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Hello, how you doing Danny de Hek here? Let me play my theme music. It’s my theme music to my Podcast, but, I’m using it for my YouTube Channel. Why not? I had an unusual one given to me over my desk, today and I, I listened into a YouTube video of two Aussies. Now I’m a new Zealander and Australians are what we call over the ditch.

One thing I can’t stand. We really like Aussies. I like our brother and sister country, but when I see Aussies involved in a scam, it just horrify me. And to my disbelief. There’s two Aussies trying to get you into the latest and the greatest scam. And it’s called SuperOne. It’s a sporting betting app and it’s your guaranteed to lose.

Now. I’m no expert. I may have some of my facts wrong. I may even pronounce some of the people’s names wrong, but I wanna give it a go at warning. You and showing you the research I’ve found on this scam, just in a couple of hours and it’s all right in front of me and, let’s get started. So first thing I want you to do is just have an eye at the, whenever you’re ready.

The, hello everybody. Thank you so much. good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Wherever. So that’s Natalie, I’m not gonna go into her last name, but she’s a Aussie and I’m gonna do a little bit of research on her in a minute, and I’ll introduce you to the other fellow. Who’s also. About to show you a wonderful presentation who are dialing in from big, warm welcome from we’ve got everybody from all over the globe with us this afternoon.

I’m really excited. I’m Natalie Bradley. I’m here in Perth WA and I’m really excited to be on here this evening with, amazing David Cole. Who’s gonna be doing the presentation for you guys, presenting the SuperOne opportunity. So, so another opportunity, another person that’s super excited about what they’re about to tell you.

So let me introduce the people who are actually running this, uh, thing first. So first of all, I found this information on YouTube. Somebody gave me a link and they don’t want this on social media for some reason. Well, hello. It’s on social media now. So the first thing I did is I found Natalie and Natalie just looks like, you know, the normal loving mum who’s got involved in multi-level marketing, and she’s probably at home trying to figure out how to make a bit of extra money.

Why hubby’s out working. I don’t know. I’m even trying to find the, I’ll have to hit the back button there. Nope. I can’t find the back button. So this must be her Arbonne, friends about normally you can go onto the feed and find thing. But funny enough, I couldn’t find her friend Dave, as her friend.

Oh, here we go. This is the timeline. So, you know, maybe a soccer mum. Good on you, Natalie. I’m sure you’re a lovely person. And you just got involved in something you haven’t really researched, but the honest truth of it is I thought I’d do a way better research on you. So I notice that Natalie is involved in Arbonne now Arbonne makes me laugh.

My head off. I used to have an ex-girlfriend and she wanted to get involved in Arbonne and the reason she wanted to get involved in ABO because she wanted, financial freedom. And that’s what this company provides. is financial freedom. You just need to go to all your friends, need to run things like Tupperware parties and sell products to people.

And it’s a little bit of extra income and it’s all pyramid scheme related. And, it did cause a big bit of grief, but obviously this is not the first rodeo for Natalie. She’s obviously been involved in network marketing and a lot of these network marketers seem to be really proud with the fact that that’s their living.

And I think that’s a legitimate way to make business. I’m just gonna turn off my sounds and to put myself into record mode. So you didn’t get all those beeps all the time. Then I checked her out on LinkedIn and she’s an Arbonne independent consult. regional vice president, whatever that means must mean she’s way out there in ARB bond.

And she’s managed to get a network of people underneath them. And you’ll find this happens with a lot of these multi-level marketers, their database is everything. So as soon as there’s a new scam out there, they’re on onto their database and telling their friends about the latest and the greatest opportunity.

So there she is on LinkedIn. then I noticed on LinkedIn, she had a few links going off to Facebook pages and that was broken. And then I went to her link for her Instagram account, and that was broken as well. But however, I used the big search engine. Oh my goodness. And I found her, her other, Instagram account.

And she’s obviously got some training with Canva because she’s got all these lovely little pictures, which is quite hard work when you’re doing your, Instagram account. To, get them all looking so pretty in uniform. She’s got a nice dog. So nothing against you, Natalie. I’m not giving you a hard time or super hard time, but you are actually involved in a Ponzi scheme and you are actually deceiving people with their money, even if you’re not aware of it, watch my video and see if I can help educate you.

And I’ve messaged you on WhatsApp and I’ve also messaged you on your Facebook. So feel free to reach out to me and tell me your point of view. We could all get together and do a podcast. Uh, the other one, I looked at her LinkedIn tree and it’s all about Aban. What is Aban? Join my ABO team. What is a 30 day challenge starting a 30 day challenge and discover ABO.

So that’s obviously where her side hustle was with ABO. And she’s obviously now getting in, but, uh, as I show you in a few minutes, these presenters have also been involved in, in involved in HyperVerse. So they’ve been burnt by HyperVerse and their funds are frozen. And then all of a sudden they’ve decided to find something else to start scamming people with.

And obviously it is SuperOne, the new thing. Okay. So I found a, another Facebook page. So you get the idea, just general Joe bog, another user, trying to, get people involved and things. Oh, here we are. So if you look on the left hand side here, you’ll see all the links to those social medias that she needs to update.

Cause they’re all broken. Oh, buries. Uh, so then I did a bit of a search for Dave he’s our presenter today, and I found that he was also let’s connect with him. Let’s add a note. No, that’s just add, hopefully he’ll link out to me. One thing I must, uh, say that in is interesting is I got a message from this guy here, which I’ll need to read the name out to you.

Does that work? It didn’t work, Danny. Let’s try that again. One second. Please call it.

Uh, it won’t work. I can’t read his name, but anyway, I did a video wee while ago of Kish Patel. Hey, jump ship. And I got an email from, this guy here telling me that KPE now is working with wewe global and has left them. So I dunno if that means, can you please take down the video you did about our Ponzi scheme because KPE has now jumped ships.

He jump ships only two weeks ago. How about that? Anyway, a bit of the side, a bit of, a bit of side information there. Let’s not get distracted, Danny. It does happen. So, Dave has got a page already to go an exciting new opportunity to come in soon. And you can, reach out to Dave on his phone number.

I’ve already searched your phone number, Dave, and I’ve also sent you a message. Thanks for giving your phone number. It’s really good. so then what really made me laugh is here’s Dave. Looking at Dave. Hello, Dave, how you doing? And in here you can see that he’s been retweeting, everything about the old, HyperVerse and hyper fund, and he’s right into this multi-level marketing stuff.

So good on you, Dave. And, Dave’s also got a Facebook page is got a meetup group. I haven’t even clicked on that yet. So let’s have a look at that. Now. Meetup is a way that a lot of these zoom meetings are actually promoted. So let’s log in here and let’s see if we can find anything. Oh, I dunno if I’ve got my password handy here.

Let’s have a look, uh, no wrong password. Let’s go into that. That, uh, let’s search for meet up that one. There let’s go that. Oh my goodness. Is that gonna work? That’s gonna work. No, I’m not gonna do that. Hurry so forget. I did that, but anyway, trust me, there’ll be an event on there that Dave’s promoted and they are running these meetings every hour.

So they were telling me, so, uh, what else do I need to show you about Dave? Dave? Here he is Dave Cole coach. Hi, I’m Dave Cole. I’m I coach and train entrepreneurs and network marketers like you to harness the power, the power of digital strategies to explore. Business online. So good on you. Dave did a bit of research, so that’s how far I got so far.

Let’s go back to watch the video together and let’s listen to Natalie entice you to get involved. And if you’re wondering who the guy is behind my head, I’ll explain that in a few minutes, doesn’t matter whether you’ve had nothing to do with, crypto or gaming or in that space whatsoever. Or if you have been in that space, you are in that space and you love it.

This is also for you. whether basically anyone that knows how to pay these people money it’s for you. You just wanna come in and you wanna be passive. You can do that. And whether you wanna come in and build a community, you can do that too. And David is going to do a short presentation where he is going to explain all of that, to you all and all the opportunities, which are out there for you.

At the end. If there are any questions that Dave hasn’t covered throughout the presentation, please feel free to comment in the chat box and, Dave or myself will cover those over for you. So without further ado, let’s get straight into it. Dave, if you wanna take away and share this amazing, unique, very different, opportunity to all of these wonderful people.

Oh my God. I hate that when they say that sort of stuff, now I’m gonna put time stamps in here, so you don’t have to watch the whole lot, but I am actually gonna go through the ho horrible task. of actually watching this with you, because I want you to understand that these are just reskin ideas. And, I don’t even think I’m convinced to, feel convinced to even think about in, investing in such a thing.

But I, it actually makes me vomit in a bucket when these people stand up here and tell you, this is a unique, it’s exciting. And it’s a fantastic opportunity that you need to think about getting invested in when they are really just around, uh, out for themselves to build their down line. And if you look at these people’s lifestyles that they’re living, obviously whatever they’re into, isn’t working for them either.

They’re not super rich people. And that’s what they’re after. They’re just hopeful. That’re all you guys are gonna sign up and they’re gonna get rich and they’re gonna live happy ever they’re after, even if they have already been scammed by HyperVerse awesome. Thank you. And. Welcome along everybody. just confirm that you can see my, uh, screen.

Okay. Yeah. I can see it, mate. Yeah, it’s just, I’m using multiple screens here and so, uh, just make sure it’s right. Okay. So it’s my great pleasure to introduce everybody to the fandom and the metaverse and where that intersects with sport. I think I’m gonna shoot myself in the face the next time I hear the word metaverse or ecosystem.

Okay. An entertainment. So great opportunity. We’re really excited about this. and hopefully by the time I get through this presentation, you’ll be as excited, uh, as we all are. So what’s the void in the space right now. There’s billions of dedicated sports and entertainment fans around the world that don’t have a game that is specifically for them.

They don’t have the opportunity to connect and share their passion because we know fans can be absolutely crazy about ends can be absolutely crazy about the person they follow, the sport they follow, or the club that they follow. So this is where SuperOne comes into play. It’s the world’s first swipe to earn fandom.

Metaverse what does that mean? Very simply. It’s a trivia game. Uh, simple questions. Answer left for no answer, right? Uh, for, yes. So it’s a swipe and away you go, uh, a basic game. 10 questions. First one to get them all, uh, right. When’s the prize. If they don’t get them all right, or nobody gets them all right.

it’s the fastest one to get the most, right? You can play your favorite category within sports and entertainment. And for reasons it will become obvious as I go through the presentation, the, the kickoff for this is going to be in the football area. But as well as that, we have, entertainment. We have music artists, we have, uh, actors, and other sports codes already, but why football?

So Manchester United, uh, had just gonna interrupt Dave, so you don’t get too wound up in this presentation. Think it’s for real, this is not financial advice. And, what is financial advice don’t invest in Ponzi schemes or get rich, quick schemes or anything evolving with crypto and signing up one real big thing that I did do with my two hours research on this is it’s not opening in November.

And there’s a reason for that as they, I think it’s November is because they’re trying to raise 10000001st. Yes. And if they don’t raise the $10 million and get this out there, guess what it probably won’t ever happen, and you’ll never get your money back. And I’ve got a few people who’ve already had that problem.

It’s a fan base of 600 million fans. I would, I would recommend that 10% of those are absolutely crazy. Every one of these Ponzi schemes is exactly the same. They always rattle off fantastic stats to overwhelm you of numbers and all what your brain hears is 6 million, 600,125 million, 1 trillion users and all this sort of stuff, and your brain’s going, oh, I’d love to be a millionaire.

And by that, I mean, they know everything about the club, the players, the games that they’ve played, but look at the other, uh, football clubs on the screen and how many fans, they’ve got 500 million fans for Liverpool, a hundred million fans for, uh, Paris and 120 million fans for Manchester city. So massive mass.

