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[00:00:00] Hey you doing it’s Danny de Hek from the WHAT : DE HEK Podcast. Thanks for tuning in and listening to my podcast, got quite a lot of things to talk about today. I’ve got some facts on a review and use some common sense logic with you when using some reasoning. Now, the federal bank in America has just increased the lending rates, which will probably push America into a recession.

[00:00:29] And I have a YouTube Channel, which you may be aware of and what I’ve been doing. I’ve been busting a lot of crypto scams as they pop their ugly heads out of the internet and mislead people with lots of stories. And one of those companies that I’ve been spending a lot of my time and energy on is one called HyperVerse.

[00:00:51] And just recently it’s fallen over and there’s a lot of excuses out there on why. Pioneer and the rewards that are promised to the loyal members or the community after listening to one of the membership leadership videos. One of the thing was discussed a couple of weeks ago was about looking at the facts and reviewing the things that had actually happened with that company and seeing where they are at right now.

[00:01:21] If you’re not familiar with my YouTube Channel would recommend go into dehek.com and checking it out. One of my mates, Vinny, he’s got a YouTube channel called Project Frugal. Now he’s done a lot of research and he’s actually produced six videos of all the different stages that HyperVerse has gone through.

[00:01:43] And I’d recommend checking it out. His YouTube channel is actually called Project Frugal. And if you go to the first one, he starts from the humble beginnings and he actually looks at Ryan, uh, sorry, Ryan, you, and where he originates from and where he began his crusade, because a lot of the hype that’s going on about HyperTech is using Sam Lee and Ryan Xu.

[00:02:14] And about their background and their experience in crypto mining. But you may be surprised when the research is done properly. The origins of these guys, isn’t what they have been under the spotlight is. And I’m just going to play a little bit of in the market. As part of the HyperTech group is Ryan Xu, Chinese national.

[00:02:36] Now we’re going to take a look at Ryan’s LinkedIn page, which hasn’t been updated for a long time. Ryan Xu co founder co-founder of something. So they’ve really painted a pretty picture about the knowledge of Ron zoo and his experience when it comes to crypto mining. But if you take the time and go to Vinny, listen to his channel, you might, as you be surprised that these guys are.

[00:03:04] Who they have been betrayed heirs. And it’s actually, um, brilliant when dug deep and the company’s beginning. And it’s even got Vinny’s even minister. I don’t know how he finds his content, but he’s found some really good content showing you, um, him at home in his parents’ shop, uh, even eating off the floor.

[00:03:28] So he’s had some humble beginnings and obviously he’s, uh, his head. Oh, here’s one of them here. I’ll see if we can play this. No,

[00:03:38] no, no. It’s inclusive maybe later when I’m actually earning some money. Okay. That’s actually same. About here. You can see these guys have been struggling for years to get traction and actually start something there’s chapters in the first video. I’d recommend checking that out. Then you’ve got these little weak clips, which I think are priceless.

[00:04:04] I’m Sam. I’d like to introduce you to my girlfriend who has never betrayed me. And my wife loves her very much. We all know who I’m talking about right here. It’s Bitcoin. Hi, Laura. So far sooner and right.

[00:04:27] yes.

[00:04:36] Oh yeah. It’s pretty cool stuff. That’s facts. So these are the three guys who are the masterminds behind, started up a company called colon, uh, capital. Um, I’m actually saying that wrong and you haven’t got notes on that one issue here. Thank goodness for that. Uh, so they started up a company called Bitcoin group and then, um, merged into colon star, kept.

[00:05:01] And then it went to Bitcoin group IP. Oh. And then it talks about Ryan Xu, how he was mining in China. And this is basically, uh, his claim to fame. But Vinny’s brilliant because what he’s done is actually gone into all the papers about these companies and looked at where they were trying to get their money from to get traction.

[00:05:26] Um, don’t quote me on the figures. Um, but I think they were actually trying to raise like 10 or 20 million. And after all the efforts, I think they actually only raised like something like $2 million in the papers that he’s going through in this very video, it talks about how the wages that they were going to pay people in the company and who was going to get what, uh, if they’ve managed to get certain amount of money raised and even some of these videos that you see them doing of them talking about the mining, I don’t know who this reporter.

[00:06:01] But it does talk about, um, ha it was really difficult for them to find a country to do crypto mining at. And I do believe my take on this. I think the hyphen that they set up, their whole purpose of hyper fund was funding to keep the mining going, because it was so expensive. And in China, all of a sudden kick them out and they had to go to other countries to continue the mining and it just bleeds money, uh, something terrible, but it’s, um, Number two.

[00:06:35] And you can see that’s Ryan there talking about how he’s a modern day, gold miner, but he’s doing crypto mining and the stead and all this here. If you look at these two videos, especially one and two, and you take the time to do your due diligence, you will see that the two founders that HyperVerse have been broadcasting are geniuses and they’re worth billions of dollars.

[00:07:02] And they have their fingers in so many pies. You can see this as just smoke and mirrors. And if you do the research like Vinnie has these guys, shouldn’t get the credit that they’ve been getting. So let’s go on to number three. Now this one here did make me laugh. This is really good. He looked up the company records for these companies that existed.

[00:07:26] And I think we were talking about blockchain global, global HQ. Uh, what are the company we got here? or not that one year, but you call us Capitol. He looked up the actual address of the directors in Victoria. Let’s go. And it’s zoom. Now you’d speak somebody with billions to be living in a pretty flash house.

[00:07:53] So this was where Ryan Xu was living as the founder, OnStar capita with Citra, you know, one number 36, right here we go. 36 Morton. Which unit is that? Maybe this one, maybe this. So clearly defined distinguished residents for a billionaire. Yeah. So, um, it actually makes a real mockery of these guys, but what I really got from watching number three, parts three was the fact that these guys have all been in bed together.

