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Hello, I’m Danny de Hek and I’m your saviour from HyperNation. If you’ve been watching my videos, you will see, I did a video like that. Trying to warn people from HyperVerse. I thought it would be good. To go down memory lane. I don’t want you to go to the EcoSystem. I don’t want you to prepare yourself for the new digital world.

[00:00:28] I want you to come on a journey with me through my videos. I did about four months ago. I had this smashing interview. With one of my Australian friends called Mark Gardner. And he was an advocate for HyperVerse. He was convinced that HyperVerse, we’re gonna build his future for him. And even his brother.

[00:00:57] He had invested $5,000 and he was getting $140 a day of rewards. And he was rebuying and taking the money out. He had two accounts and he was worried that I was going to Doman to the leaders. At HyperVerse like I had inside knowledge that no one else did a hotline or a telephone where I could communicate with them.

[00:01:25] I would be the only person on planet earth who could do that. If this was the case. If you have not been following the journey of HyperVerse HyperNation averse, HyperNation color star. Group tech, whatever tech group, whatever. There’s so many different brands. And now they’ve recently rebred to HyperNation.

[00:01:47] So I did the decent thing and I thought I’ll reach out to mark and say, Hey mark, please listen to me. This time. Don’t invest in HyperNation. Don’t buy one of those NFTs who don’t need one. You’ll be fine. Living on earth without an NFT. You’ll be okay. Trust Danny. Ah, that was funny. I really enjoyed doing that.

[00:02:13] Actually. I was sort of wondering how that was gonna go, but you know, you, you try doing these things and. you just think, am I gonna come across as an idiot? You know, it was one of the things I did when I did this Video with Mark Gardner. Now he’s an Aussie and I did have the Australian national Anthem ready to go, but I’ve lost it.

[00:02:31] It would’ve been really good. And I, we had, a long video that was two hours and 15 minutes or around roundabout. And it was all about how to withdraw your money from hyper version. He was hell bent and showing me and I mate, Vinny from project frug. That you could actually get your money outta HyperVerse and the, all the warnings that we were showing him, he was just, he wasn’t even taking them.

[00:02:56] So I’m just gonna play a little bit of the video. I’m not gonna play the whole lot. You, you just figuring them out just to, you know, save your, save your argument, mate. It’s not. So what we did there, we went through, we showed them on a really good site called, what was that one called? behind mlm.com and they basically show you things, but you only showed us how to get the rewards out.

[00:03:22] Do you call this or investment out that I just showed you? Just, you know, I showed you that let it accumulate every day, every, so I had opened up quite a few tabs and I went through quite a few. warnings that were put on the internet about HyperVerse and HyperNation HyperFund and how HyperTech group.

[00:03:40] That was the one I was trying to remember. And mark was just distinguishing them. I don’t know if that’s the right word, but he was basically saying they’re of shit and just don’t do anything with it. Just leave it there. So he was suggesting that you buy HyperVerse, and you just. In there and leave it there.

[00:03:57] So right now mark has told me that he’s I think it’s 83k. He’s left there in HyperVerse and that’s, that’s his advice to me back then. And now he’s got 83k Well, whatever that is worth these days, I think it’s HVT worth nothing. Now isn’t it. Two those 10 months. Take it out. That’s why this company’s so legit.

[00:04:19] Why are there all these warnings on the. Hey, do you want me to tell you more about the Australian government, how much warnings they’ve had and what about the Zealand government? How about the insurance companies and finance companies over there? And then can you read that mate? Can you see that screen?

[00:04:34] No, no, no, no, no, no. Hey, you’re picking out the arguments that don’t really gel. It doesn’t gel. You’re gonna lose one, but you, you, you just figuring them out just to, you know, save your, save your argument, mate. It’s not, not on not good. I like your guitar, Benny. Nice. You guys should get together and play a tune.

[00:04:53] He’s gonna get his guitar, I think. well, I don’t think so. Yeah. So we had some really shocking moments though, but, a lot of people, CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world, a lot of them actually criticized me for being quite rude to mark and I, my apologies because, Mark’s Aussie. We usually get on quite well and we enjoy the banter, but he’d actually signed up about 14 people underneath them and he was going around telling people that it’s a good investment when it.

[00:05:18] Blatantly obvious to me. And I don’t know why it wasn’t blatantly office office to, obvious to mark that this was a Ponzi scheme and we argued the fact for two hours and 15 minutes that there’s no way that you can actually, there’s no product or service in this company. And the only way they’re gonna survive is by people buying these memberships and he disagreed.

[00:05:39] He said no, no, no. You don’t understand the blockchain. You don’t understand how, crypto works and I basically knew nothing. So just two or three days ago, I decided to go back to mark and say, Hey, do you wanna come back on and do a video? And he respectively reclined declined, but he did give me an email and said, I can share it with you guys.

[00:05:58] So I am going to do that. So as he said in his email, no need mate, I’m gonna get my computer to read this paragraph by paragraph. We rode the wild horse Senate. It still going however weekly. Unfortunately some bad members rode the horse up to a 1000 times and the company paid the affiliate bonuses to 1000 multiple accounts owned by the same person.