And the other thing that really sucks if you want me to carry on, which hopefully you do, cuz you’re watching my YouTube channel is a lot of these, sports players and celebrities. I’ve got, wouldn’t even know they’re on this platform and they’re passing off their good names. They are looking like they are endorsing the activity of the scam.

It’s a duty rotten scam fan bases and all keen to let everybody know how much they know about their favorite clubs and their favorite players. The NBA basketball in the us, 2 billion fans globally mixed martial arts, 500 million fans and American football, 400 million fans. So the, the opportunities here are wide.

And they’re varied and they’re gonna cover every sport and every field of entertainment. Plus more, we could rise above the others to become the Hollywood icon of your world. We could test our knowledge around Daniel Craig around Elon’s in there, Elon Musk or the rock. Interestingly, the rocks AKI, I think on Instagram, the rock appears in the top 20 for the number of followers.

he’s eclipse by, uh, Christiano Ronaldo, uh, who sits on the top with 450 million fans. All of his own. Wow. That’s incredible, mate. And you’re reading that off your script. Are you? I hate these people. Sorry, Dave. No offense. Even if you’re a Aussie, like most OS I do like most Aussies I don’t like scammy nosies though.

So let’s talk about quick play, quick play. You gotta be into play quick, play 10 questions, fastest one through, uh, wins the prize. There’s a leaderboard. You can run up the leaderboard. You can see where your ranking is, but cash prizes as well. And guess who you’re playing against ladies and gentlemen, can you, can you think who it is done?

Some research on this spent two hours on this. I know all about this scam. They use bots that just so happened to be faster than a human and you can’t win. You win Aven, you win at the start, of course, until you get hooked. and that will attract a lot of people. A lot of games that we play now, yes, they might have a leaderboard and you get the, uh, the chairs and the accolades, but no prize.

Now, while I’m interrupting, I’m gonna keep doing this, get this, which you don’t tell you, this is not allowed to be public. It is invite only. So if you wanna be a player, this is like casino stuff, isn’t it. And promoting casinos or gambling in New Zealand is illegal. I was gonna buy the domain name, casino dot CODO NZ.

So I got some legal advice cuz I could buy it for $500. This is years ago. And I can’t own that name because I’m not allowed to do anything in the world of promoting gambling. Uh, and casino is related to gambling, so I weren’t allowed to buy it. Didn’t buy it. But I did some research and found out a little bit about it.

This is very much the same. Uh, so yeah, so my point was you cannot, invite only. So this isn’t allowed to be public. Now Dave has said at the end of this video, which you’ll hear that he doesn’t want this on social media. So this is a secret organization and a secret, investment opportunity that they don’t want on social media.

So here opportunity to get prizes, uh, as well as show how smart you are. a battle. Real lots of question. Number one, is this a scam. Uh, online games, uh, have this last man standing type, uh, battle in this game. It will be a trivia battle. The questions will keep coming until there’s only one person left that is still getting the questions, right?

The last fan standing wins the prize. There is a bot. So we found out a bot is gonna win the prize bit. Like when, uh, hypa nation released their $100,000 NFT. And then when they gave it to Tron he, uh, had to do a promotional video saying how wonderful Hy nation was. And then he was gonna get the hundred thousand dollars NFT, but he wouldn’t do it because he didn’t want to endorse the company.

He knew nothing about never got his NFT, nor did anyone else who won that. I’ll just, I’ll try that in there. However, there was a guy, I can’t remember his last name, but Roman. And he was, he also won a big $200,000 prize, uh, on, on HyperVerse. And he did a smashing video about how wonderful HyperVerse was.

And he must have got the 200,000 or $250,000. uh, H U T I think it was, could be U S D T. So we started story stories, story. We’re gonna keep you up to date anyway. And, uh, three weeks ago he was on the internet. He’s even taken all his videos off now saying that hyper fund HyperVerse and hyper nation is a big scam.

And so was, yeah, hyper one and HyperVerse and hyper nation were a big scam. And then he had like something like 10,000 people look at his video like that. And then all of a sudden, all his videos have come offline. So these, uh, companies who alleged that somebody wins, it’s all rigged, because they only want the big people at the top to win these prizes.

Anyway, I’ll stop interrupting. Sorry. And that prize 10% of the jackpot goes to the person who’s first, boom, 5% goes to the person who was, uh, the last one to fall out. And third prize, uh, is two and a half percent of the jackpot. The top 20% of players will always get their entrance fee plus another 50% back, but not everybody pays the play.

Some people will get the opportunity to play for free. Let’s continue talking about the basic game. Bronze, easy silver, medium gold. Harder. So this is around the, uh, the difficulty of the questions, but just like who wants to be a millionaire? It’s not all, if you don’t know you, you can’t get a go, you get three lives per round, you get three passes per round and three freezes per round.

And this is the great thing because to get a pass or a freeze, you’re gonna buy that opportunity through, uh, through the game. And that’s where we profit. Wow. Profit, the business side of it. Wow. Go, Dave, you’re doing really good job on this presentation. Really explaining it really good for the peasants.

They’re getting really good understanding of it all. Thank you. Uh, with that, the free to play game. If you want to get free access, watch an ad. The games will start, uh, at a predetermined, uh, countdown point. Uh, the number of people will continue to roll in the prize. Ball will continue to go up and when the game kicks off, we’re away.

So you wanna free pass. You’ve gotta swipe up, but you may have to pay 10 cents or 20 cents or 30 cents to get that pass. You wanna freeze the game long enough to have a little bit of a think, ask your partner. Or maybe if you’re super quick on the computer a quick Google, but I wouldn’t send, spend too long because it is still the fastest one to get.

If you wanna buy a pass or a freeze, or why you go there’s over 150,000 NFT card, what does that mean? Means lots of people are gonna get scammed. If you don’t listen to Danny de heck good time to tune into my YouTube channel and press that be and gimme a thumbs up, helps these videos get out and stops.

Lots of people getting a scam. So appreciate your help there. But lots of people are gonna get scanned because these there’s a scam DEIC going on at the moment. And what I feel my job is is to actually warn people as much as I can. So I’ve got people sending me scams left, right, and center. And the ironic thing about all these people like Dave here is these are actually all ex HyperVerse, who are now onto their latest things.

And they’ve all been trained in the leadership meetings on how to scam people, but I’m your savior. Let me save from all this stuff and stop investing in scams, find a product or service and start using that to build your income, invest in property, or put money in the bank. Quick story at the end of the year, not a true story.

Put $10,000 in the bank, right? Boom. Crypto takes a big dive boom, all the way to the bottom. Oh, worth everyone loses lots of money. My $10,000 still in the bank. Did the bank gimme any interest? No, but I do a bit of drop shipping. So let’s just say I made $3,000, made a thousand dollars profit put that thousand dollars in the bank.

Now my $11,000 is in the bank. I made 10% of my investment. Do you get where I’m coming from? Alrighty, glad we had that conversation. Let’s get back to Dave. Each card will represent an opportunity within the game or a series of questions in the game. Don’t you miss out an opportunities guys. If you’re the holder of that card, business side, then there’s a clip of the ticket coming through.

Every time that card comes up, there’s over 150,000 cards, uh, have been printed. There’s 150,000, many, many more to come and many more only just touch the surface. Now I get people complaining that I don’t do serious videos. How, how boring would this presentation be? Without some person like me being funny through it.

Do you really want me to do serious stuff? Do invest in this. This is a bad opportunity. Okay. I wouldn’t do it. I didn’t get where I am today by investing in Ponzi schemes, listen up, kids wake up to the opportunities being displayed in front of you. Of the various different sports over 50,000 at this point in time have been allocated.

But again, more coming on board, the English Indian premier league in cricket is being rolled out. The Indonesian football codes are being rolled out. And just a little fun fact, there’s more European football league fans based in Indonesia. There is in Europe. So anything you can think of in sports and entertainment, that’s gonna be an opportunity here.

What about snail racing? Because I’m really into, I like snails. We’ve got them in the garden and sometimes I line them up and I get them there and I wonder who’s gonna win. And I sit there for err, looking at these snails and I always wonder, wonder if there’s actually anyone that bets on who wins snail racing for that, which makes an opportunity for us, but advertising to get free access to the game because we predict that 90% of the people that play will not want to.

So they get to watch an ad. Now there’s a new phrase that they’ve been rattling out lately, as you got to pay to play. It’s a new term that I hear bouncing around the internet a lot. So, yeah, so that must be a new thing they’re trying to brainwash you. I don’t think Dave’s actually that professional, but not like ish.

And, Keith who have had NLP training, which is basically brainwashing techniques, but these presentations are put together to play on the little brain that’s in here. And, uh, I, I would go as far to say that Dave’s got two brain cells, one’s lost and the other one’s looking for it. Watching the ad gets some access who pays for the access, the advertiser.

Oh, brilliant. We can disrupt this whole mobile disrupter disrupting the industry. Dave disrupt in a way advertising process through token tokenization and cognitive segmentation. What does that really mean? They’ve taken NFTs that at this point in time, the value of an NFT is only what somebody else has prepared to pay for it.

Now there’s a very wise statement, Dave. I actually agree with that. Who sets the value of an NFT, a digital piece of real estate, non fudgeable token that’s on the blockchain and we all think it’s worth something, but then like, you’ll see, they’ll make 150,000 of the one thing in different colors and call it a unique NFT.

I dunno about you, but the clear patch is that an artwork clear patch. I’ve been through the Vatican and they’ve got all these arts. I didn’t see. the what’s that lady, the, the one with the sad face, uh, Mona Lisa Mona. Now I didn’t see the Mona Aliza artwork reproduced exactly the same, but slightly different colors, 15,000 times, and then worth millions.

I’m missing something NFTs. I think Ts are a joke. Come on. Really in this game, an NFT is going to have an income stream attached to it, and whether that’s a personality, a club or a space for advertising, each one of these NFTs, uh, will have an income streamer. See Mona Lee. Now can’t you have advertising at the bottom of a get your free, HyperVerse ticket here going under the picture.

That would be funny, wouldn’t it? That creates massive value, better value. So we get real time staking bonuses within the game three assets that we acquire, uh, when we jump in super super is the name of the token that is resident within SuperOne, that token is, uh, prepared and set, ready to be listed, and that on, uh, mainstream crypto exchanges, uh, and that will happen closer to the game release, uh, but also when the market stabilizes a little bit, but they’re on the platform they’re staked and they’re growing every day, the cards, these are the personality, and club NFT cards.

They will generate. Revenue and the spaces that’s where the advertising goes. So on the tokens, 10% of all of the income coming in, uh, through the game gets distributed to the holders at the tokens on the cards. We get 5% of the revenue on the passes and freezers. And if you’ve got a gold card, that means you get three goes at that 5% because you are participating in easy, medium and hard.

And the advertising spaces when you’ve got those 5% on all of the ads, uh, revenue is then getting, uh, distributed amongst the spaces holders within the game and lots, lot more. So the game is gonna have entry fees. That’s part of the revenue of the business. The cards there’ll be purchases, seeding stories, and trading on the cards, revenue streams into the game, the spaces there’s advertising and seeding in that process.

Again, more revenue coming through. There’s gonna be a trading, uh, platform, uh, within the, uh, app for trading the cards, but I’m hanging onto mine because these cards are coming with a revenue stream. In my view, that revenue is gonna be a lot more than, uh, what I might make as a quick grab selling it to somebody else, but spaces, stories, tokens, all of these things will be tradeable, uh, in the premium package.

There’s upgrades of the loot boxes. We’ll talk about loot boxes in the moment, but there’s also for creators of games. Uh, there are private op game opportunities, other stories, and other features, all of these generate revenue and percentage of that revenue is distributed through the business. Guess what we are part of the business.