[00:08:32] And they’d been plotting this get rich quick scheme for quite a lot. I’m in two minds. Like I believe that, um, Keith and are actually the masterminds behind this. And one of the things that really blows me, very one of the facts as I’ve been watching a lot of the leadership training videos and Kalpesh talks about how he’s waiting for a new presentation to come from.

[00:08:59] Corporate. However, when that presentation was released, the voice behind the presentation was actually, um, one of the, the VIP five people. So it sounds like corporate and the VIP leadership team, actually a lot closer than a portray. And now that has turned his back on hyper this and doesn’t want anything to do with it.

[00:09:27] He, um, uh, funny enough, uh, Keith and Kalpesh seem to have a padded waist. And the, what I’m trying to say is Steve, but it’s just, um, capacious tuned his back totally on HyperVerse. Keith seems to be keeping it going for some reason. Then there’s another division where if you watch the hibernation. Release.

[00:09:52] It doesn’t seem to be any continuity together. They all have seemed to have like had a breakup and gone their own separate ways. And I can’t quite figure out what’s going on there. And it’s called an obviously now we’ve got the downturn off. What do you call that crypto stuff? It’s just all gone. Pear shaped.

[00:10:08] Totally. So the people are still hanging on to hyper HyperVerse, even though it’s sort of merged into hibernation. And then when you look at Colin stack capital, uh, if you look at blockchain global, if you look at Colin star, uh, HyperTech group, then you look at hyper fund and then you look at HyperVerse and now you’ve got, uh, HyperNation and there you’ve got, doing something else with G S a G is partners, which is another.

[00:10:39] Teen level, you know, invest so much money in guaranteed to get returned. And so many days company, that’s no connection. And then you’ve got HyperOne and then you’ve got all these people fighting over Sam Lee, and then all you need to do is go and watch Vinny’s videos and find that Sam Lee isn’t actually gold and Ryan isn’t HD God.

[00:11:00] And all the companies that they claim to have alliances with. If you look into the papers of those companies and go to the company registry, you can see that just all smoke and mirrors and they’re actually nobodies. And then you’ve got to ask the big question and put it in your big fat little head is why do you have so much faith that Sam and Ryan as such leaders in this crypto industry?

[00:11:22] Because I nobody’s and that disappeared. All right. So let’s go back. Um, so yeah, so I really enjoyed number three because you could sort of see the origins of colon star Vinnie obviously talks about. Um, things that a lot deeper than I, he goes back to the, uh, archive.org brings up all the websites. He’s done a really, really good job.

[00:11:48] So let’s go to number four. Now this is the release of hyper capital. I think it was no, I think it’s HyperTech group. They had a big opening. They looked like rockstars

[00:12:12] But these, uh, um, the guys from, uh, second fusion these days, keeping up with us isn’t easy. Um, hyper tick HighQ HyperTech I think that was, um, HyperTech where’s he started let’s have a look hyper capital initial marketing, uh, genetic. Technology’s takeover, same lead resigns from digital X and genetic technology boards, hypercare.

[00:12:44] Ah, so this is hyper capital event in Hong Kong. Um, and this is where hyphen started up. It just goes on, but these guys certainly know how to run an event and make themselves look like heroes. And then the next thing, Jayden, we as well as eight KFC, Adam, Jerry and C M O Andrew West little companies consists of Colin star, capital, blockchain, global, and H cash.

[00:13:16] Now Collin street. So here we are. You’ve got HyperTech presentation trying to get you involved in what turns into hyper fund and the basically blowing smoke up their ass, telling you that these. People and these companies, uh, what is behind the HyperVerse? Well, the HyperTech, it’s a, so frigging goes on and on and on.

[00:13:37] But anyway, my point, my point, my friend is get you a hit out of the, um, out of the bad stuff and stop focusing on, you know, find a product or service to grow slowly. Um, the next few years are going to be quite hard, especially in America, but don’t get involved in these Ponzi schemes. These guys are just scamming people out of millions of dollars.

[00:14:01] And check out my mates, Vinny’s videos, watch them one to six, subscribe to his channel. He’s brilliant. He’s done a lot of research. He’s done better research and I’ve ever dreamed to be able to do, and we exchange notes quite a lot. And I think he’s done a bloody good job of showing you that even though you might be raving about, I don’t know my shit and I should, I just need to understand the blockchain and I need to understand crypto and how it all works, but HyperVerse, or hyper fun, whatever you want to call it.

[00:14:35] These days just hyper anything as you really need to think. The lies that you’ve been told by these leaders like Keith and Kalpesh and Goleman and, uh, um, Brenda Chanda call a drained agenda, uh, just there to help build their wealth. And they, uh, passing off these guys who really are, have disappeared and, um, makes me laugh.

[00:15:05] Anyway, let’s go on to number four video. I’m just gonna have a flip through here because if you haven’t done it by all means, go and have a look for these old presentations who have promised you three times your routine. And your rewards. It’s not even an investment. They tell you at the very start of these things, that this is not an, a, a financial opportunity.

[00:15:29] You’re actually invested in the ecosystem, but a lot of the rubbish that has gotten around the entity at the moment, it’s got nothing to do with the ecosystem or the HyperVerse. It’s just all about getting your, um, your money. So let’s see what else we’ve got. Thanks, Vinny. Always look like he’s upset there.

[00:15:47] Ooh, upset Vinny. Um, this was funny. I just managed to pause it. So this is part five, but this guy that you’re looking at, uh, Vinnie shows that, um, he’s had connections with Sam Lee and also another guy, which I can’t remember the name of, but if you read the notes, you’ll see. And then I think about here, this is some getting a real.

