Denise Crooks, Derek Wilson, Derrick Payton, Desiree Parker, Devalin Henderson, Devey Dejong, Diane Spann, Dizzy Tailor, Donna Stein, Rob Buser, Fabian Farquharson, Stephen Michael Miller, Armen Sargasyan, Danny Gasemy, Glenn Skamsar

Potential Victims: Groomed to Promote

Unfortunately, there are also those who are being groomed to become promoters themselves. These individuals, while initially victims, pose a risk of becoming future propagators of these schemes. While we acknowledge their victimhood, it is essential to highlight their involvement to prevent them from becoming future promoters. In the realm of crypto scams, it’s safer to assume guilt until proven otherwise. If your name appears on this list, it means you have been identified as part of these fraudulent activities, whether as a promoter or a potential promoter. However, we believe in redemption and second chances.

Potential Victims: Marcino Eufrasio, Marco Pantaleão, José Roberto, Sanches Sanches, Ademar Bitencurt Penha, Wlaudenir BaBilionariorros, Rui Gomes, Kelitom Gadelha, Ailton Fernandes, Neuza Lopes, Jesse Nepomuceno, Cláudio Mendes, José Maria, Wales Narciso, Josue Araujo, Caio Carvalho, Francisco Bilionario, Izaias Macedo Ribeiro, Cantor Rodrigues Filho, Antônio Leonardo, Claudio Nunes, Marilene S. Tavares, Célia Alice de Souza Jaroszewski, Fabio Pereira, Valdelice Arcanjo de Souza, Cândido Nunes, Pedro Rodrigues Pinto, Domingos Lira, Marcio Gomes, Deuzeval Mota Sousa, Iraildo Luis, Romilson Diamante, Gonzaga Narciso, Bruna Lopes, Paulo Roberto, Neuza Vieira de Souza, Ulisses Fernandes, Samuel dos Santos Nascimento, José Francisco, Jesuina Torres, Andréia Araujo, Jose Batista Pinheiro, Carlos Pereira dos Santos, Roberto Dalpupo, Basiliano Loureiro Lopes Sobrinho, Antônio Gato de Albuquerque, Sônia Severo, Francisca Mariano, Wilson Carneiro, Suzana Ribeiro, Josias Pimenta, Ricardo Lúcio, Rafael Faria, Waldir Pinheiro, Antonio Carlos, Vera L.O.P, Miria Elena de Gasperi, Leandro Rogério Prestes, Sergio Primo, Vander Braga, Caroline Mesquita, Ricardo Valente Peixoto dos Santos, Antonio Cleonaldo, Antonio Flavio Salgado, Joselito P.S, Aparecida Lima, Wanderley Limeira, Rodrigo Lazdan, Obedes Queiroz, Lia Lima, André Gonçalves de Bastos, Alecio Joaquin, Elton Schmatz, Herio Drechsler, Jose Raimundo da Silva, Pra Rachel de Menezes, Nilce Sacchi, Marco Londrina, Lucas Soares, Paulo Pavani, Eliane Feitosa, Gelci Santos, Alan Monteiro, Leandro Bragança, Mauro Sergio Santos Teixeira, Carlos Eduardo Guimaraes, Adolfo L. Neto, Cleber Rodrigues, Maurício Porfírio dos Santos, Plinio Gonçalves de Lima, Edna Maria Cavalheiro, Vânia Cardoso, Henrique Itiara, Ivonete Alves Batista Cunha, Elisandra da Silva Felisky, Euclides Slaviero, Altevir Oliveira, Laercio da Cruz Oliveira, Luiz Carlos Cruz, Roque Carvalho Paiva, Luisa Passos, Zirlei Assis, Renato Correa, Joel Soares, Jorge & Alda, Claiton Lichtler, Aldo Cunha, Esvaldir de Oliveira, Odilon Souza, Thais, Veroni Pires Kunzler, Yolanda Flores Irarrazaval, Karlos Mello, Francisco Roberto, Da Silva Miguel, Rafael Narciso, Jetro Lopes de Souza, Paulino Rosa, João Macedo de Arruda, José Divino da Silva, Jose Cavalcante, Lucia Rodrigues, Renato Tatsch, Andre Ferraz, Maria do Carmo, Grazielle Carvalho, Jose Narciso, José Alves, Rubens Elias Pereira, Vera Almeida, Bruno Silva, Luiz