Oh my God’s amazing. Hey, I just downloaded the, uh, SuperOne app and it looks very exciting. You can sign up, but you need a referral link. So talk about abroad. Could you beat Christiana Ronaldo in a fight about Manchester United? Who do you think knows more? I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s fans out there that know more about the Manchester United club than Christiano Ronaldo, but think of it this way.

When a player let’s use Christiano as an example, when they go past their play. So I’ve just tried to sign up on the app. Uh, I don’t know if you can see that, but hold it on the right angle. Lights are too bright.

Uh, no it can’t. Oh, can’t show you. No lights are too bright, but anyway, Oh, there we go. Referral user, not present in system. So when I, I couldn’t sign up unless I had a referral code, which is a bit disheartening, but anyway, show to boy, you of that. So don’t bother downloading the app and try signing up, cuz you need to know a referral code.

If you want a referral code, maybe use Dave Coles. That’ll make him rich. He’ll be happy about that back to Dave period. So sports fat people don’t play forever. At some point in time, they have to retire from the game. What do they do for income after that get involved in Ponzi schemes, they continue to get endorsements.

Yes. Uh, they might take on speaking engagements, uh, with TV or other media, but here is an opportunity for Christiano to jump on his Instagram feed, jump on the game and challenge his fans to a brawl to see who knows more about Manchester United. If he pops his link, that he is gonna pop something else.

When he said that, sorry. Uh, his referral link, uh, into his Instagram feed and people who haven’t got the game downloaded and they play there’s a percentage of the income coming to him, but just because he’s hosting the game, he will get 30% of the income from that game. But we win from that as well because we are holding the NFTs.

We are holding the, uh, tokens and we are holding the advertising spaces. So it’s a, win-win all the way around. Boom, boom. So which superstars may have the smartest fans in the real. Let’s not have a brawl between the public, uh, and Christiana. Let’s just pit Christiana. Ronaldo’s fans against messy, who knows more about the game, the players and the clubs.

The bot knows more. The bot that they’ve got behind this, you know, artificial AI, cuz you do talk about AI in this, which is ironic really, but you’re gonna be playing with AI intelligence, fantastic opportunity for people to prove how much they know, but we could be battling, uh, a favorite fandom for cash prizes.

So the battle reality, the last man standing, it could just be a simple game, uh, about football or about music or about a particular personality. But let’s go into a battle Royal with an advertiser. The advertiser wants to get the message out about their products and service. Let’s use an example and this is just an example.

Princess cruisers might come in and, and uh, and build a game, uh, within the program. What’s the prize could be anything to do with travel, could even be a cruise battle. Royal last person standing wins the prize. How much do you know about princess cruises about the destinations they go to? So the. You know, I dunno if he’s been watching what happened with COVID and the cruise liners.

It wasn’t very nice. Some people were trapped inside their cruise ship for six or seven weeks. That one that was parked in Japan. Ooh. And I’ve been on a princess cruise. They’re actually really nice. technically speaking on a cruise, even if you, perhaps I went on the wrong cruise, I went with my mate because last minute holiday, but it’s is it, uh, over fed?

No, just weeds over feds and nearly deads that’s who goes on cruises? Just saying anyway, back to Dave telling us more about princess cruises. Oh, I went to, thanks for asking new Caledonia and, uh, left from Brisbane, new Caledonia. Uh, I forgot where I went. Oh, Fiji. And, uh, been to Fiji before though. New Caledonia.

Can’t remember. I can’t remember. It was great though. I did, I did quite enjoy it. 11 day cruise, new year cruise. It was, but there was only, I think seven single people on the whole ship. And there was like, I think there was two and a half thousand people on the ship, maybe 4,002 and a half thousand.

paying people and the rest were all serving us like peasants. No, we, they were, we were the peasants. No, we were the, they were the peasants now. Yeah, it’s sort of, and they, uh, I think they used a million dollars worth of diesel so bad for the environment, those cruise ships. Anyway, getting distracted, sorry.

Back to the Dave, hurry up. Dave opportunities are endless, ah, in terms of how the games can be built and the prizes, uh, and the incentives offered to people to play a simple game. Yes, no. Did you get the question right? Maybe we could get lady Gaga off the stage. uh, when she does the little session talking to people, engaging with her audience, maybe we can, maybe we can’t, who knows.

It’s just a bit of a skin to get your money challenging in them to brawl when it gets a backstage pass or something similar like that, we’re tapping into the fan bases of all of these celebrities. Why is it important to them? Because they are, they know that there’s multiple ways. They need to be generating income off their own personality.

And this will be just one, uh, of those ways. This is so unique. There are premium features within the game as well. So what does this mean? Let’s say you are the owner of a pub or you are the convener or organizer at a local sporting club. You can create your own game within the, uh, within the app. You can put your, your questions in, you can put your prizes in and you can challenge the people in the club or at your, uh, trivia night to play the game, let the game, manage the process, let the game allocate the prizes, let the game, uh, allocate the leaderboard and control everything.

Fantastic opportunity for the premiuh, creators within this economy. So the fan area crash, but four main areas, the fan area already built. This is where we populate all of the, uh, personalities, the clubs, uh, and the organizations within this area. All on NFT cards. You see one of the secrets to this game came about last year when NFTs, uh, were launched and came into their four.

Yes, only last year. NFTs became a big thing. That was the final piece that the developers of the game needed to put this game out in such a way that we can benefit the way we’re going to be. Andreas. I think his name is the guy that’s developed this. He’s got a whole history of scamming people. I’ve got more information after this video, have you stay tuned or if you want to jump to that section, look in the timelines, make sure you like and subscribe my YouTube channel.

Cause I now have 2000 people that like me. Thank you. I really appreciate it. A quick play game. 10 questions. First one to get all right, a battle real last hand standing wins the prize, but we could also do, uh, battles and influencer and club tournaments to actually create leaderboards, uh, where we have multiple games, uh, generating that leaderboard, uh, and giving more prizes around that process.

Why is this a big market? Last year, 2021, over $270 billion was spent on in game mobile purchases. That’s right. People playing game $270 billion was invested in online gaming. That is just overwhelming. Does that mean all the, TA abs around the world? Is that what they turn over? And you’re gonna tap into that.

A, is this gonna go in the TA P counter, download our app? No need to leave home anymore. You can play sports celebrities and singers. just all on our app, which is gonna open hopefully soon when we get 10 million James on their phone spent 270 billion. Oh my God. Gaming market is a $700 billion market last year.

We’re just trying to tap into a small portion of that. why pronouns 6 billion people globally. use their smartphone or have a smartphone there’s 5 million mobile apps that they can access now through the apple store or the Google. That was funny pay store. And we know that 50% of millennials own crypto, but here’s the key thing.

Yeah. 50% of millennials just lost half the investment with crypto. Just saying very sad story should be serious about that sort of stuff. Cryptos. Everyone’s got crypto and everyone lost money, and that’s not funny, Danny, this game runs on the blockchain. It has tokens, it leverages NFTs, but the average player is not going to be aware that crypto’s got anything to do with it.

As long as you get an invitation to play the game. Cuz if you don’t get an invitation, you can’t download and play, which I is a huge bottleneck. Isn’t it? Bri, they’re going to ha make their in game purchases exactly the same way they would do now with an in game purchase, whether it be their debit card, their credit card, apple pay, PayPal, whatever mechanism they used, they continue to use in this.

But from our point of view, it’s all running on the ripple blockchain yet X RRP is the token for ripple X RRP. You’ve heard it here. First lady and gentlemen, X RRP, X, R P. Right. Got it. It’s one of the fastest blockchains out there. Boom. A fast blockchain. Now I didn’t know that about blockchains. So there’s fast blockchains and there’s slower blockchains.

How about that? We’re learning stuff every day. Dave, thank you. Uh, and these guys have put it through its paces over 72 million transactions already. Boom. And that’s how I reckon everyone makes money in these, uh, Ponzi schemes is it’s the, uh, the gas fees. And that’s why Ryan J uh, theoretically owns room Italy owns some of Binance.

And if you even begin with events lately, crypto’s taking a dive and also they’re frozen withdrawals at the moment to save crypto’s life. So, these gas fees that they’re talking about is where I reckon they make all the money from coming up with these scams to prove that this game will actually work in that environment.

There’s been over a hundred thousand hours, put into the development. There’s over 95,000 users that have come through the testing phase, but also through the phase we’re in, at the moment where we’re building this community so that when the game is launched, we can share it as quickly as possible out to the general public that’s.

If these multi-level marketers can drive enough people to it and invest now have got a really good comment from someone who invested 250,000, sorry, $250. And as soon as they invested in this company, they reckon they got 17 phone calls in two or three days from these people like Dave, encouraging them to spend more and invest more and more heavily.

And they were said they were so pushy and they couldn’t get the money out. So that’s just one referral I’ve got, I’ll read that to you in a few minutes. There’s over 2.2 million in monetary transactions gone through already, and it’s in 225 countries. So there’s a proven track record of the development.

That means it’s downloadable in 225 countries just saying just like anyone that has access to the app store can download the app. Like I just did a few minutes ago. SuperOne is the app you wanna search for and you can see, and then you can say it’s in 222 countries as well, 225 countries as well.

Get that right. It’s real time processing and publishing the founders of the business top left hand corner, Andreas Andreas. So that’s the one I’ve got some information on. If you search for his last name, which I can show you in a few minutes, you’ll see. He’s been involved in scamming people for years, and he’s also the guy standing behind me there.

Andreas. Hello mate. Uh, he’s a Norwegian, uh, he’s a technical genius and extremely excited, had a number of meetings with him, uh, where he is been sharing the vision. and, and that’s got us excited as well. Yeah. And when you’re very successful and you’re very wealthy all day long, you wanna be on zoom meetings trying to encourage people to believe that you are onto something good.

And, Andreas has also been doing presentations like that, which we’ll show you in a few minutes on the bottom row, staying Alex and staying Andre. They’re both currently, uh, they’re Norton. They’re currently residing, uh, in Indonesia because they’re negotiating with the Indonesian football league and the clubs around the launch of the game.

That’s I feel like I’m missing Sam Lee and Ryan J to be honest, come on. And there’s no Jayden guys. Come on. Couldn’t you Chuck their names in there as well. And I’ve noticed that we’ve just got the first names of everyone. That’s fantastic. Isn’t it. It’s going to be the test bed for this version of the game.

This version, you mean you’ve had other versions, did they work out alright for you? Let’s look at that later on, too. Hey, gonna launch in Indonesia. And then as soon as that’s proven around the world, it goes, but Japan, Japan is a massive market for in game apps and in game spending in Tokyo alone, they spend 1 million every single hour on in-app purchases, S from Japan and he’s developing, uh, that, uh, fan based, uh, interface.

Uh, they’re just gonna be required to tap into that market all. Oh my goodness. There’s more people involved. What the development for this program’s been done internally. There’s three development labs, Norway, Indonesia, and India nothing’s been outsourced. So the business owners have got control of the now, if I had my way, I would spend all my life researching and getting deep, trying to figure out the people behind these companies, cuz I can probably beat your bottom dollar that if I went and did a Google search on every one of those people’s faces that you’re looking at there, that they would probably have little or no association with this company.

And if they did, it would be, you could research each of these people and find their involvement in, uh, SuperOne is nothing. It’s just all smoke mirrors, a lot of this stuff to overwhelm you as the potential investor. And they talk with these big numbers and all you need to do to get involved is start with $250.

And that’s what they’re after the low hanging fruit. And then when they get, $10 million and they’ve been in Indonesia and it worked out successfully, then they’re gonna roll it out to the rest of the world. And they’re already in 225 countries. And I understand how they’re already in those countries and they haven’t rolled it out to the rest of the world.

