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Main ringleaders connected to the HyperFund, HyperVerse and HyperNation Ponzi scheme are Sam Lee, Allan Guo, Ryan Xu, Jayden Wei, Ronar Jull, Chris Hector, Grigorij Richters (Grig), Roman Leithäuser, Steven Reece Lewis, Brenda Chunga, Goran Hemstrom, Tami Jackson, Mick Mulcahy, Kalpesh Patel, Keith Williams.

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Rob, I haven’t seen you for ages and I’m really concerned about your financial future. So am I, oh God. Why is that? Yeah. Have you got a solution for me? Well, I might do it. I’ve just heard this really awesome opportunity. Um, and I can basically, if you give me three or $400, I can actually give you three times your return.

On your investment within about 600 days, 600 days, three or 400 bucks. Yeah. What’s American. You need to use crypto, but don’t you be alarmed because I’m not alarmed. Right? The D face look alarmed. I thought you might be. Cause a lot of people normally punched me about now. It was pretty much alarmed. No, it wasn’t alarmed.

Alarmed. It was I’m curious. All right, because I, when I got into it, I didn’t know anything about your, into it. Well, when I was getting into it, I didn’t know anything. Excellent. Excellent. What are you into Denny? Well, I’m into, um, multilevel marketing. Oh, I can’t tell you that. Um, I love multi-level marketing marketing, but on multi levels.

It’s fantastic. Yeah. There’s a lot of people in it, so it’s going to be okay. Cause a lot of people can’t get it. It’s a lot of levels of maltiness. Yeah. And, um, what you going to do is you learn about it. Cause I’ve got this academy, the faintest academy, I tried as academy mates made and even, uh, it’s really as good a friend of mine got into it.

I didn’t really ever see friends now, not now. I basically lost all my friends. Um, but there was a few problems and I’ve got to be honest. I gotta tell ya. As a lot of people can’t get their money. Hold on, hold on. Are you going to be. I’ve got to read a script. What did they tell me to say? Oh, well you sit, well, you said you were going to be honest.

I can’t answer that question. Hey, I’m up for something new. I’ve got a guy that can answer the question. He’s in. He’s in my down and he’s above me. He’s one of the leader. He’s a high level. VIP one. Wow. VIP. Yeah. I don’t know what VIP means, but there’s five of them. There’s VIP 1, 2, 3, 4. Very important.

Yeah, it must be. Yeah. So what are you gonna do with the money? W well, w well, hold on. Right? So there’s 300 UES. Yep. Time, 10 mini and three times three. So there’s 900 us. There’s like 15. Oh my God. 1300 bucks. I can buy a house. Only problem is that they’ve changed the membership plans. Right? And now you need to invest 400.

Not 300, 400, you just another honey. And instead of it taking 600 days to get your return on your investment, that they promise you, it’s going to take 1,330 days to get your money back. So, yeah, I don’t know. Everyone asks you to do it. So I’m just following their leadership. Darn sake and Gacy thinks you just have a go mate, you gotta have faith fortune favors the brave.

Well, um, they’ve got this awesome video, which is actually playing. Over here. I love, video’s not one of those dodgy ones and I see it on the wall. This is the, oh wow. This is the eco eco. Um, what do they call it? Ecosystem. Brilliant. And it’s going to be called, um, it’s all going to be built on the blockchain.

Blockchain. I’ve heard of that in ice blocks. No, no, no. That’s not going to be cold. Was started in Antarctica. I mean mentioned living in a world like this. Oh yeah. Fantastic. The only problem is the video that you like. Isn’t actually hyper versus actually stolen of some guy, which is called Dan studios.

And he contacted me and he said, do you know, hyper visit his address because he wants to Sue them for using that video. But don’t let that distract from the, what I’m selling them on this thing. What a hybrid. Right through you. Well, Clinton, well, I trust you Denny. So I know anything that you suggest. Yeah, mate, cause you wouldn’t risk a friendship.

I know that. Cause we like family. Are you interested to know more about the history of the company? Cause it was this guy called Sam Lee, Shane and Ryan X. You, I can’t say his last name. So I just put pigs, Julia. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. See, you’re already in, you’re already in. So, um, anyway, it’s getting out of the solar system here.

You can see it. Um, Yeah, well, that’s the real screen, but people can’t see that you see wow to you. It looks like a green screen, but Dave’s unbelievable. There’s this guy, Sam Lee he’s. He started up Australia’s first. Um, Um, I speak of training’s going out the window. So I’ll pause started a company in Australia called blockchain global and he managed to get it onto the Australian stock exchange.

Well, must be legit then. Well, it was then yeah. $49 million was invested by Australians. Brilliant. Because there’s no stupid Ozzies are there? No, no. Well, you invest in the blockchain. So they keep saying that this guy, Sam, as a really amazing guy, but they fail to listen to the news headlines that say that he defrauded people for $49 million, no way.

