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[00:00:00] Hello, I’m Danny de Hek thank you for dropping in.

[00:00:08] That’s my theme music. Pretty cool. My theme music to my podcast that I’m using for my YouTube channel. It’s not really that spectacular. Is it? Hey, it’s Sunday afternoon here. It’s probably just about dinnertime. My partner’s actually cooked me a lovely dinner. So I’m gonna be here and not be here for two hours and 55 minutes or dribble.

[00:00:27] a lot of stuff’s happening with HyperVerse at the moment. Basically I did a wee mini clip of 22 minutes long just before. Keith is telling you that they’ve got new membership plans and HyperNation, and he’s encouraging everyone to move over to HyperVerse I’m not gonna rave on about the start and gonna let him dribble on for the first 45 minutes like he normally does.

[00:00:48] I think I’ve already dropped the bombshell. please do not get involved in this. This is not financial advice. it is advice don’t get involved in any Ponzi schemes or don’t get scammed online and don’t give you crypto away to people. It’s hard enough to get these days. Alrighty. So let’s get started into it.

[00:01:06] I’m gonna flip into workshop mode. I’m gonna press play and let Keith do his dribble. Hope you enjoy Mr. H in the background today, he’s gonna be watching over things, cuz everything’s just going the way he wants to global audience say thanks you. Thank you for joining myself. And our team here today, I’m looking forward to train is gonna be absolutely off the charts.

[00:01:28] Woo guys. Get your notepad and pen because this trainer is going to absolutely blow your minds. Get yourself prepared. Thank you for being with us today. Maxed out with 10 minutes to go. My name is Keith Williams. I am an independent member at hyper community guys, just by the way, in case I’ve seen some rumors out there.

[00:01:49] I am still an independent member here with hyper community here from day one, November, 2019. And, I am so excited about the future. We’re getting through it guys. well, again, this is Saturday training maxed out. I did open the overflow slightly early today because, taking the pressure off zoom, but we still maxed out with about 13 minutes to go.

[00:02:14] Dale, can you quickly drop into the chat, the overflow link and password? We have been changing it, you know, I bet it’s, I haven’t watched this. I bet it’s 1 9, 9, 9, particularly guys, because you know, we’ve got individuals out there, with another agenda. Thanks, Dale. Appreciate that. Hope you guys are doing well.

[00:02:39] Hope you’re in a fabulous week. Things have becoming a little bit more clearer as we go on and, lots have, been written and said, by your leaders. and just pay attention, just follow up. What’s going on in the chats on the right chat programs that these guys don’t, follow the wrong individuals.

[00:03:02] but we’re getting over our challenges slowly but surely. And I’m still here. You are still here and that’s the most important thing. Thanks, Anthony. Love you too guys. It’s great. We’ve got a beautiful day here. Typically. My Saturday is indoors Saturday afternoon. We’ve got beautiful weather outside in London.

[00:03:21] But who cares about a Saturday afternoon? I can always do a Saturday evening or a Sunday. Saturday afternoon is your time. Thank you so much. Yeah, I feel fresh today. that is it guys. so I was going to talk a little bit about where we are, but maybe at the end of the training, that’s probably the best time to talk a little bit about where we are, where we’re heading to with hyper nation, very exciting hyper NFT, the transition across.

[00:03:47] And, I’m gonna give you as much as I know, but there are lots of things written now, which are facts. And I’ll probably read out a few things at the end, but today is about leadership, hyper community leadership. This is a bolt on ladies and gyms. This is an extra now for those of you who may be, have been to, personal development programs, NLP, all that sort of stuff, you know, that it costs you a pretty penny or pretty cent to pay for this type of training, but we bolt it on every single week and every Saturday.

[00:04:18] So it gives you a little bit more. I love the way he’s obviously lost ish used to do nuts and bulk training. So now he’s seen his half. The man he used to be, he just has, bolt on with no nuts, to, to your armor. So you can get through the week and handle whatever challenges are thrown at you and actually have the right mindset and attitude.

[00:04:40] So what I’m gonna do without further ado, I’m gonna also say thank you to Jackie and Dale being ever present on the call. We’re gonna spotlight our guest speaker shortly. But before I do that, what I will do is read out her buyer. We’ve known each other for two years, over two years, two and a half years, actually she’s, one of our longstanding members in national fact, I just found out that she actually registered to be a member in November the same month as me, November, 2019, from my very dear friend, Dr.

[00:05:11] K, who I’ve known for over 25 years. She was one of the very early members. Back then when it was just a, a very different vision and a very different idea, but we moved along. We’ve come a long way. in two and a half years, she’s grown. She’s become a corporate presenter as well, always stepped up for the community and, thanks so much Goby.

[00:05:33] And what I love about her is that she’s a servant leader. She loves her team and she also loves the community and the project. I mean, her faith and belief are at 100%. It’s like maxed out like our, our, our leadership on the south is maxed and it never ever goes below 100. So, but what I’ll do before we spotlight her, let me just quickly read out her bio and then we’re gonna get into some training.

[00:06:01] Today’s gonna be really, really excited because she’s well qualified to deliver training to day agenda. Well, qualified, fabulous trainer. So the individual I’m gonna tell you about is a college graduate with a BS honors degree in education. She worked in the corporate pharmaceutical industry for over 27 years as an it specialist and clinical contract negotiator contract negotiator.

[00:06:27] She also holds a Microsoft engineer certification right in line with our passion for technology. She has two sons and currently resides in New Jersey. Spending time with family and friends is one of her favorite parttime. She’s also an instructor for the Napoleon foundation. She’s a certified to teach the 17 principles of success.

[00:06:50] Listen to me very carefully. She’s certified to teach the 17 principles of success. She’s also a published author of the book refusing to quit. Wow. I think you guys need to get a copy of that book refusing to quit Sy anthology she’s in collaboration with other Napole hill instructors. She’s also has a passion for teaching and leads by the motto.

[00:07:16] Learn do teach. She’s also the CEO and founder of entrepreneur advocates, LLC, doing business as a prosperity beacon, where she coaches aspiring leaders and helps them to build viable profiting businesses. Her coaching practices infused Napoleon Hills success principle. She’s a VIP four star with our company and is a corporate presenter as well, and was called upon by corporate to participate in the launch of the HyperVerse metaverse, a few months ago, and to conduct an interview with one of their metaverse partners, he con F N F T.

[00:07:55] She’s also a, a druggie great trainer, a great person. She’s a wonderful individual. Wonderful. A really dear friend, super friend, great friend, dear friend, inspiring person. Just amazing. Amazing, amazing. Let’s hear from Jackie. Come on, Keith. Let’s get the ball rolling. I’ve gotta have my dinner. That’s mine.

[00:08:21] And one of her belief is that you should never stop going for your dreams. And when you get there dream bigger, please help me welcome, to the spotlight. Miss Tami Jackson, Dale, would you like a spotlight? Her share the platform here. There you go. How are you? What about me?

[00:08:47] Spotlight Jackson, how are you? How are you? You look fabulous today. Now let’s have a commercial one break. Tami has decided that using a. Yeti blue pro mic is a good choice when sitting that far away, that means every single sound that comes out of her mouth will have an echo. And if she drops anything in the background, you’ll hear it.

[00:09:10] That is not a good choice of microphone. Just thought I’d Chuck that in there. Wow. Max, start with 15 minutes to go. Let’s see if I can get a spotlight on Dell. Let me do that again. Let’s spotlight, Tami. I think someone’s clicking the same time as me. It, I’m not sure who’s doing it. All these technicians in the background, Tami, you should sort them out with your Microsoft, certifications.

[00:09:35] how are you darling? You’re over there in the east coast. It’s nice and early for you. Thank you all for joining us from all around the world. We’ve got a global audience today. Jack’s Happy’s already clapping and he hasn’t had the training yet. Brilliant. how are you? I am doing fantastic. I’m doing pretty awesome this morning.

[00:09:54] I’m really looking forward to, to doing this training. I thank you so much for inviting me to come and present and, and do a training today. You know, I’m always, like I said, very, very passionate about doing training and you know, when I teach the principles of success by Napoleon hill, I really get excited about it because it’s something that generally transform people’s lives.

[00:10:16] And so I love, you know, doing the training anytime I get a chance to do this. So thank you so much for inviting me to come. I mean, let let’s, let’s help our audience. if, you know, introduce Napoleon hill to our audience, cause some of them might not even know who Napoleon hill is. right. That’s true.

[00:10:30] That’s true. Well, Napoleon hill is, he’s actually one of the very first personal development, instructors, you know, that, you know, like in the very, very beginning of time, like even before Tony Robbins, Les brown and all those, he was one of the first and he is actually, was, commissioned by Andrew Carnegie.

[00:10:51] Oh yeah. To, to go out and, and, and, find out about how do people become wealthy. So Angie Caron, he commissioned him and he, he took 20 years of his life to go and talk to over 500 millionaires. We’re talking about the Rockefellers and the forwards and the, and the Edisons, all the people back in the note, those times.

[00:11:12] In the 1930s, you know, he talked with over 500 millionaires to find out how did they become millionaires? And he did this over a period of 20 years and he didn’t just go and talk to them. He actually lived in their houses for a period of weeks and months to really pick their brains, to find out how did they become the millionaire.

[00:11:33] And so when he figured all this out, and after that time, then he came up with the book, they can grow rich. So we should all know about the book. They can grow rich. If you don’t know about it, you should get it. It’s actually written in over, you know, 300 something I love do can not Darini. I thought it was, I like Zig Ziglar better just saying, think and grow rich as Napoleon.

[00:11:55] Isn’t it I’ll shut up. Now I just set up my screen so you could see a bigger version of this dribble. nice languages is in several different countries and it’s actually free it’s public domain. Now. That’s how popular it is. You can just go out there on the internet and Google think and grow rich and you can download the PDF book for, for free, you know, that’s how popular is.

[00:12:13] And it’s been around for a very long time. So this was back in 1937. When he published a book, they can grow rich and he’s created the 17 principles of success as a result of that. So see how good that Mike’s working out for. It changed their lives. I went through the course. It was a lost your sound a little bit.

[00:12:30] It’s gone. Quiet, anything we can do to help. If you turn your gain up, we’ll just hear a terrible sound. This would be crap. Even. I honestly haven’t watched this, but I know she’ll struggle with that microphone just saying she hasn’t got a good microphone. Like mine, just, it just went down slightly. A couple of, let’s see if we get how’s this that’s much better.

[00:12:53] Yep. That’s better that better. Okay. Let me put my microphone a little closer. That’s the one. Yeah. So I, the course that I went through for Napoleon hill was actually a two year course, and it was several different parts to it. It was a self-study. So I had to do a self-study for on, on my own while, while they’re dribbling on, I’m gonna go and get a glass of wine.

[00:13:14] Okay. Would you, would you like one? I don’t mind getting you one. And then we went into a group study and then I actually traveled to, Venice. And that was where the final part of my study was, you know, so it was really just an awesome time. So Venice, Italy is now my favorite place to be because of all the water that’s surround the, the, the liquid liquid streets that are in Venice, Italy.

[00:13:34] But anyway, the training was just phenomenal that I went through was very, very comprehensive. And, you know, each principal, even though they’ 17 principles, each principal, we probably studied for about a month. So we went into some really, really intense study for the principal. So it was really, really good.

[00:13:51] It’s changed my life to study. It’s changed my life to teach it, you know, so I like being able to expose other people to it as well. So overdue, you should have done this about the year and a half ago, but I listening nothing before it’s time. It’s good to have you on now as well. I was just going through your bio.

[00:14:06] Wow. I’m so well qualified to deliver training today. Amazing. And, you’re gonna tell us a little bit about your journey here, because you were one of my very first members in November. Cause I was asking, I thought you came in sort of December, maybe January, but you actually joined in November, 2019.

[00:14:25] Wow, I did. Yeah. You not say so you 2019 when I was exposed to this, you know, as you said, Dr. K was the one that brought this to my attention, but I had been knowing Dr. K for about 10 years, never met him, you know, personally or physically till last year. but all this time, Dr. K was bringing me opportunities like probably every month.

[00:14:51] I mean, he was always bringing me something and everything that we would bring me something in, you know, in his hat, his box of tricks. He’s always got something exactly. And everything was crashing and burning. So when he brought hyper to my attention, I was like, Nope, I’m not doing this. This is another one of those things that’s gonna, so I assume I didn’t miss anything.

[00:15:10] What about Mr? Would you stop? Particularly my back. He’s got his fingers in my ears. Mr. H. Don bet, Don bet, crash and burn. And at that time we only had an entry level of a thousand dollars and I’m like, Nope, I’m not doing this $4,000. No, he says, well, you know, I’ll go ahead and do it for you because you have to do this one.

[00:15:27] I says, okay, fine, go ahead and do it. You know? And so I watched it for a little while, did some rewinds, I watched it fluctuate from 0.5%, 0.8%. It was kind of fluctuating. It was looking kind of nice, but I was like, eh, and at this time we had the, the hyper capital and the app kept crashing and you know, so I’m like, eh, I’m not doing this, you know, then Dr.

[00:15:50] K, you know, he got ill. He went away. We can only sign up those that are on Android. Unfortunately. Yes, exactly. I had an iPhone yeah, me too have online at that time. So it was no web access. It was just Android, just Android. He says, well, go get a, those were the days my friend, I thought that never rained LA Android tablet.

[00:16:16] I’m like, I’m not. So everybody, I expose this to, they have to go and get an Android. If they don’t have one, I was like, I’m not doing that. So

[00:16:30] after know, so I, after a while I walked away from it for about eight months. I just like, I’m not doing it. I really didn’t do any due diligence at that time. You know, I just looked at the app itself and then I just walked away from it, you know? And I came back eight months later and looked at my account and I was like, whoa, okay, let me just stop, take a look at this and see what’s going on here.

[00:16:49] Because you know, the entire initial amount that was put in was already back in the rewards account, ready to be withdrawn. I was like, okay, this is pretty good. And right around that time was when you and I met, you know, so we met around that time and I started doing it. And like within a month’s time, I was doing presentations.

[00:17:05] Because that was when I saw the value I did my due diligence. And the thing is, is that if I had done my due diligence from the beginning, I probably would’ve stuck it out. I probably wouldn’t have walked away because even though things were crashing and burning and not, you know, stable, if I had done my due diligence and saw who these guys were, that was putting this out, I would’ve looked at that and say, okay, what is is a new platform?

[00:17:26] You know, you know, they had their glitches and things kind of, you know, have to get stabilized over time, you know, but look at who these guys are, look at their history, but I didn’t look at any of that until after the fact. But once I did, I started really getting comfortable and really, solidified in my thought about this being a great platform.

[00:17:44] So it’s called being brainwashed, do not get brainwashed by these people. This is a recording. If you need to rewind it and listen to it again, do not keep brainwashed by these people. I was all in after that, I was all in and I’m all in. Now. Your journey is the journey of the majority of our members. The majority of our members are very passive to start off with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 months.

[00:18:10] And that’s your journey. You were very passive. You was like, nah, this is just too much hard work. What, you know, everyone’s gotta go get an Android phone, you know, kept on crashing the early days. but you stuck it out. And then when you did do due diligence, and then you really understood what was behind it, you really stepped up big time and then you became a corporate present.

[00:18:30] So when they’re talking about doing, doing due diligence, go and research Ryan and find out his history and especially Sam Lee, because they’re really good. Now there’s a YouTube channel called project frugal, go and have a listen to that and just see the due diligence. I’d love to know where they got their information from.

[00:18:48] And I would also love to know why we can’t from these guys with these amazing backgrounds, why we can’t actually, communicate with them. Now, if they’re theoretically all part of this, well, actually he was doing your team presentation. Do you remember I was on your calls doing testimonies, you know, at two o’clock in the morning, you know, Wednesdays and Fridays, every Wednesday, every Friday, jump on your call, just get in the end of it at two o’clock and then just doing a five minute testimony and jumping off, trying to get some sleep.

[00:19:20] Yeah. Early days, those were the early days weren’t they? They were the early days. And you were, you were very supportive of me. You had my back all the way, you know, and that was very admirable that you were like right there for me, you know? And, you know, it was very get a room. Comforting is to have you there, have you on the call and, you know, people come just showed up.

[00:19:39] They wanted to hear what you had to say. And so, you know, you were really, really very supportive. So I appreciate that during those times, for sure. Yeah, we had great. We had a great, you know, you had your team, such a lovely team and you care for your team. You, as I said, you, you are a, a servant leader and you look after everyone and, it was just a warm, fuzzy feeling, jumping on your calls on a Wednesday and a Friday, everybody looking for one another.

[00:20:02] So yeah, I mean, you know, those, I mean, it seems such a long, long time ago, but it’s only like a year and a half, two years ago that. Doing that in the early day, but we’ve come a long way. And I know you’re a great leader, as said, this is long overdue. I can’t wait for you to start delivering some trainings today, but take as long as you want.

[00:20:18] we will open up the lines of the end. I’ve got dinner cooking just for a few comments, before we close that at five o’clock, which is gonna be in one hour and 40 minutes dice. So, you know, just, go and get a pen and paper, get a notepad, you know, 17 principles of success is gonna be amazing.

[00:20:35] I mean, the body of work at PO hill has done is incredible. And it’s so good that we’ve got someone who is, certified trainer and certified to deliver training today. So, Tami, I’m gonna hand over to you. You’re gonna have a spotlight, I’m gonna go and, got note and pen ready to, that is definitely gonna be needed for today because, I’m the principal I’m gonna be talking about for some stuff.

[00:21:02] So it’s gonna be really, you know, very engaging as well. So guys, thank you for showing up date over 1000, we probably got around two to two and a half thousand. I know the overflow. Oh, Dell, can you quickly just pop into the chat again? The overflow link, do it a couple of times. I think, some, need to send it out to their team members.

[00:21:24] Thanks, Dale. Appreciate that. So I’m going, remove myself from the screen, Tami, over to you and, listen forward to it. Take care. Well, thank you so much. thank you everyone for coming today. I really appreciate you guys showing up. You always show up and show out and that’s always, you know, very, very admirable.

[00:21:43] So thank you for doing that. I’m gonna go ahead and share my screen now so that we can get on with this training. And, this is something obviously that I’m extremely passionate about as I’ve mentioned and, you know, and this is something that, you know, also I know can make some changes in people’s lives, cuz it has definitely done that for me.

[00:22:05] So I’m very, very happy to come today and share this with you guys and that you know exactly some things that you can do to kind of make some positive changes in your life. So let’s just go ahead and get started here. All right. So I think everybody should be able to see my screen now look at this.

[00:22:23] Yes we can. Tony. All right. Awesome. Thank you. All right. So ladies and gentlemen, thank you again for coming on here. As we’ve introduced. My name is Tami Jackson and I’m a certified instructor for the Napoleon hill foundation and there are 17 principles of success, with the, with Napoleon hill that he I’m so excited.

[00:22:42] I’m gonna be successful after watching this wonder if it’s like golf and when you get to the 18th hole, you can have a drink. actually teachers now, Napoleon hill, you know, creates these instructors because I’m gonna go have my dinner. I’m gonna leave you guys to it. Hopefully I, come back and it’s at 17.

[00:23:00] I don’t need this training cuz I’m so clever already. He really wants this, these principles to be out in the world because he knows that there are principles that can actually change people’s lives. So he has people, you know, even though he has passed on, he died in 1975, I believe it was. And now his foundation is creating instructors, you know, of people around the world because he wants these principles to be around the world.

[00:23:26] He wants them to be in the schools. He wants them to be in corporate because he knows if people follow these principles, then their lives will be changed. Now you can also say that these principles are all imutable laws of God are imutable laws of the universe. Okay. So they’re not just principles, they’re actually imutable laws.

[00:23:45] You can actually go out there and find a scripture for every last one of the 17 principles. And I actually have done that. Okay. So these are imutable laws of God. And that’s why they’re so powerful because this is something that, you know, has been ordained and you know, the imutable laws of God is something that changes our lives that we should be governed by.

[00:24:04] So let’s talk about that. So now obviously I’m not gonna go over all those 17 principles, but the principle that I do want to talk with you about today is the 17th principle, which is the actual last principle of the 17 principles. Now. All the principles are great principles, but this one right here, you know, it kind of ties all the principles together.

[00:24:28] And it’s kind of like, if you don’t have understand this particular principle, all the other principles, it’s kind of like, you know, it’s like null and boy, you know, you have to really understand this because we’re talking about Cosmic Habit Force. And when you talk about all the other principles, you know, it requires you to take action on those other principles and you have to do them in a way of habits.

[00:24:53] You know, you have to put them in the place in the way of habits. So the Cosmic Habit Force is one of my favorite principles because it ties everything together. And if you implement this particular, I can’t believe she’s still on slide one, which hasn’t even started yet. And if I went Peter pickle, Papa poo poo, notice it doesn’t sound like I’m spitting into the microphone.

[00:25:15] That’s because she hasn’t got a spit guard on her microphone. Isn’t it annoying. Just wanna share that. I’ll, I’ll go and listen to MIT. Don’t wanna drag this out any longer. The principle right here, you can really make some major, major changes to your life. In fact, there is absolutely no way. For you to actually make any changes in your life unless you are implementing this particular principle called the Cosmic Habit Force.

[00:25:41] So let’s talk about that. All right. So Cosmic Habit Force is 17 principle of success by Napoleon hill. Let’s do a little bit of background information first, before we really get into the lesson. And let’s talk about what is cosmic. Okay. So cosmic is relating to the universe or cosmos. Now it’s especially distinct from the earth.

[00:26:03] So the cosmos and the universe E encompasses the earth, but yet it is distinct from the earth. Alright. Now cosmos often simply means universe, but the word generally used to, to suggest an orderly or harmonious universe. Now we know that the universe is very, very harmonious. Okay. And we gonna talk a little bit about that as well.

[00:26:29] Right now, this is my favorite description right here, which is that it is inconceivably vast. Okay. Inconceivably, vast, you cannot even fathom how vast the universe is. Right? So that is what we are talking about when we are talking about cosmic cosmos or the universe Cosmic Habit Force. Okay. Now we’re talking about the cosmic and we’re talking about the cosmic being a habit force.

[00:26:56] Okay. These are habits that have been imposed by the universe or the cosmos. Okay. Now we probably don’t even know that, that the universe actually imposed as habits on the, on, on us and the, and the people and things in the universe. So Cosmic Habit Force or cosmic again, habits. Let’s talk about the habits.

[00:27:18] First of all, let’s talk about the universal habits in the cosmic that cannot be changed. Okay. Now get this cannot be changed. First of all, let’s looked up this beautiful. This beautiful tree with this nice leaves on it. Very nice foliage. Right? So this beautiful tree goes from being a tree with beautiful color leaves on it.