Just asking, just wondering, and there’s no proof of printing. There’s no actual product or service in this. It’s just all we’re gonna, we’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do that. Hurry up and wait all game, uh, and making sure about the security and the integrity, uh, of everything that’s running through on the block.

It’s a fully tokenized business model. So now we’re in the business side of things. There’s a business side of it. Natalie must be getting excited. You still there, Natalie? Good on ya. Don’t forget to pack those school lunches for the kiddies. The super is the token. It’s the principal currency and main utility token that’s used in the eco ecosystem.

What does that mean? Yeah. What does that mean? These big flash words they keep using to bamboozle people. People like me who list score 14, don’t know anything about anything, except I know how to spot off Ponzi scheme. It’s basically our where our way to get a share of the business, the cards, the NFT cards.

This is where the personalities and the clubs will be. And they’re used, uh, for the passers and freezes in the game and for the questions in the game themselves. So the freezes are when you are thicker shit, and you dunno the answer. You can get onto Google and probably search the answer and you can pay to freeze the game if you pay for it so that you can find the answer.

So you can potentially be quick enough to win where you are holding the card that’s being used. You get to the clip of the ticket. Every time it’s used and the spaces that’s where the real money’s gonna come through. Advertising advertising is a massive industry. Massive spend on what the offer here for the advertisers is.

They will know straight away what the game. What the profile of the players will be just by the personalities and the fan bases that it’s going to attract. And so they can direct their advertising, uh, to that appropriately. What’s the forecast. If I can, if I told you that in, uh, September 20, 20 candy crush had 10 million app downloads in its very, very first month, that just puts a bit of context around these forecasts.

The forecast here is to have 15 million players using the app of which 10% will be paid to play users, pay to play, pay, to play, don’t forget to pay so you can play based on that. 10% only there’s revenue forecasts, uh, coming in around 91 million, about 400 million worth of, uh, so, uh, 400 million, uh, tokens circulating, uh, earning each one, earning about 23 cents.

But when you project all that up and work out the price for those tokens in about 12 months, time, it’s anticipated, they’ll be worth about $14 each. Right now, when we get our loop boxes, they’re valued at 10 cents. Once they’re listed, the market will decide what they’re worth, but if we get anywhere near these projections, you’ll likely see that price move up to $14 from my own personal view and my own personal assessment.

Hey, if they only get 10% of that. I am gonna be extremely happy with how this has worked out for me. Yeah. Now coming from a man that’s invested in HyperVerse and uh, he saw a sign outside the bank window of HyperVerse saying, you can get three times your investment, just give us 300 or $400. You can get four times if you can $400 and then he’s gone and invested in it.

Then he’s stole all his friends about it. And he’s tried to build himself into a V I P one, probably. And then he’s got his initial investment out. And then HyperVerse say, I’m sorry, this is a Ponzi scheme. We’ve got no more money to pay out anybody. So we’re gonna freeze everything and we’re gonna start up hyper nation over here and have another go at it.

But if you wanna get involved in that, like a big player, you need to spend 10,000 U S D T or 100,000. If you wanna bring your whole team over and we’re gonna rinse and repeat Pete and do the same thing again, this guy made that informed decision to get involved in HyperVerse and he’s not, you know, too sad about it.

He’s obviously onto his next multi-level marketing scheme. Good on you, Dave, and keep publishing these sort of things and misleading people build your reputation, ethical person. So let’s go one step further, boom, boom. From traditional fan bases. Let’s talk about BMW. As an example, Ooh, 4,400 worldwide dealerships, 130,000 employees and 115 billion in annual revenue, big numbers to quote the Dave what’s relevance with these numbers.

And, uh, and this app, one of the key issues that a dealership has, or, or a, uh, uh, a motor vehicle brand is when they introduce a new model, they have to get all of the information about that new model out to their, uh, employees. So they understand it and they can appropriately present and sell that product.

Why not make it into a game? Wow. What a good idea. Oh, how many wills does a BMW have? Uh, four beep wrong. Oh five. Cause there’s one in the boot. Oh, Ooh, puppy. I haven’t told you something. I’ve got my puppy. I’m gonna, I’ve got a puppy, a brand new one puppy yesterday. He’s at the floor sleeping at my feet.

That’s why I keep looking down. If you haven’t wondered, I’ll pick him up when he wakes up properly, but he’s just made a we noise. So I’ll carry on. Sorry, Dave, go back to you. Release the information and test people’s knowledge in a game with incentives and with prizes. Now, take it one step further Christiana.

Ronaldo’s got fans and I’m sure BMW has fans as well. And that fan base probably even comes down to, uh, the individual vehicles, get them into the game, incentivize them, and now we’ve got more and more, uh, opportunities to generate revenue. Hypothetically speaking. It sounds awesome, man. Wow. Just, just need to get all that married together.

And while I threaded all together and like use the internet, perhaps you could, you know, go to BMW and go off to these soccer players and get them to all, just sit there and play games all day long and you guys win brilliant, brilliant, absolutely brilliant you through that game and for people to pay and earn these incentives.

Let’s cut across to education. I’ve spoken about Instagram before. Uh, we’ve said Christianna Ola. He’s one on the top. Uh, the rock he’s in the top 20. Uh, so are all the Kardashians by the way. Uh, but so is national geo. It’s only one of three businesses. Uh, that’s in the top 20 for Instagram follower. Hey Dave, have you thought about David Abra over thousands of years?

Lots of animals have come through my studies and now I see this app eventuated that is gonna change their life for thousands of people. This is Danny Edinburg doing a terrible impersonation of David Edinburgh. So let’s create games around education and put incentives and prizes to that one thing that’s really great about this game, uh, is that if you’re under 18, you can still play.

You can’t earn a cash prize, ah, bugger, but you can generate points and those points, uh, will be able to be used within the game. So the adverts that you are putting on this, are they gonna be targeted to people under the age of 18, seen under age? Under 18 age people. They’re probably all the ones that play that candy candy thing.

You talked about. The other one that made all the millions were probably people under the age of 18. Don’t see people over the age of 50 doing it myself, mate. But, yeah, so that’s interesting. So advertisers can advertise on here, right? And the advertisers are targeting over 18 year olds or under 18 year olds.

That’s what I’d like to know, but when the person, uh, the student turns 18, boom, or their money’s gone, then those points could be converted to cash. Fantastic opportunity for every that is not right. So you go into a casino under the age of 18, play a whole lot of, money free, earn a whole lot of points.

And then the C casino says, don’t worry, when you turn 18, and this is legal, we’re gonna give you a payout. That sounds a bit strange. Doesn’t sound real, everyone and all too good to be true. That one, this app has the capacity to evolve into a super app. and there’s a $10 trillion market waiting for this game to arrive trillion.

So that’s the basic fundamentals of the game. Oh, excited. I’m gonna take a quick breath. Am I excited? And then I’ll jump in and talk about what’s in it for us, uh, as business builder, what are you doing? Love it. Thanks Dave, take, take a quick drink. You absolutely nailed that. Oh, nailed it. He’s gonna nail it again in another hour.

Cuz he’s got doing this presentation at hour and then they’re doing another one at six o’clock and then they’re gonna get Andreas. Who’s gonna come in here. Who makes who’s made the app and he’s gonna go on and talk about it as well to the Australian people loved the information. You get me all excited all over again.

I just woo. If don’t wanna get Nelly excited, can’t wait for the game to launch. I’m like, come on already.

all right. So just so you know, there’s nothing going on between Natalie and Dave because I searched Natalie’s friend list and Dave is not a friend of hers on Facebook. I’ve got my breath. Let’s let’s fly into this. I’ll keep it as simple as possible. Uh, it is simple. It is fantastic. What we’re doing now is we’re empowering everyone to make money from their creations and their connect.

The real funny thing about this at the end, they have question and answers and I think there’s five people that come in and ask questions and answers. They’ve all got, they’re already involved in it and it looks like it’s family members asking really deep, meaningful questions. It’s quite a laugh.

Obviously people have been, I don’t know if you call it raped in to, keep the hype of all this going, who do you know, who do you know, wants to be involved? This is how we make money. I, I couldn’t sell this. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go to my friends and family and tell ’em that I want you to invest in a gaming app.

So I dunno how you guys are gonna rattle up enough people to actually get involved in this. It’s just the multi-level marketers who keep investing in schemes, loot boxes. I mentioned, this is how we get access to the features of the game, the cards, the spaces, and the tokens, and with all of those, those range of bonuses, there’s three sets of creative bonuses that we can unlock based on our followers.

How do you first one, the follower bonus, very simple. Introduce somebody to the business, and there’s a 10% payout from the purchases that you directly, uh, introduce. So you’ve gotta find someone, who’s got a, a spare thousand dollars who wants to invest in an app, and then you’re gonna get 10% to that a hundred dollars.

There’s also a secondary bonus. If you qualify, which is quite simple, then that 10% now goes to 20% payout. Very simple. Oh, now that looks like a pyramid scheme, doesn’t it? No, no, no, no. This is not a pyramid scheme because we pay out rewards and rewards have not been acknowledged in the pyramid scheme dictionary.

As, an investment, cuz you’re not allowed to do investments for pyramid schemes. So we just change it to rewards just like you would with your credit card company who give you rewards for being a member and doing transactions. That’s right. You gotta do transactions anyway. Carry on. You come in at a thousand, which is our sweet spot, sweet spot,

sweet spot. I like a thousand dollars. Sweet, sweet and sour as is that gold package. You introduce two people at the same value or one. This is where all you need to do is get a calculator like this. See, I got a calculator and you just need to get on there and go two times 2, 4, 2, 8 16. And if, if I keep doing this, I’m just gonna get richer and rich Richard.

And if, if I invest, if I bring in 500 people, trillion dollars person that double the value of you and you now double the percentage. So you, 10% goes, uh, your 10% bonus now jumps to a 20% bonus is a matching bonus. For those of you that understand, uh, compensation plans, we go in generations, at the very beginning, uh, it’s a two generational, uh, payout, but as you go up, uh, increase through the, uh, different packages.

Four six, right up to eight generations of payout. And everybody in between, anytime they get a bonus, you get a 10% matching bonus within those generations, the staking bonus. So this is where we’re getting some crypto speak coming in. You stake the super, the cards and the spaces that is you leave them on the platform so that they can be used and generate revenue for.

Okay. So technically speaking, if you were a member of HyperVerse, used to get you $300, invest that, and then they would pay you 0.5% per day. And then when you got a little bit of money, you could withdraw your rewards. Boom. And then you got right. I’ve withdrawed my rewards. I’m quite happy about that.

Let’s go big Danny and, Yeah, she withdraw your rewards and you think I have faith in the platform. This is a sure thing. Look at me, I’ve managed to get money out of HyperVerse. I’m going to rebuy into a bigger membership plan and then get more daily rewards. It’s a no brainer. And that’s what they’ve just done there.

They I’ve gotten what he said it was, but, yeah, back to Dave, who’s telling you, if you leave your money on the platform, you are gonna get more benefits, which is like playing monopoly. Isn’t it. You keep playing monopoly, no one ever lands on the click, the bank, and everyone look thinks so rich because they have flats and hotels and all sorts of wonderful things right back to Dave, Dave, take it off.

Yeah, the tokens, they get a 10% stating bonus on every single transaction in the platform. Different ways that, uh, money, money flows through the platform, entry fees and premium game features, purchases, and seating of stories, trading of cards, advertising, and the premium features, but also the purchasing of the loot boxes, all creating revenue and all of that is being distributed.

10% of that through, uh, to the people holding those tokens. It’s anticipated. If there’s 1 million paying. That remember 1 million, but 10% will be paid to play. 90% will be free to play. They’re getting paid for by the advertisers. There’ll be about 60 million worth of revenue. Uh, running through this game and revenue is then going to flow through to the token holders.