Yeah. But he’s the founder of hybrid. Oh, hold on. Oh yeah. Real people or Australia. Oh, I can’t pick on Australians, but not. Well, I meet this guy, Australian, his name was Marc Gardner and he was in hockey vis I did a two hour video with him and he was going to show people how he restored his money at a Hyper-V is excellent.

And that was really cool story. But now he won’t talk to me anymore because all the money, I shouldn’t be telling this. You’re like all the money that he had that has been frozen. And he’s, he wants to keep face book. Every investment is gonna have his downs as well as its upstairs. Exactly. Right. And don’t have this Rob Rabago Tina don’t invest money, then you’re not.


how much did he save three or 400 years. You can do assigning making. It’s only money. They’re making more of it. And, and, and another good thing to understand about your job. Do you like playing games? Oh, Danny, you know? Yeah. No board games. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. There’s a game Copa Notley. Yeah.

And this is very much like. Right. You’re going to allow me to have a hotel. Yeah. Oh, you can buy it and you can actually have the bank and it’s, you know, I not really, as long as you understand that monopoly is a game. Yeah. And when you want to get your money at it’s like hotel, California, you like hotels.

So it’s a little bit like, um, good to jail. Do not collect $200. Yeah. Well, there’s a few guys that are actually, I’m probably going to go to jail, but what they’ve done in the meantime, as I’ve moved to Dubai, Excellent. I don’t think there’s any Giles in Dubai, right? You just got to watch your hands. Okay.

Two days ago, I heard of this guy that afforded someone getting a real. And Dubai for being a fraudster, which is the first time I’ve actually heard about people doing this. Cause that must be quite alarming to the people that are hiding lucky he’s not, or she is not an hyperverse day. So I’m going to say, yeah, yeah, it’s quite a good, but anyway, I just wanted to make it available to you.

So a still can. Amen. Amen. Amen. But I do have a little caveat. Okay. All right. Can I, it like if I get in, cause I’m really, really keen. I do want to encourage my friends and family to get in as well, because I love them to boats. Yeah. Can I go and get all my friends and family to invest as well? Well, the real cool thing was I haven’t told you this is holding back as if they invest, you get a little bit of the reward money.

So this is what happened in the VIP five people, theoretically. I’m not exactly sure. Cause I’m making it up as I go. They have recruited 2000. So there’s not only VIP one, but there’s VIP five as well. They get your family, the more rewards you get my, I got a big family, but you can’t get the wrong find it.

I think family, but yeah, it’s quite good. Eh, there’s a few break offs. Um, so I’d advise you not to watch anyone’s YouTube channels because there’s a lot of misleading. Oh my there’s so much fake news. It’s really important that you do your due diligence, you know, that’s the pop word.

and you only listen to people that you trust implicitly, who would never do you. Yeah, that’s right. It’s me. Yeah. Now you’d be right now because I deal for you. Um, I’ll send you, um, a referral. Excellent and just make sure you, so this is online as well. It’s on the computer. This is like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, it’s good.

There’s no paper trail. Oh, I’ve got to give you the disclaimer. This is not financial advice. I’m not a financial advisor. Uh, and it’s also not a, uh, investment opportunity. That’s um, I’ve got to read you the disclaimer, but actually if anything goes wrong, the company’s not liable. You are.

So let me get this straight. All right. I invest money, but it’s not an investment. That’s right. And I do it because you told me to do it, but that wasn’t advice you would give. I can’t remember the advice I gave you a radius or not. I can’t remember if Arizona leads keep keepers on the up and up. So I’m going to invest in something that’s not an investment.

I’m going to take your advice, which was an advice friend. And when I make all this money, I’m not going to thank you. Oh, the screen went out and that’s right. Yep. My amen. Yep. All right. Well, I have to pay tax. Oh, I need to get your money out. And it’s uh, so this is a actually, so what you’re trying to tell.

Is it, I have this money. I make a lot of money. All right. But if I don’t get my money out, I don’t have to pay tax. So it takes for it. It’s brilliant. Can you think of anything better than this? Uh, well, the only thing I must tell you that if you invest in crypto, um, you can crypto well, as well as the blockchain, as well as the education from the academy, really confusing and it’s got blocks.

Um, and it sounds really high. You. So, yeah, I see put a week, I won’t go into that, but I have actually got pictures of blocks and chains together. So people like yourself could really understand what the block chain was. Yeah. You got to keep it simple for some people. What? Right. I think, I think the company is okay.

Crypto has taken a bit of a dive lately, so everyone’s just telling him to keep going down Moscow up. That’s right. Yeah. Yeah, it’s good. You’re going to be good in this or thanks. Um, thanks for coming along. I’ll send you my referral link. If you can involve, that’d be awesome, Jess. I just need to clarify one thing.