[00:16:12] I think it was Thailand. Was it in Thailand for fraud? So obviously they’re hanging around like-minded guys. Uh, let’s see if there’s anything of that’s interesting here. I just remember Vinny has dug deep and he’s gone through all the papers and showed you who owns what of what company that did exist. A lot of the companies that they were saying that were existed, weren’t really set up properly, uh, which has blow, blows me away.

[00:16:38] And we’ve got a little bimbo there. I call it a little bimbo. Um, and these guys were, um, you know, obviously featured, uh, and the other one too. I don’t know if you notice that the video behind me was actually played on the hyper vis, uh, launch as the sort of, um, I don’t know. What would you say it’s sort of selling you the, um, Ecosystem, isn’t it.

[00:17:11] Isn’t it beautiful. And the ironic thing about that, the company that actually produced it, it was actually a, for some sort of SIM cinema thing, they, it was actually called the journey of mankind is the sea of the stars. And it’s not even HyperVerse a company called Dan studios has actually produced that video.

[00:17:34] And they had no, no understanding that HyperVerse decided to use it in the video. So the opening of the launch of HyperVerse was playing this video as if they have created it to sell you the vision of the hyper vers. And as you can see, Vinnie here is actually, uh, talking about that. And if you come in here, you can see the notes.

[00:17:59] Oh, you can see me in there too. Um, but they are actually trying to find they’ve even contacted me because they want to find the company. Um, they want to find hyper there so they can, um, prosecute them. No doubt for using the video without their permission, lovely people, by the way. And um, some other funny things like hope hill, for example, her name isn’t, I can’t read her name, but it’s, uh, Roseanne, Joel.

[00:18:29] Um, she was the compliance officer. So if you look at all the facts, you’ve got a whole bunch of lies. You’ve got people who are claiming to be compliance officers that aren’t using the real name that don’t have any qualification. And in the video of part five here, Vinnie shows you that a hope who has actually been in prison before.

[00:18:48] Um, I presume it was for fraud. Um, you can see, uh, talking on the sofa here, but if you watch that sort of stuff, I mean these effects. So these people that are claiming to be someone, um, hyper fund compliance officer, oh, I’m going to see what he sees. And 1999, Renee Joel was indicted and arrested for running her own Ponzi scheme.

[00:19:11] She would eventually plead guilty and be sentenced to 30 months in prison. The bad news is Joel was indicted in October, 1998, basically done for fraud and to jail 30 months, which how many years is that? That’s two and a half years tape. So she’s been in prison, jail from food for two and a half years.

[00:19:30] And here they are using her under another name, uh, as the compliance officer. So that’s some of the fix that we have on hyperfine HyperVerse hyper capital . Um, and what’s the other name we’re thinking of a teak group. Um, HyperTech group of the so many hypers it’s you just have to, um, be, uh, I can’t even say that we had a scholar with words to pronounce them all so well done.

[00:19:59] Vinny that’s brilliant. And then he does talk about a friend Steven race lawless. Who’s a paid actor who keeps coming on with these poorly done videos. He got better as time went on, but no one can find them. So there’s, there’s another fact that they’re a hyper that Stephen Reese Lewis doesn’t even exist or has never stuck his head out in person.

[00:20:22] We’ve never had any photos with him, with anyone else. And a lot of people now have been watching the HyperNation launch thinking that Stephen Reese Lewis, but it’s not because we can tell his mannerisms are all different, but paid actor, I’ve got a hundred dollar reward out there for any. That can actually give us any information leading to an actual, real Steven race loss and he’s had a lot of fun doing it.

[00:20:47] Now, I don’t know if you know anything about your triggers, but we do spend quite about the time, uh, doing videos and putting them together. And it’s really hard to actually, um, gather information. So we can’t always get it a hundred percent. Right. But Vinny he’s brilliant. He’s really done some good research here and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching this video.

[00:21:07] So by all means, it’s carry on. I got to listen to him for well about HyperVerse our operations and future direction and how our parents would stand at the forefront of all the latest innovations today. Hello everyone. This is Steven here. It’s been a while since I last connected with you in January three video, we’ve been busy behind the scenes working on our HyperVerse ecosystem.

[00:21:31] And I dated that on my Twitter channel. I hope everyone is doing. Everyone’s Durham. Brilliant. Just get off. And then, oh, you got to watch some of this. Sorry. I mean, what CEO, who the hell? Who the hell has the button done it these days? I want to know. And, um, don’t wear a white and pink tie on camera mate.

[00:21:51] It’s just no contrast. And Kelly’s not there on them. Yeah. Color wardrobe, expert where anything? I just didn’t know the names of the winners from our ladies. Even the echo in the room drives me crazy. And I’d like to send that hearty. Congratulations. The outstanding candidates, outshined, everyone else to me wins this competition.

[00:22:11] So nothing but the highest of recognition, please pray your day reflects endless hours. Now he does something funny in a few minutes and he shows you how to create Nini. If teen I’m going to play because it was bloody funny and security, new members and teams. Hello again, Steven. And I did say earlier on that I would teach you about NFTs.

[00:22:37] Got a very special NFT here you can purchase as NFT for only 30 Bitcoin. That’s right. Only 30 Bitcoin, which you can transfer into HQ or HVT or hyper Dow or MOS. That’s about it. I got to speed it up 30, but do a bit of a thing on my neck. On the other side here, down to here, it’s still for saving is up to here.

[00:23:03] This put me on a wall that we go and just put the rest of my body there. So that’s all there is to it. This isn’t magnificent piece of NFTE technique. Good on ya mate. Have a bit of a screamer. All right, let’s see what else we’ve got. So let’s go on to video number six. I think this was just released the other day.

