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Are you actively seeking new investment opportunities that promise daily rewards of 1 to 3% or more? Some of these opportunities may involve purchasing a membership using USDT Crypto and even offer kickbacks for introducing new people through multilevel marketing (MLM). If this sounds familiar, you need to read this blog.

The question to you is, are you being entrepreneurial or are you gambling? The purpose of this blog is to highlight the potential consequences that could cost you your life savings and damage your relationships with friends and family.

I and DANNY : DE HEK my quest is to name and shame anyone running or promoting a Ponzi scheme or Scam. I’ve produced over 400 videos that have created a tonne of public awareness. I’ve even captured the attention of the New York Times who gave me the nickname “The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger” who published a full page Article about my quest to create public awareness. And without blowing my own trumpet I’m bloody good at it.

Since my crusade starting back in 2021, I have watched the collapse of many of these platforms such as; HyperVerse, NovaTechFX, CoinMarketBull, CashFX, StableFund, LunaOne, EazyBot, ViDiLOOK and more. I’ve been watching these multilevel  marketers jump from one platform to the next using the same sales techniques every single time. I’ve even had one of these scammers try to sue me in the New Zealand High Court for defamation for $3.8 million. He is now working out how to pay my legal cost of $36,000. He tried to pull my bluff and ended up filing for discontinuance an hour and a half before a High Court judge had a look at my 217 page affidavit that would’ve fully exposed him (Stephen Mccullah)

Every single one of these Ponzi schemes has collapsed and there’s many more that keep rinsing, rebranding and repeating the same rubbish and they keep using the same excuses they keep promising people can get their money back, if they sign up for another go and and if you haven’t been following this you won’t believe that people keep investing more money, it’s breathtaking. I’ve literally watched millions of dollars been wasted by people who have come to me asking for help at recovering their initial investment, one of these guys had invested $5 million of his families money, thinking he was going to get $15 million return to him in 300 days! They now don’t trust him with the lunch money.

So in short each new platform promises to be able to trade your way out of the mistake you made from the last platform you invested in. I am dyslexic and I think in pictures, and I came up with an illustration of what I want to share with people who are continuously doing these investments and what I call Ponzi schemes.

It is like this… Imagine starting up a business that sounded too good to be true, and then it suddenly crashed, causing you to lose all your assets and go bankrupt. Then you meet a charismatic business coach who suggests that you just start up another business that could be successful and use the money from your new venture to pay off the debt generated from the old business. It’s like a never-ending cycle until you realise you should’ve not invested any money in any what sounds too good to be true scheme, no matter what they tell you, and it was all a bunch of lies. These people are dirty disgusting people and you where associated with these liars in fact there are  “unregulated financial advisors” are the modern day “bank robbers” stealing the loot as it walks in the door, from the platforms that they are selling.

Now I ask you, how many times do you need to start up a business to realise you’re not a good entrepreneur? or is this not what an entrepreneur is.

Yep, you would hope by now people would start to learn that anything to do with Crypto in multilevel marketing (MLM) with the promise of a paradise of wealth, they would learn to stop investing. So how come they still manage to scam people once, twice, three times or more, well people think they are cleverer than the Ponzi schemes; they’re just hoping to get the initial investment back and play with house money

Look at ViDiLOOK; it only lasted six weeks, and then they tell people it was only a beta, and if so, they shouldn’t have taken everyone’s money! Then they release ViDiLOOK 2.0 with a 24 hours, 50% off sale (also note that it only pays 50% of the rewards promised). However, on that day, people are asking if they can use their tokens from the failed ViDiLOOK beta to purchase the packages, and they say no, you can only use fresh USDT.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for years, and people who are investing in these schemes often talk about how they are business people. However, this is not true entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship involves a combination of various factors, including market conditions, timing, business model, team dynamics, and personal skills. Failure is a part of the learning process, and many successful entrepreneurs have experienced multiple failures before achieving success. So, the key is to learn from each experience, adapt, and keep improving to increase the chances of success in future endeavours.

I’m based in Christchurch, New Zealand. There is a local entrepreneur called Michael Mayell, the founder of Cookie Time. His secret to success was an oversized cookie with big lumps of chocolate. He came up with a novel way of marketing his cookies: he placed a huge glass cookie jar right next to the cash register in over 150 dairies in Christchurch. I invited him to speak at my business networking group and share his wisdom. I still remember a quote that he said when I challenged him about one of his failed ventures: ‘You’ve got to have failures because they are the compost for your next business venture.’ I believe that drive, commitment and determination is the secret ingredients to being successful entrepreneur.

In short, find a product or a service, put a margin on it, cover your expenses, and make a profit. Investing in a platform that promises you just put money in and watch is a joke. Multilevel marketing (MLM) destroys friends and family relationships; it overpromises and under-delivers. I love being entrepreneurial; I don’t know where my YouTube channel is going to take me, but I’ve spent a lot of time and energy creating videos and content. I’m hoping one day I’ll have some luck, and that is also part of the fun of being entrepreneurial, as you never know where your luck is going to take you.

I was moved by a street performer who said to the audience as he finished his show, over 30 years ago, “be true to yourself and be true to your heart.” If you want to work hard at anything, work hard at becoming a better version of yourself. And I don’t believe you can become an entrepreneur; I believe you were born entrepreneurial. So, to all those people out there promoting these Ponzi schemes, hoping to get rich quick, go get a job. I’m sure you would be a great employee, but you’re certainly not an entrepreneur; you are, in fact, a scammer.

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