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Welcome to a hard-hitting exposé like no other! Today, I am diving deep into the dark underbelly of the “We Are All Satoshi” Ponzi scheme and its cunning mastermind, Scam Lee (Sam Lee).

I’m DANNY DE HEK, also known as The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, and I’m here to lay bare the truth behind this elaborate deception.

Sam Lee is relentless in his gaslighting tactics, targeting innocent mom and dad investors day in and day out, pushing them to sign up for this fraudulent platform. Claims like these are backed by a proof of reserve, which means a crypto address that no one can verify.

But wait, it gets worse. Today, I watched Sam Lee tell people in our community to write an IOU for the minimum $100 dollar investment, conditions that these people must be in all the zoom meetings for the next 500 days. He is using these people to inflate his Zoom meeting numbers to create false hype around his scheme.

But don’t be fooled! Behind the smokescreen of this Ponzi sham, a nefarious group is actively stealing money from hardworking investors. And today, I’m taking a stand to expose over 70 individuals who are the real scammers! They are using these people, making them liable, throwing them under the bus, and moving the blame around, making it harder for people to hold others accountable and recover their money.

In this explosive Video, I will name and shame each one of them, leaving no room for doubt about their true intentions.

This is not a mere act of vengeance; it’s a mission to protect our community from these heartless predators.

I’ll show you the lengths to which I’m willing to go to remove these scammers from our streets (or our screens). I will use the example of Kate Longley, an Australian lady who agreed to do a presentation with myself and two of my colleagues, revealing a history of promoting schemes that she knows are fraudulent. We watched as she showed us that she has been taking money out of “We Are All Satoshi” as soon as people signed up.

She claimed she felt guilty because her family lost money in the last Ponzi scheme she was promoting, “HyperVerse”. Our investigation has revealed her long history with schemes such as Stable Group, Crypto Wallets, VidiLook, G999, HyperFund, World-Trader365, C Wealth, Gold Rocks, Easy Shopping Cards, @V999, KaratBars, Freebay, MineBase, and Lyconet. She is fully aware of what she is doing, and she is literally stealing money from people who invest in “We Are All Satoshi”. And so are the other 70+ people I’m about to show you.

So buckle up, for this is the beginning of an epic journey to unveil the faces behind “We Are All Satoshi”. Join me, The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, as we stand together against deception and fight for justice!

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Introduction 00:00
Kate Longley Withdrawing Commissions Now 00:07:05
John Barksdale Charged with Cryptocurrency Securities Fraud 00:11:50
Name and Shaming 00:12:30
Scam Lee Fraudulent History 00:19:40
Sam Lee is he an upcoming dictator? 00:21:50
Stephen Mccullah $3.8 million Defamation Lawsuit 00:32:17
Conclusion 00:39:25

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The Avengers Expose “We Are All Satoshi”: Unraveling the Crypto Ponzi Scheme by Sam Lee (Scam Lee)
WE ARE ALL SATOSHI Communitys Personal Meeting Room 23rd July 2023


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