[00:23:25] Um, you can see here, it shows that Cal patient has actually done jail time. If you go to my community area of my, um, YouTube channel, you can actually see that Cal patients actually served jail time. Now, if you read the documents, there was a case that where there was $12 million that went disappeared, disappeared.

[00:23:49] Uh, there was other people connected to it and completion was one of the ones went up in it. Now they couldn’t knock them for doing the fraud. So he actually broke some bio conditions. Would you believe when he was meant to be in court? So he got acquitted for the fraud and then they managed to ma know him for 12 months in prison and give him a $330,000 a pound for.

[00:24:13] So theoretically, no, technically speaking, not done for fraud, but has been done for breaking bow conditions. Now that does sound like a bit of a plea deal. If you want my opinion, however, the sky has still been hanging around. It’s not a, you’re only as strong as the fringe you’re hanging around. And obviously he’s been associating with people who have been committing fraud, even though they couldn’t nail it on him with all the evidence that we have at the moment we can.

[00:24:41] It’s pretty obvious that Cal patient has been promoting a Ponzi scheme. It’s pretty obvious that in the last 22 months or so, he has made millions of dollars from being at the head of the leadership team for hyper this, and now he doesn’t want anything to do with it. What would you do if you were , you’d be looking for a way to exit at a HyperVerse.

[00:25:04] Why don’t you just throw, you might keep under the. I leave him to it. And, uh, you know, as I said previously, it does look like that. Um, there’s, uh, telling us that they had connections with corporate co-pays in another video, I had talked about how we’d been recently talking to Sam Lee in his apartment in Dubai, and he spoke to meet with him twice.

[00:25:27] He didn’t get what he wanted out of Sam Lee. So he decided to drop hybrid and do his own thing. Now he’s off to another Ponzi scheme. It’s pretty obvious. That’s a Ponzi scheme. He’s left Keith and Keith is saying that he has met the, um, the corporate team. He was saying in last week’s leadership meetings that he was meeting with the corporate team, uh, well had met with the corporate team previously.

[00:25:55] And then you’ve got this other crowd at the, and are trying to start up HyperOne and they assign that they’ve got recent. With samely. And as a Dubai apartment, we’ve looked at those photos and found the timestamps on those photos for 2018. And we did have evidence that the photos were in a Dubai apartment and they minister identify the buildings outside.

[00:26:22] So that was true, but those guys don’t have anything to do with HyperOne. So what I’m trying to say is that stole, thrown Sam Lee and Ryan Xu name around trying to say that they’re associated with hyper fund HyperVerse. Here we go again. Coinstar capital, um, tick group, um, blockchain, global, um, blockchain, whatever man, Bitcoin, whatever they used to call themselves.

[00:26:50] But those companies and those guys hadn’t been anywhere to be seen. So something smelly going on here and I personally want. Katie and are in bed together with the whole hypodermis thing and are trying to ex now the other wise, they want to look like they’ve had a breakup. This will cause disruption in the community.

[00:27:13] Uh, but Keith is on one side and COPD patient is on another and there’s all these other regulators like just recently, we had the guy Roman who was on the hyper vis, uh, launch saying that this is a good thing. And he’s raving on about ha hyper. This has been the best thing is if it came across and then he produced a video about two weeks ago, telling everyone that HyperVerse and HyperOne and HyperNation is scheming.

[00:27:46] And he had about 10,000 people view the video. And now he’s taken all the videos off his YouTube channel. These guys have been getting together and talking together in these leadership meetings in Dubai now, no, one’s really privy to that information, except the handful of people. I believe that these are all businessmen that have got together and come up with what they thought was the perfect scam and basically have it.

[00:28:12] She got away with a lot of it, and I believe a lot of the things happening at the moment are actually all part of getting away with the money. Now they reckon if you look at the crypto money that’s been traded, there has been millions of dollars and these guys are very well. Now, Kate, if you’re watching this, how much money have you got in the bank that you’ve managed to get out of high Beavis?

[00:28:36] How rich are you from this? Because at the moment I’ve got things going down. I’m talking about how the leadership team is actually getting a database together. Looking for people that haven’t actually got their initial investment out of HyperVerse and they want you to work out how much money you’ve put in how much you’ve been paid out and how much money you’re out of pocket.

[00:28:57] And they go at the moment. It’s just a break, even so people don’t get upset. Now that’s a lot of the leadership people who have made millions have decided that they’re going to try to save these people. Now on Wednesday, I released two videos of the last leadership meetings and you can go in there and you can look at those videos.

[00:29:16] And there’s actually a letter that I’ve been privy to of the asking the members to prove or show how much money that had been paid out. Now, theoretically, it wouldn’t take much, you wouldn’t think for the leadership who, um, not the leadership, but HyperVerse or hybrid nation, whatever they’re calling themselves these days to actually work that out and pay out.

[00:29:39] And of course they’re blaming the drop of. Why wouldn’t, but they didn’t sell that to people at the start. They claimed that they were going to get three or four times their investment. So anyway, I started raving a little bit, so I don’t want to get there, but let’s watch some of this video here. This guy, that’s got his arms around and with the leadership around the world can change your life forever once.

[00:30:02] And for all, if you’re looking for a home, if you’re looking for a place where you can hit that big loss run and really do it in style, this is it. So get in touch with Mike, find out why we’re so excited. So it might meant to present. And it does look like he’s got his hand up his ass and making talk like a puppet.

[00:30:19] Remember Kalpesh. She has a, a, uh, a lot of followers for follow him around to the next multi-level marketing scheme, both Keith and . Uh, Keith said the other day that he’s been in multi-level marketing for over 40 years. And Kalpesh said he’s been in live Martin for 27 years and they just had these. Um, they follow around building up communities.