The NFT cards, the personalities in the clubs. There’s a 5%. I’m amazed that they’ve spent, uh, 100,000 hours developing this app and it’s not released yet. is that work mate, a hundred thousand hours have been in the development of this and they haven’t even launched it yet. If this was on Dragon’s den or the shark tank, they would laugh them out of the, out of the building.

Wouldn’t they staking bonus coming in through steak and fries. Did he say steak and bonus steak chips on a vegan mate? They’re like 5% of the revenue generated by the NFTs gets distributed to the owners of those NFTs. I just think NFTs have a waste of time and, uh, that window’s gone on. Anything can involve with anyt at the moment.

It’s just a waste of time coming from a guy that’s got 10 comics, you know, advertising spaces, similar you hold advertising spaces. 5% of all the advertising is going through to the space holders. Now the loop box, this is where the rubber hits the road. Hey. Yeah, it was, where the rubber hits the road.

Bo repairs. what was that guy’s name? Whether Roberts the road. was it Bo I got that wrong. I must look that up. It’s such a laugh. I’ll tell you in a second lowest entry point 10 us dollars. It’s paid in ripple. Why is it paid in ripple? Cuz this whole thing runs on the blockchain, but the entry point or the minimum entry point is 10 us dollars for that.

You’ll get some tokens and you’ll get a ma uh, you’ll get a direct bonus on anybody. You introduce, jump up to bronze. You’re starting to get discounts. You’re getting matching. It’s only a hundred dollars. but also you are getting your first three NFT cards. So three bronze cards go to silver at $500.

You’re now getting two generations of matching coming in, but you’ve also got six NFTs and more tokens. The sweet spot, gold, 12,000 tokens, nine NFTs and nine spaces, four generations of matching. And it’s a thousand us dollars. So you can get started for as little as $10 or go directly for gold at a thousand dollars.

And if you’re a guru creator, that is you want to go for the big money we have the legend pack. So legend packs, 10,000 bigger discounts, more tokens, 12 cards, 12 spaces, six generations of matching bonuses. But the good thing about this. Is, you can work your way up to this. It’s not, not just a one price entry.

You can build up to these levels or go right to the top origin, $50,000 maximum number of tokens, 700,000. Dave, can I please have one of those? I just like the sound of that. That means I would never have to work another day in my life. I just purchase that and life will be good. I cannot wait to get started.

Please contact me immediately. Tell me how I can go about giving you $50,000 of my money. So I can be an origin. Uh, and the cards, spaces matching gen matching bonuses going down eight generations. So you can upgrade with payments or you can upgrade with points that are being earned through the binary bonus or a combination thereof work your way up, work your way through.

So for example, when I came in, my first loot box was a gold and I got nine other that sorry, eight other gold loot boxes, which meant my $10,000 pack only cost me $1,000 extra. And I was away. Now I’ve got a few extras and the origin pack is in my sights. All of these, remember that it hasn’t even been launched yet.

And he is already making money. This is incredible. Dave bonuses are paid in real time. Have you ever seen a business opportunity where you can get micro payments and, uh, bonus commissions paid directly into an external wallet? Will no, I haven’t. This is not like HyperVerse. This is amazing. Dave, tell me how to get the $50,000 pack I want in now.

Okay. Big player here, big player. Tell me how to buy the 50,000 pack. This is what happened. We have the option to connect our external X RRP wallet directly into the platform. And instead of the revenue from the game being collated by the business and then distributed the smart contract distributes distributes it instantly.

And the smart contracts knows who you are. You’ve told it to send it to your wallet and the payments just keep clicking over in your wallet. Some micro payment. Now my little message from my little friend that told me that they got scammed by these guys. They said that the process that he’s talking about took three weeks to get set up.

And there was some other thing, but you will talk about that in the wee wall. Not as simple as it sounds, Dave, to actually get your micro payments, cuz it’s setting up as just a nightmare. So I got told it’s some bit bigger, but thousands, hundreds of thousands of payments going through in real time. So who’s ready to create the world’s leading fandom.

Metaverse with us. We’re we’re excited. And we’d love you to ask some questions so that we can, uh, all right. Bring out the fan. Uh, the friends and family, the questions are pretty lame, not quite the same intensity as a HyperVerse leadership meeting, but let’s have a listen help. You make a decision with this Natalie, back to you.

Love it. Love it. Thank you so much, Dave. That was excellent. Sign me up. sign me up to oh one, a $50,000 one. Sorry, gonna be serious. Don’t you gonna be serious? Can you take these people seriously? Sign me up all over again. Woo. Like, you know, I’ve been in probably a week. Oh, you’ve been in Arbon, ABO lady, you know, all about multilevel marketing week and a half.

And I bet you did Tupperware as well. Do you come on Natalie. Tell me, do you do Tupperware? You thought about it. Didn’t you already, I can see this working and excitement behind it. And like Dave said to exciting, be able to meet with the owners and the co-founder the owner. Andreas let’s leave. He’s a real good scammer guy will show you some little bit of information about him.

He’s on that. that favorite website, you go search his name on, Behind mlm.com and search for hyper one. You’ll find articles all about Andreas and how long he’s been scamming people. Yep. Founders, the people that are behind this, the transparency within this is just next level, which gives us all massive confidence.

So need confidence. I think if anybody wants to ask a question, just raise your hand. How do I get outta here? I think we’ll be alright to unmute a couple of people. Do you think Dave? Well, I don’t know. There could be the people like Danny de hick on there who wanna ask those curly questions. Like how do you sleep at night?

Skiming people. Absolutely. I’m sure we can manage that. Yeah, but you did. You covered that so well you, oh, he did really well. He does it every hour. He just gets better and better. Save, have so much information back to back zoom meetings, all around the world, leading the leading the, the zoom zoom competition.

You could make the zoom competitions part of the app. And you could ask people questions about how many zoom methods, how many zoom meetings can you have, uh, every day. And you could answer that and you’d win and you could compete with the bot and it was epic. But if anybody does have any questions or anything, and there’s no such thing as a silly question, honestly, anything are you going to introduce now racing in the.

Because you can guaranteed, whatever it is you are, you are thinking of somebody else is thinking, oh, I’m so glad they asked that. so please don’t be shy. First hand up is Phil. Thank you, Phil. Uh, please unmute yourself and ask away. Let’s meet Phil. Phil. Okay. How you going? I’m good. Phil, can you get a bit closer to your mic?

Okay. Uh, yeah, mate. I’m I’m gonna turn this up. Uh how’s. Is that better? Much, better, far away. That better? Much better. Oh, good. I, I I’m actually driving to work, mate. I’ve got you on the phone. but, mate just wanted to, mate, that was the best presentation that I’ve seen of the business. Jesus mate, you drive to work in your car and you’re telling us it’s the best presentation you have seen in your life.

What the hell are you doing on the road? Watching a presentation right back to Phil. Awesome. And I’ve seen the owners and et cetera. That’s mate. I just wanted to give you that feedback because this is what you call a ringing. obviously, being a Aussie and, and, and when you’ve been promoting different multi-level marketing businesses, quite often, you’ll get Europeans or Americans or so forth.

And it was just great to hear, you know, your passion for the business and seeing your take on it, your version. I actually would love a recorded, can we get a, that presentation you just did recorded? Yes, . Yes, you can. if you go to, Danny de HEC dot, well go to de hec.com and click at the link at the very top, you’ll see my YouTube channel and you go to my YouTube channel, make sure you like hit the thumbs up, hit the be, and then you’ll be notified as I give you more and more of these scams, but just this part’s quite funny.

Cause Dave says he doesn’t want it on social media and you shouldn’t be sharing it on social media, but you do it secretly cuz you don’t want the world to find out about the scheme anyway, let’s carry on and see what, Dave says to feel about sharing it on social media. Yeah, so we, we have recorded it.

Uh, what we’ll do is once the recording’s been processed, we’ll go through and make sure there’s, uh, no lumps and bumps in it. Uh, which means hopefully no one’s destroyed it by asking a stupid question that they can’t publicize and then we’re quite happy to, to make those available, make those available great.

Cause I’ve got a lot of people that make they, they, uh, you know, they are very passionate about their poker. I, I, I went to poker last night, showed the three minute video to five people, three of them, uh, four of ’em are in two of ’em signed up by midnight. Oh, everyone’s doing it. Uh, Phil. Good on you mate.

We’re gonna be rep it just shows you the power of, you know, this, presentation you’ve done, Dave. It’s brilliant. I am gonna also show the three minute video that, he’s talking about after this, that we are the next video. Anyway, back to you, Phil. Sorry to cut you off me mate. don’t crash back to you.

Now, but they will be a poker. They’re gonna, I’ve got a lot of people who wanna see daytime, uh, presentations. I’d rather just flick them what you just did. Yeah, absolutely. We only have one rule with the record here. It comes. Put a presentation. Thanks, mate. Not, not directly on social media, but definitely private sharing, uh, is absolutely.

No, just private. Just one on one here, guys. Have a here mate, have a look at this. You know, John Murray, these guys last night, Morris, Hey, have a look at this, then call me and we can get you on a, another, a live webinar when they, you know, obviously once I’ve seen one they’ll they wanna have a lunch watch.

The, the guys are great over in Europe. Love them, but I was just, I just think that was also short, sweet and really to the point. Yeah. Yeah. I’ll give ’em their JS. They’re excited, but they are talking in their second language, uh, because the, the three owners in Norwegian. Yep. before we go to Martin, now this is stupid, right?

Stupid is the word you’re looking for? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why the hell? Wouldn’t you want to share this on social media? Because it’s a scam and they don’t want people like me finding it on social media. Going, what the hell is this Aussie Dave doing? promoting a scam. You’re our neighbors mate. And you’re gonna be trying to come over here to New Zealand and, uh, scam our Kiwis.

You’re disgusting mate. Just saying great. Don’t get me wrong, but I like yours. Thanks now. Yeah. Before we go to, uh, Jules. Yeah. Great question. Now that you’ve said that I do remember, but I didn’t mention it. Uh, the game is due for launch in September, a little bit ahead of the, uh, the world cup. and the pay to play version is being launched in November.

Why is November the important date? Because we haven’t, uh, we won’t, we’re trying to gather 10 million from people first. And then if, if we get that, then we’re gonna launch the app and if we can get everyone involved in it and if we can get it all working, then you may get some money back in the meantime, we are just taking your money.

Cause the world cup in Qatar, uh, starts in the middle of November and runs through, uh, to, uh, just before Christmas. and that, uh, for those that are remotely familiar, uh, with the round ball codes, uh, that is the world’s most watched, uh, sporting event. And, and they’re pushing this game right into that audience nearly wake up.

Okay, Natalie, wake up. So can we let Martina ask you a question? Yep. So Martina, if you wanna unmute yourself, please. My luck. Lovely. yeah. Thanks, Dave. That was an awesome present. Awesome. Really enjoyed it. Is that what you wanted me to say? Nation? I’ve got goosebumps. have you. I have two. I can’t wait to get my 50,000.

I’m totally sold on the idea I can are you, you need to get outside and go out for a walk and get outside the away from the screen. Darling. See that this is a massive, massive opportunity. my question is to do with the, spill over, uh, second leg. Yep. And if I sign up, a person on my team leg, uh, because I’ve already binary qualified.

Yep. do they receive spillover from the whole team above or is it just my team? Uh, depending on where you sit, everybody can get spillover from above them, whether it’s just from the person that’s introduced them or whether it’s from, from further up. I I’ve got goosebumps. Ma’am spillover sounds something amazing.