Okay. All right. So if I put in like $300, I, you S I get the triple one. Yeah. Um, but I could put in $400 if I put in $400 to, I still triple my money, I read the old presentation and their old presentation was selling membership plans one and neither one was really loving membership playing one. But then all of a sudden, the company said we can’t sustain ourselves any longer.

So they just rewrote the whole policy and done membership. And I haven’t had membership to training. I don’t think you can actually envision $300 anymore. I think you have to invest $400 from the gate. I like mine because what I’m really thinking is that this sends such a great investment light, like three times to make a great investment.

There’s not an investment. It’s an opportunity, man. I think it’s an opportunity. Good word. What? Call it an opportunity. We don’t pay interest. We pay it. Reward, just let you know your checks unless you get the money, but it’s fantastic. So what I really want to know is that if I had like more than $300 and my friends and family possibly, and my friends and family had more than $300, can we lie and vis like multiples of $300?

Can we like buy more than one membership? Okay. That you can just keep recreating more people. And the more people. Because you get daily rewards and it’s was entirely rewards daily. Yeah. Yeah. You can’t get any better rewards than that. It is started off as 5% membership one, but now the membership to only gives you 3%, but if you recruit people, you get a 1.5% of their money on top of yours.

Right. So, I mean, there’s a guy, there’s this guy that’s about to be locked up called, um, uh, Keith. No, Patel. And he started with $1,000 and then he’s, uh, he’s one of the world’s best multilevel marketers. And he’s actually been. Before and the UK for doing it. And, uh, but he got out and now he’s in jail. He’s out, you know, he probably didn’t do it out at night.

The paper said he did it in the court documents is he did it in look, there’s so much fake news out there, but he wasn’t like, some people were actually sign that Trump lost the election. Yeah. We didn’t. Yeah, true. But anyways, so he’s now, after being a multilevel marketing for 27 years has seen in the last 20 months, this is the best scam investment opportunity he’s ever been involved in.

And he’s made millions, even hard, this big yacht and Dubai and hosted 350 people on it. And he was running events all over the place. And now he’s decided that he doesn’t want him to do of how viscous is it? Opportunity out there, um, that is in, involved in is lift everyone. Look, look, I know there’s going to be multiple opportunities out there, right.

But better to go with the bird in the hand and in the Bush. Yeah, yeah, yeah. On. Yeah. Cool, man. All right, we’ll do that. I think it’s been good. Yeah. Or some Denny, can you? Yeah. And if you haven’t got my phone here, they, you key is so much to involve me in this. You haven’t got any of my personal details. You don’t know where I live in here and got my phone number review.

Good. No, in fact, in fact, I don’t even know how I got it. How did I get here you come from the hypothesis I did. We walked into and you’re going to, yeah, no, it’s awesome. Look at me. Look at that. This is it? Yeah. Yeah. This thing’s real. Um, um, I just feel so at home in this virtual world. Oh, I didn’t tell you about any of T’s.

Do you know what non, non, um, fun tokens fungible for you, right? Yeah. And w what they’ve decided they like mushrooms, because remember you couldn’t get your money out of. Yeah. So they’ve come up with things to sell you that you can use your artificial or. Oh, actually, no, you can’t. You have to put more crypto in to buy them, but I just haven’t read about the small things.

Just trust me. It will work out one day. Details, details, SMI towers. That’s what I say. Yeah, no, that’s good. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that’s good. Well, thanks Rob. I’m right into these. Fungible tokens. Yeah. Yeah. I, it, yeah. Amen. Yeah, everyone’s doing them at the moment. It’s really cool. Really? I actually don’t care about the comics I’ve worked.

Yeah. I bought these comics and I stayed up to three o’clock in the morning and there were only $7 each. There was only 60,000 of them being released. Only buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, and you got one. You could literally keep it for a week, put it back on the internet and sell it for $15. But I bought 10. Um, and, um, these comics went up in value and uh, long story short, I got one comment.

I finished up paying $450 for one of these comics because all these other comics were going up to a thousand dollars and I thought I can’t lose. And then now you got to get in. Yeah. So I got all the onset. I sold all my comics and consolidated, and I’ve now got about five or $600 where the comics. Then I found out I can actually transfer my money out of this platform, but why would you want to, it seems hyper first, you’ve got the right attitude.

You don’t even need to take your money yet. Mine. And then into when you can’t get out and win. Yeah. Yeah. So there’s orange, you’ve got that right mentality that you just give all these people money and they look after your portfolio. Yeah, you’ve got it. Assessed mate. Look, I know nothing about what you’ve told me, but I trust you.

Implicitly. Yeah. Yeah. You, you just let me know how I can give you my real money for the fake money. Show me the way what’s eight me. Okay. Well the drain, um, there’s probably a word jingle. We could sing the end, but I know night so rural, uh, my name, money and money. We can’t do that.

well, it was quite good.