[00:30:41] So this guy standing next to him and she went to prison for fraud. I promise you this. You will not be disappointed. I look forward to connecting with you some point around the world. So you have a phenomenal week. See at the time. Thank you, CalFresh. Here’s why, so you see my brother, I learned something in life success you learn with successful people is around industry for years.

[00:31:02] They did really, really, really good, a lot of money, but quality time. That’s why I’m here today. And that’s what I want to coach you. Quality time, lifestyle, lifestyle. Okay. Rural lifestyle, baby. Uh, let’s have a look. So see what happened here. Where’s kelp is when you need him while he’s moved on to other things such as I perverse to that guy, there was, um, the one that was just on the camera, a hundred million dollars majoring been arrested for a hundred million dollars of fraud.

[00:31:33] Just being able to get the capital and all of that. Finally after all that Cal push leaves, HyperVerse, let’s find out a little bit more. So according to this article from behind MLM, CalPERS Patel, it’s a brilliant site that, um, uh, what’s it called behind email him.com and basically they, they do really, really good stuff.

[00:31:59] You ever looking for any information, any of the latest schemes do check that out schemes as hyper verus Ponzi victims during the first 2022, the face of HyperVerse Ponzi fraud is out? Well, it doesn’t say much more than that, does it really? If you’re going to hear that headline, it’s pretty dodgy following unease over HyperVerse rudderless HyperOne.

[00:32:24] That’s another story. The HyperOne token scheme and HyperNation reboots is actually pretty. Listening to all this stuff, especially when like Vinnie and myself, we have been following this and I’m not, um, you know, Scola, but you know, like if you, I I’ll just watch so much content. I mean, here’s a photo of copays for Volos family having, um, you know, a meal together, celebrating whatever, having good times, you know, and they, the seriously, he has made a ton of money out of this, but this was only, this was on the 29th of May.

[00:33:06] And I’m recording this on June. So this is a couple of weeks ago. It doesn’t look like a guy that’s heartbroken because he’s HD. Um, he looks like somebody who’s very happy about getting away from hyper this and this care patient joined lunch with all his family over in London, just a few days after he exited.

[00:33:28] And it gets worse because Kalpesh Patel is onto a new scheme and we’ll go and check that out as well. He just can’t help himself the new scam, check it out. So ladies and gentlemen, so I had a video. I actually had this very video on my YouTube channel and someone who is someone told me that they were going to prosecute me, um, for, um, having this video and this particular guy here, as she looked at my LinkedIn profile, checked me out and then blocked me.

[00:34:03] So I couldn’t see him, but you know, like I don’t, I don’t want any gray from these guys. We are sort of pushing it to the limit when we exposing these people and we’re using their names. But this guy here, when I watched this whole presentation, if you want access to it, let me know. I’m happy to give it to you in a link.

[00:34:24] But it makes me sick. See, I tell you what you go to my Facebook page and you can actually, um, search for Denny to hick. You’ll find my profile more than welcome to add me as a friend, but go to my Facebook page. Dan, he’d hit this very video that he’s got here is on there. And these guys are just rampant.

[00:34:43] And the new scheme is into is got teen levels of trust us, give us your crypto and everything that COPD patients talking about. He’s telling you about how he had to exit hyper this. And now he’s telling you how this new company that he’s learned about in the last 10 minutes has got everything that high versus going to be right now.

[00:35:05] And you just need to invest to give you more of your. Uh, was it U is D T and get invested in these, these guys that got NFTs the whole nine yards all ready to rock and roll right now. And they’re the biggest company and the biggest net and all this sort of shit. I just, as you sit here and you think, boy, these guys just live life doing in promoting Ponzi schemes leaders from around the world, friends, family.

[00:35:28] Thank you so much for joining us today on this special occasion. Um, big moment, big reveal. And I’m here with a dear friend of mine who I’ve known for many, many years over a decade. Now a beautiful friendship has developed over that time. Yeah. Beautiful friendship of, of, um, promoting, uh, and scamming each other.

[00:35:50] Uh, it’s breathtaking. Anyway, I’m just looking at the end of that. Um, I do wonder why these guys don’t have good gear. Like, um, I have, um, texts. To get yourself set up. So you have a nice green screen and beautiful imagery and good lighting, but I’m only on a budget. These guys theoretically have got millions and super successful people.

[00:36:11] And then I look at this, this video over this Gumpy guy, um, at the end here, um, and, and he’s recording with bad lighting and the light, you know, never sit in front of a window. So these guys aren’t professional and the fact that, you know, you try research in these guys and, um, that just nobody’s, you know, there really are absolute nobodies.

[00:36:33] And if they were really successful, then what are they doing every day? And Diane on a zoom meeting trying to, um, build an audience. I’ve just saw something. That’s interesting. This one back here, if you’re not, haven’t watched any of their HyperNation video. Go patient just couldn’t stay in this, this guy in the mask.

[00:36:54] So that’s why he’s lived hyper vis cause he didn’t like, we hope a nation was going credible. All right. Another, a YouTube channel that I really would recommend that you get involved in is this one here, um, not get involved in, but PonziHater, he’s done some brilliant videos. Um, and we’ve had some really good laughs along the way, but just search for PonziHater and you can see one of the videos that really amazed me the other day was this video about, uh, Grandpa Crypto.

[00:37:29] And it actually got removed by Facebook because he mentioned Grandpa Crypto’s real name. So he’s redone the video, uh, Without using anything but as alias name. So he’s hoping that he isn’t going to be embraced with a, using an exposing the skills, uh, this guy’s real identity, but it’s a brilliant video to watch.