So let me get, I get involved in this. Uh, I go through and I read all the instructions about the investment and, and then there’s gonna be spillover money hitting me in the face. credible, yeah, spillover is massive in this business. The other thing to remember as well is when the game is released, the players fall into the binary.

So if you know anything about B binaries and how quickly they can fill up, uh, with business builders, you imagine how quickly they’re gonna fill, uh, with, uh, with the players and the company has developed this unique, uh, AI engine. So artificial intelligence, that’s the one that’s playing the game with you.

So if you’re playing these games, the AI that he’s talking about is gonna be playing the game. So you’re gonna be playing AI versus human and wondering why you’re not winning. And then you’re gonna come second and get 10% of the winnings and not the 35% that they promise you. So that mathematically works out to be a Ponzi scheme, because if you do get money engine, so once the game is released, uh, and that AI engine’s turned on, the players will automatically allocated into binary to maximize, uh, the revenue for the people, referring them excited, exciting times.

We don’t have to put thousands of people, uh, manually place them in the, by it B it’s all gonna happen for us right now. We can do those manual placements, uh, but, uh, once the game’s recorded, uh, released, you won’t wanna do that. We just won’t be able to keep up. Oh, wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. Do you mind to ask you a question?

Oh, this is dad. Dave, is this your father? I always got a different name. Nixon, George Nixon. Isn’t he present? Yeah, go ahead, George. And then we’ll go back to Chrissy. Thanks. Very much, really great presentation. Oh, awesome. I can’t get outta these people. I last thing I’d ever say to anyone who did a presentation, did a, a PowerPoint presentation.

It’s a really great presentation. I mean, why would you say that? I mean, everyone’s cured to say it. No, that was really good enough. They’ve been in just one week. I’m starting to get my head around just a little bit. So he is invested and now he’s starting to get his head around it. It’s called due diligence, which is a word I don’t actually like saying because when I was, uh, doing all my videos to bust HyperVerse everyone said that you’ve gotta do your due diligence and you haven’t done your due diligence.

It’s a new word out there that everyone says, you’ve gotta do your research. I did research in two hours before I did this video and I’m doing it live. I’m not editing this. I don’t need to, if you’ve watched this from a to Z, if you spent, I know how long this is gonna be, can’t see my video, but let’s just say this video goes on for an hour 45.

I think it’s gonna be about two hour video right now. If you haven’t got times to watch two hour video before you put your money into this. And then at the end of watching my video, you think Danny’s full of shit. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Then you just go give these guys your money straight away.

Okay. Would it be, would I be right in saying that, uh, the goal is to acquire as many, so as tokens as possible or the, the NFTs I should say. Hey, George, I’m doing a zoom presentation at four o’clock on Saturday afternoon. Would it be possible for you to ask a question for me? Okay. Did you get it right George?

Yeah. So, so my answer to that, uh, and this is my opinion and my assessment, the more tokens, the more NFT cards and the more NFT spaces you’re holding, that’s where the revenue’s gonna come from. And, you know, we’ve had a lot of discussions around which personalities do I choose, and yes, the obvious answer is go for the ones that are most popular.

But sometimes we might find that some of the less popular, uh, personalities or clubs will get the most passes and freezers. That’s where the revenue’s made. So every card has an, uh, equal opportunity to generate revenue for us. Thank you. As often as you can. Awesome. And Chrisy had a hand up as well, Dave, so Chrissy, if you would like to unmute yourself and ask a question.

Yes. Thank you. Uh, first time I’ve seen it first time now she looks like someone who’s on the methadone program. You know, who’s the man sitting behind her. I wanna know is that her father she’s at work and they stopped and looked at this opportunity and she’s really excited. I bet she’s a relative of nets.

Am I right, Natalie? Come on. You can tell me, looking into it. Just a question, as far as the, uh, uh, funding and, and getting started. When you say sort of, sort of looking at the us, uh, 1000 S D do, you’ve gotta convert that to ripple first and then, and then fund your account from ripple. So depending on Ripple’s worth, it could be more than a thousand dollars USD.

Uh, no, it will. It’s USD. Yeah. Depends how long you hanging onto your ripple before, before you move it. Cause as soon as you put your money into ripple, it goes into the crypto exchange.

So you don’t want it sitting in there too long as Dave’s about to tell her, I think what your cost base is, but if you were doing it pretty well straight away, you know, your exposure could be no more than five or 10 minutes to the it’s like nuclear fol out this exposure stuff, variation in price. All of us just put a little tiny bit of a percentage on top.

And the beautiful thing is if you get too much in your account, let’s say you got $1,010. You can draw the other $10 straight out. Wow. Oh, right. Yeah. Cause that’s my, yeah. Okay. That’s alright. I was still getting my head around the whole quick dote and sending it over and all that sort of stuff. Guys freaked me out in the background up and changing.

That also is, is magic for me. I I’m in a couple of other crypto based things. Oh, let gears. HyperVerse hibernation. Have you got yourself? And the other one? the gold bar ones. They’re really good. And I’ve got U S D T stuck in the platform. Ah, what, and I’ll bit, you raved about that opportunity when you told everyone about it too, didn’t you, you can only once it’s there, you can only buy stuff with it.

and you know, my own fault, I sent too much. I can’t get it back, whereas in this one, Hey, don’t be afraid to send a little bit too much. Uh, so you don’t have to send it twice cuz you can withdraw it straight away. Yeah. Okay. And then, so obviously you joined with an invite link. So whoever showed you that put you to this video, you just sort of get back to that.

Uh, it does sound like she’s been cured to say that, Hey don’t wanna, you gotta make sure you get those invite links. I couldn’t sign up. Cause I didn’t have, I couldn’t find one anywhere. Dave, I’m looking for, well, I wanna sign up by the $50,000 package and I can’t find a referral link so I can help build your overflow stuff.

And, and then they send you obviously the, the link thing and then you just go from there. Yeah. I follow psychology. And when somebody’s sitting there on a meeting, scratching their head, like they’ve got nets or something like that, I’m usually a bit dubious that they’re lying and they’re trying to, comfort themselves.

while they’re scratching their head that they’re lying and they know this is a scam, but how many people did you get to sign up when I was on? And they all said, no one. Yep. Invitation only, uh, whoever introduced you to the video, they’ll have an invite link. Uh, and if they’re not sure how that all works, then the person to introduce them will be able to help you as well.

Yeah. Alright cool. Very serious. Okay, perfect. See Chrissy and that strange man. What out that strange man sitting behind your boating, his nails, or playing with his beard. Do you want some beard oil mate? I’m thinking of starting up a shaving store. thanks, Chrissy. Great questions. Oh yeah. Awesome. Anybody else?

Everybody good. Everybody happy re go on in, go on my lap. Can I have a referral code? I would like a referral code. Can you just read one out for me? Sorry, just a quick question. Quick question. Cause I know you guys are busy. If you by accident, put someone in your team league and not in the spillover. Are you silly lady?

Did you do that? Oh, where would you do that for? Accidently sign them up in the wrong link. Oh no. Boo.

Can you swap positions? No lady. Once you’ve placed someone in a position or are they there for good? Yeah, you just, you can just grab anyone that’s signed up for the program and you just shuffle them around, you know, to suit your own requirements and you’ll get spill over from them anyway. Yeah. Great question.

Great question position is there for good? Uh, there’s no reversing if they haven’t funded, uh, Just switch your legs over and get them to join again. What’s this leg thing is this, you build your left and your right leg. I’ve seen it in some other Ponzi schemes sounds exciting, but, but lopsided, when you start off, when you only have one friend and one friend signs up for it, you don’t have two friends and you like pig league, don’t you.

what potentially they could do, uh, is just throw $10 in the dead position, uh, just to activate it. And at some point in time they might wanna gift it to somebody else. Okay. Thank you. Yep. Checks in the mail also looks good on our stats if you’re a hundred percent funded. Love it. Awesome. Thank you.

Thank you, Rennie. anybody else? Any other questions, everybody good? like, Chrisy you could have wrapped up for me. That was perfect. Cause that’s what I was gonna say at the end. reach out to the person that introduced you. the person that invited you onto this video, uh, reach out to them and, they can help get you started.

And any other questions you may have as well down the track? So thank you everybody for joining us. Thank you, Dave. That was amazing. Amazing Dave. Amazing, amazing, great opportunity. So excited. Say it again. Really, really, really enjoyed it. Lovely to see you all take care and see you all very soon. Yeah.

See you guys. And if you’re super excited, we’re back on at five o’clock and at six o’clock and at six o’clock with the owners, the co-owners so link at six, same link at five. Yep. Brilliant. Fantastic.

Okay. Thanks guys. See ya. Bye. Whenever you’re ready. Right. So we’re gonna get everybody. Oh, we don’t wanna start again. Make sure I click off the right one. So what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to, uh, resize this window here. Now this is the official three minutes and six second, presentation. Now I’m gonna turn the sound off because if you know anything about YouTube videos, there’s copyright.

So I want to turn the sound off on this and just let you listen to it. And I think I’ll do this right? So hopefully my microphone’s going and let’s press play. So this is the official video, which I found on Andreas, LinkedIn page. And obviously they’re trying to pass off all these celebrities, all these musos and everyone you can think of that’s associated.

with sports and basically come up with a gaming app that you can download and play games and potentially play against, the soccer players, magicians, singers, actors, and it’s like the biggest quiz show app in the world today they’ve even got apes coming along. So, NFT cards, it’s just the total package.

I mean, I would be pissed off if I had an NFT of my face, my picture, obviously been used by these guys to potentially sell my NFT. Imagine having a Danny de heck NFT. I mean, wonder why I’m not wanting you ladies and gentlemen, I just wanna know this sort of stuff, but you may see that video around. So when I first saw Natalie and Dave doing this video, I missed the word.

SuperOne, SuperOne. Is that what it is? SuperOne. Let’s have a look at that. Get that right. It is SuperOne. Isn’t it? hold on these foot back. Yep. SuperOne. And I didn’t couldn’t find the scam anywhere. So then I managed to pick up on it, found it, found this video. It’s even got my favorite thing, squid games.

It’s really cool. So if you missed it, basically you need to invest and you need to buy into something that hasn’t happened yet. And potentially if it does start happening the way they go, you’re gonna get. Your reward back by owning these NFTs. So let’s do a little bit more investigation. Let’s see how much more of this.

We’ve got to go. We’re just over halfway. I’m not gonna put the sound on, but I’m sure it’s pretty awesome. Maybe I could put my sound up. There you go.

Nice background music for you. You could fight.

So remember you’re here, here first, the Danny of your heck YouTube channel. Excited. Do you feel like investing in another Ponzi scheme? This is the one for you. My light went out. I’m just gonna change. Ooh, naked eight seconds. Zoom it. SuperOne. The Phantom metaverse oh my God. Oops, shut up, Danny. Turn that off. Sorry about that guys. All right. So that was the video. Let’s get rid of the videos now what I did. So we’ve already gone through, that was the presentation that I’ve just done my deal on with Natalie and Dave, as I mentioned, Natalie is just a stayat home mum by the look of it and she’s into ABO and she’s into finding her financial freedom.

she’s on. LinkedIn, if you want to find her, she has a Hotmail address that you can find here and her phone number. You could ring her up and ask how to get involved. If you don’t believe me, then I clicked on some of the links that she was promoting and that was broken and that was broken. We did manage to find her Instagram account and it looks like she’s got some help with her social media marketing.

And she’s heavily involved with Arban, which is also a pyramid scheme, multilevel marketing. So she’s, she’s also got a link tree account and, we found other Facebook pages and then we found another business thing. I’ve never seen this before, so excuse me if I get it wrong, but it’s, B to me it’s where people can obviously list their businesses with their business online.