[00:27:41] Okay. So the leaves on this tree changes colors. So now we have this beautiful tree that has changed colors, and then the tree goes from not having any leaves on it at all. Okay. The leaves fall off the tree. And then when you come down to springtime there’s little buzz that comes back on the tree so that the tree can come back to being this very, very beautiful tree with leaves on it.

[00:28:05] Once again. Now this is a habit of this tree that the cosmic has enforced and imposed upon this tree in all trees. And the thing is, is that the tree cannot change this habit. It is, it is encompassed in this cycle that it cannot be changed. Okay. This is a cycle of this tree. The universe has imposed this cycle.

[00:28:30] Let’s look at another one that cannot be changed. We’re talking about the earth that revolves around the sun. Okay. The earth revolves around the sun. It takes 365 plus days for the earth to revolve around the sun. Okay. Now that is something that goes on. It cannot be changed. It’s been going on for billions and billions of years.

[00:28:52] Okay. It cannot be changed. Then you have the different phases of the moon, the phases of the moon take place and has been doing the same phases for billions of years. It has not changed. These are habits that was imposed upon the universe and the solar system that cannot be changed. Okay. The moon phases repeat every 29.5 days, but it takes 29 plus days for it to, completely revolve around the earth.

[00:29:24] And now mankind actually uses this to govern its. Because we know that this is something that is consistent, it’s going to happen every time it does not change. And so mankind uses that to imposes different things with regards to time and things of that nature, because we know that this is always going to be in sync is always going to happen.

[00:29:47] So this is habits again, that was imposed upon by the universe. Now another one, the four seasons, something else that cannot be changing goes on every single year, right? The four seasons we have winter spring, summer, and fall. It cannot be changed. It’s been going that way for years and years and years, billions of years, these four seasons have been taken place.

[00:30:11] All right, these cannot be changed. Now, humans are the only one of God’s creatures that can change a habit. Now, all the ones that we’ve mentioned so far, that habits cannot change, but we are the only one of God’s creation that actually can change our habits. We’re the only one. Okay. If you’re wondering why her sound is so crap, just cuz she doesn’t know what microphone to get just saying she needed a dynamic microphone now, however, even though we’re the only one that can change our habits, the Cosmic Habit Force does have an effect on human beings.

[00:30:52] Okay. Even though we can change our habits, the Cosmic Habit Force does have an effect on us. Okay. So, okay. You are where you are today and what you are today because of the habits that you have established. Okay. You are where you are today and what you are because of the habits that you have established.

[00:31:17] Now habits become a part of your nature by repetition. So whatever you’re doing on a repeated level, and if you’re doing it repetitively after all, it’s gonna become a habit. And the thing is is that the Cosmic Habit Force imposes that on you. And it makes it becomes a habit. Okay. If you, if you create thought habits that are repeating certain ideas in your mind, okay, let me repeat that.

[00:31:46] If you are creating thought habits by repeating these certain ideas in your mind, the Cosmic Habit Force will take over. It will take over these patterns of thought and it will make them become more or less permanent, depending upon the intensity and the repetition that you practice, the Cosmic Habit Force will put them to your, put them to work in your life as a permanent thing.

[00:32:11] Okay. So let’s get that little clear on that. So the thing that you do repetitively, we do things in our lives repetitively, and we don’t even realize it. Okay. And the Cosmic Habit Force will make them become permanent habits in our lives. And we don’t, this is, like in LP training. Not that I’ve done it, but Keith and Kish had done a lot of NLP training.

[00:32:34] And basically they keep dropping words into the conversation over and over again. And your brain patterns tell you that is, you know, for real. So these guys, yeah, this stuff’s good. You know, if you want to change your habits, listen to this. But if they, if you want to wonder if they’re gonna do any training about NLP training and how they use that to manipulate people who listen to the same dribble over and over again, that’s why they always tell you not to listen to YouTubers or anything outside and keep focus and keep your blinkers on and stay on target and have faith because they don’t want you to wake up to the brainwashing techniques.

[00:33:15] They’ve. pumping into your brain over the last couple of years, even realize that. Okay, so let’s just talk about this. Okay. It also happens within, within physical. It’s not just your thought process, but also your physical habits that you have. If you do them repetitively, after a certain period of time, Cosmic Habit Force will pick it up and it will make it permanent in your life.

[00:33:40] And you don’t even realize how that happened or why that happened. Or you don’t even realize that it’s a habit that has been imposed upon you by the Cosmic Habit Force. Now let’s give it a little example here. So you go to work every day, you go to work and you come home, you go to work and you come home.

[00:33:57] Okay? And you’ve just been doing that back and forth to work and come home for a year or so. However long it’s been now, one day, you want to leave your job and you wanna go to the store. Okay? That is what you intend to do. You wanna leave work and you’re gonna go to the store on this day. Next thing you know it, you leave work.

[00:34:16] And by the time you pick your head up, you were in your driveway, you were in your driveway, okay? Because it’s a habit for you to go from work to home because it’s, it’s a habit that has been posed upon you. So you have to make a concerted effort to remember that you wanted to go to the store and you have to make this turn to go to the store.

[00:34:39] But because this habit forces in here, you just went straight home because that is what you’re used to doing. It’s a repetitive habit that you have. So you ended up in your driveway instead of going to the store like you wanted to. Here’s another example, particularly for me, this may be for you as well.

[00:34:57] I have a habit, please tell me we’re not in the same slide. Still. Come on. Of being late. Okay. I really have a habit of being late, you know, a lot of times, and I really want to change that habit. I really just don’t like showing up late. Okay. So even though I, you know, I’m getting ready to go to an event or an affair or wherever I’m going, and I’m really, you know, on this day, I am not going to be late.

[00:35:21] I promise I am not gonna be late. I’m gonna do all that I can to not be late. Well, you know what, because I have the habit of being late all the time on this particular day, even though I did not wanna be late, I’m late anyway, because it’s a habit that has been imposed upon me by cosmic habit for, so even though I didn’t wanna be late, I will get in the car and I’ll drive two blocks away and realize I forgot something.

[00:35:45] So I gotta go back home. So now I’m gonna be late or either on the way out, you know, somebody gets into a conversation with you. And so it calls me to have to, you know, lose some time. And so now I’m gonna be late. Something always comes into play to make it so that I am going to be late because the Cosmic Habit Force has me in this habit of being late.

[00:36:07] And so in order for me to make that change, I have to make a concerted effort for a repetitive amount of time of being on time in order for me to change that habit. Okay. So this is what we are in up against ladies and gentlemen. So if you are, dominating mental habits or thoughts of poverty, then Cosmic Habit Force will bring about poverty in your life.

[00:36:32] Okay. This another example. So this, your thought pattern in your life is poverty. Then you’re gonna have poverty in your life help. If you’re dominating mental habits or of prosperity and peace, then the Cosmic Habit Force will bring about that peace. Okay. There is an, there is an endless cycle, an endless cycle, repetition of habit intensifies until it becomes an obsess.

[00:37:00] you become obsessed with poverty, or you can become obsessed with achievement in whichever one, you decide the come become obsessed with the Cosmic Habit Force is gonna make that a permanent thing for you. And it’s gonna bring about that, what you think about and that what you, that’s, what you, that habit that you have incorporated into your life, that the Cosmic Habit Force has made permanent for you.

[00:37:24] Your thoughts are only things that you completely control. See, we have to realize that I’m, I’m gonna interrupt here. Like I listen to motivational books. I, I, for a start I’m dyslexic. So I don’t read like the normal person. When I read a book, it goes in one ear and out the other. Okay. It’s only when I started listen to motivational books, I started to understand how people can go to a movie and come out and say that the book was better because I’m a very visual person.

[00:37:55] But a lot of the stuff I’ve met, I, I own a business networking company and I used to meet with 150, excuse me, burpies businesses each week. Every well, not every one of them, but most of them are driven. People listen to stuff like this is good for the brain, and it does inspire you, but it’s not. I used to find a whole lot of people that used to just continuously be going and getting educated, continuously listening on how to become a better person.

[00:38:29] But the difference is they’d never do anything about it. They’d never start a project. They were like the people that would go to university until they’re 50, 60, and they’re just continuously learning, but never doing anything. If you are one of those people, stop listening to stuff. That’s gonna make you some, you know, they’re continuously telling you listen to this and you’ll become the person you want to be.

[00:38:50] If you wanna be. Entrepreneurial then start doing something, you know, like I didn’t know how to start a YouTube channel. I had 400 videos online and I had 300 visitors. I now have 2000 subscribers and I have 450 videos online. So it’s only been the last, well, I don’t know, 80 videos where I’ve learned how to do this, but I wouldn’t have learned it by reading a book or watching a YouTube video or listen to someone else spur on about something else.

[00:39:21] Start doing stuff, stop investing in these Ponzi scams. You know, the have now society is what’s ruining a lot of these investment opportunities I see on the internet. That’s just my 2 cent worth. All right, I’ll let you go back to this dribble. It’s not dribble. I know he is quite good, but I don’t need this shit in my life.

[00:39:37] And hopefully you don’t as well. Our thoughts are mine. I don’t care what any situation that you’re in your thoughts are the only thing that we have control of complete control up. Let’s look at, uh,

[00:39:56] what’s his name? so, so if you decide that you are going to control your thoughts, then you are able to control your habits. It it’s just like the pied Piper follow the leader stuff. I mean, she’s not even really into this. She’s obviously lost a train of thought there she’s repeating other people’s jargon, you know, make your own path in life, make your own mistakes glean from them.

[00:40:21] Learn by them. You know, don’t get involved in hope verse or the hyper nation thing, you know, learn from what happened before. If you’re not, you’re just a robot walking off another cliff, she’s just repeating other stuff from other people that she’s learned that helped her fluke some financial goals that she had because she got lucky at scamming other people.

[00:40:42] Okay. If you are gonna control your thoughts, then you can control your. That’s the only thing that we have, that we can actually change and control Cosmic Habit Force. Doesn’t leave you any room to complain about the opportunities that has never come your way. Okay? You can’t complain about opportunities that didn’t come your way.

[00:41:02] You will know. As long as you have the power to form the express and express your thoughts, you have the power to change your circumstances of your life into whatever it is that you want it to be. That’s how powerful this is. That’s how much control we have over our lives. And most of us don’t even realize it.

[00:41:21] We don’t even realize that the thoughts that we have is gonna bring about whatever it is that we’re thinking about. If your life isn’t already, what you want it to be is because you have drifted into the present circumstances. By virtue of Cosmic Habit Force, you can change that definiteness of purpose backed by the power of Cosmic Habit Force and self discipline and personal initiative can bring you to circumstances that you want.

[00:41:51] Okay. Definiteness of purpose. That’s actually the first principle of the 17 principles. And we’re gonna talk more about that in a moment. Now, Cosmic Habit Force you don’t, you don’t actually create new habits, ladies and gentlemen, you actually replace old ones. Now we may think, oh, I want to get, I want to make this a new habit.

[00:42:11] I wanna get this habit in my life. Well, you don’t actually create new habits. You’re actually replacing old ones or you’re refining old habits. That’s what we actually do. Let’s give a little example about a habit that we can, actually, incorporate now all of us are looking into wanting to have the habit of being able to make more money.

[00:42:35] So let’s just talk about how we can do that, right? For most people, the circumstances that they. Usually include making money. All right. Now here’s how you can go about using Cosmic Habit Force to actually do that making money. The first step, first of all, now I know a lot of us have heard these types of steps before in terms of, creating a mental image in your mind of what it is that you want.

[00:43:04] But the perspective that I am bringing it to you today is incorporating the Cosmic Habit Force. Now you can have a clear understanding as to why you hear so much people. And so many times, you know, you hear so many different versions of how you are to create that mental picture in your mind and why it is important for you to do that because the Cosmic Habit Force kicks in and it makes it happen and it brings it to pass.

[00:43:32] Okay. So I wanna give you something that you’re probably familiar with, but now I want you to think about it from the perspective of the Cosmic Habit Force, having something to do with this. All right. So go ahead. And what you would do is you will create a clear mental picture of how much money you wanna make.

[00:43:49] Okay. By saying a lot, that’s not a good answer. Okay. Cuz the Cosmic Habit Force doesn’t understand that and it’ll understand it. When you say a lot, you need a concrete figure or a percentage that’s above your current income. Step two. Imagine what some of the results will be as a result of you having more money.

[00:44:11] So when you have that more money that you want, what, what are you gonna do with it? What what’s gonna happen from there? You gonna get a new home. Are you gonna send your child to medical school or you gonna have a comfortable retirement doing this clarifies? which is the basic, motives. Okay.

[00:44:29] Now the basic motives are talked about in one of the other principles. Okay. But we all know what motives are. Okay. So if you stick with me, you know, beyond this, we can learn more about the 17 principles. Then we can find out about the basic motives 10 basic motives. Okay. That’s found in another course.

[00:44:47] Okay. But the more motives that you can associate with making more money, the stronger the push to achieve it. Okay. So you need motives are very, very important in terms of why you want this money in step three, decide how you will earn this extra money. Okay. I put great emphasis on this because you can’t get something for nothing.

[00:45:10] Okay. Oh my God. She’s involved in HyperVerse. I mean, everybody that’s involved in, HyperVerse looked at the signs and said, you’re gonna get three times your in investment. Oh, you can’t say investment, in rewards by putting your money in there. That’s what the, the dream was sold. So everyone did that.

[00:45:29] And now they’re telling you gotta go there out and recruit your friends and family and work hard to get your investment disgusting. There’s no such thing as a passive investment. Is that what she’s about to say? You have to give in order to receive. Okay. And so therefore you must have a plan in terms of what it is that you want and how you’re gonna go about getting it.

[00:45:54] Step four, write out your goals and your plan. Okay. Include your motives for making more money. Write it out. Instead of a statement saying, I wanna retire securely, write something like I want my own home free and clear of debt. I want to be able to travel and visit my family three times a. Set a date for starting and achieving this goal.

[00:46:19] Okay. Sign this plan. Let me guess set a date of 600 days and making a contract to yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s one of the things that we have a hard time with is making, being accountable to ourselves. But this is very, very important that you make a contract to yourself that you don’t want to break.

[00:46:39] Okay. Don’t break the contract to yourself. And when you write this out, literally write it out. Okay. Take don’t type it out on a computer, take a pen and a pad and you write it out. Okay. Because when you write stuff out with a pen and pad, there’s a certain energy that comes off of that pen to pen, to pad.

[00:47:02] Okay. And it’s actually the first step toward achieving your goal because it’s an actual action that you are taking. So don’t type it out, write it out. Okay. Write it out. There’s something about writing it out on a pen and pad. Okay. So get you a pad that it would be specifically for this. Write it out and let the energy flow through to make this happen.

[00:47:27] This is actually the first step toward making your goals happen when you actually write it. Step number five, go back to your plan and underline all the things that you need to do to make it happen. Okay. These, these are things that you are, that you are, that you are not doing now. So when you go look at your plan, look and see what a part of this plan that you are not doing.

[00:47:52] Okay? Whatever a part of the plan that you are not doing, write it down and make a separate list of that so that you can then go back and start doing those things that are on that list. So step six, start doing the things that’s on that list, the list of things that you are not doing, start doing them.

[00:48:10] Some of them will be daily tasks, such as spending less money or dining out less and putting more money aside into a savings account or, a system, for, for contacting new prospects. others will be longer range, but re required a daily progress. So in other words, it may take a longer range period of time for you to do this, but it’s a daily process that you need to, daily progress that you need to look for such as going the extra mile on your job.

[00:48:41] Okay. What does it mean to go to extra mile? It means to give more going the extra mile is actually one of the principles. And what does it mean? It means to do more, always over deliver. Okay. You’d be surprised that is actually a universal law going the extra mile is a universal law. I’m gonna put timelines in this.

[00:49:01] I’m not gonna put timelines for Jackie’s presentation, but if you are bored outta your brain and you’re banging a year head against the, brick wall in your apartment and your head’s starting to bleed, listen to this, this stuff that she’s trying to fuel you with. by all means, look, go underneath the title of the video and you’ll see there’s a little more button.

[00:49:22] And in there you’ll see a timeline and you can click on bits and skip this bit. But, I’ve got to listen to this cuz I’m recording it. And I don’t like this sort of. All ladies and gentlemen. And when you go or you over deliver, you get something back as a result of doing that. Okay? So you have to bend all efforts and thoughts for doing these things.

[00:49:43] You have to make sure you bend these efforts. You have to put, hear that microphone she’s using it drives me frigging crazy. I’ve actually got that microphone. I gave it to a friend the other day, cuz I hate it so much. These thoughts and, and place for doing all of these things. Step seven every day. Okay?

[00:50:01] Every day you are going to read your goals out loud to yourself until you have it memorized. Repeat it in your mind when you get out of bed. And when you start your job, when you come back from lunch and when your Workday is finished and before you go to sleep, okay? Because again, we’re talking about Cosmic Habit Force.

[00:50:25] So if you have a habit of doing these things, can you imagine what the Cosmic Habit Force is going to do while you’re doing all this? We already talked about how powerful the Cosmic Habit Force is and how it will make habits permanent in your life. Rather you even realize it, these things are becoming permanent in your life.

[00:50:44] So if you having a conscious effort of doing something, that’s gonna be good and powerful. Can you imagine the Cosmic Habit Force kicking in and making these thoughts permanent in your mind and you know what you think about you’ll be about, okay. So if you have these thoughts permanent in your mind, they’re gonna start coming to you.

[00:51:05] You know, the Cosmic Habit Force is gonna start orchestrating all these things that you’re talking about and thinking about, and it’s gonna start bringing them to pass in your life. Wow. Powerful. Hoping you guys are getting this powerful, powerful. Now, now establishing your own habits. I’m not getting that.

[00:51:22] It takes about, I do things in life, which probably a bit strange now, like twice I’ve given up drinking for 12 months and I just go cold Turkey and it takes about two or three months before you can go to a bar and a cafe and not feel like you have to have a drink with your meal. And it’s about breaking habits and creating other habits.

[00:51:43] I went on a big trip to, China, Bangladesh and then India. And then when I come home, my partner said to me, how about going vegetarian? I said, Hey, why don’t we do something drastic for 12 months? And I become a vegan well plant based eater, you know? And it’s good to do things like that. just sort of share that with you 45 days for the Cosmic Habit Force to kick in and establish your habit.

[00:52:09] Now, there are some people that say it only takes 35 days, or it may take 30 days, but you know what? I’ve, gotten practice out 45 days. But the thing is is that whether it’s 35 days or 45 days, you want it to be a habit. So you wanna just keep doing it anyway. Right? So doing an extra 10 days because it’s gonna become a habit for you to do it anyway, but it’s gonna be approximately around that time before the cosmic habit for us kicks in and makes that habit permanent.

[00:52:40] Okay. Now this could be not just the Mon the making money habit that we just talked about, but this could be for anything you have going on in your life, any habit that you wanna change. Okay, you can use these steps to do so. All right. If you wanna stop smoking, if you’re smoking, you go, you stop for 45 days and then the habit force will kick in and now you have stopped.

[00:53:02] Or if anything else that you wanna do that you’re doing in your life that you want to change, you can implement these steps now 45 days to change a habit. So go back and look at your plan and pick up a few activities that you want to change in order to get what you want. Okay. So when you go look at that plan, you start implementing that plan.

[00:53:22] Okay. Start performing the activities every single day for 45 days straight. Now, if you miss a day, you have to go back and start from day one. Okay? Because it needs to be 45 consecutive days with no breaks. Okay? Obviously she hasn’t had to give up drugs in the past. If they tell you, if you miss a day, you don’t have to go to the bottom of the staircase.

[00:53:48] You just need to start climbing those stairs again. Okay. So if you’re gone for you, not that I have had to go to drug rehab rehabilitation. I did have a sister that was a druggie. And I did go with her a few times. I might have picked up a few tips from there. Wanna change your habit. You make that change for 45 consecutive days.

[00:54:08] And if you get to day 35 and you missed 36 and 37, where you gotta go all the way back to day one so that you can go ahead and make sure you implement that habit. Okay. It needs to be 35 to 45 consecutive days with no breaks. Okay. This is how Cosmic Habit Force is gonna kick in and make this a habit for you.

[00:54:32] So just so that you are clear, ladies and gentlemen, how many days do you need to do the habit for? Is it 36 days? A B is it 30, 42? C is it 45 days, please have your answers in writing in a few minutes and we’ll see how you got on carry on. Okay. Don’t pick too many habits at once. Okay. Because you don’t wanna set yourself up for failure, right?

[00:55:07] Because if you are picking, you know, six or seven different habits that you’re trying to change, and you’re trying to do them consecutively for 45 days, well, you’re gonna set yourself up for a failure. Okay. Because that’s gonna be too much for you to have to make sure that you, you stick with for 45 days now, as you’re going along with these habits, what you could do.

[00:55:28] And again, this is if you’re ever using a microphone, all right. Now, if I speak directly into the microphone like this, hello testing, this is Danny. It sounds really good, but I can’t look at you and talk on the microphone. But if you are talking on a microphone, keep your head Stu don’t start talking like this because you can’t hear it very well.

[00:55:47] And especially if you’ve got a stupid microphone, like a blue Yeti, it’s, doesn’t really piss me off. Not necessarily pertaining to the making money habits, but any other habit that you may have, if you let’s just say you wanna get into a habit of working out every day. So if you wanna get into the habit of working out every day, just start the habit off small.

[00:56:10] Okay? Why don’t you just get in the habit, take the habits step by step first, get in the habit of getting up in time to go work out and putting on your gym clothes. Get in the habit of doing that. She wrong. If you wanna get up at 7:00 AM in the morning and you’re struggling to get outta bed, this is what you do.

[00:56:33] You get your shorts, you get your top, you put your shoes on and you get yourself all ready to go to walk out the door with the car keys on the bench and you go to bed that way the night before. And that means you have less points of resistance. That’s my idea. And just, and just stop right there. Just get in the habit of getting up, putting on your gym clothes and, and that’s it.

[00:56:57] If you could get in the habit of doing that, then you’re on your way. Once you’ve gotten the habit of doing that, then you can add to that habit. Okay. Then from there, once you’ve gotten in the habit of getting up at that certain time, putting your gym clothes on, then you can get in your car and ride to the gym.

[00:57:14] Nah, that’s a load of rubbish. What you do is you go to your best mate or the person that you respect the most in your life. And you say, look, I’m trying to do something regularly and I don’t want to waiver. If I waiver, I’ll give you a hundred dollars note. Okay. And that’s what you tell them. And then they are what you call an accountability person, somebody close to you that can keep you accountability.