[00:37:57] Uh, he does talk about how, you know, this old 81 or 82 year old has family are all in, in HyperVerse. He has 2,700 people, um, that he signed up under HyperVerse who now can’t get any of the money yet, but these guys have been in the industry of multi-level marketing for you. And this is a really good video.

[00:38:19] Also. Uh, Sharon, James, who’s also been done for Ponzi scheme scam schemes in the past. I’m not sure whether she’s done jail time or not, but, oh, I just mentioned her real name, but these people are in bed together. Probably, literally. I don’t know, but these people are actually the scum of the, if they don’t care what they do to get ahead in life.

[00:38:46] And obviously he’s been traveling around and, but by all means don’t let me ruin it. Uh he’s he’s blocked out the phone number this time. Good on you, mate. You’ve done a good job on this one, but these guys need to really be made accountable for their action. Um, this is the seminar that Kalpesh put on and Dubai, and that night he hired a, one of the big yachts and Dubai and had a dinner with 350.

[00:39:16] People there’s recruited. So all these people in the leadership teams, they really have, um, been having a ball of a time. If you think about this, uh, these guys, uh, claiming victim mentality, they have been telling you that, um, they, uh, not able to get any more or any less money out of high vis at the moment, but these guys have gotten millions of dollars out of what they’re doing.

[00:39:49] So he is that’s really it. Um, so that’s how I know this is a podcast or a YouTube video. If you are listening to me on my podcast and you went on what I’m talking about, you got to go to dot com. Check out my website. I do put a lot of. Um, my podcast, I do scribe it. I use a service called descript, a scribe, my voice into text, and I create a blog.

[00:40:14] I put that on my website and then I embed the video and I’ll sorry, take out. Audio and use that as my podcasts. So that’s why I call this the WHAT : DE HEK Podcast. But by all means do check out my YouTube channel. It’s going better than I really hoped. I’ve actually gained around about 1500 subscribers in the last six weeks.

[00:40:36] And the main reason of that is literally because of vis. And I would like to find what content people do. Like if you go to my community area, you’ll see that I have a community, which is really, really nice. And just yesterday, I posted a whole lot of links in here and I’ve got about 20 links to different websites.

[00:40:58] And these are actually other scams that are happening at the moment. I’ll enlarge that, cause this is actually a YouTube recording. And you’ll see that the ones at the bottom here where you’ve got the V nine, nine gold and the G V nine, nine main.net. And also the, I can’t say that, but I was hearing this Linda.

[00:41:17] Uh, let me see where we look. This might be really loud. Hold your is lady old lady in world.world. That’s the one that Cal pages now promoting. But if you look@mgispartners.global Linda’s world, have them say that right in V nine, nine gold and G nine, nine gold. And I think there was another one in there that was, uh, yeah, they’re actually all got the same website designers and they’re all look like they’re a and B together.

[00:41:47] And there was another scheme going on about 10 years ago, somebody carrot K bars or care about. And, um, the reason why I took that video off with GSB partners that I reckon I was misleading people with my information for God’s sake. And that’s a fact, I don’t always have my information, correct. I’m not a financial advisor.

[00:42:08] I’m not a crypto genius. I’m not going to push my product or service then your throat. I do create online courses. And to be honest, I’ve stopped doing them at the moment because I’m getting more traction with my YouTube videos. So that’s my motive. And yeah, I do get some money from producing these YouTube videos, which is really nice and it’s good.

[00:42:28] It makes it all worth wall. So I don’t just want to produce work, um, YouTube videos for the hell of it. I actually really sincerely want to help people and prevent them from getting scanned by these guys that live in Dubai and live in these flash apartments and your bank. Rolling. With your, um, your investments of crypto.

[00:42:50] So the questions are really is what do you want, what are you trying to accomplish? I mean, we live in a heavy now. We’ll have now we’ll don’t we where a lot of the kids leave school these days. And they, instead of like, when I left school at 14, I think I paid $2 an hour. And I think I was lucky if I got $99 in my pay packet for my week’s wage.

[00:43:18] These days, kids minimum wage, I think in New Zealand, it’s 23, 20 $4 an hour. So these kids are getting eight, $900 a week. And often they’re just serving coffees. We’re delivering drinks. We’re doing any basic job. When I was training to be a painter and a decorator, my goal was to get up to $400 a week for a wage.

[00:43:39] And I was deliriously happy when I minister to be a qualified painter and decorator. Um, but these days, because people expect life to be handed on a platter, they would watch too many Instagram movies. Um, really, I think it’s quite sad that they expect to have it. Now, why can’t we build up a business? You know, I, I do drop shipping as a, for a living.

[00:44:03] I also, um, my partners of photography and sometimes I’ll do a little video work with him. I’m learning how to do that as I go. I’m not a genius. I haven’t done any education. I’m learning how to edit video a lot better because my YouTube channel. Um, what else do I do to make income? I own a business networking company and that’s one of the big turning points with COVID is I had 150 people that I used to get together each week who owned small businesses.

[00:44:28] And I used to help them network and get to know each other. I was a connector sort of guy. I started recording a Friday meeting called a think tank meeting, and finished up wanting to try to make that into a podcast. And then I produced this very podcast and then after podcasts, it’s involved into YouTubing.

[00:44:45] Um, but my point is anything that you think you might not be qualified to do? I do believe that making a start today rather than waiting to be perfect tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes is really important. And it’s not really the fact that. Something wasn’t successful. It is more about the fact, what did you learn on the journey?

[00:45:12] What things did you learn now? I used to be a house painter. What did I learn from being a house painter? I had to work for four years before I became a qualified painter and a decorator, a guy that used to deliver the paint to the job said, why don’t you work for yourself? And I see that. Not work for a boss.