So then I did a search for Dave Cole. As I mentioned earlier, I found him on LinkedIn. He had a bed this time, so you can contact him. I’ve sent a pending request. So feel free to message me Dave, if you’re watching this, he’s waiting to release an exciting opportunity. He’s got focused, focused.com AU. So you wanna go back to his website, you can see he’s had a history of, in his LinkedIn account, which I must, uh, follow him.

And on his LinkedIn account, I can see he’s been actively promoting HyperVerse. So he is obviously HyperVerse. So that’s got dis grumbled, couldn’t get his money out and decided that he would start promoting SuperOne. Then we found him on LinkedIn. Sorry. We found him on, uh, Facebook. We found that he’s promoting his meetings on meetup.

Uh, and then we found a he’s a coach, I train entrepreneurs and network marketers, like you to harness the power of digital strategies to explore their business online. That was exciting. Then I did a search for Phantom metaverse. That’s where I found some. that’s actually, when I stumbled across the actual promo video, which I just showed you about the sound on.

And then I found, obviously, you know, all these, you know, these videos and I found a, I think I found a YouTube channel. I’m gonna stop that. Boom. so this YouTube channel here has like all these videos. I don’t even know if this is the official SuperOne, but it looks like he’s an affiliate and he is gone through and grabbed all the videos that promote.

This SuperOne new app coming out, and I can see that he’s actually uploaded all these videos within a very short period of time. And also we’ve got two views, 10 views, eight views, seven views, five views, one view, three views, eight views. So this could just be another affiliate. Who’s decided that he’s gonna download all the videos and upload them to YouTube, hoping that someone like you is gonna stumble across them.

And when you go into the videos, he’s actually put his referral code over the top of them. So I don’t know the hell that guy is, but anyway, but then I found Andreas, I’m gonna get his name, red Andreas Christensen. Right. And you’ll see that’s him, his photo behind me. very exciting. So he’s on, LinkedIn.

So I’m gonna connect with him and he’s theoretically coming onto these zoom meetings. Now think about the logic here. This guy is theoretically really super successful. Well, they always are. These guys and their knowledge is overwhelming and they’re so lucky to have him on board. And he’s got a history of doing all this sort of stuff.

So I tried to do a little bit of research on this guy and find out who he is and what he is all about. So I’ll go as I go through these tabs, I’m not gonna spend all day long on this, but, I’ll let you do the judge of that. So I found that it also set up a business page on LinkedIn, and I’ve noticed that the same content has been published there, so that wasn’t too exciting.

But, I did get a video then I found. them on I’m gonna follow him as well, found them on Twitter. And I found that they had been promoting ripple and all sorts of things. And you can go through here and you can see, it just looks the same sort of stuff as, hyper nation and HyperVerse, and you know, everyone’s living a wonderful, fantastic life and we are just so blessed.

And so everyone’s so happy. And all you need to do is invest in this Ponzi scheme. and this get rich quick scheme and this N Ft rip off market. There he is there and he’s got these great graphic artists working for him, doing all this great work and, and everyone’s gonna be happy. So that’s good. So you can follow ’em on Twitter, if you want.

Uh, I’ve already talked about that. Where are we up to here? Oh, then I found, I’m just getting rid of some of these comments from my friends. Boom, and boom. And if you start around long enough, I will show you my puppy too. So then I found, oh, same guy again. trying to get you to use supernova as the referral code.

Now don’t sign up. You can use supernova if you want. I’m not affiliated with him in which any, which way I form. And I would strongly suggest don’t even get involved and spend any of your time in this. I’ve already spent two hours of my life wasting looking and researching as much as about this as I can.

Uh, so then I did a search for SuperOne games, scam or legit. And I found quite a few links and I found a scam advisor. I found behind mlm.com, which is my favorite website. If you ever in doubt whether these 99.9% of all these people that ask you to invest in them, using crypto are scams making my job very easy, but convincing 99.9% of the population is a bloody hard job because you guys don’t believe it.

Unless you’re saying I don’t have my expertise. And what would I know I’m talking about mate, there’s a pattern with every single one of them and it’s just disgusting. So search for SuperOne games, scam or legit, do your own research. People like me have got better things to do of our time than make up stories about these companies.

So anyway, so the first one I did is I found this article here called is SuperOne, a scam crypto gaming money machine. And I’ve went down to the bottom here and I’m gonna read these out. So this guy is really cool. So first flag, I might turn the sound down a little bit, might be a bit loud. So excuse me, if it blows your eardrum.

Red flag number one owner is linked to Ponzi scheme. The founder of SuperOne, Andreas Christensen is associated with a proven Ponzi scheme, known as mojo. This scheme has been running for quite some time with Mr. Christensen, leading the operation and has scammed countless people out of their hard earned dollars.

From what I understand, SuperOne and mojo have no official ties, but with unclear management information from both sites, this is hardly a surprise, right? So there you go. So the Andreas is involved in another one called mojo. I haven’t done any research on that company other than finding, some stuff on behind MLM and number two red flag, which we’re gonna listen to red flag.

Number two, no tangible products services, SuperOne does not sell a damn thing. Even the gaming app, the company is so proud of isn’t playable by the public. Even the teen’s group from China is pushing fake wellness products. Right? So some of the advertising you’ve seen on it is fake wellness products.

So yes, you gotta look at that. Don’t you? good stuff, mate. I don’t know whose website this is, but, as I said, you search for is SuperOne, a scam or legit, and you find sites like this who have done more due diligence than me. Let’s go to number flag, number three, red flag, number three. Vague information as mentioned early in this article, SuperOne, sprinkles tech terms like blockchain, innovation and crypto when introducing the business, however, it doesn’t actually tell us about the business model.

At least not in simple terms, we’re expected to believe that money appears out of thin air waiting to be distributed to investors. If you believe that your Street’s behind and then there’s the whole gaming app, crowdfunding spiel is the game in the final steps of production. How come the company needs $10 million in spots before releasing it?

Do we play the game to earn profits or does the super smart computer play the game for us? Whatever the case may be SuperOne provides absolutely no piece of evidence that the game even exists. So there you go. So that’s a big red flag, uh, right there. Red flag, number four, red flag number. It is a relaunch of a failed Ponzi scheme.

SuperOne came about in 2018 as Anri lottery scheme that failed shortly after launching with 2 billion valueless tokens. Mr. Christensen decided to reopen SuperOne and brand that as an innovative investment platform that combines gaming with crypto in the end, SuperOne, still emphasizes its recruitment and rewards system.

Even the blind man can see that the new SuperOne is a feeble attempt at scamming unsuspecting individuals into handing over their money for nothing. Awesome, man. Now this one might be a bit hard for me to get my computer to read it, but let’s give it a go for the first paragraph red flag, number five, conflicting information.

One of the sillier things I noticed about SuperOne is how access to the skim is by invitation. Only existing members can bring in new members to ensure their tight-knit community stays that way. Right? And the last part of that red flag, number five, I think it was. But when you open the site, you are met with the large join now button in the middle of your screen.

If this is Mr. Christensen’s way personally inviting me into his Ponzi scheme, relaunch I’m flattered. If you take the time to browse through the help section, you’ll find that getting into SuperOne is pretty easy. Provided you coughed up $25 worth of EDH. Right. Okay. And I will read the verdict and send this guy’s.

Well, person, Gil has put such good information together. Let’s go for our hogs. Avoid SuperOne. It’s as clear as day, SuperOne, a company led by unknown people that use your money for unknown purposes to earn yield profit from unknown sources is a huge steaming pile of scam scams. Leveraging on cryptocurrency are a plantee beware of coin ness group.

And first age, while we’re at the subject, there are legit ways to make money online without getting scammed. Unfortunately, SuperOne scream scam from afar. If you want a better way to build a sustainable online income check out this program, which I’m a member for years, always get a bit dubious when these guys do actually bag these as scams, and then they push you into or suggest that you get involved in another opportunity.

However, the information that he did say made a lot of sense to me, if that made a lot of sense to you then, so did the, the presentation. So you’ve gotta read the presentation that’s been presented to you and then go, oh, that makes sense. Then read this stuff and then go, oh, that makes sense. And then don’t invest in anything.

Don’t do anything with your money. Don’t give it to those people. But the one I do give most credibility to is this one here, and I’m not gonna read the whole lot. You can do it yourself, but I’m just gonna go for the first, uh, big, chunky paragraph about Mr. Andreas. SuperOne launched two years ago, as an Fe Adam smarts contract Ponzi scheme, the company sold SuperOne token lottery tickets, 4.1 HH lottery winners were allegedly selected by proprietary algorithms.

On the back end, affiliate investors were able to invest in and cash out. SuperOne tokens, which went up in value as more thera was invested. The MLM side of SuperOne’s business model was pyramid recruitment. You signed up invest in SuperOne. Tokens and commissions were paid. When you recruited others who did the same of the 2 billion SuperOne tokens created out of thin air founder, Andreas Christensen retained half SuperOne collapsed shortly after launch leaving Christensen an initial investor’s bag, holding worthless tokens in an effort to create an opportunity to sell off SuperOne tokens.

A few months ago, the company was resurrected, same company owner, same tokens, but they’ve added a mobile game and changed the comp plan up Andreas Christensen, right, is from Norway. Whether he’s running SuperOne from Norway or elsewhere, however is unclear. Yeah. So, I mean, do you really need, how much evidence do you need?

People like me to show you that this is a sketchy business opportunity. Read it on behind multilevel marketing, uh, dot com. the only one is, uh, this is back in 2018, so it’s three years ago. SuperOne provide no information on their website about who owns or runs the business. The SuperOne website domain super.one was first registered on July 24th, 2017.

The domain registration details were recently updated on March 3rd, 2018. Suggesting this is when the current owner S took possession a marketing video on the SuperOne website, features a narrator with a thick European accent, a lead I received via email links, three Norwegians. All right, you get the idea anyway.

Uh, it sounds like he’s got a history of it. Uh, this goes back to 2015. This is one of the, investors. If we went through this company that they’re talking about here, you can see that, uh, Andreas has a history. Oh, look, there’s myself. Promoting myself on a paid advert. That’s interesting. yeah, but he’s got a history of, people being scammed, basically use multi behind email em.com.

whenever you get an opportunity, some juvi pages. Okay. But this one here is somebody who did invest, and this is some good wording from someone who got scammed by them. Recently. Okay. So this was on the, uh, oh, this was last year, but anyway, good words to listen. Scammers asterisk, asterisk. It’s highly likely that any page or positive reviews is created by SuperOne investments.

I deposited the minimum $250 then was hounded for more. I put more in, they wanted even more phoning 17 times in three hours. Whoa. They harass you. Even when you tell them you are driving. I filled out the withdrawal form, which account manager Steven Gates said would take one minute, three weeks later, and an excessive amount of emails later.

My balance is zero and no refund. I have sent and resent all ID compliances end stated my distrust of Steven gate. All I get is that I have to talk to him and what a wonderful person he is. My loss is a game to them. Thieves, take your property and won’t return it. SuperOne has taken my money and won’t return it.

Boom. There you go. So that’s one disrupted come. I did do a quick, I only did two hours worth of research on this. So don’t so then obviously I did a search for Andreas. how, how do we say his name? Andreas Christensen. Yeah. And then I found quite a few articles. So researched the guy that owns it. And I’ve got a video of him talking about.

in a minute. So here’s the SuperOne website don’t get too excited. Ladies and gentlemen, we probably have that same video playing in the background in a second, which I won’t bore you to, uh, you can watch a video. You can read the, the, is it the light paper? I thought it was called white paper, whatever it is, but you can read all about, uh, those companies often it’s, uh, when you read the white papers, which I’m no good at doing, cuz I have dyslexia and I’ve never read anything in my life is you actually find it’s not a white paper.