[00:57:36] Don’t try and do all this shit by yourself. Go get somebody else to help you. And you don’t quite feel like working out that day or you don’t feel like going outside and running or whatever it is that you do to work out, but you wanna get in the habit of that motion. Okay. You wanna get in the habit of making that motion happen.

[00:57:54] Okay. So you don’t have to do it all at once. It’s like the way I implemented this, I wanted to make sure I got in the habit of getting up every morning and making sure I do my devotional. Okay. I wanted to make sure I didn’t wanna skip a day of doing that. So what I did was instead of me getting up and doing my devotional for an hour or two hours, sometimes I can get, you know, get in that space and don’t want to get out.

[00:58:19] So I’m there for two hours. Right. So instead of me doing that, I get up in the morning and I do my devotional for like two minutes, just two minutes, cuz I want to get in the habit of making that motion, just doing it. Okay. And then as time goes on, I’ll add an extra five minutes, extra 10 minutes. Okay. But I’m working on making this a habit.

[00:58:42] Okay. And the hardest part of the habit is just getting up and doing it. So instead of me, just overwhelming myself, we’re trying to make this habit and failing and being disappointed because I didn’t do it. I says, okay, my goal is gonna be for me to get up and just spend two minutes. That’s it. Just two minutes.

[00:59:01] And once you have done that, you have achieved it. And then as time goes on, as that becomes more of a habit, then you just add more time onto it. Okay. I I’m probably like the antichrist when it comes to these motivational speaks, speeches that I hear when I was in probably at the peak of my business networking career, I own a business networking company.

[00:59:22] Okay. And I had 150 businesses coming along each week. And I had, I think at the time 12 different meetings. And we used to have one different one industry in each group. And I had 12 business coaches come along who used to preach this stuff to my members, trying to hope that they would get hired as a business coach out of the, I probably have had 20 plus business coaches come and go through my networks over eight years.

[00:59:53] And every single one of those business coaches had a useless business. They had no idea how to market themselves. They had a concept, a philosophy, but they had no practical experience at running accompanied themselves. They didn’t even know how to charge for their services. They were asking me for advice.

[01:00:14] Now they score 14, got a reading level of a nine year old. And they’re asking me for advice on how to set up and run their company. And they were business coaches and they used to re vomit this same content, which isn’t necessarily bad. But I have an argument with people all the time. I’m really entrepreneurial.

[01:00:33] I can say that word. That’s a change. Normally can’t pronounce that one and I believe that you’re born entrepreneurial. You will always be looking for an opportunity. You will be looking for a side hustle and you will actively actively be doing stuff. If you have to listen to Tami and, and listen to her, preach to you, this stuff to get you motivated.

[01:00:56] I’m sorry. You are the perfect customer for HyperVerse because at the end of the day, you are going to listen to this stuff and you are going to do nothing at all. Now, another interesting fact that I will throw in there, I’ve produced online workshops and I sell them to people. How many people complete an online workshop?

[01:01:22] I sell them to about 5% of people get three quarters through 2% of people finish the course. Would you believe that’s the odds? Hopefully my courses aren’t bad. And that is the reason I’d like to think not , but the problem is a lot of people are gonna do are gonna do this. I’m gonna do that, but they never complete a task.

[01:01:46] If you wanna get good and you wanna be successful at business, there’s no such thing as a get rich, quick scheme. All right. There’s no such thing as putting, your money down and getting three times investment and doing nothing. There’s nothing real about thinking positively and being rich. You’ve got to go out there and do the hard yards.

[01:02:09] You’ve got to be prepared to be working at 7 36 on a Sunday night, producing a YouTube video. If you want to build a YouTube channel, if you fall for this stuff and you think this stuff is gonna make a change in life, you are wrong. You may not be entrepreneurial. I argue the fact that you are born entrepreneurial.

[01:02:33] I used to always have something on the go from a young age. I used to collect tennis balls. Would you believe I used to get up on the school roofs, go around looking for tennis balls. I used to collect keys. I used to always be doing something I used to go to garage sales looks for things I could sell.

[01:02:50] I used to hunt through the rubbish dumps, looking for the things I could sell and that’s entrepreneurial stuff. You know, looking for an opportunity, you know, find a product or a service, sell it for a profit, not rocket. So if you’re sitting here on your laurels, if you’re sitting here in front of your computer, listening to this stuff, then you’re not, entrepreneurial, go get a job.

[01:03:11] Okay. thanks. And it’s that actually worked for me. So now that habit has been established, I get up and now I spend more than two minutes because once I get in, you know, sometime I don’t don’t wanna come out, you know? So now the habit has been established and I love it. And I use this method for any habit that I want to change.

[01:03:33] Okay. Perform the habit with enthusiasm and expectation, ladies and gentlemen. Okay. You need to be enthusiastic about the habit that you’re looking to change, and you want to have an expectation. If you don’t have an expectation, then it’s not gonna come. That’s a part of the mental, the mental side of it.

[01:03:51] That’s the mental side of it that the Cosmic Habit Force will implement for you. Okay. As you’re looking to have an expectation for the Cosmic Habit Force to kick in, it is going to do just that. So be enthusiastic and have an expectation for the habit that you’re looking to change. Now, be aware of these negative habits.

[01:04:11] Okay. There are negative habits that we have that we don’t realize that we have, but we need to understand and be aware of them because sometimes they can mold our character into being the type of person that we don’t wanna be. And we don’t realize that we are so here they. The negative habit of being in poverty.

[01:04:30] Okay. Poverty thinking. Okay. You want to avoid that? Avoid poverty thinking, avoid imaginary illness. Okay. Some people think, oh, I just got this headache. I got I’ve had COVID for the last seven days, but I’m thinking I’m over it now. Maybe that was just all in my imagination. What’s going on? I got, you know, I, I got, you know, these ailments that you have going on, you know, as you’re thinking about them in your minds and gentlemen, they will come to pass.

[01:05:00] Okay. What you think about, you’re gonna be about, you’re gonna bring these into your life by thinking about it and dwelling on it. Okay. You are where you are because of the thoughts that you had, you are where you are today because of the thoughts that you had yesterday. Okay. I do kind of believe that because all the negativeness I’ve had from doing these YouTube channels, it’s been hard to actually feed on the positive and not keep on focusing on the negative stuff I’m hearing.

[01:05:29] And a lot of people are telling me that I’m crazy, which is probably right. And they’re also telling me that I haven’t done my facts. Right. And it’s all negative stuff, you know, that you shouldn’t feed on. So you should only hang around positive people. And if you’ve got a friend in your life, that’s negative, get rid of them.

[01:05:48] Hey, we talked about that in the beginning. You are where you are because of the thoughts that you had. So just be, be mindful of your thoughts if you’re in your situation, where you having an adverse situation in your life. Oh wow. This bill can’t get paid, you know, and I’m worrying about what’s gonna happen when the bill becomes due and I don’t have enough money.

[01:06:09] So if you keep dwelling on that, you keep dwelling on the fact that you don’t have enough money and dwelling on poverty. Don’t worry in a couple of months, you’ll get all your rewards out of HyperVerse manually and that’s gonna be good. They’re gonna negotiate a settlement for you as you give them more money and you move into the HyperVerse don’t you worry about that bill.

[01:06:30] Think positively what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna get more of it. So what do you do instead of that, you start thinking about it from a positive perspective. You go back and look at that definite major purpose that you wrote down. Okay? When you get to a situation, when you got negative thoughts in your mind, go look at your definite major purpose.

[01:06:52] Go look at your, your, your dream board. Go look at something that can shift your thinking into something positive so that you can bring about that positive thing. Because again, what you think about, you’re gonna bring it into your life. You’re gonna get more of it. If you’re thinking poverty, you’re gonna get more poverty.

[01:07:10] If you’re thinking illness, you’re gonna get more illness. Another habit that you want to avoid is at the habit of laziness. We don’t even realize that, that we have this as a habit. Okay. We have, laziness that we, that get close to your mic. It’s a blue yetty. You need to be right on it upon us. And we don’t think of it as being lazy, but after a while, it’s just a habit.

[01:07:34] You know, the human, the human being is, you know, just naturally wants to lay around and do nothing. That’s a natural thing for mankind is to be lazy and lay around, do nothing. So you have to step above that and assert yourself to get out of this habit of laziness. You don’t wanna be in that place, ladies and gentlemen, because you will get nothing done and you will achieve nothing.

[01:07:57] If you are in the habit of being lazy envy, we want to not be in the habit of being envious either. Okay. What is being envy? Wanting something that somebody else has. We don’t wanna be in the habit of being envi because we want our own just. Stop that habit and go about getting what it is that you want for yourself and not envy what someone else has greed.

[01:08:20] We definitely don’t wanna be in the habit of being greedy. You’re in the wrong place. Everybody that’s involved in HyperVerse and hyper fund and hyper capital and HyperNation is greedy. They can’ help it. They want to get rich quick. Okay. Because that kind of alters your character. Oh, it changes you into a place that you don’t wanna be because what Cosmic Habit Force does and you are being greedy, you know, that will kick in and then you’ll bring about negative, situations in your life.

[01:08:50] Because when you are being greedy, that means that you are being selfish as well. And you’re not considering others. So we don’t wanna be in the habit of being greedy because when the Cosmic Habit Force kicks in there, you have another universal law. That’s going to kick in on top of that. That is gonna bring you to an adverse place that you do not want to be vanity.

[01:09:11] Okay. Think about bad ladies and gentlemen, we wanna think about, the negative habit of vanity and being vain. Okay. We don’t want to be in that particular space, either cynicism. We wanna think about that. We don’t want be in the habit of being cynic, either be in having cynicism. We don’t want that drifting without aim or purpose.

[01:09:32] We definitely don’t want to have that. I do believe in purpose. You’ve got to have a purpose, a reason for doing everything, everything just going about, you know, it’s like, you know, when a leaf falls off of a tree, we have no idea where that leaf is going to land because it is drifting about, you know, it’s going in the wind and blowing in the wind.

[01:09:54] We don’t have any idea where the, where the leaf is gonna land. Okay. That’s what you call drifting about without purpose, or if you’re in a boat without a Rud and without a compass. The sea or the water is gonna take that boat and it’s gonna be drifting out into nowhere. You don’t have a destination. You wanna make sure that you are not drifting about without a purpose.

[01:10:18] You wanna have a purpose for what you’re doing while you’re doing it, you know, and then how you’re gonna get there. You don’t wanna have the habit of just being aimless. You don’t want that irritability. Okay. We don’t want to be irritable either because that habit brings apart negative thoughts of irritability.

[01:10:38] And it’s gonna bring about a negative consequence as well. So we don’t, we wanna stay away from that habit. Stay away from the habit of being revengeful. Okay. We don’t wanna have the habit or even the thought of being re of being revengeful. We don’t want that. You know, the Lord says vengeance is mine, you know?

[01:10:56] So if you have a thought about being revengeful against someone, you know, just let it go. Okay. The Lord said, vengeance is mine. And trust me, did we just go to a religious? Are we now in a church getting preached to, yeah, we’ve gone from scamming people, Ponzi schemes, get rich, quick scheme, pyramid scheme, multilevel marketing to quoting the scriptures and living by the Lord’s blessing.

[01:11:20] Really. He will do what he says he’s gonna do. And he will take care of any revenge that is due for anyone even including yourself. So be careful about that. The negative habit of being jealous, that we don’t need to have jealousy for what we’ll need to have jealous. We have our own lives. We have our own purpose.

[01:11:38] Just pursue that and not worry about being jealous about somebody else or what they have dishonesty. Another one we don’t wanna make sure we wanna make sure we stay away from dishonesty. Okay. We wanna be people of integrity. If you have the habit of being dishonest, can you imagine where that’s gonna take you?

[01:11:55] You know, because everything comes to light. So if you’re going about the habit of being dishonest, it is going to show itself after a while, and then you will, people will learn that you are a person without I. We don’t wanna be people without integrity. Okay. That’s not a good characteristic to have in our lives.

[01:12:13] We always want to have integrity and arrogance. We wanna stay away from being boastful and arrogant as well. Okay. Just be humble about who you are. Okay. And let other people pat you on the back and, give you your accolades and kudos. Okay. You don’t wanna be arrogant yourself. You wanna kind of be humble.

[01:12:33] It’s always good to be. Those humbling will be exalted. And those exalting will be humbled and not to be arrogant and to be in boastful. So stay away from that habit as well. And sadism, we definitely wanna stay away from sadism. The good news is this. Ironically, if any of these negative habits, that you have, they will eventually call some sort of defeat in your life.

[01:13:01] Okay? So if you’re practicing any of these habits, eventually you are gonna come to some kind of defeat in your life. And by you coming to that defeat, it is going to inspire you to eliminate them. Okay? It’s going to inspire you to eliminate them because you have come to an adverse situation in your life because of these negative habits.

[01:13:21] Okay. But of course, to spare yourself some trouble. If you are willing to examine yourself, you can identify your negative habits and you can resolve them and replace them with positive ones up front before it brings you to a negative place or defeat in your life. Okay? So catch it from the beginning, examine yourself.

[01:13:42] Learn. If any of these negative habits are in your life right now, combat them and look to make some changes right from the start. Don’t wait until it gets to a place where it’s causing adverse situations in your life. Look to change them now. Okay. Don’t wait. Look to change them. Now. Now how about some positive.

[01:14:03] Oh that time a definite major purpose. Now we talked about that. A definite major purpose is actually the first principle of the 17 principles of success and a definiteness of purpose is what do we basically, it just means that you are looking at your definite purpose in life. All right. We all have a purpose in life and we need to understand and determine what that is.

[01:14:27] And ironically, there are so many people that I come across when I’m doing my coaching and I ask them, you know, what is your passion for life? What is your purpose for life? My purpose at the moment is to help save people from getting involved in crypto scams. There you go said it. I’m glad I got that enough of my chest next.

[01:14:47] And a lot of people will always tell me that they don’t know. And I’m always surprised to hear that people don’t know. Okay. But again, I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but the way you determine what your definite major purpose is, is for you to just examine yourself, just go and look inside yourself and determine what you are passionate about.

[01:15:09] I mean, something that you have a burning desire for. Okay. Travel. I love traveling street photography. I’m the Mayan. A burning desire, not just a regular desire. I’m talking about a burning desire, something that keeps you awake at night, something that makes you cry when you really think deep about it, really, really passionate about.

[01:15:28] Yeah. So you get this definite major purpose. And this is the thing that you wanna write out that we were talking about. Now we talked about it from a making money perspective, but you can write your definite major purpose out with regards to anything that you’re passionate about and have a burning desire for.

[01:15:42] So it’s always a positive habit to have a definite major purpose, because it is going to bring about other things by you having a definite major purpose. You’re gonna bring about imagination. You’re gonna bring about creativity, all other things, positive things are gonna happen just as a result of you having a definite major purpose, enthusiasm, another positive habit, okay.

[01:16:06] We should always be enthusiastic about things that we’re doing, especially if you’re in the business of dealing with other people. And most of us are any business that you’re dealing in. You’re in the business of dealing with other people and people want to be, approached and, you know, they wanna, they wanna interact with someone that’s enthusiastic.

[01:16:27] Okay? You can’t come to someone to be a whole hum dryou know, just kind of be monotone. You need to be upbeat and enthusiastic. And this is a good habit to have all the time, because it brings about that, that positive thing that the Cosmic Habit Force is gonna kick in and make it into a permanent habit for you.

[01:16:48] So enthusiasm is a good thing for you to have faith is another good habit. Okay. Why is faith another good habit? Well, we know that faith is the substance of things hope for in, in evidence of things not seen. Okay. So when you have faith, you bring about, something that you’re Desir. and to have faith, you understand, and you receive it as if you already have it and you get grateful and gratitude as if you already have it, right?

[01:17:23] So you can’t have faith. If you see, and then believe faith is believing without seeing, right. So if you are gonna see it first and then believe it, that’s not faith, faith is believing it and then seeing it. And it’s a good habit to have self discipline. Oh my goodness. This is really an awesome one right here.

[01:17:48] Self discipline. It’s like people have a hard time with self discipline because we, we have so many habits that we’re caught up in that we don’t even realize that we don’t have self discipline and it really requires self discipline in order for you to change your habit. Okay. It’s hard to change your habit.

[01:18:06] Okay. This is not an easy thing to do. It really is difficult, you know, but if you wanna do it, you can do it. You can make it happen, and it’s gonna require willpower and self discipline in order for it to happen. Personal initiative, I can, you have to take the personal initiative to make it happen.

[01:18:23] Nobody’s gonna come and grab you by your collar and say, do it. You have to take that personal initiative. We talked about that with, with, with Williams today, right? Did we see that video? Just do it right. Just do it. Personal initiative, just do it going the extra mile. We mentioned that already before, right?

[01:18:43] That means just over delivering, doing more. If somebody’s paying you for a service and they’re giving you a hundred dollars for that service, then you give them $200 worth of service, always look to over deliver and everything that you’re doing. Always go the extra mile, always over deliver. Again, this is a universal law that will ping it back to you if you over deliver.

[01:19:08] So you always wanna do that. Heading the list of positive habits is definite major purpose. Always start with this one. Okay. Like I said, you always wanna start with this. This is the first, principle of the 17 principles. It’s the first one, because it’s it’s necessary. If you don’t have a definite major purpose, you don’t have anything else.

[01:19:30] There’s nothing else. If you don’t have that. Okay. A definite major purpose will automatically okay. Automatically influence your mind automatically. Okay. And it will make you more alert. It will activate your imagination. It will increase your enthusiasm and it will develop your willpower, all women just by having a definite major purpose.

[01:19:53] Because when you have a definite major purpose, you get excited about it. This is something that you are looking to achieve in your life. Something that you really wanna have, you get excited about it. Okay? And when you have that definite major purpose already in place, when opportunities come your way, you will recognize them.

[01:20:10] Okay? If you don’t have a definite major purpose, opportunities can keep passing you by and you don’t even realize it’s a, it’s an opportunity because you don’t know what you are going, apply that opportunity to. But if you have a definite major purpose, you know, wow, this opportunity is coming my way.

[01:20:27] It’ll be great for this. Or be great for that because you already have a definite major purpose. You already know what you want. You’ve already written it out. You’ve already written out your goals and your plans. And so what opportunities come along to fulfill those goals and plans? You will recognize them.

[01:20:43] Okay. Again, it will automatically influence your mind, make you more alert, activate your imagination, increase your enthusiasm, and develop your willpower. All this is gonna come just from having a definite major purpose. So if you don’t have one, you need to get one . Faith is next. Faith can become a fixation by letting your mind dwell on positive ideas and developing a way to clear your mind of all negative things.

[01:21:12] Okay. It will clear your mind of all negative things that allow you to dwell on positive things. This requires again, self discipline. Okay. But again, if you continue to practice that self discipline, Cosmic Habit Force is gonna kick in and make it a permanent part of your life. So get disciplined about good and positive things that you wanna change in your life and let Cosmic Habit Force kick in and make it permanent.

[01:21:39] Because if you don’t do it actively, Cosmic Habit Force is gonna kick in anyway. And whatever you’re doing repetitively, it’s gonna make it permanent. So why not get conscious about what you’re doing a lot? Oh my God. Sorry. Good. Sorry. I’m trying to find how much longer she’s got going and I thought I’d get her YouTube video up and see how long at the end of, this is what it sounds like where cosmic habit tour should be applied in the first determine circumstances in order to take the of the mind as nature provided it or here presented number one, definitely a purpose measure and minor purposes, definite routine routine for developing health consciousness, into development of and maintenance of a positive mental attitude.

[01:22:30] Wow. And repetitively, so that you can make that thing permanent and not just any really, really thing that comes along or particularly negative things. Okay. Be conscious about what you’re doing repetitively, because cosmic had force is gonna kick in and make it permanent. And those things that he has already made permanent, think about what you need to do to make the change.

[01:22:52] Okay. Changing it to something positive. Okay. Ladies and gentle. Whether you understand it or know it or not. The universal laws are always in operation. All right. They’re always in operation. And if you don’t know what the universal laws are, then you, you are not gonna know how they’re affecting you. Okay.

[01:23:17] So it’s good to understand what the universal laws are so that you can operate and govern yourself within them because the universal laws can bless you as well as curse you. So if you don’t understand what they are and you operate yourself appropriately within those universal laws, then you can bring them about in your life in a positive way and make them give you the things in your life that you want that are positive.

[01:23:45] But if you’re not familiar with them and you don’t operate within them, then you can really hurt yourself. Okay? They are constantly in effect on your life, whether you are aware of them or not. Okay. Whether you are aware of them or not, universal laws are always in effect. You can’t change that they have a negative and a positive effect on your life.

[01:24:08] Okay? If it is best to be aware of them so that you can take advantage of how to use them, right? Take advantage of how you can use these universal laws. They’re always in operation. Okay. They’re always in operation. So we need to understand how to use them. Here are a few universal laws. This is not all of them, gravity.

[01:24:30] Okay. But these are just a few of them. All right. Cosmic Habit Force. We just talked about that. The law of Cosmic Habit Force, that’s a universal law. All right. So some of us got some habits that we wanna. I’ve just showed you how you can change them. Okay. Because you probably didn’t even know that there were permanent habits.

[01:24:48] Again, we are the only one of God’s creation that can change your habits. So as a result of this lesson, you are pretty much aware of that now of how you can change a habit that has become permanent, that you didn’t even know was permanent. Well, now, you know, then there is the law of gravity. What goes up, must come down.

[01:25:08] Okay. We all know about that. We all have my we’re pretty much familiar with that one. Okay. Again, if, if the baby is on the edge of a window and is getting ready to fall out that window, the law of gravity is going to be in effect. It’s not gonna say, oh, this is a little baby. So I’m gonna stop the law of gravity and make sure that this child does not fall.

[01:25:30] No, the law of gravity is always made for in effect. Okay. So you have to understand it because it could bless you and it can curse you. So you need to know how to operate within it. And I think we all pretty much got this one because we know that, you know, what goes up is gonna come down. So you don’t wanna put yourself in a position where you’re gonna go down when you don’t want to.

[01:25:50] All right. So we pretty much have that one in our forefront of our minds, the law of attraction, we all pretty much know about the law of attraction. I’m sure you’ve heard about it in, you know, different books and different aspects. You’ve heard about the law of attraction, what you think about your be about okay.

[01:26:06] Or you’re gonna bring about, so be careful about the thoughts that you entertain in your mind. Mm-hmm because they are going to come about, they’re gonna, they’re gonna appear. They are going to appear. Okay. What you have in your life today comes as a result of the things that you thought about yesterday.