[00:45:31] I wouldn’t want the headaches. And he said, what headaches are you talking about? And I said, oh, well, you know, I can’t read and write very well. I wouldn’t be able to put together a quote. And he said, but you’re really good on the procedures. I can do all the paperwork. You can do all the paint procedures and have the last say on what we, you know, whether we burn it off, whether we scraped it off, whether we sand it off.

[00:45:53] And w w fillers we use and all that. So stuff was really good. So I found my strengths and my business partner, fantasy strengths, and we combined, and we started working for ourselves and we realized that I was really good at hanging wallpapers. But these wallpapers that I was sticking out were really expensive wallpapers.

[00:46:11] And I thought, why do people pay so much for this wallpaper? Why can’t we do fancy paint techniques? So I learned how to do paint techniques. Then we got invited to do presentations to other painters on how to actually. Uh, create paint techniques. No, I didn’t know what I was doing, but because I had started that journey, I knew a laugh enough that really liked saying fake it until you make it, but you learn skills along the way by doing, and it’s the same with my YouTube channel.

[00:46:41] If you go back, I’ve done 400 videos, but it’s only been the last 50 videos where I’ve actually managed to get over a thousand views for each video. Uh, every time I edit my videos, I get better edit. Um, I don’t know if you’re, if you are on my YouTube channel, you might be listening to this on my podcast, but if you have a look at my videos, now you can see that I’m very clear in the picture.

[00:47:08] I’m looking directly at my camera lens. I’m not using a. Um, Q reader, cue card reader. What are they called? I, um, Kelly prompter. That’s right. And also my color and my face is looking better because I’ve now met other YouTubers who have shared their knowledge, experience and skills, and help me become better at what I’m doing.

[00:47:32] Um, you know, I’m not Skyping, but I’ve, I’ve sold a few hundred thousand dollars worth of products online. Now I used to have, um, products in my cupboard and I used to package them up, take them down to the post office and sell them each day because I started doing that even though that wasn’t very good money wise, I then look for ways of selling products that I didn’t have to stock.

[00:47:59] I’m good at promoting. I know how to make things coming up and go. So my strength is putting something online, making it found the people buy it from me. And then I get someone asked to deliver the product. That’s what drop shipping is. Then I realized that I might be actually better at building up drop shipping businesses and selling them as going businesses rather than doing the work myself.

[00:48:26] So about a year ago, I actually sold one of my little drop shipping businesses to someone and I provided them 10 hours of my time, training them, how to run it. They didn’t really get it. I didn’t really understand it. And they didn’t do what I suggested. They climbed the website and then try to duplicate.

[00:48:50] And do it in Australia and New Zealand and think that double down. So there’s only a small business that was selling around about $1,500 worth of products a month and they killed it and got down to $400 with a sales a month, which isn’t enough. So now they, what they did as they sold the website to someone else, they hired me for 10 hours to train them up and had an, and it’s going a lot better.

[00:49:16] We’re going to get the website back because I do know what I’m doing, but ironically, who would think I could sell a website and then the people that purchased it for more than I sold it. And they’re coming back to me asking me for advice on how to run it. So I, you learn skills in anything you learn from doing, you can actually sell a lot of my income at the moment comes from, you know, just consulting people and giving advising.

[00:49:43] But what I’ve found over the years is when I tell someone to do something. They don’t often do it. So now what I do, as I share with the technology of the camera and what we’ve learnt with using zoom over the last few years, I’ve learned that we can work together. So like you would learn to drive, you have a driving instructor sitting beside you.

[00:50:05] That’s exactly what I do. I wouldn’t have learned that. I wouldn’t have learned that people want to sort of get a business that’s already going, rather than starting from scratch. I started quite a few things from scratch. I’ve built up businesses. It’s hard work, but a lot of the things you learn along the way are sellable and that’s why people will buy you.

[00:50:26] So I’ve arrived on enough of giving you a little bit of a literal once again. I really, I really do want you to spend the time, um, with my colleague project, frugal, Vinnie, uh, subscribe to his channel, watch his videos, and he’s got them in a playlist. Watch them one to five. You will have a new, um, you will have better understanding about how these companies smoke and mirror it until they become successful.

[00:50:57] Also check out PonziHater YouTube channel. He will make you laugh. Uh, he’s got a different angle on it then in us. I like it. Uh, he’s got a wicked sense of humor. One of the funniest videos, which I have to show you is when I don’t know if I can find it in a hurry. Oh, here he is. But this is when Kalpesh was in Dubai.

[00:51:24] And, uh, I won’t play at all. If you don’t want your money, I’ll take it. Wow. CalFresh. I mean, you’re kind of honest and, and isolate dishonest. So competence, what actually brought you to Dubai? I mean, I heard you were on the run, is it true? But it turns out when you scam people, they get quite angry. So I had to leave the UK and it made sense to come to Dubai.

[00:51:46] This is where my, my lover and, uh, now we, we are getting on very good. He called me a big daddy. I like him. I don’t need to hear about your love, love Cal Pash. So, you know, does it work? It’s absolutely a crackup, um, really well with, um, having a look at, Hey, I’ve got a 1,930 subscribers. Thank you very much for, um, you know, listening to my podcast.

[00:52:16] And also I’ve done a video with my mate, Rob here. Uh, we did a bit of a, I don’t know how to explain it. Uh, the psychology of people who invest in Ponzi schemes, and it doesn’t matter what you tell them, but we did have a bit of a laugh putting that video together the other day. And the other one, but last but not least is if you come here, you can see I’m still getting those leadership videos together.

[00:52:41] De hick the last one I did, I wear VIP listing to, um, the people who were talking to Keith about how they’re going to be loyal to him no matter what happens. And it does really ways raise that question as the psychology behind these people that won’t let go and want to hang on to an investment as she is really mind blowing.