Pereira, Élyssom Brito, Pedro Gomes da Silva, Reginaldo Souza Soares, Leandro Júnior, Suelena A. Mendes, Fabio Baladão, Alexandre Azevedo, João Felipe Neto, Adalberto de Albuquerque, Alexandre Marine de Souza, Vanderle Rodrigues, Ghilson Santos Silva, Sirlei Silva, Alexandro Nascimento, Magbis Pessoa, José Inaldo da Silva, Alexandre Garcia, Francisco Mendonça, Meri Kuster, Isabel Dos Santos Miranda Barroso, Railda Alves, Ivania Lima, Edson Bezerra, Kátia Vicente, Lucas Paz, José Roberto Topworld, Dr Maccare SP, Leide Souza, José Almeida das Virgens, Anilton José da Silva, Gilvan Ribeiro Calado, José Carlos de Castro, Cesar Vieira, Gerson Macedo, Jorge Luiz, Daria Fateeva, Nadilce Soares Cordeiro, Marc Spaniel, Dusan Brkic, Gyorgy Jurik, Mervin Bailey, Olivia Romero, Suraj Kumar Siba, Birochan Sinha, Kagisho Lucas Moribe, Makhan Ram, Ssemwogerere Enock, Mbabazi Rachel, Karna Nayak, Marie-Claude, Branimir Udovičić, Aharimpisya Herbert, Adam Ariel, Wilson Wisdom, Manoj Choudhary, Afewerki Melaki, Roberta Miller, Adriana Secretario, Modiehi Theseagold, Hubert Slingers, Ana Hermelinda, Jestina Soma, Glorious Joseph, Siphesihle Dlamini, Idrissa Emmanuel Asamoah, Rejoyce Buhle Nkosi, Rowena Calibuso, Joy Soverall, Anil Tilila, Queen Furo, Rafael Castilla, Thato Mothusi, Sripati Kunti, Ijajur Rahaman, Pradip Ghosh, Subhash Chand Choudhary, Eliot Chishumba, Beatrice Acosta, Martodrono Clifton Ryan, Sharon Whorms, M’htoo Wayne, Leon Robert Milenko, Eric Walker, Grace Phiri, Maryse De Souza, Peter Hirschfeld, Pietie Braaf, Anastasia Chirtoaga, Patrick Gyamfi, Horvát Emil, Munizero Julius, Charlotte Musabyimana, Ekuadzi Christopher, Lovászi István, Princewill De-Great Alexander, Evans Alawuru, Rosa Costa, Alphonse Tano, Elisabeth Ziegler, Volker Müller-Lehmann, Rick Yasmin, Mwine Vladas, Thomas Roel, Fred Vfi, Jacqui Michael Tanimola, Valerie Musengimana, Oluwafemi Famuyiwa, Florin Chiorean, Cristina Roz, Lungile Nkwanyana, Suzy Neema, Shoba Francis, Henning Nicole Jürgens, Mussie Araya, Elena Alexandru, Maryam Ndikuweera Asaph, Brine Meyeh Koge Ndille, Millicent Kimani, Ernest Debrah, Kris Tremmery, Thuli Shongwe, Phindile Ndlandla, Ngozi Ezeigwe, Ramadimetja Marina Favit, Ricardo Peneux, S. Bergwijn, Hannu Metusalem Aupindi, Sufyaan Adams, Grace Phiri, Adam Zahra, Fabian Orth, Евгений Бобырев, Florence Bahemurwaki, Roland Pammer, Elena Dulay, Laszlo Golyan, Vincenzo Carpanzano, Ann-Marie Joseph, Nora Bueh, Cass Brown, Andrew Van Niekerk, Rizvy Farhaz, Angelique Acres, Kiessjon Agodeba, Emanoel Santos, Eric Nga Abah Tako, James Raju Mahtani, Kevin Wright, Ismine Thielman, Vern Mitchel, Deborah Bernard, Beatriz González, Patrice Kone, Victor Rodriguez, Walworth Neil, Shalom Frank, Dan Zer, Helmut Kupka, Mbebu Theresia, Stefan Ryder, Bechu John, Michael Offei Ampomah, Kibrom Bereket, Hrh Igwe, Solomon Sackey, Kingsley Eze, Johnson Eucharia Asoh, Rachel Axcell, Melody Blake, Demetrius Gianopoulos, Janice Scott, John Campbell

How to Get Your Name Removed

If you believe you have been wrongfully included in this list, or if you have seen the light and wish to dissociate from these schemes, reach out to us. The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger is committed to reviewing each case individually. You can Contact directly with evidence of your innocence or proof of your reformation.