[01:26:25] Oh, no. Okay. So if you wanna change that, change your thinking, change your thinking, change your world, the law of compensation you reap, what you saw. We all know about. Again, ladies and gentlemen, these are universal laws. You may not be thinking about it, but as you out there doing things to people, you’re gonna reap what you saw.

[01:26:46] That goes for negative things, as well as positive things, you reap what you saw. People call that karma. Okay? people call that karma, but that’s the law of compensation. What you give out, you’re gonna, you’re gonna, you’re gonna get back. Okay. The law of giving, giving the shall be given unto, unto you.

[01:27:04] That’s a universal law. Okay? You don’t have to be of any particular religion or faith. It’s just a universal law. Okay? When the sun shines and shines on the good and the bad, when it rains, it rains on the good and the bad. When universal laws are in place, it’s in place for everyone, the good and the bad doesn’t matter who you are or what you are.

[01:27:24] These laws are in effect for everyone. So what you give is, shall be given unto you. So think about that when you’re giving from now on, okay. We talked about going the extra mile. That’s another universal law giving more because it’s going to come back to you. It has to, it has to, there’s no way that it can, it has to, because it is a law that is in place just like gravity, that doesn’t stop and is gonna do what it does.

[01:27:52] It has to give back to you the law of calls and effect. Okay. We know about the yang and the yang, right? You do this and this is gonna happen. You do that, then this is gonna happen. Okay. The law of calls and effect, there’s no way we can get around that. You know, we all know about that. You know, if you do one thing, you do a certain thing.

[01:28:11] You’re gonna cause another thing to happen. That it’ always gonna be the, the case. You can’t get around that either. So think about what you’re doing. Think about the decisions that you make because of decisions that you make. There’s gonna be consequences as a result of that. Okay. You do one thing.

[01:28:28] That’s gonna cause another. So think about that, always be mindful of the things that you’re doing. Always be mindful of the things that you’re thinking. Always be mindful of the things that you’re saying and the decisions that you’re making, because there’s gonna be an effect as a result of those always gonna be an effect.

[01:28:47] All right. So this is just about in ladies and gentlemen. So here are some resources that you can have get the book they can grow. Rich. I’ve already mentioned to you that it is, a public domain. You can go out there now on the website. I’m sorry. You can go out there and you can Google. They can grow rich and you can actually download a PDF version of the book for free.

[01:29:08] Okay. if you’re into audio books, it’s all over YouTube. You can go out there and listen to it. People have made different versions of think and grow rich. there’s different companies that uses the book think and grow rich as their, you know, as, as a resource, you know, that they use in their company, they use the, they use the book so you can find different versions of it as well.

[01:29:29] So go out there and get the book they can grow rich. And there is where you will see details of the 17 principles of success in this particular book. Also atomic habit by James clear really, really good book. You know, I’ve read this a couple of times. and what James clear does is he is the one that taught me about how you can, do, you know, approach your habit slowly.

[01:29:56] Okay. So if you wanna change a habit, you know, you could do a part of it such as going to the gym. Like I’ve mentioned, get in the habit of just getting up first, putting your gym clothes on, make that a habit first, and then you can take, add on to that. And he also talks about how, if you, if you, if you do nothing, then you’ll, you know, time will continue to go by from you doing nothing and you’ll become less and less effective by doing nothing.

[01:30:27] But if you do something, even if it’s just a little bit, you continue to rise, rise up and, and, and climb the charts by doing something as far as making changes in your life. But if you do nothing, then your life begins to de degradate from doing nothing. But if you do something, even if it’s just a little bit, your life begins to increase.

[01:30:48] So if you take 360 days a year out of the year and every day you are doing just a little bit by the time, the year is over, you would have done a lot. Okay. So he talks about making a habit change, but just doing it a little bit at a time. Okay. Because of how we are as human beings, it is hard for us to make these habitual changes.

[01:31:09] So he goes into doing it just a little bit at a time. So it’s a really, really good book for you to check out there called atomic habit. By James clear, also join us at the prosperity mindset club. This is a, a club that, we have just developed on Facebook. It is called the prosperity mindset club.

[01:31:32] And if you come and join this club every week, we’re gonna be having virtual leadership round table meetings every single week. In fact, we’re gonna be kicking off and launching that next Thursday on the 30th of June. Okay. And then in these meetings, we’re gonna be talking more about the 17 principles of success.

[01:31:51] This is all all about leadership, you know, developing leadership, adding, adding different aspects of leadership, learning different things about leadership. We’re also gonna be teaching a whole lot about the blockchain and cryptocurrency. We’re gonna be teaching about, a cryptocurrency opportunity and we all know what that is.

[01:32:10] That is going to be HyperVerse and hyper nation. So we’re gonna be talking all about that as well. And guess what, ladies and gentlemen, this is a place where it is not only for hyper members, but it is also for a place for you to bring your prospects. So if you bring your prospects and invite them into this group and into this club, then they can get a chance to see, hear all the things that we’re doing in this dynamic industry called the cryptocurrency and blockchain.

[01:32:39] They get a chance to get a feel of what’s happening in this industry. Okay. And once they do that, And they see how prevalent it is and how important it is for them to have in their lives. Then we can perhaps close the deal. Okay. When you wanna get them in the hyper, this is a way for you to close the deal, because they’re gonna be able to get a glimpse of what we are doing in this awesome dynamic community.

[01:33:03] Okay. So I believe this is the only place that is actually, that that’s available right now. That’s open to not just hyper members, but is also open to all of your prospects and anybody else, whether they’re a hyper member or not. And once you get them in front of us in this community, at this club, trust me is gonna be a dynamic place and their lives are gonna be changed.

[01:33:26] And again, I’m very, very passionate about technology and this new rising trend technology called the blockchain. I’m very, very passionate about, which is the reason why I created this club so that we can begin to teach people more and more about this industry and bring people in to expose them to this industry that are not a part of hyper.

[01:33:47] And then once they do become a part of hyper, they’ll get more and more exposure from our, our Mars academy and other different, means of education that we are gonna have within hyper. So just bring ’em all into the club, come on and join the club yourself. We’re launching the leadership round table on, Thursday of next week.

[01:34:07] All right. So there you go. You can go to prosperity mindset, club.com, and that will take you to the exact space you need to go to in order for you to join the club. So come don’t join the club. I can tell you how these guys, they’re not very successful. They’ve got 190 people who have joined their club, in case you’re wondering why I didn’t know my pace password it’s cause I use a different browser when I’m doing these recordings and I didn’t have my password in there.

[01:34:32] Anyway. I’ve now looked at this club, I’m going to join it and see what information we get fed. Point in join the club and bring your other people and your prospects with you. All right. So thank you very much for listening to me. I appreciate you allowing me the time to kind of feed and dump into you.

[01:34:48] And as Napoleon hill says, wherever the mind can concede and believe the mind can achieve. So thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, Tami, Tami. Fabulous. Right? Del can just spotlight both of us as, as well, please. Thank you, Tami. What can I say? I knew you’d knock it out the park. And that was only principle number 17, man.

[01:35:12] We we’d probably have to do a nice series of this going through all 17 principles of success, but you absolutely nailed it today. Finally, because listening to you and I’m making lots of notes. I remember back in November, 2019, when our very first one, I first saw this opportunity. do you want me to add, I think you had your front, let, just, yeah.

[01:35:33] Somebody keeps clicking. Somebody keeps clicking. Yeah, I’m clicking at the same time with somebody else. Me do this. let me see if I can find, tell, just say stay there a second. I’m gonna just get you on now. Oh, there we go. Same people as normal. There you go, Tami. I again, no, hold on a second, Tami. I need to just find you on, my gallery’s not the right one.

[01:35:56] Let me search. She’s the one with the ship mic blue. Y I’ve got you both on the, you keep clicking off for some reasons

[01:36:10] for everyone. Okay. Just a second. Sorry guys. I just wanna get Tami on the screen as well with us. I’ve got you both on the screen. Okay. First, Dale, you gotta just spotlight for everyone, then you can S spotlight both of us B. That’s what I did. Yeah, Tami. Thanks, Dale. but no, I remember when I very first saw this opportunity.

[01:36:28] I’ve been 30, I dunno, 34 plus years in business for myself. so I haven’t had a paycheck for 36 years. I dunno how I got through 34 years. I dunno how I got through or, I mean, ups and downs over the last, 34 years seeing a couple of recessions seeing them off as well. been in the, the space of multi-level marketing.

[01:36:50] So I’ve been exposed to personal development, Napoleon hill course Robins and there’s brown and some of the great trainers I’ve been in the audience taking notes. But I just, I think when I first saw this opportunity, Tami, I realized that I had habits that needed to be replaced or, or just changed and, you know, you talked about time keeping, my time keeping wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.

[01:37:15] but I knew that my commitment level, my focus had to improve. So I didn’t want to have anything around me as an excuse as to why I’m gonna be late or why I can’t attend. And I made a commitment. And you said 45 days, John Coby, Steven Coby, actually. but you said 45 days. And I remember when I first started this, journey in November, 2019, I knew I had to get past the first couple of months to develop that habit.

[01:37:46] Like, I dunno how many webinars, leaderships trainings, technical trainings probably well over 1,500, maybe almost, maybe over two, 2000 that I’ve been on. If I include all the zoom calls or the leadership calls or the testimony, you know, calls where I’ve just jumped on to be, to, to do a testimony probably well over two to two and a half thousand, but you know what, Tami, I’ve never been late for my webinars or leadership.

[01:38:16] We’ve had some technical issues, but sometimes we we’ve had an issue, but we’ve got the show, on the road. And I knew that was one of my habits that had to. In order for me to achieve, you know, outstanding success or outstanding results. I had to look, be introvert, look at myself and say, what are my habits?

[01:38:37] Where have they got? Where have they got me to this point? And I identified a whole bunch of stuff that needed and look at you now, Keith, you’re probably the second biggest scammer in the world. Congratulations. It’s good to have good habits, obviously paid off for him to be changed in order for me to give myself the best possible chance here and the team and the community and this project, the best possible chance.

[01:39:03] So listening to the, the, principles, the, of the 17th habit, many of those resonate with me, speaks volumes. Cause I knew that I had to put a lot of those things into play in order to be consistent here focused. you talk about faith as well, which obviously is aligned as well with belief, but it starts with faith.

[01:39:28] Yes. Especially on the new project. And, no, it’s brilliant to just listen to the training today and what you’ve just literally laid out. And again, this is a Bolton. Thank you very much for promoting Bolton club as well with prosperity club. Oh my God. That’s gonna be very helpful. That’s great for our members.

[01:39:45] The ones that, I mean, of course we’re going through a turbulent time right now, but it’s not. I mean, if you think about the industry, we’re coping, we’re getting through it. We have a plan. What I love is that we actually have a plan, whereas many other businesses there, there’s no plan. They’re they’re, you know, they’re here to date gone tomorrow.

[01:40:03] Apple many are starting up now with very little, in terms. Foundation or background. It’s just a wonderful idea. So let’s go off and make a lot more tokens, a lot of, crypto, but you, and I know that there’s a lifespan for those opportunities. Cause in the two and a half years that we’ve been together, we’ve seen what dozens and dozens of companies come and go promising the earth and not delivering.

[01:40:30] So, it’s a joy to have you on today. Delivering training today. Can you stay, around for a few minutes, we’re gonna take a few, of our members. We’re gonna answer some questions. I’m sure they’re gonna Christian and answer time. My favorite, well delivered very professional. We’ll get you back. Can you promise to come back as well?

[01:40:50] Absolutely. I’ve got 17 principles and like I said, you know, we covered this thing each principal for the span of, you know, three or four weeks. So there’s so, I mean, even when I deliver today, it’s just a little tip off the, you know, the scratches, the surface, even with this 17th principle, I mean, I could just go so, so deep, so much deeper into that.

[01:41:08] So definitely I would love to come back what I’ll say for all the members that if it goes any deeper, it just becomes a big, deep hole. We’re gonna make the recordings available tomorrow. We’re gonna have to, turn the volume up slightly because your micro and every time you, you sort of leave back, then we lost some exactly what I was saying.

[01:41:28] Keith it’s because she’s got a bloody blue yetty microphone that made for people who play musical instruments, not for people who are trying to be frigging podcasters. Look at my mic, look how beautiful my mics. And I wanna be really loud. Look at me like a DJ. If I wanna be, this is the proper microphone to get.

[01:41:46] If you want to be a professional. Okay. Sound so you got, I mean, you’ve got all the equipment. I’m just got all the shit equipment. I’m just talking to a camera here, but which is better. And using headphones would’ve even been better. Okay. If you ever need a hand, let me know. once you, we could pick up everything that you’re saying, but, oh, I’m sorry.

[01:42:09] So we can, we can adjust the volumes on the recording. So guys look out for the recording. As from tomorrow, I’ll get Dale, the technicians who, adjust the volume so that you can hear everything, but, you can actually do that because, it’s a zoom meeting. It’s so one, it doesn’t have, separate layers, to adjust her volume and not keeps, if we turn hers up, we turn Keiths up and it’ll just become a nightmare.

[01:42:32] So right now the technical department will be going. We can’t do that yet. Idiot. Can you just adjust my, yeah. Yeah, your mic is fine. It’s just, if you, if you’re too far away from it, we don’t pick up everything. It’s because it’s a dynamic. You need a dynamic microphone, not a, a con I forget. Can’t even say a con con starts with, see, there was research on blue, ye microphones.

[01:42:55] You need dynamic microphone for talking. That’s a musical microphone. let me put into gallery view. I know that we don’t have one or two hands. This phrase, guys, we will finish in the next sort of 15 to 20 minutes. No, they won’t because I can see it’s a two hour 55 minute recording. Ah, maybe 30 minutes, max.

[01:43:16] I want you to show your appreciation for the train that you just saw today. Wow. Look, how many hands that have been raised. And as I said, guys, uh,

[01:43:32] we’re giving you this cause, you, you know, it’s really about mindset right now, getting through these times. And, you know, Tami’s been here from day , Tami, Tami, you got, Mario there. Wow. He’s got your t-shirt as well. No, one’s, waving their hands and support, getting through these tough times, tough times, belonging to a company that doesn’t do anything they say they’re going to do.

[01:43:49] And then they’re gonna re-skin the whole company and do it again and scam a whole lot of new people. And the only way that you’re gonna get into that is by, paying more money. And hopefully one day you’ll be able to use your H hu dollars to buy a membership in hyper nation, which is theoretically the same company, but they’ve taken the money, set up new systems and processes, and they think they’ve got their systems right this time.

[01:44:14] And they want you to reinvest in the company that doesn’t pay you out. Any rewards. I love it. so what I’m gonna do, ladies and Jones, we’ve got 30 minutes to go. We are gonna finish at the top of the hour, two hours. I’m going to work from the lines and let’s see who we have up up first. Let’s see who let’s do this down.

[01:44:34] let’s see. And we’ve got first look top of the tree. Uh Mario’s top Mario. We got, Mario, but what I’m gonna do is I’m going to ask Dr. Kay to say a few words, because I’m gonna spotlight you also got, I spotlight him already. Are you? Yeah. let me get out gallery view then and go into, speak of you.

[01:45:01] Yeah. Boom. Thank you. Kay. Thank you, Keith, for the great opportunity you introduced me to, I cannot say enough about what you did when I came in first. I didn’t know anything. And I know I had me and with me in the background, I didn’t want to bring her yet, but I got in and I know she’s gonna check out everything.

[01:45:26] She is an amazing, amazing influencer in the financial. Presentation. I know her background and that’s why I told you, Keith, I have somebody special and you and Robert at that time, were wondering what’s going on. But we were just two of us, but I got your link. I joined and he said, well, you don’t want to know anything.

[01:45:52] I said, no, because I know Tami is coming behind me. She’s gonna check you out really good. she will not fail. Believe me. And she is absolutely right. What she said. We have been in few blockchain opportunities. We didn’t want to quit until we get the one. And we got the one finally for the last two years or three years.

[01:46:15] So I’m very, very excited to present you, our great leader. She’s just become our queen of the community in my opinion, and watch out for Tami. When she wear her real dress, she’s very serious. She never fails. She’s an amazing friend for many, many years guys. And I cannot be thankful that I did my mission and vision to bring her on board here, hand her to Keith, a great leader for many years with me and the, the rest is history.

[01:46:51] OK. We’ve been manager 25 years. Wow. A lot better. Thank you. Me, my friend, Keith, and welcome Tami to the top of this opportunity. We are proud of you. You knocked it way out of the world. You better believe it. Thank you guys. And enjoy it and hi to everybody and welcome to the community, the best community in the world.

[01:47:15] Guys. I didn’t imagine even we gonna have that many beautiful faces and smiling faces and happy faces. Keith, I cannot thank you enough, buddy. I appreciate you. And I love. And thank you, Tami again, and love you too. Thank thank you. Okay, brilliant. I, we got up next. I think Mario is up next. See? Yeah.

[01:47:41] Kill all the regulars. We lost down. There you go. My mic’s off. He’s just, phone’s ping God. I mean, this Mario guy is on every week. Why don’t they let some of the other people who watch speak rather than Mario, I’ve done quite a lot of these, leaked video broadcast and Mario’s always on there and all he can do is shine.

[01:48:04] The torch up Keith’s as Keith SA. Yeah. May’s Mario. Yeah, Mario’s gonna get Tisha. There you go.

[01:48:15] Mario is, she’s got two of them. Hey Mario, how you guys doing, man? I had to jump and get these shirts right away because something was in my ears buzzing that Tami eventually was going to be here on a Saturday, right next to the, the king. And the queen is right here in front of everybody. You know, when I joined HyperVerse I saw you Keith talking to some Hispanics, some Colombians, I think it was in a big group.

[01:48:42] And I was like, man, these zooms are tapped out. I’ve never seen zooms tapped out. You should go to a Jehovah’s witness broadcast oh, far fantastic. That next yet. Wow. And all the presentations that’s ever come across my lab. I’m 58 years old, young, excuse me, young. Okay. Living out of his mom’s bedroom. what a man?

[01:49:10] What a man? What a man? What a man. And the other person that caught my attention right away me was this lady right here. Okay. She speaks her mind. She is not scared. And she is. Me. She’s my sister. She’s my twin sister. Let me tell you, I wrote something here. Okay. This song, Tami, let me tell you that was awesome.

[01:49:36] And I am proud to be part of your membership. Okay. I was honored to be accepted in there and I, I strongly recommend that everybody jumps on this with this lady and this man here, you know, HyperVerse hyper. Nation’s gonna go everywhere. We’re not going anywhere. The ship is still above water. The lights are still on.

[01:50:00] I think. Yeah. Yeah, they are. Okay. My repetitive cosmic habit is training. Okay. I got in the habit to start my day by plugging into hyper, waking up smiling and going to bed. Smiling. I have hyper habits. I started every day, 45, 90 days. I am now at 156 days in this cosmic habit. Sure. Everybody that knows me knows that I am positive and I am hyper all the way.

[01:50:42] Hyper, hyper, hyper living in his mom, bedroom. You guys rock and roll. Keep going. We’re all here. And I am honored to be amongst you guys. Okay. Thank you very much, Tami. You’re beautiful as usual, and I’m always here with you. Okay? Take care. Thank you, Maria. I love you, babe. I love Maria. You cool. You’re the name?

[01:51:06] Got Jackie. Oh my God.

[01:51:15] Hey. Oh my God, Tami guys. There’s no way I could let this beautiful woman come on and I don’t see your word. Are you kidding me? And I’m smiling because guess what guys? Ah, I have the opportunity needed this lovely person for the first time in how long time

[01:51:44] guys we chill. I mean, you see what you’re seeing there. She’s exactly the same person, but I must say way more beautiful than you could possibly imagine. Oh, okay. And when she speaks, oh God, it’s from the heart. What you hearing today, guys? She’s living it. I’ve seen it. It, it is just wonderful. I mean, no one could get me out of bed this early this morning.

[01:52:12] no one else. I’m in a different time zone. I went to bed like 1:00 AM and I was out at six this morning. Actually I was up at five 30 to make sure I’m on Tami. You know, I love you. Oh my God. I’ve never met another individual. just capture my heart. It’s you? You? Oh boy. Oh, you gotta get out more seriously.

[01:52:34] You do. You’ve gotta get away from the computer screen and go out and engage with people. You’ve been locked inside your apartment for the last couple of years, and it’s time to lead the wings out and go outside, meet some real people and get away from these internet scammers. Okay. Check. I’m getting so emotional.

[01:52:50] Oh, but you are well guys, just listen to what she’s saying. Okay. Listen, brainwash yourself. Listen to it. Go back to Tami’s repeated jargon from somewhere else and listen to it again. And again, hit, repeat, hit, repeat, subscribe to my YouTube. Gentle. Listen to it again. Jump on her calls. When every time you have the op jump, jump, need a song.

[01:53:13] Don’t we? One of those jump in opportunity. Cause once you do that, you’re going nowhere. And I noticed in there someone was saying who’s Tami. Well, if you didn’t know who she was before, damn, I think you know now. Okay, Keith, you know, I love you. So I’m not even gonna go there. I’m not even gonna go there today is about time.

[01:53:35] You already got it all. So, Tami, thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. And look seeing a couple days yes, for sure. I mean, it was, it was really, I mean, it was the moment that I was waiting for and just to kind don’t you love that mic she’s using don’t ever buy a blue yetty mic just saying she’s got the gain up too high and all the background noises coming through when she speaks it, it’s really annoying.

[01:53:56] If you’re a podcaster like myself and you listen to somebody using a crap microphone, don’t ever buy a blue, blue yetty and let you know about the relationship that Jackie and I had developed virtually. It was like, when she knew that I was gonna be in California, she’s like, I am meeting you there. And she got a ticket to meet me in California.

[01:54:15] And then when I, we saw each other, it was like, we were long, lost, get a room. Get off the frigging chat. We wanna get some people that aren’t happy and can’t get their withdrawals out. Come on, Keith. That hadn’t seen each other for like years. Yeah. I mean, people had their cameras up to kind of just, they wanted to capture the moment of what we would do and we just hugged and hugged and loved on each other the whole time.

[01:54:41] And it was just like, really just, it was phenomenal. You like it really, you know, I just love you so much. It’s like, you know, and it’s so real. It’s not like a, you know, a fleeting thing. It’s very real, you’re just a beautiful person. And we just, we just clicked like that, you know? And I just, I just love you and thank you for meeting me in California.

[01:54:58] And I can’t wait for you to get over here to New York so we can be the get I’m right way. I’m on my just waiting for some withdrawals to come through and I’m on a plane and I come and I come and see you, Tami. You, you Jackie, when I get my withdrawals, I’ll come and see you. You’ll be safe. Don’t worry.