[00:53:07] So that’s me. So the facts, ah, um, HyperVerse here’s have they got any credibility? Uh, no. Did Sam Lee have any wealth that the hyper vers hyper fund people city did? No. Have they got multiple companies that have invested in. That gives them more credibility. No, you know, uh, you’ve got Ryan zoo, you know, he’s a crypto miner.

[00:53:42] I believe that his goal was to use hyper fund to cashflow the high, uh, the mining that he’s doing, because that’s where the money is, is mining the crypto. And the other thing we didn’t mention is, uh, Ron zoo is the theoretically, and we don’t know this for effect a part owner of Binance. So are they like credit card companies?

[00:54:08] And the more after the transaction fees, then the actual wealth of the company is that where they’re making the money. What’s the bigger picture of hyper this, uh, is it sustainable for a company to continuously survive on selling memberships, hyper fund hyper this and HyperNation have no credibility. W, uh, no credibility.

[00:54:34] They have no product or service. They’re simply relying on other people signing up for memberships. Now it’s not sustainable. They worked it out mathematically and then they change it to membership too. And they also changed out the percentage, the daily rewards to 0.3. They also increased the amount you needed to invest.

[00:54:56] They also extended it from 600 days to three, 1,330 days before you got four times you’re in Fishman. And then you got to ask yourself, is this company going to be here in three and a half years time? It doesn’t look like at this was a company. They would have a company office and they would have, um, you know, a place you could contact and I believe, but you don’t.

[00:55:21] So what, you know, these companies don’t exist. If it was a company, the liquidators would have seized all their money and they would have seized all their computer hardware and they would have been paying back their investments investors. But that doesn’t happen. So you’re going to ask yourself why has Kalpesh decided to leave it and why is he now jumped out of one frying pan and into another one?

[00:55:44] What’s the motive? What are they trying to accomplish by, um, you know, going from one Ponzi scheme to another one. Sadly. And Ryan, why are they not communicating with anyone at hypodermis who’s really running these schemes. We still believe blindly believing that these guys are the founders of these companies.

[00:56:07] You know, think about what you want to do. If your money is going to be a bit hard for the next few years, especially in America with a recession looming, you know, do you really cash is king. Now I gave somebody an example of something last night when I was out running around Haley Packard and the crusher church where I live.

[00:56:23] And I said, look, the beginning of the year, I put $10,000 in the bank and the bank gave me nothing, no interest, no nothing. The is, are terrible. That $10,000 as actually still in the bank today, I went out and I sold some products as a drop shipper, and I made $3,000 with the sales. I managed to get a thousand dollars and put another thousand dollars in the bank.

[00:56:48] And now I have $11,000 in the. So technically speaking, by selling a product or a service and banking my money, I can retain the money that I have. Now. You could argue that one day, the bank will just close down and New Zealand because it’s regulated. The government gives you some form of guarantee as well.

[00:57:09] Now, the government, oh my goodness. There are that crooks as well. That just reprinting money all the time. But what’s the most stable thing that we’ve got. Is it the banks? Is it the government? Well, it’s not rocket science. It’s takes audience, but you think about it, you know, what is it that keeps the world going?

[00:57:28] Is it the way we treat people? Is it, you know, is it a good idea to scam your friends and family so that you can get more money? I mean, all these people that have been out there promoting hyper this hyper hyper capital tick HyperTech group, whatever it is have been telling their friends and family. They need to, uh, invest in this short investment thing.

[00:57:55] And now, how do you think they’ll be looking at themselves now? I’ve got a lady that used to come along to my business networking group called Joanna, and she’s heavily involved in HyperVerse. She sent me a message and I just, as I was getting her misses or write back saying, oh, I haven’t heard from you for a long time.

[00:58:15] Joanna, we should catch up, be nice to catch up. And she said, take a video of me promoting my business, networking off the internet. I don’t want anything to do with any company that you’re a part of and I’m going what’s up. And I’m thinking his era account being hijacked. So she hasn’t even got the balls to communicate with me.

[00:58:36] Um, but then I found out she’s heavily involved in hyperbolas and it’s all fallen over. I’ve got, um, Another guy pool who’s vested in hyper there. So I send him the link to my YouTube channel, a bit of tongue in cheek expose. Um, but hasn’t got the balls to come back and say, oh yeah, yeah. And I, and then I’ve got Kent and surely who tried to get me involved in HyperVerse way at the start, because they were my friends that I hadn’t seen for six years.

[00:59:05] And then all of a sudden that decided that they will, uh, help me find an investment opportunity of a lifetime. Thank goodness. I didn’t listen to you guys. And there’s one other lady. Who’s a dear friend, which I won’t mention her name, but they are all trying to make money out of crypto. And now that crypto has burnt, crashed and burned.

[00:59:26] It’s there’s not much opportunities out there. And I think there’s a lot more bleeding. It’s got to go. Yeah. So, um, so Yoda, like people losing their money, but I do not like people who encourage people to get involved with opportunities out there and make false claims. I mean, you got to do your own due diligence, don’t you?

[00:59:50] I hope this, uh, little rant has been useful to you. And I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to my podcast, watching my YouTube video and also checking out Vinnies and PonziHater’s, uh, YouTube channels. And, uh, as whose street blues once said, uh, when ever they were running their TV morning catch ups, they used to always say, let’s be careful out there, guys.

[01:00:14] We do not need to get scammed. Life’s too short. I appreciate your comments. And also, please, if you haven’t already do subscribe. And hit that bell or post some feedback, uh, be much appreciated. I’m Danny hick and this was the WHAT : DE HEK Podcast. Thanks for listening.