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Join DANNY : DE HEK, a.k.a. The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, as he takes you on a riveting journey through a Zoom meeting with “WE ARE ALL SATOSHI” (WAAS). In this eye-opening video, Danny, along with fellow “Avengers” Rob and Jim, teams up with Australian ambassador Kate to uncover the truth behind this purported investment opportunity of a lifetime.

Kate’s mission is to educate Danny and his companions by presenting a compelling case for “WE ARE ALL SATOSHI.” As they delve into the official presentation, they find themselves inundated with promises and high returns, but skepticism lingers as they address critical questions and concerns.


– Introduction 00:00:00
– Danny, Rob and Jim Preamble 00:12:13
– Kate WAAS Ambassador Presentation 00:14:08
– Left (92) and Right (9323) Leg Explained 00:26:15
– The Back Office 00:33:00
– Scam Lee’s Vault Horizon Wallet 00:34:30
– Packages & Benefits 00:41:30
– Rewards 01:00:50
– $260M Marketing Budget 01:10:00
– Club Rankings 01:11:00
– Questions and Answers 01:18:15
– Rinse and Repeat Ponzi Scheme 01:22:40
– Time for Return on Initial Investment (80 Weeks) 01:24:10
– Jim Explains it’s a Ponzi Scheme 01:30:53
– History of Scam Lee 01:32:00
– Kalpesh Patel 01:34:45
– Talking Sense to Kate 01:36:00
– Rob’s Last Words to Kate 01:37:45
– Summary from the Meeting 01:38:29
– Jim, Danny Advice to the Community 01:56:48
– Conclusion 02:16:31

Here are some key revelations from their discussion:

  1. Lengthy Investment Period: The scheme boasts an 80-week period to recoup your money, equivalent to 560 days.
  2. Underlying Security: The investment relies on funds siphoned from members, covering only a fraction of the total amounts owed, raising doubts about its stability.
  3. Dependency on Bitcoin: The success of the scheme hinges on Bitcoin’s value tripling, making direct Bitcoin investment a more feasible option.
  4. Pyramid Scheme Dynamics: Participants are encouraged to bring in more individuals, risking their reputation for meager returns.
  5. Risk-Return Imbalance: Higher initial investments and continuous reinvestments are incentivized, but they may ultimately lead to significant losses.
  6. Artificial Scarcity: The strategy of locking away Bitcoin raises concerns, as the community’s buying power may not be sufficient.
  7. Dubious Market Rates: Claims of purchasing Bitcoin below market rates appear unfounded and raise suspicions.
  8. Unsustainable Returns: Promises of 1% or 2% daily returns and staking rewards are unrealistic and characteristic of a Ponzi scheme.
  9. Limited Withdrawals: The scheme restricts payouts to 80 weeks, with inflated reward figures that cannot be readily withdrawn.
  10. 1Lack of Transparency: The company’s registration, legitimacy, and guarantees are left unanswered, casting doubt on its credibility.
  11. 1Sam Lee’s Billionaire Status: Claims of the founder’s vast wealth lack supporting evidence, raising questions about his motives.
  12. 1Auditing Concerns: Alleged auditing by chainlink, a non-auditor entity, adds further doubts.
  13. The Link to StableDAO: Unraveling the connection to StableDAO and its significance.
  14. Alternative Investments: A direct investment in Bitcoin might offer better control and flexibility than the WAAS scheme.
  15. Post-Dated Checks: The use of post-dated checks as an encouragement to invest raises doubts about their validity and guarantees.

Join DANNY : DE HEK as he unravels the “WE ARE ALL SATOSHI” scheme, exposing its potential pitfalls and deceptive practices. This video serves as a cautionary tale for those considering such investment opportunities in the crypto world. Knowledge is power, and being informed is the first step towards safeguarding your hard-earned money.


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