[01:55:13] I’ll never turn up. Cause I’m never gonna get my withdrawals way. Bye, please. I beg you guys just listen to everywhere that this lady spoke about today. Okay. it’s as real as it gets. And if you put everything she said into perspective, I guarantee you, this is when you’ll know you’re at the right place at the right time.

[01:55:33] And we’re not going anywhere. We are not going anywhere. We can’t leave hotel, California. You can chicken, but you can never leave. Just gonna flourish. Thank you. Thank you so much, Tami. Keith and D of course. Ah, it’s great. We’ve got my Jewish iPhone. Hey. Hello. Good morning. How you guys doing how are you?

[01:55:58] Good morning. I’m doing super extra fantastic. He looks like an eman him. Doesn’t he? Okay. So I, I wanted to take some time to, to thank you. Okay. For, your leadership, your, the. Nation. But, today I wanted to say thank you to Tami. Oh, even though that’s, that was the first time I heard from her.

[01:56:23] And, as, someone who is being learning from network marketing for so long, I can tell you I’ve been listening to great leader, but, today she nail it. And I think I cannot, take off notes from, all the beautiful things she had to say. And I hope, we all gonna be able to, start practicing this habit and we can change what we have to do another forest to make it happen.

[01:56:54] But Keith, I, I don’t know if I’m allowed to ask one question. This is good. I love when people ask questions when they dunno if they’re allowed to or not hope it’s a goodie. Come on, mate. Ah, since is it’s leadership. Okay. watch Keith, you normally get his, but checks and keeps them really close together about now this is gonna be good.

[01:57:16] This is gonna be good. You remember two, two and a half months ago when I start, I told you I was gonna take it seriously, and now I’m a poor on my way to one you want.

[01:57:31] But, the problem is a few, of my leaders, from a few of them I’ve been, asking to stop a little bit building until I see, some change I wanted to ask you, as a leader, what would be, the right move? Should I wait? put a hold on my building strategy or wait until we know exactly where we’ve gone.

[01:58:01] Where have you been made for the last two? Three, four weeks. Keith is continuously telling people to keep signing up newbies, even though now they’re going to turn. Basically turn HyperVerse off, but that’s what he told you to do. You should have been listening. You don’t even need to listen to the answer.

[01:58:20] Hasn’t changed his strategy. Has he? Maybe he is, there’s a solution in place. So I would say, you know, clay and I did the training about a month ago and the position’s gonna be totally up to every single member. You know, I won’t until, or I will, until you have to decide which camp you’re in. If you’re in it, I will until then you carry on because there’s a solution for all new members.

[01:58:42] And there’s a pathway also, if they want to go across to hyper nation, but nothing changes. They’re gonna have a solution for the existing community. That’s maybe want sustain HyperVerse, but plans that are gonna be presented to us for hyper nation. So again, I would say, depend on how you feel, but, I would say if you are happy, with hyper, then you continue.

[01:59:08] you know, I love that Dr. Jay, we will until, so you just like to kinda what I think presentations are still going ahead. We’ve got technic training tomorrow. We are technical training this morning with business as usual. That’s the bottom line. So what he is basically saying is he’s on a train and it’s packed of people that haven’t been fed for a long time, and they’re really, really hungry.

[01:59:32] Okay. And everything about this train is a disaster. They don’t have any destination, they don’t have any purpose. Did you like what I did with that, Tami? And now they’ve actually told you that what we’ve done is we’ve built an identical train track, right beside HyperVerse. And we’ve got a, a new train with new staff, new destinations.

[02:00:00] but if you want to go on that new train, then you need to come up with another ticket and you, we are gonna keep both trains going. But do you wanna be on the new shiny train and leave your debt behind? Or do you wanna be on both trains and have two purposes and two directions? It’s quite simple.

[02:00:25] Really? Isn’t it. Both trains are going to crash. Yeah. So let’s carry on. Sorry. Had to, okay. Thank you so much. You’re welcome. Thank you so much. I’ll read that. No, P five star. Yes we can bro. Oh, sorry. Alfreda. We come to you afterwards. We’ve got another V I P five. Sorry to Trump. You like this? Dale did that anyway.

[02:00:48] So Val, she’s waiting patiently. but we’ll come to you next. Okay. Hey, thank you. Hi Keith, everyone. I, I had to come on, you know, I, haven’t met Tami personally as yet, but, we speak as if we know each other. I’m always up at one, two o’clock at night and I started this, way back in. I’m just gonna go get a drink while she’s complimenting her wonderful TA years, August, 2020, when I, got onto her, amazing presentations.

[02:01:30] Now I just wanna say, Tami, you smashed it out out of Wembley. that’s our big stadium here. you smashed it. you know, I’ve been around since August, 2020. And let me tell you, there has never been, and there will not be another opp opportunity like this. And, you spoke about having faith. This is the same.

[02:02:01] We’ve gotta have the faith that this is it’s religion. It’s a cult it’s blown bla brain washing, not like red bull. It’s gonna come through and it will. I feel it in my bones. Everything’s okay. And, we, I feel this, my veins. Have you ever tried the, the, watermelon red bull? Beautiful. You drink it and you feel it going through your veins have to just keep on doing, because you always have to have dry season as well as the reaping season.

[02:02:37] And this is, we are going through a bit of dry season. She’s repeating everything that I’ve told her to say. She’s a good girl, this one at a moment, but that’s okay. That’s the time for us to give praise and thanks to God because he runs pons Ponzi schemes. Doesn’t he? Yes. God is sitting on his golden throne and he’s saying let’s helping guide these people through these tricky times and let help them make lots of money and scam a lot of the money from the poor people and give it to the rich.

[02:03:05] And I just wanna say thank you for, doing that training today on the cosmic habitual, habit, because, think and grow rich is one of the books that I was, given to read almost 20 odd, 30 years ago. And, I know it’s changed my life and I’m still having to go over the principles to relearn and learn a lot of them.

[02:03:35] and I thank you for today’s teaching because it really just, you know, we cannot grow. We, oh God. Do they bring in the same people every week? Have you guys not noticed that that couple was on last week and they’ve got them on here again? I mean, talk about picking who you want to brainwash people. I mean, you’ve got all these V I P five people who have made a ton of money.

[02:04:00] and every now and again, they get one straggler in that hasn’t been on here every week who gets to speak. What about the other thousand people that you can bring onto these meetings? Why don’t they let those people speak? It’s just stupid. I get so sick and tired of actually, watching this crap go on.

[02:04:16] What do you think, Mr. H? Hm. All right. Back to the, the meetings, whatever she was talking about, I’ve forgotten already. She’s just praising everyone for being a scammer. We cannot grow any further than where our personal development is. Ah, so this is a time for people to get out their books and listen to their tapes and tap into leadership and, you know, do all the training.

[02:04:40] I, I, I’m part of a group that does, oh, look, I just gotta say, as I said earlier on, if you need this stuff to train your brain, this is not the right profession for you. Buries, spread bull people that have to continuously learn stuff to be the person they want to be, be yourself. You know, be a true entrepreneur, start doing something, get a product or a service, put a price tag on it, sell it to somebody.

[02:05:11] Use the same techniques you’ve learned in this HyperVerse thing and use it to apply into a business. Don’t think for a minute that you can invest money and it instantly turns into a profit. And that is what you call a business. That is not a business. This is stupid stuff. If you think that that’s how business works.

[02:05:35] Look, you break. You have cash in the bank. You have property as an asset, and then you maybe dabble on the share market. The share market is not the same as the crypto market. Put some crypto, if you want. But don’t put it into a, get rich, quick scheme where you have no control of your money. I mean, what Keith is about to tell you about the new membership plans is just, like I said before, a brand new shiny train is turning up beside you, and they’re asking you to leap over and join that train as well to go through the same crash and burn, rinse, and repeat, theories.

[02:06:13] And you are sitting here, that’s been brainwashed into thinking that this is the right way to go question what is happening in your head. Go speak to some people that aren’t involved in crypto, amazing train and personal development training as well. and you know, you have to, personal development takes you to the next level.

[02:06:34] So I wanna thank you, Tami. Awesome, awesome training today. Yeah. Next day. Very clear. Concise. Oh, it’s awesome. You delivered it. It was the best I’ve ever heard. Well, not amazing. The young lady keep up the great work. Thank you, Keith, as well for being there for sticking with it and being solid. Everyone I trust you.

[02:06:54] and we are here together. don’t care what others are saying. We’re here. Yeah, because, my God all is well, thank you. Thank you. I appreciate you. I love, you know, Alfreda, we’re gonna go to Alfred next, then we’re gonna go to happy and PRI in Canada. Thank you. But you know, you know, Tami, you know, I was thinking once he’s doing your training and, you know, we’ve got a great, great group of leaders here.

[02:07:22] We’ve still got a solid community and you know, we, we are gonna lose one or two. Who’ve maybe lost faith and lost belief. But, if, if you are in a team and you have out of a million people, you’ve only lost one or two haven’t, you got 450 VIP people at the moment that you’re trying to entice to spend 10,000 U S D T to invest in HYN.

[02:07:45] Really or a hundred thousand dollars, a hundred thousand new SDT. He wants people to spend, to buy a bloody NFT so they can be over, at hyper nation. And they are illusion of few. Are you talking about Keith? I was talking about called P Patal wonder what he’s doing at the moment. I have a video on my YouTube channel showing you exactly what Cal peach is doing at the moment.

[02:08:11] Maybe you’re up on your sponsor. Maybe they’re putting you under pressure to go somewhere else. Be very careful of following any individual they can take. Did you, what I said, they’re so worried about when hyper one come out would theoretically has nothing to do with this. Some smart Alex decided to copy, basically HyperVerse and start up hyper one.

[02:08:31] And then they said that Sam Lee and Ryan have been dis crumbled with HyperVerse and hyper fun, hyper capital and hyper nation. And they’ve jumped ship and started hyper one. You should have seen Kish and Keith trying to tell and warn people not to jump ship. They are worried about losing people in the community because they are there because they are scamming you, you from one deal to another bounce, you here and there.

[02:08:57] And at the end of it, you’ll be spinning around not knowing what to do to come back, to stay with them. I would say to you be very, be very mindful of jumping around from one deal to another. There you go. NLP training membership. One, one jump membership, two, two jump hyper nation three jump. They’ve got jumps within their own organization and theoretically hyper nation.

[02:09:21] And HyperVerse are now not the same entity. Listening to what I’ve been hearing. It will not serve you well. it will not serve you well with your team. Yes. Thank you, Whitney. And what you’ll do is you’ll find that the individual or individuals you’ve been following had their own motivation for influencing and trying to get you to come with them.

[02:09:42] And I’ve seen it already. I’ve got my ears very close to the ground. There’s no point in bouncing from one opportunity to another, in a space of weeks. And then there’s another one shows up and someone else is moving you somewhere. So he is telling you to go to hyper nation in the very next breath. What?

[02:10:01] No, I, in my book, you might as well stay here and see this one out that’s me that I live by because it’s all about commitment. Titanic comes to mind and, being loyal and, just, staying true to the community, self Rita unit, your next. All right. Thank you, Tami. That was off the chain. It, it, you know, it’s like, I, I came on here.

[02:10:29] I’m like, well, what are they gonna say today? Oh, well another brainwash victim. And I a actually, I, I, I’m embarrassed to admit, I’ve never read that book, but I’m gonna read it now. I’ll, I’ll put it on so I can listen to it virtually, but that the, the things that you were saying, like being late to work, I every day, every day, and I, I have heard that that’s a form of rebellion when you’re, when you’re late, because that’s within your control.

[02:11:03] And it is, it is rebellion for me with my job because I, I don’t wanna be there, but, you know, to these, events and things, I’m here, I’m on point. I’m happy, I’m smiling. And you know, just the, the principles that you, you brought out. I E even the exercising, it was like, just practice putting the clothes on.

[02:11:30] It’s like, I, I can, I can do, and I have to do it that way, you know, because I just tried to start a, what do you call it? It’s w waist abs and peach, but it’s like turbo and I’m going from zero to turbo, you know? And so, you know, all of those concepts that you said, you know, I’m gonna listen to them again.

[02:11:54] I’m gonna send ’em to my daughter, you know, and other people, you know, so I thought that was great. And I just thought of something that somebody else said, you know, he was asking, should we stop what we’re doing? Or the progress? in, in Ohio, we’ve had a lot of rain and the grass has been growing, growing, growing, but now we’re, we’re getting ready to go through a drought.

[02:12:18] So what’s gonna happen to my grass. If I stop watering it, just, it’s gonna die to die, gone. And, and the same thing with, with this business, you know, if we stop watering this business, if we stop feeding our minds, it’s going to die. And so, you know, with what you said today. Oh my gosh. That was just, that was just so incredible.

[02:12:42] I was so excited about all the, the things I agreed with with everything that you put on that page. And I took pictures. so thank you so much. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. Thank you so much. Wow. We got, Prya and happy VIP five star outta Toronto. It Toronto. Are you close to Toronto or you in Toronto?

[02:13:05] Well, just a little out of Toronto, but okay. Ontario, thank you for jumping on, you know it, I’m sure you got spring light weather now and I’m sure your snow’s completely gone. like we had a hot summer, which is beautiful. Nothing like when Tami talked about the seasons and that the tree with there, no leaves and the, and the bra just branches, it was like, oh, so there is a winter and in crypto, we’re in our winter right now.

[02:13:33] Let’s be honest, everyone. That’s where we are right now. Yeah. So, you know, we should be used to this sort of thing. firstly, Keith, thank you. Thank you. You’re so much, you just turn up all the time for all of us. And what more do we want now? The lady here, Tami Jackson. Wow. I feel like I’ve known her forever.

[02:13:55] I have spoken to her. She has been on our calls. Sometimes we just have a little to talk about, and it’s been amazing. Something a little about Tami here. She didn’t know that when we started with our gie unknowingly, she was the lady who changed my life. Remember we used to acquire memberships with 300 and that was where I was at.

[02:14:24] And just one day Tami said, you know what? My sweet spot is 2000 and oh my God, Tami, you know it, we’ve told you this so many times you changed the way we looked at things. It’s just beautiful. And today this synchronicity, we have a new V I P five star in hyper Tracy and bar and he took time out. Last Sunday on father’s day, three showings of think and grow rich.

[02:15:00] Oh, how crazy is this? And he invited everyone. He had it on his zoom and he said, you know what? It’s on at these three times, whoever can make it come watch it. And here you are talking about it. Wow. Everything you talked about, you know, it hits all it really does. And thank you for being our role model.

[02:15:23] Thank you for being our, our teacher. You know, you guided me through and through. And of course, Jackie, I’m jealous. You met Tami, Tami and I are to meet one day. But thank you. The other thing I wanna say is that this company has had our back it’s as simple as that happy, I would like, first of all, just a big, thank you to Keith.

[02:15:47] Thank you for whatever you do, everything you do for the whole team and Tami Jackson and Jackie, honestly just holding the floor and what you did today was tremendous. It was just so much knowledge and you know, it was so powerful and you know, Keith, you mentioned one thing, nothing has changed. And you know why I say that we logged in half an hour before and was the call was maxed out.

[02:16:10] So what has changed? Nothing.

[02:16:15] Yeah. That focus towards what’s going this well, theoretically, they have a million members and 1000 of them bothered to tune in once a week. So what does that tell you? It tells you that they don’t have a million users. If you want my opinion, they have a million associates. They’re connected to other people who are connected to other people and they’ve edit all that up.

[02:16:36] And they said, we’ve got a million users. Now it’s all crap company is delivering. We know where we are as long as we are a family and a community together, there’s we are UNS STOPP. As simple as that happy, good point. I mean, I know happy that I’ve gotta be here 45 minutes to an hour before we start. So I don’t just show up at three o’clock and then try and get it all.

[02:16:59] And that’s when Tami talks about being late an hour, I had to discipline myself. So I’m on time, not like on the right time, but half an hour to 45 minutes before the call starts. So everything’s in place. I’ve been doing it for two and a half years.

[02:17:20] just lastly, I, I know in my heart of hearts, things are gonna get bigger and better. Just keep patient everyone. Very exciting. Yes. We’re getting there very exciting times right now. Leave the lies by them enough time to get away with the money. You’ll see some major changes as they grow up, major changes happen nation and also take care of no, no, no, no.

[02:17:41] Not major changes, no hyper versus staying exactly the same. Listen to your own words, Keith, the only changes are, is they’re setting up a brand new company over to the side here, a new brand new train. As I mentioned, and encouraging everyone to switch tra chain trains, or be on the same train, but nothing’s changing.

[02:17:58] HyperVerse, it’s just promises after promises of people hoping to get their money out. These people are too invested, not to unin invests. They have to hang on to hope. And that’s the message that you’ve been saying. Them have hope weather, the storm be a, a true leader, be strong, all those things that people know that they have to be in case hyper versus, corporate team to start having oodles of money and being able to pay off everyone.

[02:18:28] And all they’re really wanting to do is give everyone their initial investment back. And theoretically you’ve been watching Tron payments of people getting their money back. How much are the transactions that you’re talking. That would be interesting because are they 300, $400 that you can see in the train trend, transcripts, whatever you call them.

[02:18:50] I don’t think they will be, there’ll be big lumps of money going to the V I P five people payments. That’s gonna happen, guys, whether you are here with us or not, it will be rolled out and things will start to improve. They have a plan less enough for me.

[02:19:13] thank so much, so much. Thanks guys. VIP five bill. How are you sir? Not yet. So VIP four, almost the IP five. Okay. All right. Still working on it, but that’s how I, I am a VIP five. Thanks for saying that. Keith you’re. So to be a V IP five, that means bill would’ve had to scam, 2000 people. And then he becomes a V I P five, and he’s still telling people to buy HyperVerse memberships.

[02:19:45] so basically HyperVerse are taking money in the front door. In the meantime, people have been stuffing their boots as Keith would say, and taking money out the vault, but they’re still encouraging people to invest in. HyperVerse there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that HyperVerse is gonna stop anyone, getting their times, you know, their rewards and all the rewards that are continuously calculating right now are just gonna go off to affinity and no one’s ever gonna get paid.

[02:20:13] Those there’s no doubt, but these guys are quite happy to still promote HyperVerse to their, to people and get people to sign up and buy these memberships. I just think that is unethical to existence. It’s gonna that’s right. That’s right. Oh, Tami, what a wonderful training. I love that pause of your training today.

[02:20:36] I really needed to hear that.

[02:20:41] Changed my life. And, and I find myself, that’s something I struggle with all my life is I wouldn’t say drip. I, I, I run really fast without a purpose sometimes. And, and, and, and this, this community and your leadership, you’ve always been here solid Keith, you know, the leadership Saturdays, this has helped give me, like, focus around what my purpose is.

[02:21:04] And, and we’re, we’re so grateful for that. And, and, and so I just wanted to get on and say, thank you, Tami, an amazing training and congratulations to Tracy. What an amazing accomplishment V five and happy and Priya, you guys are amazing. just so much, so many friends here and, and we’re excited.

[02:21:24] We’re still building, you know, we had someone, one of just to share an experience of how they’re resolving the issues. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that they’re giving us MOF reduced when we exchange it. And I had someone who hadn’t done the withdrawal and they did their withdrawal and it went through and wonder how much he got paid to say that.

[02:21:43] Okay. Tell us, tell us the whole story, mate, suck this into your brain. People who are waiting to get the money up, they made, they took it to who, and they were like, wow. You know, then yeah. So, oh, bad. So that’s one, that’s one way of giving back, as well. As I said, guys, they have solutions. They got ideas in place to get us through this winter.

[02:22:01] And that’s good enough for me, as I said, I’d rather be here with these guys. Who’ve proven have had the experience with the winter of 2013, 14 for Bitcoin was a very bad time for the. But they start through it. They, you know, if you just watch next blockchain, you’ll see what they had to go through. So, you know, I think they’re well experienced to, to tackle what we’ve got right now and just to have ideas on how to get through.

[02:22:28] Brilliant. Absolutely. Brilliant. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks cam. Love you guys checks in the mail bill, bill, bill don’t. do a YouTube video and drink red bull at the same time. Two reasons. you get burpees mm-hmm and pronunciation becomes very square and hard to get the words out correctly. Thank you, bill.

[02:22:50] Thanks bill of you. See bill? Bye. Hey. Hi Keith. Hi, haven’t seen Donna before. She’s new. Hello, Tami. Hello, Donna. How are you? I am wonderful. So good to see you guys. Thank you so so much, you know what, those of you who are, were kind confused. Oh, she’s getting eaten, eaten by the zoom zoom, zoom locks. VO. I can’t even say the word I’m thinking.

[02:23:21] Red bull. Just about the question of who’s Tami in the chat. if you’re in her Wednesday night, presentations you’ll know what that’s all about. That’s kind of become a, a branding for you now. and I love it. but thank you so much. Do you know the vortex of zoom? That’s what I was trying to say. I’m just gonna play with the, the lady’s head next door.

[02:23:44] So. It’s make you feel at home as a, as a, fellow educator and trainer. I wanna just thank you for the preparation it takes to do something like this. you know, I was just thinking yesterday, I was, I had taught a lesson and the night before I was preparing for it and it was like the end of the night, I was completely exhausted.

[02:24:06] So tired. I just had to keep pushing through, pushing through, to finish this PowerPoint because I had to do it in the morning and I, you know, so the, it came time for me to teach it and it was like, it was over. And I was like, oh my gosh, like all that preparation that it takes in order to be able to, to present and to educate people.

[02:24:26] So I just wanna thank you for that, because I know that it does take a lot in preparation. I appreciate you guys so much. And you know, we’re taught in, in the, if, if you listen in the presentation, there’s that line and I don’t know what it is exactly, but, I think there’s a new NFT coming out. That’s gonna be a, a black lady with a scarf wonder where they get the inspiration from about you.

[02:24:50] Those who learn then teach. I think you, you guys know that cuz you’re yes. and so, you know, teaching this, what you’re teaching Tami, it requires if you’re teaching it, it requires that you have had to do this yourself or you have to change yourself. Yes. Right. So I just wanna thank you for, you know, your’re a beautiful woman, your integrity, your, just all of the knowledge that you are so willing to share with us and what we are receiving through.

[02:25:25] HyperVerse in education. I’ve said this from the beginning, when I started was, is just way beyond any of our memberships. And I’m so thankful for that. I’m thankful for you guys. I’m thankful for this community. I have learned so so much. And I’m, you know, I’m teaching a little bit more now myself and, just love it.