It’s actually, I think that’s actually the presentation we just watched. Is it not? it is. So it’s more of a promotional. Uh, it’s their PowerPoint presentation. maybe I should put together and do a PowerPoint presentation on this. this is exactly what it is. This isn’t a white paper. This is a frigging PowerPoint presentation and I bet they’ve got, they’ve got the investment, the $50,000 investment opportunities.

Uh, let’s see where it is. Uh, they got the prices on. Oh, my goodness. I’d love to spend the time, but I don’t have the time ladies and gentlemen to go through and find all these people and find their involvement with this company. Just bamboozling. I tell you. So anyway, there’s the video, there’s the website.

There’s Andreas. There don’t wanna bore you of that anymore. So I’ve scouted around the internet. And then all of a sudden I found other people running these PowerPoint presentations and trying to convince their friends of family to get involved in this new scam that’s coming out. And it’s just a rinse and repeat.

you’ve got people coming on, kind of like that questions, and I’m sure if you turned these videos, you’ll get the same people with the week asking the same questions, blah, blah, blah. Let’s not bore you with that. Obviously you can get people who are now showing you how to log into the back end and, and, how to invite a friend.

It’s all about promoting your down line. So it’s disgust me to be honest, but anyway, so there was, Amanda Lee she’s, uh, she’s got a, a pre, 39 views when she put her video online and she’s desperately trying to build her, her wealth from home. So good on you, Amanda Lee. Uh, this guy, I think we just showed a video of his.

but he’s pretty serious. And he’s gonna walk you through it just like Dave did. So don’t get involved in this, but you’ll find I have a huge market there. Huge market. I think about Bollywood too. For example, Bollywood or Kpop, you don’t know so much about Kpop, but Kpop is huge, huge. It’s such huge invest.

I like always love going to the end of these videos. Listen to the dumb questions. So this is I’ve dumb questions meet today, and I, if you need help, I love to do presentation for teams and stuff that doesn’t help out. Oh yeah. Is a helpful guy. Isn’t he? And then we’ve got Graham power crypto, which isn’t grandpa power crypto, but I’m gonna do halfway through doing a video on grandpa crypto who, has taken, uh, two and a half thousand people’s money.

well he signed up two and a half thousand people via HyperVerse. He’s a VIP five now. And I I’m halfway through doing a video on him, but when I saw this guy, I thought, oh no, that’s their version of grandpa crypto. And he’s talking about this amazing opportunity that you want to get involved in. He’s got 682 views on his video.

So he’s a legend this guy, but let’s have a look at John, John. let’s see what he’s got involved. He’s got 1.3, 1.1, people who have signed up for his YouTube channel. Good on you mate. Now I can probably pretty much guess if I went through, I haven’t looked at this beforehand. but I’m pretty sure if I go through his videos, I’ll probably find something with HyperVerse in there.

but that’s the Digger, the deeper I dig when I’m researching these people, I find they’re all got a background. They’ve all follow these scams from one to the other. So, here’s another guy who’s looks like he’s older in age overexposed there in your image, mate. Just same. and once again, scamming people, then we’ve got the, I think that is just, oh yeah, it’s in Asia.

Oh my God. SuperOne Asia. So they’ve got a YouTube channel and I’m pretty sure they’ll have a whole lot of videos. Oh, no, just a few videos. So let’s see, we’ve got video uploaded a year ago, 50 views, a video uploaded a year ago, 29 views a year ago, 153. So this YouTube channel really got some big traction.

So getting getting now, I dunno if it’s $10 million together or is it 10 million users together before they launch this app? When you see the demand for what they’re trying to promote, it doesn’t add up. So for them to get 10 million units or 10 million users, I’m not sure, or $10 million, you can see that there isn’t much demand.

Now, if I did a video on HyperVerse, I would normally get a thousand people plus looking at that within five days. But you can see that these videos are online and they’re very little. Views, which basically means that it’s not getting any traction. The app will never get launched and you’ll never get your money back.

And I’ll just tell you to hurry up and wait. All right. So let’s get rid of that YouTube channel. Now we’re down to the very last, we have got, I found of this. This must be the guy I think I was looking at earlier on. Right? Good. another opportunity. Everyone starts from the same level, which we call the freshman.

Uh, I think I, reason I brought up this one, he must have had a video on, whatever we are talking about. I’m forgetting, I’ve been doing this for nearly two hours. but he’s what I’d like to show you is these same guys are involved in every multilevel marketing package out there. So it doesn’t really matter.

All right. And the last one, hopefully this is the last one we have got, the owner of the company shown everyone his own presentation. Let’s see if we can get that going. And that happened more or less over the past year. In some, some sense, maybe not an impressive number in, in other sense, very impressive.

It’s not that many companies that have 50,000, uh, paid users and, and token holders. That’s what we have now. So here he is, and the world, so very successful businessman, very clever businessman, and has been presenting to people a very exciting opportunity. And here he is in front of the computer trying to encourage you to invest in his latest.

Uh, so June the 20th, this video went live and, he’s just, he’s very impressive. Uh, very cool. But Phantom metaverse you heard it about it here. If you’ve got any questions about anything at all to do with SuperOne, please don’t ask me. No, no. Do ask me and go to de hec.com. I’ve got a contact page there.

You’re more than welcome to go there. And tell me anything that you have found that looks a bit scammy, cuz I wanna bust. Ponzi schemes. And I wanna bust these people that are doing these zoom meetings and setting up these, meet up groups, encouraging you to go along to events, to educate you on the blockchain.

And the metaverse when a lot of these scams don’t have anything to do with crypto and they don’t have anything to do with the blockchain. They’re just using that platform to scam you. And they use those big jumpy names, out there to sort of bamboozle you with science, to encourage you to get involved.

And 95% of the people that I communicate with will leave messages on my, comments on my YouTube channel, say they didn’t really know what it was all about, but a friend of theirs had done the research and they took them on their word and they got involved that way. So don’t be one of those people do your own research.

Don’t give away your crypto. It’s hard enough to get these days. Wouldn’t you agree? And, what’s wrong with building up, a business old fashioned style? I, my business just about died when COVID happened. I had 150, small to medium sized businesses that used to come along to my business networking company.

And we get a lot of newbies coming along who would have a new idea or something that would like to set up a business with. And we do a FEAS feasibility study, sort of figuring out whether it was, a penguin as one of our business coaches labeled a business at penguin when it was a, cute bird that would never fly

and that’s what some people do when they get into business. They don’t understand what a business is all about. I do drop shipping. That’s been my savior at the moment. It won’t last forever, but it’s managed to keep the Wolf from the door when I lost my other business due to COVID and these businesses that used to come along, we, uh, were quite nimble.

We could turn on a dime. we could, for example, I used to my main income come from running my business networking company. As soon as COVID happened, we couldn’t get together face to face. We tried to run meetings on zoom. Then I reinvented myself and I started doing, uh, workshop training, teaching people how to do things they wanna do in front of a computer, like how to set up a website or how to set up an online course, how to set up a podcast, all that sort of stuff.

And it didn’t that hasn’t really worked. But in the meantime, I’ve discovered YouTube and all the gear I’ve got and the lighting and the good microphones. I’m now using that for a YouTuber. Now, I I’m able to pivot my business and I’m able to turn on a dime, but these get rich quick schemes where you can invest money and get quick return.

Sounds very enticing in the have now world we live in, but the reality of it is, is just not gonna happen kids. So there’s no such thing, as I said during this video, and I don’t wanna bore you with it again, but if you put your money in the bank, it doesn’t drop like crypto does banks. Yeah. Okay. They might be scamming us.

They may, may not give us any interest for our money, but at least it’s locked in. And then if you go out and you have a product or a service, you make a profit and you put that money in the bank. So you get your thousand dollars and you put that in the bank. And now you have $11,000 in the bank. It’s like 10% interest in a way.

Isn’t it? So this is another way of building your wealth. and it’s not what you know, it’s who, you know, so it’s the people, your friends and your family. Do you really want to be like Natalie and Dave? I mean, every time there’s a guy called go Goman Goman, he, he was an Australian guy and every time he rings up his friends, he go, oh, what are you doing now, mate?

Because they knew every time he rung them, he’s gonna try pushing them onto another opportunity. I mean, do you wanna have friends. In your life or do you want those friends to think that you’re just totally trying to scam people outta money? And then what happens when it all goes pear shape? I mean, friends and family are the most important thing, especially at the moment.

having the right mindset is really important at the moment don’t get involved in these dirty pyramid schemes. people tell me, oh, it’s not a pyramid scheme. Oh, it’s not a Ponzi scheme. Oh, it’s not a scam. Oh, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. Oh, this is where you get your crypto. And you put it in someone else’s care.

And on a handshake, often these people don’t even have a proper registered company. Like HyperVerse no registered company. And they say that Sam Lee and Ryan J are guys that have made all these billions and millions of dollars. And because you’re gonna rub shoulders with them, theoretically, you’re gonna get some of their wealth.

And then they know where to be seen. No one can communicate with them. They’re defrauded, Australia, Sam Lee got, blockchain global on the Australian share market. Took three attempts when he got it there, he got investments of $49 million. And then decided to take off with it and nowhere to be seen.

And theoretically he’s behind HyperVerse and hyper nation, theoretically. And also there’s another crowd out there called hyper one. And they’re saying that Sam Lee and Ryan have jumped ships, and then you’ve got Cal Pesh Patel who was disgusted when HyperVerse turned into hibernation. So he decided that he’s gonna be nothing to do with hibernation and Keith Williams.

And capish Patal have no longer friends. They’ve been friends for 25 years. Scamming people, Kaia has been doing network marketing for, uh, I think 27 years. And then Keith has been doing it for 41 years. And that’s what these guys do. So now K Mattel was onto another company called is it wewe, I’ve forgotten what it is, but I’m gonna do a video about that.

But just three weeks ago, he was pushing another company called G S partners. You know, it just goes on and on and on just don’t get involved in this crap. And when I see these Australian people, which are our neighbors pushing scams to the, uh, on the internet, hoping that you’re gonna be dumb enough to invest, to help build them, build up their financial independence just makes me vomit in a bucket anyway.

So that’s me. That’s my rent. I’m gonna put my music on now, as I said earlier on, I keep looking down at my feet, cuz I’ve got a new, friend in the office. Now I’m gonna pick him up and I’m gonna show you, my little friend, first of I’m gonna fix up my, my lighting. That seems to have been, picked up green screen.

Still not working. Let’s go to that one. Oh, it’s been naughty here. I’m trying to get rid of my, my lights must have played up color flicker. No, shrink color up. I don’t know this sometimes pisses me off, but anyway, that’s not, let’s not focus on if you’re looking at the, what I’m trying to fix, as you can see the bull and you can see, uh, Andrea’s head’s got pimples on it right?

Coming over this. This is pixel. Oh, pixels. Just come up from the state pixel. Look at the camera over here. Yeah, he, no. So pixel is gorgeous. He’s my new best friend. I used to have a little weed dog called apple for 11 years and he disappeared really quickly and I missed him to bits. And just yesterday we took, took hold of this guy.

He’s been sleeping at my feet. He wants to sleep on my feet. Can you see the camera? He’s go this way. There you go. But I’m gonna hold you up both hands that. Well, he’s not happy. That is one cute little dogie who’s half asleep. So how did the camera he’s cool. So his name is pixel. Uh, he’s a Schnoodle so he is, American Sauer and a toy poodle.

very good natured dogs. So I’m really looking forward to having to him in the family. So I’m gonna take him outside. A wewe that was two hours. So, please do like and subscribe. Uh, and also the thumbs up really helps the, uh, the rhythm of the rhythm. I can’t even say it and just remember, hope you enjoyed my rant.

Uh, and thanks for watching my video. Have a great day. See you.