[02:25:44] I’m just so thankful. I cannot miss a call as much as I can. So thank, thank you very much. Thank you. We’re one big family and we know we get together on these calls and we see people, your faces names, and we are one big family, one community. And that’s the spirit here. That’s the love that you have here.

[02:26:03] There’s relationships that’s been developed over the last two, two and a half years. Tremendous relations. People are flying around the world to meet each other for the first time. Can you tell me another community where that happened? It doesn’t happen. The J’s witnesses. it’s amazing. Just say I’ll check in.

[02:26:20] Wow. Love it. Okay. We have step. How are you?

[02:26:33] Hi, I’m good. Can you hear me? Okay. hi. Hello, step. Hi, how me? Hi. I can tell me and hello to the community from St. Lucia. glad we got there way other way. I wanna thank you very much for giving us such fantastic presence every Saturday. You know, it’s just so nice to be able to open the box and eat all these lovely gifts come out.

[02:26:53] I just want to share something I just want to share something briefly. this happened a few years ago, but I think subconsciously I must have been on this on a similar wavelength all the time, because, a few years ago I made two lists, one mentor, one physical written list. I wanna help me in well on this list was I always put large and small things on this list.

[02:27:21] It doesn’t matter what, what order I put it in, but I always put it on the list. And 1, 1, 1 of the things was a laptop. I wanted to buy my own laptop visa. Which I achieved. And that was a fantastic feeling. However, where I was living, I got Burd and I never felt com very serious, very fared. Give that lady a new car there anymore.

[02:27:49] And I couldn’t remember, I rolled in a yellow PostIt note. I will, I have to, I must get out of here. And the day that I was moving and I took that PostIt note off the bedside table. Oh my gosh, that was just such a fantastic feeling. It was great. And to this day I still have that post-it note. I have a picture of it because every now and then I look at it and remind myself, so mentally I’ve been making these notes and doing these things already, but I just, I suppose it just needed to be recognized and highlighted and reminded, you know, that these things do happen.

[02:28:29] so, you know, Tami, I want to thank you very, very much for your gift. And Keith, just keep going. Thank you. Step. Beautiful. You know, Tami, one of your law, one of your, laws today, or should I say? Yeah, one of the, laws that you covered today was the law of attraction. I love that because, yes. I’ll tell you a little story.

[02:28:50] Quick little story, everyone. I was at the event yesterday, it’s called the festival of speed. It’s good word. It’s a great with old cars and new cars and they go up a track. And, I went, yesterday, all day. I took the day off. Well, a few hours off, not the day off, but, time off K time of Kate. Now I’ve been following a certain YouTuber for a couple of years and I said, really love to meet this lady, lady she’s done amazingly well from, she has 50 million followers on Facebook, 50 million number on YouTube’, like 15 million.

[02:29:26] Tremendously successful. I’ve actually posted some of the things that she’s, done from her YouTube channel. So I thought she now resides in Dubai, but one day I might bump into her from Dubai. I might see her. You never know, but it’s just been out there. I’ve been putting it out there in the atmosphere.

[02:29:41] I’d love to one day meet her, which you believe yesterday, I was having some lunch, sat with a few guys and one of them was wearing a cat with the name of that YouTube channel. I said, oh wow. Do you follow that channel? He says, yeah, it’s, it’s my sister-in-law. I was no way really. Now this is a huge successful YouTuber with massive reach, really great personality.

[02:30:11] Lots of enthusiasm. Wow. And I’m sitting next to per sister’s husband. Oh, that’s incredibly nice. Can you guys go figure, talk about law of attraction. I’m putting it out there that this is what you’d like. Well, that was a couple of years, every, so often the feed comes through and I have a good laugh when I watch her.

[02:30:30] She’s very influential, extremely influential. So guess what? We exchanged numbers yesterday. Oh my God. He’s inly. He’s in the UK until the end of the week. She’s coming in on Thursday. Guess what? There’s a chance that we can have a lunch or something. And this is someone who I thought a year and a half ago.

[02:30:47] I’d just love to meet one day. Just her enthusiasm. Her success story on YouTube is amazing. I won’t mention name, but she’s amazing. And with 50 million followers on Facebook, a subscriber base of just, you know, 10 to 15 million on YouTube. Wow. Just to hang out, just to, you know, have a coffee or something.

[02:31:09] You never know where that will take you. You make sure that you sign her up on hyper nation, Keith, so guys, if you put it out there, it will come back. And I love that. the fact that this law of attraction does work, but you have to believe in it. If you think about, you know, they used to say we’re six degrees removed.

[02:31:29] I think we’re only two degrees removed. maybe three with social media, but I thought I’d just mentioned that law of attraction there, which is part of the 17th principle success. I thought that was a pretty good story. I couldn’t believe it. I just noticed the back of his cap and the next, next, next, next, next speaker, please.

[02:31:48] CA I got into conversation. You know what? Straight away. Oh, wow. Got into conversation. Yeah, we got you meet somebody coincidence. When you live in New Zealand, there’s only like two degrees, degrees of separation. you can literally walk down the road and bump into somebody who’s related, you know, and in the west coast of New Zealand often, into bread, Jim, it is his, sister-in-law go bigger everywhere about, think about you, be about that’s right.

[02:32:17] Good story. So crypto, Nana, how are you? Hey, Nina. I am awesome. Thank you so much. I tell you what Tami, Keith, I just, first of all, I wanted to say, I appreciate you for bringing this awesome leadership that we need for such a time as this. Yeah. This is truly spiritual, spiritual praise. The Lord. Bring out. I know it’s another one that we are in this space, that things have happened the way they happened for the golden nuggets to be brought to the forefront.

[02:32:50] Oh, they just bring out the same people every week. This lady here EMS was on last week. I mean really well, they got 15 people running these zoom meetings now. Yes. And every Saturday, since all the change and everything there’s been, I can’t wait to get here. I mean, I’ve been on leadership training ever since I started and.

[02:33:11] 2020, but I’m telling you, since these changes, God has revealed some new nuggets that need to shine some how to scam people, how to scam your brother and sister Jehovah. Let’s show you the way these are Satan’s children and, and it’s been happening all along. So my, my gratitude first to you, Keith, for bringing this, and I tell you, I send, I believe this leadership training is right now is most important than anything else that’s happening inside of hyper inside our lives.

[02:33:44] Really tell you.

[02:33:51] So I first wanna thank you for that. And Tami, I hope I wasn’t overacting. Then I just thought I’d try a bit of feeling and empathy. Cuz I learnt that in a power point point presentation that I heard about an hour ago and I want this to hurry up and finish. And if you’re getting bored, remember I have timelines, time stamps.

[02:34:10] They called not timelines. And you can click on bits and fast forward to other bits without having to watch me in this trapped inside this computer. I want out, I want outta this meeting. I want this meeting to finish. I wanted to finish on the hour. Like they said they were going to, but they just keep going.

[02:34:26] Are you today? You really Ugh. You really touch my heart. That the message, my God was truly a gift from God through you. Oh, it’s Scott crying on tomorrow. I at least where a workshop on there’s a lady. Who’s got more issues. If she’s sitting here crying on a bloody zoom meeting, she’s got more issues than just money and finances.

[02:34:50] Hasn’t she she’s got other things going in her life that she needs to deal with. if she can’t keep a straight face, when talking about a Ponzi scan that she’s been part of writing, becoming a best seller. And I did not know you was gonna be talking about this today. I’ve been struggling, trying to finalize my topic for my book.

[02:35:09] Oh, let’s plug my. It’s black mum book. She’s on the HyperVerse train. I’ve been to Bangladesh. And the only reason I wanted to go to Bangladesh was I wanted to ride on top of a train and I got there. And there’s no way in how I could get on top of a train. It’s actually illegal. It’s only one time a year.

[02:35:23] Are you allowed to do it? And I saw this awesome video of this guy that was riding out, of the streets of, through the trains. And he is on the top of the train and he’s filming it all. Would you believe another story like keys? I’m looking through all these Instagram photos and I’m going, wow, this guy’s amazing.

[02:35:39] He’s got 50,000 followers and these amazing photos. And I started messaging him. And I told him that he’s inspired me to go to Bangladesh. He said, oh, you should watch my, video on Netflix. And I said, oh my God, that, that video did inspire me to go to Bangladesh. But anyway, my point to that argument, I did get to chat a Sydney guy.

[02:35:58] You know, you’ll figure it out. Anyway. I reckon this lady would be one of the ones on top of the train. Enjoy the wind blown through her ears. I love the hyper train. Wait until the HyperNation train turns up next door to us saying that, oh, look at this new train. Look at this new train next door. It’s awesome.

[02:36:16] Isn’t it. Look at it. Do you wanna go on that train? There’s no one on that train. You can even go inside. It’s got everything you ever want. It’s the perfect system. You need to buy a new ticket though. It’s going to a different destination. Ah, can’t wait till the hyper nation train comes out. Oh, I hope I’ve got some money left to invest in that one.

[02:36:33] Invest. It’s not an investment, sir. This is not an investment opportunity. We are gonna pay you rewards just like you would. If you had a visa or MasterCard, we’re gonna give you rewards. You just need to spend enough money and we’ll give you some rewards. Brilliant. Let Keith tell you all about that.

[02:36:49] You’re gonna love it. And today you, you really, you helped me narrow it down for my definite a purpose. Next I’ve been looking at trying to figure how to talk about women in the blockchain and today the topic that subject medical resonated as you were talking and I’ve refined my. So when I leave that conference in the morning, I won’t go there without that.

[02:37:12] Oh my God. So, and I want to ask you, Tami, if you would allow me in some way, somehow to interview you for a place in my book, I’m talking about women in blockchain and I narrowing it down to women of culture in blockchain. Oh, it’s gonna be black women in the blockchain and blockchain cause its part of a mission.

[02:37:30] So thank you so much. I could just say no now for showing way you are showing up. Sorry, I haven’t got time to pause the video and talk. I just saying Keith’s falling off his chair every time I’m on your call. I get so much from you and I just thank God for you. Thank God for this day. Thank God for supporting a Ponzi scheme.

[02:37:49] Thank God for this time, because now I can move forward with my definite of purpose. And I have some old habits too, that I, when you talking about, Hey Keith, where did you get your mug from the time being late, that was, I’ve been known for being late, but I tell you I’m never late. Leadership is so amazing.

[02:38:06] I’m here. I get a early set alarm. I get on the call. Even if I take a nap, I’ve got my I’m already logged in. I wish I could take a net. And so I’m just so grateful. So grateful. So grateful. Thank oh, get her off. Get a bucket next. You thank you. Thank you. And if too that’s a habit you can fix. Yes. I know. I know.

[02:38:25] Did was cause I’m I’m excited about so I’m all the time for leadership. There you go. Yes. Never relate to leadership. So thank you so much guys. God bless you, Tami. I love you everybody. You, we love you too. I’ll to you participate in your, in your book. So just reach out to me. I’ll be, I’ll be glad to oh wow.

[02:38:44] I will definitely thank you. God bless. It’s gonna ruin the book though. Isn’t it? The book’s gonna be published and then Tami’s gonna be locked up for doing fraud and committing, crime with Ponzi schemes. And then she’s gonna have this lady that now is in prison. it’s gonna be a great book.

[02:38:59] Thank you. Bless you as well, least everyone. Eh Tracy. All right, who’s next? Wow. Wow, Tami God, same guy. Thanks, Tracy. How are you doing your recent promotion? Outta a thousand people able to be interviewed this guy’s been on three weeks in a row for God’s sake. Hey, VIP five. Fabulous. You know, I’m gonna, I’m gonna repeat what, what Prius said just a few minutes ago.

[02:39:29] Someone shoot me in the face. You are an influence beyond your own knowledge. He’s a liar. He’s a scammer. Both of them are no doubt about it. Do not get $200 and do not pass go. It’s not rocket science mate. It’s DH science. Can you not see through these scammers? I don’t know if you recall the last time that you and I talked last week while you talking to Tim, but those words of conviction, those words of persistence, and those words of belief actually made a lot of difference.

[02:40:04] Not only in my situation, but in my whole teams. So your attendance and your participation in being who you are and what you are is, is amazing. And we thank you so much for that. last weekend when I shared the, the movie thinking grow rich, I did it for one very simple reason. It’s because it’s been one of the biggest factors in my life over the last seven and a half years.

[02:40:34] And the one thing I always understood is that if you believed in something that it will happen, but that belief comes from persistence. It comes from learning. It comes from growing and it comes from individuals like you, Tami. I believe that HyperVerse is a scam and everyone involved will get what’s coming to them.

[02:40:55] I truly believe that every day I go to bed, 100% know that this is a scam. This is a pyramid scheme. It’s highly illegal in my country. And I’m sure it’s highly illegal in your country. Authorities are after these people who run these leadership means meetings who are brainwashing people. I truly believe this is the case.

[02:41:16] He’s right. So thank you, Keith. Thank you. Never put you in second run. My friend. I appreciate everything you’re doing. And bill, thank you for your, your, acknowledgement of our accomplishment, but the accomplishment is nothing without the team of a thousand plus people that are on this call. It’s just that simple.

[02:41:37] There’s a million in HyperVerse million people. This happens because individuals started to believe in themselves. That’s it? Nothing more, nothing less. Boom. Thank you guys, Tami. Big heart from Barb and I thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you, Tracy. Emma, how are you? Hello? Hello, Tami. Hello Keith. My God.

[02:42:03] Emma was on last week as well. Put me three more RIE. Thank yous. I can’t hear another. Thank you. Thanks again, Keith, for everything that you’re doing for the community, it means so much to everyone. it doesn’t mean anything to me and, Tami, wow. That Jersey blew me out of the park. I’ve written eight pages of notes.

[02:42:23] Oh my God. Eight pages of notes. As I said earlier on these people need to be educated every step of their life and they never do anything with the information they get learned. They just keep retaining information. She’s one of these ladies I can guarantee it’s at university of the age of 55 60. Still learn anything, but never does anything she wants to be.

[02:42:44] Ugh. Like I love, I love the universal laws. I let my team know I’m massive on the law of attraction. I practice it consistently. so it is absolutely amazing. And what I’m gonna say is, you know, this shaking of the tree that’s going on at the moment. Yes. On all levels. Yes. You know what guys, if you can’t see that as a positive after what happens when, when you shake the tree, all these beautiful people come out and they start engaging in things that they didn’t engage in before there’s, people’s faces that different faces that are coming on, leadership that are talking me included.

[02:43:25] I’ve not really done it that much. But, you know what, when you shape the tree, we’ve always said you get rid of the Deadwood and the new leaves we’ve had. We’ve heard the analogies on here today. You know, everything has a season. Yeah. Yes. And we literally are going through that season. I’m completely a hundred percent Keith.

[02:43:43] He knows that. Cause we’re going through a bear market. 100 sounds like a game of dads. It, we, you know, we’ve gone through trouble some time, but there’s nothing to be scared of. No, there’s nothing to be scared of. And it’s, we’ve honestly, I’ve got so much gratitude for you, Tami for doing that and I’ve already gone and joined your group and I’ve already put it out in my group.

[02:44:08] and I’ll be doing live, this weekend and talking to people about, you know, there’s so much going on outside of, you know, all the changes that have happened. There’s still so much value going on in and around this community. And I would actually say, say probably more value now than there was. Yes.

[02:44:28] And that’s why I think the shaking of the tree has been a good thing. So I just wanna thank you, for me and my team. and thank you, Keith, for everything that you’re doing it. Thanks. And, thanks. Thank you so much. Will take a few success society queen. I love that. Indeed. We’ll finish a quarter pass.

[02:44:53] Sorry, everyone. We’re not gonna get through all the hands. I did say two hours. We’ve gone past two hours now, so told you, but we’ll take it. We’ll go on until quarter past another seven minutes to see that’s another interesting point. I used to do a lot of public speaker training, which you believe. And I used to always say that, going over time is very rude.

[02:45:13] Now, if you are so hell bent on actually being there on time all the time, why don’t you keep on time and come up with a structure and because there’s two ends of it, isn’t it there’s been on time and there’s finishing on time, but you seem to fall off the wagon when it gets to the end of the time. I’ve got better things to do with myself at 19 minutes, past nine on a Sunday night than sit here and debunk your videos.

[02:45:37] If you keep them on time, it wouldn’t. I wouldn’t get so grumpy. Keep it short guys and try and get through as many hands as we can. So who have we got up next now? Yeah. Carmel. Let’s see if she’s you’re back on now. How are you disappeared? And then she’s back. Can you speak car? Hi guys. Hey Carmel. Hi. You know, this is okay.

[02:45:59] Let me walk through the internet. Connecting with unstable. I was upstairs. Good morning, my people. Good morning. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Tami morning car. Wait bucket. Oh, she’s frozen. Thank goodness. You’re little frozen. Oh, Mel. You’re frozen. You the ocean V you’re gonna show the Pacific pleasure of having some di in this very, you gonna show us view.

[02:46:32] Look at that. Fantastic. Oh, wow. So I’ve got photos I’ve of from this

[02:46:46] incredible. We love you so much. You are beyond the, the kind of educator and your soul. You put your heart and soul and passion in what you do, right? I, I must be privileged. I mean, I, I did have dinner while I was watching Tami, but I have seen, I have seen so many more presentations. I’ve seen people on stages, give presentations.

[02:47:14] I’ve seen people in a group of 10 people give presentations and I have seen no real genius or any quality what Tami has actually done. I just think, I don’t know, is that, am I, am I fortunate? I just think there was crap personally prosperity mindset. There’s just so much that you have to offer. That is absolutely incredible.

[02:47:41] So, and, and everything that you are discussing is so in tune with where we are and where we need to be and what we need to be focused on. So she actually gave me that lesson before she gave it to you guys. And I am, I haven’t started yet. Cause I, I wanna, I, I wanna set up to succeed. I don’t wanna set up the fail, so I’m not quite ready.

[02:48:06] Oh my God. That’s the thing I was talking about. You see people don’t the problem is people don’t start. They just keep learning. It’s crap. I’m just gonna try to fix my background up. in case you’re wondering something’s gone wrong. Something’s malfunctioned. See the whole, amount of days that it takes to break the habit.

[02:48:28] as a matter of fact, you told me to be careful, cuz I have like three different things that I wanna do all at the same time. Cause I think one thing will be, get the other right. And that’s timing when you wake up in the morning, how you start your day is gonna be how you are able to accomplish and succeed every single day.

[02:48:48] So I’m, I’m gonna give myself the right time to get there, but I just want to thank and pay homage to this amazing woman that has the, the most extremely beautiful qualities. These must be paid actors. I mean, no one’s gonna rave about someone. Has she not listened to everyone else? No. One’s gonna rave about someone like that.

[02:49:09] This must be all rigged. I could really, really change the lives of feathers because of where it all comes from. And of course, Keith, I wanna say much love to you because you’re the captain of the ship. You are the head of Titan, this incredible thing. And you have you’re human, you’re human, you are human, but God has placed you where you need to be and you’ve done your best human.

[02:49:37] I hate people. Use God in a position. Hate look, look at the numbers. It took me forever to get into, you know, this, this, this, the live portion of our leadership and God bless you, and continue to bless you for, for taking on the role and, and really understanding what it means to be loyal and to stick with us no matter what, you know, it it’s been tough that hasn’t been, you know, the perfect.

[02:50:11] But all is well in Jesus name, I will say, as I said, you know, weeks ago, and I will continue to, I’m sorry, Keith. I was gonna say it’s been tough, but we’ve had some fantastic times as well. It hasn’t always, it hasn’t been two and a half years of just grind and tough and just wear me down. We had a fantastic summer from mid 20, 20 all the way up to the end of 2021.

[02:50:38] That was our spring and summer. Of course we’d gone to Autum and winter hasn’t been tough. It’s been enjoyable, but this is the time where you stay focused. You stay committed, you stay loyal to the community. That’s what you gotta do. You start the crying. Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. So you, you wear your shirt that

[02:51:07] that’s all point need shirt. Okay. Wait. It was brought to me personally. Okay. It was handed to me as a gift, which I love, I love, but nonetheless family, we, again, fear and faith cannot coexist. No, we are here. We are here to stay. We, we see some rain, the rainbow at the end of the tunnel. no matter what we, I I’m, I’m gonna tell you diversification is something that I’ve had to learn.

[02:51:39] Cause I got sussed out for putting all my eggs in one basket. I’m just being real right. But there’s still loyalty. There’s still belief. There’s still trust that God did not bring us here to drop us on our faces her the wrong. No, he did

[02:52:03] not so much. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to say and blessing my beautiful sister, Tami, lemme tell you that yellow is popping my queen that yellow. It, it just all popping you. Beautiful, gorgeous woman, like queen B as well said. She is even more gorgeous in person. I love our pictures, baby.

[02:52:33] thank you. Like you and I first met right there. Love that’s what we were. Yes. I was able to yeah. document that moment. Yeah. Okay. Next and peace and blessing. You can. Thank you, queen. Thank you dad. Oh, Jackie’s daughter and her. Thank you. Sure. They’re just so beautiful. See, fly queen. Okay. Next. Oh my gosh.

[02:52:58] I don’t even know. Just can’t even take it. Oh, I just, I feel so grateful. And, Keith should have seen us when we met and caught up. It was man. The relationships that we’ve built here, guys. Yeah. The relationships that we have during the next, guy’s got a fake mustache. Cause I’m looking through his, trying to find him on Facebook, but his mustache just looks a bit artificial just saying.

[02:53:23] Built you guys remember the days we were talking about the support that we gave each other, along the way, the, the, the encouragement, the, the rooting on every step of the way. And, and again, having educators such as yourselves trainer, Jackie bail, the support just every single day, keep you remember brainwashing.

[02:53:47] Keith used to be on everybody’s call every single day. He was on his own call. He was on other people’s call. He was on he making millions, but Tami’s call Brenda’s call. Oh yeah. His multiple calls. Every trainer’s call. He was on every single call. He used to be like, what in the world? How can he do this all day long guys?

[02:54:10] And he would contribute. And Jackie sometimes would be right there right along with him to support Dale. Oh gosh. Capish but you guys, you don’t start something like this with that kind of intensity for like two, three years, and then just walk away. No, you too valid. You just don’t do that. And the love, the true love guys.

[02:54:33] I’m telling you when Jackie and Tami saw one another. When I saw Tami, when we saw each other, cuz I, I said, look, I want this moment. I don’t want no Richard, or I’m sorry. All the celebrities, Tom cruise. Benzel Washington. Oh, you remember Keith? I told you if I had an opportu to meet a celebrity, I wanna meet you guys.

[02:54:55] I’m coming to the UK to meet you guys, guy. Oh, when queen these two Queens were at my house, it was like,

[02:55:08] so the heart. But anyways, I’m sorry. Yeah. I love you guys. Yeah. Peace and blessings. You all take care. Make God’s grace continue to cover you. God will help you here, man. And keep you all safe. Okay. And to the end of this, we’re gonna be celebrating again. Oh yeah. Praise. Okay. Praise, Lord. You just don’t need to hit you other way out.

[02:55:32] I can one less than a minute. What I want all you guys to know is that it wasn’t just the fact that we, Tami Carmel and myself met, but what was, and, and, and D of course Nell, but what was even, what was even more beautiful was the children, right? Tami Tami’s children connected with mine and my, my daughter and my sister.

[02:55:57] And then there was Carmel’s, but it was a connection from the top down. And that was. So beautiful. That was awesome. I don’t even know. I have pictures with everybody. I have to get my son off of Jackie. He was like, you know that one, Canada, you know, two year old son. He like, whoa, like, wait a son off. He’s kind old.

[02:56:19] You testosterone there, Tami. You’ll get

[02:56:27] the look in his face was, oh my God. It’s all these fabulous, beautiful women all around day. Thanks Jackie for that. Yeah. We are community we’re family and you know, the kids are getting to know each other and we’re bringing everyone together. That’s the beautiful thing about what we have here. You can go somewhere else, but you’re just not gonna get this.

[02:56:46] Not. Not this for sure. Yeah, for sure. Keep it’s gone recorded past. I know we’re gonna go to Kamal then I’m gonna read a couple of things. I know we’ve got fur and sand for the, a couple things. Good. Maybe we’ll take a couple more then I’ll just finish on close out. Okay. You messaged me saying I wanna speak.

[02:57:09] Thank you. Keeping this. You Jackie. I love you, Tami. Thank you guys. Love you all. Thank you. Hi. Hi. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Kip. hi, MRTA. This is K Burma from Dali and, thank, thank you very much. you are, have Emma as a star, as a center of hope for all the Indian people, because, we all are really appreciate your leadership and thank you tomorrow.

[02:57:37] our, our team entire team is, going well, going do well. And in days to come, many of, my team leaders, they’re going to be, VIP five in days to come. And, since the, as, as everybody knows the entire international market, it is, under, you know, going in a recession phase or the market is very low, but still, we are hoping that, in days to come, we are going to do a bit well, because, in three to four months only India is going to have a Dali festival.

[02:58:13] Then we are having so many festivals. Then, this, Christmas is about to come. Chinese. New was about to come. So definitely market couldn’t go up. And many of our leaders. They will break the records. So always we, we would like to have your blessing, your leadership, please do guide us. Thank you very Mister.

[02:58:34] So nice of you. Thank you. You so much. All hyper since my good luck, we are doing well in hyper nation also, ah, could to NFT and there’s a lot of projects I had to come in pipeline. So it is really a wonderful feeling to work with the hyper bus. And, definitely sir, you are, each and every moment, you, every meeting we will be joining with entire our Indian teams.

[02:59:01] Thank you very much. Ah, India is my business game. You so much. Yeah, yeah. It, days to come. I would like to meet you. Shut up Kate. Yes. It days to come, we would welcome to, visit in India and, we would like to head you with us. Thank you, Stuckey. nice to see you, Jackie. Wonderful. So nice of you. Is it?

[02:59:19] Thank you. Thanks you Kamal. Wow. What a beautiful community we have in India. Great, awesome hyper community, so positive and, we’ve changed and touched so many lives over there. Guys. I love, the people of India. great. And just that region, you know, we have now Dell, I told you not to let anyone else on.

[02:59:39] And now I’ve got Mr. F E R what fur, th I’m just LX th and Nepal and C Lanka and Pakistan. It’s great. just to these guys are a special, special, special hyper community members fur you up next. And so my name’s Fernandez, I’m from India and Noma stay from India to everybody. And my great pleasure to I’m here today.

[03:00:05] First time I’m speaking to you and I have two questions, sir. How do I get my money? If you can, I can possibly decide. I can ask, sir, sir, there is one. Sir, we are in, now this is a situation now, just remember Keith being primed up over the last week and now have got answers to everything. No question will not be able to be answered by Keith cuz he’s been rehearsing, maximum Indian team.

[03:00:33] Some of our leaders, top leaders, they are not in, maybe they are jumping out somewhere. Yes. As you mentioned before, we’re very much so we are not getting proper, proper education and not a proper information here. So how we can, how we can get that. There’s a first question I’ve been for what I’ve been.

[03:00:50] I’ve been doing that over the last four or five weeks. Reach out to me on telegram. I’ll take you get your details and I’ll add you to WhatsApp groups and telegram groups. So you are gonna be up to speed with the information. Then you can then obviously send that pass the buck. That’s what ish taught him whenever you don’t know the answer, deflect by telling ’em to go elsewhere to your teams, across the world as well.

[03:01:19] I’ll do that for you. Oh, so kind thank you so much. And anyone else? Yes, didn’t answer your question. Did he? Sure. And the second question, as we connected with our leaders, they are, they are emoji some, some other things and there will be rumors that I was not looking for any other community more than 3 million.

[03:01:41] I don’t know about that. I mean, again, you know, that’s, that’s. What hearsay someone made something up, you know, unless it’s facts, I don’t even comment on it. I’ve heard so many things, some of many things, even about myself, which I’ve discovered, I didn’t realize I did certain things, but anyway, someone, you know, people say, oh, well, I heard that you did this.

[03:02:01] Oh, really? So, you know, you know, hearsay and, people’s opinions. Good deflection, Keith, good deflection. You should ignore it. Ignore it. Keep your blinkers on and only stay inside. The leadership meetings do not listen to anyone’s else’s advice because it will only confuse the brainwashing. Oh. So we can go, go further to, for the community exactly.

[03:02:27] Of 3 million people he wants to scam into. HyperVerse good on you for, for don’t worry, sir. That brother. Thank you. So that’s all I want. Thank you. Okay. Thank you, sir. Thank you so much, Sandy. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah, we go until, the, half pass and we’re done. okay. Thank you. Yes, thank you, sir. Thank you very much.

[03:02:52] Give me a chance to express my voice here. This is the first time I’m extreme here. first of all, I’m thank you to Tamy Jackson. She’s she did wonderful, today actually that’s I love the lady’s username for the next lady. Hyper boiling. geez, this would be interesting. Yeah. And, you also, because you are a great leader, because right now in India, we are facing like a, a leadership because the top above all the leaders they’re, left for greedy, or I don’t know, but we, we are like, we, we have no way to reach our goal.

[03:03:35] First of all. And, my, like a question. like we are in a, like a community because, I’m already take as a carrier. Okay. Actually behind, off, behind of me, lot of peoples, because right now we are facing the issue of withdrawals. That’s, we know very well because we are explaining them what, what going on in the present market.

[03:04:06] Mm-hmm , but still, right now we are, not conducting any presentation, meeting anything in from India. So we have any chance to, from your side, like, if we have like a telegram group or some, please add, add us because we are, we are give voice to our community so we can clear the like, yeah, I mean, we, you know, as sand Depot, we’re going through this period as, Emma said that we’re shaking the tree and, you know, we, we know we’re shaking out and, and, and sorting out leaders that have decided that, you know, for whatever reasons their, their journey is finished with us.

[03:04:47] And I’m trying my hardest to obviously fill that void and pick up the slack. And as I said, I’ve been doing it for the last three, four weeks with zoom calls. Mm-hmm . So, if you reach out to me, we’ll fill that gap for you and we’ll get the information and get the confidence back in the team. Listen, you’ve got a huge community and I’m very aware of that, and there’s lots of things to, to resolve, but it doesn’t help if you’re upline or your leaders disappear.

[03:05:11] And then, you know, there there’s a whole bunch of people behind trying to find leadership. So, I’m filling that gap. I’ll do my very best reach out to me. If you can do via is, you know, direct or through your upline. And, hopefully the next, next two weeks I’ll be able to plug the gaps for everyone.

[03:05:28] Is that okay? Okay, so, okay. Thank you very much. You have no choice, man. Thank you so much. I’m cause we’ve got a couple more minutes to go. Thank you. So thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you for nothing. Great people of India. Root beautiful Sylvia. You’re up next. Hello. Hi. Hi. Is everybody doing?

[03:05:49] I wanna thank you. Keith eco beauty, Jackie, everyone that staying there and helping us to understand. And I know a lot of people are saying like, this is going down. This is not gonna happen. But that’s one thing for sure. IRS is positioning themselves’ so that they will be able to pick up on the crypto of the Bitcoins and all of that.

[03:06:15] If IRS is positioning themselves, to be able to get their money, there is something here that they know is not going nowhere. Everything has its time and its period, period. We need to just hold onto each other and do what we doing. I mean, the love that we have for all of you, all that are leaders that are showing us and helping us and training us and teaching us, like you said, when we came, we knew nothing, but as we plug into you, all, you all are much feeling us.

[03:06:47] And we wanna thank you all for taking your personal time. No worries to do all these things and the ones that are coming behind you that are seeing it. And they’re being taught. This is not going anywhere. I go into little convenient stores and as I see the little Bitcoin ATM machines, I’m taking pictures of them because they’re popping up everywhere.

[03:07:06] They’re not popping up everywhere. This is going to end that’s right. It’s not going to end. And we need to keep bringing people in and sharing the stuff with them. Now, those that. Share information about is just about the money. And you go four times, five times, it’s not just about the money. There’s so much education and stuff that we have that we’re getting at no cost to us.

[03:07:27] That’s worth the investment. Just keep on coming to these. I’ve learned a lot. we just have to take the time and apply it. We are trying to get our own money, but we need to focus on the community and what the community and what you all are sharing and feeding into us. And I wanna thank you all. And this is not going anywhere.

[03:07:48] Let your money stay where it is. That’s right. And, I was talking about it with somebody else the other day, and he actually thinks Keith is mentally ill and he’s addicted to this platform. And that would be quite true ill seriously and let it do what it do. Thank you. Love you and appreciate you. Love you so much.

[03:08:07] Thank you so much. great. We’re gonna end with, Madden, Tami. You and I can close out. Madan you’re the last one at Madan Kumar. You’re the last one up? Are you with us or are you on the phone or are you distracted? I don’t think he can hear us to honest. I know he was on the phone a minute ago. Yeah.

[03:08:26] Madan I’m gonna ask you for the last time. Can you unmute? Cause we’re closing with you. You’re the last one.

[03:08:36] hello, Kate gratitude to you and, Tami, first of all, you’re welcome. Okay. And to all the, HyperVerse community. Okay. I, especially in this Len situation, my questions was over me to ask what to do, but with the question and answer session session, what we have been learning so far and what I’ve been hearing so far, I don’t know what to ask if best way to, he has no questions for us, Tami, actually, I’m gonna make, I’m gonna read out a couple of things, maybe just to cover what, you know, people have heard and try and crystallize it a bit more.

[03:09:13] I’ve covered it before in leadership. so before we close out, Madan I’m gonna cover, so if you have no questions, it’s okay. If they’ve been covered during, I really appreciate. Yeah, I have, I have a question in the sense, I, you know, like see, we wanted to prosper in hyper. That is why we joined it. Okay.

[03:09:28] The total new concept and especially it was, you know, it’s just not a business. It’s, it’s something like a power we can. As a human being, it was a power to bestow for the, for the sake of prosperity. Okay. In order for, us to live in abundance. Okay. In order for everybody to have an equal and right.

[03:09:45] For everybody, that is what we saw with this. Even though we don’t, you know, I don’t know much about crypto. I don’t know anything about it. Perfect customer to be scammed. Just make sure you can put it on your credit card and get U S D T cuz. That’s what you need going forward to buy stuff. Even though crypto has gone into about quarter of it’s worth, if it’s worth anything over the last few months, don’t worry about that.

[03:10:05] Just give us some fresh U S D T and we’ll be back on the road and join our train. But I totally believe, you know, this is one concept. Okay. First of all, we can make wonders where we can help. A lot of people bring in, you know, a separate hyper nation is formed, but really, you know, like in this situation.

[03:10:22] So what is your suggestion, Keith? How I’m from India and you know, like I wanted to really take this concept of our business forward to many people, but always only one question comes that is the S and you know, like how exactly we invested, but how exactly we are going to get the money back. And this is what you’re not going to get your money back.

[03:10:40] I can’t believe so many people are invest. In a company where you can’t get your money out. And now they’re talking about kicking people out who haven’t done things by the book. When the company itself, hasn’t done things by the book, the next part is really eyeopening, but it is. And any business, this is what it is.

[03:10:57] I feel stops it. How can you suggest me how I can be so confident and move as a warrior to move ahead and still win for others? And for us, confidence should come from the fact that we’re still here. The community, on a whole is pretty much in intact. We’ve lost, we’ve lost individuals. They are going through change.

[03:11:15] You’ve gotta just keep that belief and confidence. You know, don’t lose it. Don’t let someone take it away or steal it from you. Cause there are plenty of individuals that wanna take that confidence and that belief capish from you and take it and try and drag you somewhere else. Capish when it is best to stay here.

[03:11:32] And I say it sometimes on my leadership course see where this rabbit hole takes us. Cause they’re taking us in another path, another direction in this beautiful. Oh my God, are you kidding me? Is that where you say to people, let’s just go down the rabbit hole and see where it goes for space, but we have to believe and trust that they’re taking us.

[03:11:51] You do not have to believe you’ve lost your money. Get out of it. Stop giving them more money. You’re too far invested. Cuz you can see your HyperVerse dollars. You’re never gonna get them out, but don’t worry. Just stay in it just in case in the right direction. And why would they want to lead us? Asray because they want more U S D T from you.

[03:12:12] They want you to reinvest. They want you to turn more credit card, money into U S D T and put it into hyper nation. That’s what they want. And that’s what you are grooming towards. You are a fraudster Keith. And so are you Tami and you just keep manipulating people’s thoughts and you keep reassuring and endorsing bad behavior.

[03:12:32] It’s not rocket science, it’s deh science or for sakers or leave us into a land where there’s nothing. There is nothing. Why would they want to do that? Reverse psychology. We spent two and a half years building this well, oh, two and a half years is shit. Nothing, all, nothing, two and a half years. So what, that’s nothing at this moment in time, they are going to sift through and get rid of all the bad apples.

[03:12:57] Just like your bank would a, if you didn’t like the way your bank was handling your money, you would go to the bank and complain. And then the bank says, well, we don’t want you as a customer. You can leave and we’re gonna keep your money. What are you gonna do about it? That’s what they’re doing now.

[03:13:16] That’s what threats they’re making to people. I’ll cover that very shortly. Well, we’re gonna end there. thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much gratitude to you. Thank you. Thanks. Okay. That’s it just, myself and, Tami’s there, Tami. I wanna thank you so, so much. I’m gonna just read out, just a couple of points guys.

[03:13:38] Velma, CI, Velma. We’re just not gonna be taking any more hands. We’ve done two and a half hours. We wanna give it. So when we do the recordings and we send it out, you know, you guys can get through in a couple of hours. thanks, Dean. So, what I’ll do Tami very quickly is Dale. Yep. So I was sorry. I was, I was reading a text as.

[03:13:58] Just answering the text guys. I, I, I did cover this before on some of our leaderships at the beginning of leadership, but I’m just read out what I know so far. And, this might help some of you to understand what they’re doing and why we’re transitioning and why it’s best for you to at least have some patience and have belief and faith that they’re going to do what they say they’re going to do.

[03:14:25] So, these are, are some of the updates from HV and hyper. Okay. So this is where it gets really interesting. The next thing that he’s going to basically say is, like I talked about before, there’s a train of HyperVerse that’s full of people that haven’t received any money. And now a lot of the things he’s rehearsed from last week, he’s wrote down a whole lot of notes to rattle off, and they’ve built another train over here, which is called HyperNation.

[03:14:51] And basically they’re gonna run two trains and they both are gonna be identical, but they’re gonna pluck out all the people that they don’t want on the other train, let that train do its own thing. Theoretically, pay people back all the money that they’ve one time invested. And the whole lot is just absolutely a load of bullshit crap, poos, and wees.

[03:15:09] So if you wanna listen to a whole lot crap, poos and wees, then you actually want to listen to this next thing, because it’s actually breathtaking listening to what Keith is actually saying. Hy nation is going to do. Now, as I said, in my snippet video earlier on I’ve gotta mate and his YouTube channel is called, project frugal and Vinnie has put together seven videos all about the history, right from the very start of blockchain global, right through to Sam Lee, how he tried to raise money to Ryan drew, to, Jayden and all the people that have been involved and how, how we’ve actually got to hyper capital hyper.

[03:15:49] Fun HyperVerse and now hyper nation, and they’re just rinse and repeating. Now, are you going to blindly follow these people and listen to everyone who says you haven’t done your due diligence? Are you in these leadership meetings? And do you really believe that this is the next investment that you wanna be?

[03:16:12] Part of? The problem is you’re too much invested. You might have got your, all these VIP people. Now, 85% of the people that come on, these VIP meetings and talk and praise, how well Tami was and how great Keith is. They’re in these meetings every week. And then you, at the end, you get two or three people that are new to the platform asking those curly questions.

[03:16:33] You have 1000 people in the meeting who could have potentially spoke, and they keep repeating the same people each week. You’ve also got over another thousand people that are sitting there that have invested think they better tune in to figure out where their money is, who thought they had done their due diligence because their friend or family member have has said they had.

[03:16:52] So this whole lot is a dirty rotten scam. And if you don’t wake up now, you really need to go get some help because this is like gambling. And because you’re too far invested, you might have got your initial fund back, like the V I P fives. And now you’re going to the next step of it, where you can see money in the balance, just like playing monopoly.

[03:17:13] And because you can see money there, you don’t want to risk the fact that you may be wrong. Okay? So you are always gonna be in HyperVerse cuz one day they’re gonna come up with all this money. And they’re gonna decide to pay back everyone. Now, this is a company that you can’t contact communicate with or get any real human behind it.

[03:17:34] You can only talk to a bot. It’s ridiculous. So this next thing, now there’s gonna be timestamps in this video. This is probably gonna go on for nearly four hours. So you can fast forward not having to listen to me, but listen to the lies that this guy’s going to tell. Some of the videos I’m gonna do in the not too distant future are actually going and go back.

[03:17:52] And I’m gonna do, debunk a few videos that they have done months ago and just see how deliriously happy these people were and the lies that they quite happily lived by for quite a while. Now it’s all full apart. They’ve backed foot it quite a bit. And now they’re gonna start preaching a new message rinse and repeat the same stories, the same pro false promises and all that sort of carry on.

[03:18:19] So let’s get stuck into it. Sorry for going on a bit too much, but I’m not really, I think it’s important. It’s basically a summary, many of the notes, Tami you’d know, we’ve all been on these calls with corporate, without being able to, we’ve been given the chance to answer, ask questions and get answers.

[03:18:34] So, there’s probably what 250 nodes and pros that have been on calls with corporate. So, we’ve basically got a summary of some of the things that were asked and some of the, answers that were given back. So this is basically an update and a, a summary of, a bunch of questions that were asked at corporate two corporate.

[03:18:59] I wanna know. Did they ring them up? Did they have a zoom meeting or is this all done over telegram via. So, one of the things that they will be looking to do is to remove all bad apples from the system. Imagine if your bank said, they’re gonna do that to their customers. Cause they didn’t like their customers asking questions.

[03:19:18] I think they’re doing it anywhere. Some are volunteering. I’m a bad apple. I’ll just go. So they will be removing over the next few weeks and months, all the bad apples from the HyperVerse, system, a hundred percent, they’re gonna have a diagnosis of the multiple account situation. In other words, they’re gonna take a look at the multiple account situation and the abusers, the worst abusers individuals that have absolutely, filled their boots here, on a very generous plan.

[03:19:51] They’re going to look to, obviously fix that problem. And those individuals will not be able to enjoy their best life here. Okay. Is I in, in one of my earlier videos, the people, the reason why people created multiple memberships, they couldn’t get their money out of HyperVerse. It’s not rocket science.

[03:20:09] They created, they gifted accounts to friends and family free of charge. The formula was still there where newbies who come along, get involved in HyperVerse they get their money out. So they were gifted these new memberships using their H U that they couldn’t get out purchasing a new membership for a friend and family over here.

[03:20:26] When that friend and family broke even, and got their $300 out, for example, they would pay that back to the person that gifted the membership. It was brilliant. It was a clever way of getting the money at a HyperVerse when they had already frozen the money. These people deserve a medal. Now they’ve turned it around and they’re basically saying these people are the reason why HyperVerse fell over.

[03:20:47] It wasn’t the case. It was just the fact they couldn’t get the money out. So they might as well get creative. that would mean probably canceling withdrawals that are pending, maybe even deactivate and canceling counts. If the level of abuse is very, very high, it will take up to around two months for withdrawals to work smoothly.

[03:21:06] Again, in HyperVerse it will take up to two months for two months will give them enough time for people to think. Well, I might as well go and invest in hyper nation, and that will give hyper nation enough capital to go and take off with a whole lot of new money. Hyper nation doesn’t want anything to do with HyperVerse that has been something talked about on other YouTube channels withdrawals to work smoothly again in HyperVerse, but at the moment, as you probably, if you are in leadership, now you should know because of the market conditions, withdrawals approvals are manual withdrawals are taking place every day.

[03:21:46] I have a trans scan, stats every day, which is on the blockchain that shows how much MOF is being sent out daily. How many individuals are getting those Mo. And I can guarantee the money that they’ve been paid out is a lot, if this is true, because we are talking about people that their initial investment should be 300, 500 and 800, whatever it is, 1200, they that should, he should be saying the figure amount that these people are getting paid out.

[03:22:15] But no, it will be the people at the top getting paid out that he can see with the Tron transfers, not the people that are just getting their initial investment back. And those that, that money transfers that he’s talking about, haven’t actually stopped because the front doors of HyperVerse are wide open and they’re still recruiting new people to come in.

[03:22:35] These guys are just siling money out of HyperVerse. Are you gonna let them do it with hyper nation, please say, no, that’s just MOF. That is, and so withdrawals are taking place, but you’ve gotta appreciate, it has to be done on a manual basis. Some of these members who have been waiting, I mean, I’ve been waiting since February, he’s a multimillionaire, a million dollars a month.

[03:22:59] Keith has been getting, I have heard Kish showed an ATM machine where he withdrawed $35,000 a day. And it has been rumored. These guys have been getting well over a million dollars a month from HyperVerse. How come these guys get so much money? When people at the other end, these guys are modern day thiefs.

[03:23:18] They are literally stealing from the poor people and they’re giving them to the rich people. Some members have only been waiting since April and some have been waiting even longer, but they have to do it on a manual basis. Okay, guys, you must appreciate that. So you have got to appreciate that you have no choice.

[03:23:35] And what company does things manually these days? Couldn’t you run a computer. These guys are meant to be running the blockchain. setting up a eco verse and they don’t know how to run through an Excel sheet and figure out what guys have done. What. They have to do an, this investigation on every account, and then they’re gonna contact you and pay you out manually.

[03:23:58] What a load of crap it’ll be slow, but they will get through them in the next one, two to three months who says priority now is on those who have never received their one time. That should be music to all of our areas. If you are a team leader on here, even if you’re not a team leader and you haven’t been able to withdraw your one times or get at least your membership back, let’s all agree that that has to be a priority.

[03:24:24] Would we all agree? No, I think your scam. Sorry. Did I say that scam?

[03:24:32] Good. HyperNation, let’s talk about the hybernization pre-launch as we know, opened in June, registration was on June. The 15th hyper launch is set to be launched mid July, maybe third week, maybe, three and a half weeks, maybe by the 20th, 25th of July. Let’s look at that time. mid-July towards the end of July.

[03:24:55] you need an NFT pass to access, the platform, at least a 100 U S D T. The yellow mystery boxes are no longer available through hu purchase, but that promotion might come back. You pay currently with U S D T purchasing with, will be made available again in the future. That opportunity to become a hyper nation.

[03:25:13] Now, just I didn’t, I listened to this, earlier on when I did my snippet. So at the moment, you can only purchase a membership, for hyper nation using U S D T. Okay. Later on, after they’ve got all the S D T from people, the it, woo. He says, woo. Become available. That you can use your U to buy your membership.

[03:25:38] That memberships theoretically are a hundred U S D T that’s what he’s saying, but then he talks about memberships in a few minutes. Couldn’t quite follow all of that, but let’s continue. Sorry for interrupting. But if you want to go to somebody else’s YouTube channel that doesn’t disrupt. All right.

[03:25:57] Remember with your hate, you is gonna be possible. of course at the moment there’s a node and a pro no drive. Now, for those of you on you who are nodes or understand the process from the old system of SuperNotes Pronos and nodes, which was very much based on a recommendation basis while they’ve done away with that, because that had that didn’t work individuals, that individuals that should have been a node or a pro note, weren’t even given the opportunity to become a node or a pro node.

[03:26:27] So what they’ve done is obviously the boxes are available. They’re limited. It’s not gonna be unlimited boxes. There are different types of boxes in hyper nation. You’ve got the purple NFT box, which will allow you, 10,000 U S D T. And you’ve got the platinum NFT box. And, for those interesting in Brian in no positions, just check with your upline, your sponsor, your team leaders, and they will help you to do that.

[03:26:52] no locations will be made available to all members and is only available ladies in gen again, till mid July, putting pressure on people to make a decision who’ve really lost money. Are they gonna double down like you would at the casino or not? I’m not sure if he is said it or about to say it, but 10,000, you need 10,000 U S D T to buy a node.

[03:27:16] Now that a node is another flash word for an NFT, or you need to invest one hun $100,000 or NF U S D T to buy a super node, legacy. I think it is. And that will that’s for a team now. So they want you to invest again. They want you to basically start over. With at the, the new hyper nation start fresh.

[03:27:45] Forget about HyperVerse, but then HyperVerse is gonna be exactly the same as it is, which is not paying you any money. And now they’re gonna start fresh over here and they want your money again, something not right here, right? It’s not gonna be something that’s gonna be ongoing. It might even be, an extension, but it won’t be beyond.

[03:28:03] Uh mid-July I gotta show you something. I’m sorry to interrupt you, but this is my YouTube channel. This is Jackie, and I don’t think I can’t get, oh, I hope that’s stuffed that up all. We’ve DED it up now. Sorry. Sorry guys. Or even the end of July. Oh no, I’m dumping it up. Hold it. Can we get back? Going back, going back.

[03:28:24] I wanted to show you resting bitch face. sorry. It’s shocking. Isn’t it. Okay. I’m going back now. Going back to Keith, going back to the right place. Sorry about that. Commercial. Look at it as a commercial. Not very nice. Was it? You don’t call people resting bit fish bit FA bit fish bit FA all right, here we go.

[03:28:41] Let’s start that again. Back to Keith, right? Right. Stay focus, stay focus. Listen to, this is important information commercial. Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel? Have I scared you off? Sorry. I have don’t subscribe. Just, I get comments from people. Someone asked me to do a serious video about HyperVerse with the complete breakdown in all the research that is called, Sunday.

[03:29:05] They, you know, that program, they will do a complete investigation on HyperVerse and they’ll be very serious. Can you really think, why I would want to do a serious breakdown of HyperVerse hyper fun, hyper capital, all those other names. This is, this is a joke. I mean, do you really want me to sit here and get serious and tell you guys.

[03:29:33] Hey guys. I’ve been researching, this company on the internet. That’s a Ponzi scheme and oh, how do you know it’s a Ponzi scheme? Well, they, don’t have a product or service, and, they are only surviving because they’re selling memberships. Oh, oh, well, I won’t invest in it then. Oh, well that’s really good.

[03:29:56] I’m glad you took me seriously. This is not serious guys. I don’t wanna, I can’t be serious about this. If you, if you think this is a serious investment, then get help. if you were to become a node here in high, I mean, do people really wanna become a node? Sorry. Seriously. Do people, people really want to become a node these days?

[03:30:22] And here’s an opportunity that you could consider the nation. the, purple box, the 10,000 box will allow you to bring across 10 levels unlimited with 10 levels in, generation, which is pretty good. when you think about it, it’s pretty generous. Anyway, I told you the plan that we are used to was overly generous.

[03:30:43] Let’s be honest. Okay guys, it was, that’s why we didn’t pay it. Anybody. It was so generous, but it sounded good. And we got all these members, an unbelievable flag. Unbelievable. If it’s too good to be true for all, who’ve been in networking, we’ve never, ever seen anything like that. 20 levels, 20 it’s made him a millionaire and capish is now able to live and Dubai under 50 in the 56th floor of some apartment near subway.

[03:31:09] So I found out, dunno what the building is working on. That if you know where he lives and you know his address, could you please give it to me? any, any tips, any leads, anything like that, to hec.com, which is my website, go to the contact us page, send them to me, put anonymous for your name and I’ll keep it anonymous.

[03:31:25] But any information will be great. Any investment opportunities do have crypto that you’re thinking about preaching to me, don’t do that. Cause I’ll just delete email. Okay. Generations in a UN level program is unheard of, unheard of and then unlimited or infinity payouts outside of that. so let’s see what we got here.

[03:31:46] a hundred thousand or the platinum box will allow you to migrate your entire team across your just a hundred thousand. Did he blink when he said that you choose to be a Pronos? So one’s a node and one’s a pro and guys it’s the same system as we had before node pros and super note. It’s virtually time.

[03:32:09] It’s just new in hyper nation, open to everyone. and when you think we have over 450 VIP fives, not to mention fours, three twos, ones, professionals, and individuals have been here for more than six months, a year, a year and a half too. So, it is open to everyone. now, the packages, or should I say let’s here, memberships, Keith, get it right.

[03:32:35] And you know, don’t get it wrong. Memberships. Here we go. If you wanna be part of hyper nation, we have memberships available right here all the time. Just for you. Listen up kids. Here we go. Playtime. When you acquire your node position, which is a separate structure, when you acquire, when your, acquire your node boxes immediately in the new reward system, you’ll have five X on your pending in the new system.

[03:33:07] And a package will be available for all members at 400 S D T 800 S D T 1,200 U S D T with three times as a multiplier. there’ll be, 0.5% per day rewards at hyper nation. And that will fluctuate between 0.5 to 0.9% of day withdrawals will work smoothly. 100% on Hyperion, no withdrawal restrictions.

[03:33:33] What a load of bull pucky, what the hell planet are you on? This is a rinse and repeat the same shit different day. Well done guys. Are you, you really are insulting your own community if they think this is legit, you’ve just, I mean, bend over and take one for the team. HyperVerse penny was migration from HV HyperVerse is only from mode packages and above percentage exchange between those and corporate to be negotiated so that I can’t really talk about that too much.

[03:34:08] Cause obviously that’s still being negotiated. The yellow box subscribers will not be eligible to migrate their outstanding balance from H V Tom. However, they will be an option in the future where members in HV HyperVerse can convert their assets from HV through a middle platform currently under development.

[03:34:26] Okay. That’s great. That’s also great news. you can stay on HyperVerse hyper nation is the future companies, launches mid-July we have more information when we get into the metaverse more information, including rewards plan foundation will be released very, very soon. Guys. I can’t give you any more than that.

[03:34:43] That’s it. In terms of a summary of the, meetings that we’ve been having over the last three weeks, you gotta look at Jackie’s face here. Tami, you you’ve been on a few calls haven’t you you’ve mentioned is, is accurate. You know, and every time I get on the calls with, with, the corporate managers, I come off excited.

[03:35:05] you know, I get excited because you know, it just confirms that the ship is not sinking. Like everyone thinks it is or feel like it is it’s is not, they do have a plan. Mm-hmm, , they’re implementing that plan and they’re doing it strategically. You know, it has to be done strategically, and this is they’re using it.

[03:35:24] Everybody may not like it, but this is how it’s happening. This is how things are rolling out. And they have to do it strategically in this manner because we have to consider where we’ve been. And, and that, and the place that, that took us to a place, you know, was like, you know, when we had these adverse results, we don’t want any adverse results next time, you know?

[03:35:44] So we learned from that and they’re doing things strategically at the same time while trying to fix the mess that was made. So trying to do that in conjunction and just get us on, on, on the other side whole is what they’re trying to do. So we really have to be patient with the process. Yeah. Just go with the process, get the more money flow.

[03:36:03] But trust me, trust me. You’re come out pristine. On the other side, it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be phenomenal. On the other side, just reminds me of when I was in a religious cult, they told me that all the bad people on planet earth are gonna be destroyed. And I was going to live forever on a paradise earth and there was gonna be animals, lions, grass, beavers, birds, steaks, all living together.

[03:36:33] In one happy place. And, and they were all gonna be plant-based eaters. Even a lion was gonna eat straw instead of meat. Ah, and that was the dream they sold me to, to, to me. And when I went to school as a young kid, I weren’t allowed to play with the other kids cuz I weren’t allowed to talk to them. And any other religious training or any other scam, we weren’t allowed to discuss it.

[03:36:55] I weren’t allowed to go to those meetings cause I just had to stay focused on this one scam so that I had the opportunity of living forever on a paradise earth. It was only when I went through like puberty and I discovered girls that things got really hard and anything to do with, you know, premarital sex.

[03:37:16] You weren’t allowed to do that. Any thoughts in that way, you weren’t allowed to do that. And then, and then when I finished up stuffing up, they kicked me out and they said, you’re not allowed in this organization anymore, which was a godsend at the time. And then they said, you’re not allowed to talk to any of your family.

[03:37:37] You know? So I have grown up with no family, who talks to me, who’s in the religion and it’s just shocking. And that’s what they do in this same stuff. This is why I’m so anti it because these guys are in these leadership meetings, preaching to you about your financial independence and they are just brainwash you into thinking.

[03:37:57] They are asking you to believe in them, trust them. And when it all goes pear shaped, you will not see them. You will not see Keith. You will not see Kish. Where’s Kish being lately. He has got millions of dollars at a HyperVerse and he’s disappeared. No one can contact. And he’s just another guy living in Dubai.

[03:38:14] Do you wanna keep funding these criminals? Do you, are they really responsible for your financial future?

[03:38:29] Think about that. And the thing is, is that they’re also allowing us, you know, as Pronos and nos, to have some input into their strategy in terms of what they’re doing. I just wanna mention one other thing while I there’s a guy called Troy. Now go find my mates, a YouTube channel, project frugal, look at, HyperVerse number seven, hyper nation, number seven, and Troy, who was on the release of, hyper nation when they had their opening.

[03:39:02] And they had a launch and you saw that people were winning these NFTs and they gave away a hundred thousand dollars NFT and they gave away a $250,000 NFT, who I don’t know who sets the prices for these things. Troy said that when he has never received that, and the reason why he didn’t receive it is because they wanted him to do a promotional video, raving about hyber nation.

[03:39:28] Now there’s two layers of bullshit in there for a start. He wouldn’t do it because Troy and David who spoke at last week’s meeting, watch it is breathtaking. The questions that they ask Keith. Now, Keith ran around and got a whole lot of answers. And I’m sure the H nation people watch all these videos and all that sort of stuff.

[03:39:44] And they’ve come back and they’ve, appeas the nation with the words that answered a lot of the questions to stop the, you know, all the shit that’s going down. But anyway, Troy never got the a hundred thousand dollars NFT and no one else who won the NFTs got them as well. The other thing, isn’t it, doesn’t it look like it’s rigged that someone like Troy got to win the a hundred thousand dollars NFT cuz they knew he was an influencer.

[03:40:12] So the whole lot’s been rigged and it’s just a total scam and they’re pulling the strings where they can to manipulate people. And you are the audience. You have control to get up and walk out. I remember going to a multi-level, marketing technique thing where this lady was standing up telling everyone that she would teach ’em how to be a drop shipper.

[03:40:34] And there was 80 people there who stood there and listened to this lady rave about becoming drop shippers and what they’re gonna do with the money and how they’re gonna spend it, rather than the mechanics of actually how to do drop shipping. I stood up and said to this lady, you are scamming. Everyone do not invest, do not give this money and walked out.

[03:40:50] People followed me out, stand up for yourself. Don’t let these criminals guide you. They are shepherds and they’re lead you to the slaughter because they are only worried about feeding themselves, right? I’m gonna stop interrupting cause I gotta go to bed. And that’s a good thing because we are allocating for the community.

[03:41:13] Every pro note, to know the school, to these meetings, we have the community in mind and we want to work and advocate for the community and make sure that the community comes out, you know, clean. And that we, you know, that our, our wishes and our vision is gonna come out. We’re gonna pretty much be maintaining what we had and they’re allowing us to have input into that.

[03:41:34] And with us advocating for the community is it’s just been great. You know? So I’ve been excited and I’ve been going on my Wednesday calls and just been letting everybody know. I says, I can’t really give you all the details right now. I’m excited. if nothing else I’m excited, you know, so if you trust me and love me, like you say, you are, believe me that we’re on the right path going in the right direction and things will definitely, I mean, just give it some time, you know, we gonna be able to look back at this process and just say, wow, you know, I still believe this is all part of the exit strategy.

[03:42:09] I still believe that the initial idea behind hyper fund hyper capital HyperVerse and now hyper nation was to raise capital, to keep the mining going. I believe that the reason why they need the money, because they got kicked outta China for, crypto mining. And they had to find other countries to survive.

[03:42:27] The real money is a trying to mine for crypto and they need funding. And this is where all the money’s going. Th these guys I believe will get big wallets at the end of it. And that’s what’s happening. what else do I believe? I believe, they don’t really care about anyone else except themselves are just full of shit.

[03:42:46] I’ve forgot my thought. I’ll get back to it. Oh, we’re gonna be able to look at where we’ve been, you know, where things are now and then where we end up, it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be a great thing, you know, and I’m, I’m looking forward to getting in that space, you know, where we’re gonna be thriving once again, the ecosystem, you know, but that’s the journey that we’re on.

[03:43:06] We’re on the journey right now to get to that space where we are gonna be thriving, cuz everybody’s looking at the space where we were and that’s fine and that’s good. But that got jacked. You know, people took advantage of that. They just messed it all up. That’s why we are where we are. That has to be fixed.

[03:43:24] Cuz it was not sustainable. She’s believed everything she’s been told. That is not why you are there is there because Ponzi schemes only rely on selling memberships to pay the people that have been loyal. So now in fixing it, there’s a process to fix it. It’s a process to go anew and it’s a process to get us back to a place where we are thriving and we are well on our way to getting into that place.

[03:43:49] And it’s gonna be glorious when we finally get there. Praise the Lord. So just hang in there, guys. Hang in there. Keep waiting, waiting, waiting, keep waiting, keep waiting. And then you’re gonna get what you’re back, back. What you invested. It’s great. I can’t wait to see the next round wonder. What’s gonna be anyone.

[03:44:07] Wanna have a be in competition. Hope nation hyper. I don’t know, but there’s a scan demic going on at the moment and you guys are right in the front line of it. We’re definitely, you know, gonna be happy with the results. Once we all end up where we going? It’s it’s gonna be great prism. It’s gonna be phenomenal prison.

[03:44:27] I’m so excited about it. I really am. I’m excited, Tami. You’re my queen. Good job today. Outstanding. Mom says hi. I’m back in Brooklyn, come back and sleep. You know, we hung out that day. We had a great time and had a good time. Yes. Thank you. So this is my sister over here, guys. Trust me. Trust me. Trust him.

[03:44:47] Trust him. Scam. Trust the two scammers teamers, teamwork tag team tag, team scammers. That’s right. I gotta go over and see mom. That’s right. Yeah. Mom says, you know, Tommy, she hasn’t been back. customs. Won’t hit her into the country. You’d rather go see my mom, but anyway, I need to go see her for sure.

[03:45:07] We’ve gotta go hang out with all her dogs. You’ve got the address. So, you know, that’s right. I need to go see her and I’m gonna do that too, because, she’s just a wonderful person and she’s very hospitable. So I know I’m gonna walk out the door with a whole bunch of stuff by the time I leave, you know

[03:45:24] Yeah, I know she, yeah. She’s gonna gonna load you well, but Tami, I wanna say thank you for today. Come back. And we got another 16, laws of success to go through. Ah, shoot me in the face. Somebody, I don’t wanna listen to another 16 laws of success. I just went off this. I wanna go to bed, hurry up and finish.

[03:45:43] I wanna thank you. Principles of success. I wanna thank you for today. You’ve been amazing guys. We did two hours and 45 minutes. So we’re like 45 minutes over. Of course we had a, a, maybe an hour or so of just covering, your Q and a maybe almost. Yeah, well over an hour, hour and a half. So Dale one, thank you again, being in the background, Jackie as well.

[03:46:07] Okay. Taking care of everything today, guys, you know, we love you. We’re here. And, I’m not the captain of ship. We got one nation, one community, and one big scam captains all over this ship. That’s the beautiful thing about this ship that we have leaders on every deck, we got captains all around this ship and, you know, I can look to my captains cause I know they’ve got my back behind my back.

[03:46:33] I love that saying. And we’re all captains and you are the captain of your ship as well. Remember lead your, crew and your passengers. Well, cause they rely and trust you. That being said, Tami. Beautiful. Thank you. Thanks for having me today. I really enjoy being able to deliver that message and hopefully you can just take that and apply it to different aspects of our lives.

[03:46:57] And even now guys, you can take the Cosmic Habit Force and get ready for what’s coming with regards to hyper nation. So just get ready. It’s gonna require some new habits there as well. So just get ready to implement and just, I didn’t have any paper and I used toilet paper, but when I’m wiping my ass, I’ll be thinking of you, Tami, just rock and roll cuz that’s what we get ready to do.

[03:47:22] So we have a good lesson that we can apply to hyper nation as well. So thanks for having me, Keith. I appreciate that goodbye to all of you guys. As I always say we’re one team, one family, one team, one game, one, love one game, one hyper nation, take care. Everyone have a great great weekend. Remember technical trainer more.

[03:47:39] Love you. Brilliant work today, Dell. Thank you so much. Thank you everyone. You can goodbye to one. Oh finished. Oh, well, I hope you enjoy the commentary there. We’re at, three hours and 47 minutes. And you’ve got me to contend with, Hey, I hope you enjoyed my commentary. I had something better to do on Sunday, but I didn’t.

[03:48:00] I stayed here because I’m committed to the community and now I’m not committed to the community. What the hell am I doing this for? Oh, that’s right. My hidden agenda is to build my YouTube channel. So you better subscribe and like, and comment hit the bell and the thumbs up and all that sort of stuff.

[03:48:13] Make sure you’re here next week. I’ll try to get some information as I find out more about hyper nation. Now, if you are enticed and, you’re thinking that you’re gonna invest in HyperNation, I have done a very poor job of convincing you not to invest in a Ponzi scheme. So unsubscribe for my channel and go find another one called HyperNation and subscribe to that channel.

[03:48:33] Okay. Hey, I love you guys. I really do. And for all the people that have seen me lovely comments saying that they really enjoy my commentary. Thank you very much. And all the ones that say I need to get a job, I have got a job. I actually, do other things as well. I do drop shipping. That’s right. And that’s where you go and get a product and a service and you sell it for a little bit of profit and that’s got a real genuine business.

[03:48:55] The problem is we live in this have now will don’t we where we don’t wanna, you know, like put our sweat and what do they call it? Your sweat, you know, you put your back into it and you work hard and you build up a sweat, sweat, blood and tears, blood, sweat, and tears, blood, sweat, and tears. That’s right.

[03:49:14] That’s what you’ve gotta do. Isn’t it. If you want business these days, cool. I’ve built up quite a few businesses. I’ve got friends that are more than 25 years of age, but I’ve never actually had to get involved in a Ponzi scheme to make my money. I’ve always made my money by selling products or service.

[03:49:30] You can do the same, have faith. If you want to help me with some information about any of these guys, like their home address. Steven Reese Lewis, if you know where he is, any tip offs, please do go to my website, de hec.com and let me, know things and I will try to, to do my best, in doing a wee video about them.

[03:49:52] if you give some comments, be much appreciated and anything like that. So that’s me. thank you very much. I’m about to press the stop button. I’m Danny de Hek, de HEC dot coms. My website. Thank you for being on my YouTube channel. And I hopefully you didn’t watch this whole four hours video. if you are watching the very end of this, be sure to go back and look at the timelines.

[03:50:13] I’ve got time stamps and I’ll timestamp the important part, and I won’t be upset of you fast forward through it. I just had four hours of my life to waste. And, that is what you reap. You read what you say. So I’ll go now. I don’t really know how to say goodbye. I’ve sort of got an emotional attachment to the screen at the moment, and I’m really impressed with my lights.

[03:50:34] Normally the battery runs out about now. So they lasted for the whole three hours and 50 minutes. That’s incredible. Do you want me to go now? You go. No, you go, you go. Do you wanna hear my Frank Spencer impersonation? Betty? I’ve lost my slipper. I got stuff down the door. Oh, Frank. I know that’s terrible.

[03:50:59] Anyway. I thought I’d Chuck it in there. All right. Goodbye. Good night. Good evening. Have a great time. Thanks for watching. I’m Danny de Hek see you next time.