[00:06:19] So there you go. You talks about HyperVerse as being a, they rode the wild horse and they basically flogged the wild horse and the poor little horse is still barely surviving. Forever how weekly now I’m gonna, I went along to HyperVerse, H U. Hyper HyperVerse.net. And just today, I went there to purchase a membership plan.

[00:06:45] I can still purchase 1 525, 400, 800 or 1200. And I’m wondering why a company, because when I’ve read Mark’s email, what I’ve. Got from that was that he was basically saying that he feels for HyperVerse and their heart. And, and they’re a good company. Now. That’s amazing that people are still saying that when they’ve wiped out HyperVerse and they’re starting up a whole new scam called HyperNation.

[00:07:11] And I’m gonna tell you the, the cunning plan, the prediction of what HyperNation is actually up to now, and it’s quite shocking. So let’s go. We, we’ll read just a couple of paragraphs over a time so I can have a 2 cents worth. 100 white or front lines and 19 levels down collecting group bonuses of $50,000, $100,000 bonuses, trips, cars, the full Monte.

[00:07:34] We got eaten by our own maggot larvae cost the company, billions, but they paid as far as they could then have stopped withdrawals. In my case, since May 24th. That’s amazing. Cuz Mark’s had withdrawals right up to May 24th. I presume you’re talking 2022, maggot lave. I love that word. That’s a good Aussie word.

[00:07:52] That one. Isn’t it. alright, so yeah. So you discovered you did your own calculations that if people bought 19 levels down, they would get bonuses of 50 K a hundred K and they get trips cars. The full Monty. Woo. That would be scary. So I didn’t know that they got trips and cars, so that must be, quite interesting to know all that information about them.

[00:08:15] Okay. So it costs the company, billions, but they paid as far as they could all the good people and they stopped withdraws. And, that’s just a sad story. So let’s read the next paragraph. I have 83 K and there, which should transfer to HPER nation. You know, what’s going on. You want verification of your suspicions from someone like me, you know, I’m not afraid to say or speak my mind truthfully, as I understand it.

[00:08:39] What else is there? Right. So why didn’t you come on? And do a, a podcast with me or why don’t you do a YouTube video with me? Why do you have to just email me? You’ve emailed me a lot of times since we’ve done our video. And you’ve told me to remove that video off the internet quite a few times, which I refuse to because you did it, You gave me permission to do it, and you didn’t want me to edit that video down.

[00:09:02] So I put a two hour 15, video on the internet. Okay. So why haven’t you, why don’t you wanna come face me face to face? I mean, we all make mistakes. do you think HyperVerse was a good thing you did say that you put $5,000 in and you’ve got your initial investment out and now you’ve obviously left your funds and then you’ve got 83,000.

[00:09:24] Dollars or would that convert to dollars if you did manage to get it out? Or is it an H V T, which is the bottom of that drop right out. And I think if you had $200,000, it was worth $200. Last time somebody explained how that worked to me and I still don’t really understand the blockchain, or. Crypto do I mark?

[00:09:42] No, of course not. I just realize it’s an easy way to get scanned when you can’t verify the company you’re giving your money to. And also, if you listen to all the financial advice along the way that you get from your, financial advisors and your country, they tell you to stay away from this. And your argument at the time in our video was that who hasn’t done something a bit shady in their life.

[00:10:03] So let’s just continue doing shady business practices. The company got screwed by its members and will struggle as I see it to survive. If it does, it will be a miracle. The plan was good. The execution and safety for them was appalling. In my view, they should have known this was child’s play when you looks at it.

[00:10:19] Clearly, hindsight’s a wonderful thing, my friend. So let’s see what you’ve got to say about that. And I love, I’m gonna talk, just do three paragraphs, cuz I can see the fourth paragraph, something interest. I studied the marketing plan in depth. After, after we spoke, of course you did. I ran the model using $300 for each membership, 10 across I expanded the model to 19 levels down.

[00:10:38] I understood how it could be manipulated, but I never dared exploited. No. So you understood that the company was, could, could have been jeopardised and you didn’t contact, head, corporate and tell them, did they realize they had a floor in their structure? But what you did is you sat there and thought, should I do it or not?

[00:11:01] No, I won’t do it. Let somebody else do it. And people aren’t saying it, but Cal PE Patel, theoretically, the one that’s been thrown under the bus. He was encouraging people in India to create 21 accounts and. They had a whole lot of people creating 21 accounts and basically they were getting, he rumored to get $10 million a month out of HyperVerse.

[00:11:24] So now he’s living in dug Dubai, and he’s now promoting multiple, Ponzi schemes that are on the internet at the moment. All right. So now the part where you thought that, Danny was going to do you in because every time mark sent me back a letter, an email poking a stick in my face. I said, if you don’t be quiet, I’m gonna tell HyperVerse that you have multiple accounts cuz he had two accounts, but now he’s gonna justify his action justifies action.

[00:11:49] That actions. I manage two accounts, one mind. The other is a trust with my brothers. All legit. I was waiting to blast you apart. When you say you reported me to HV, I knew you would fall on your sword there, but your voice didn’t even Pierce those Christchurch Cumulus clouds enough to raise, not an area Twitch from HV, L O L.

[00:12:08] They were already in meltdown deciding what to do. Wow. So I’m just looking for the right word here it is. O that wasn’t very nice. Mark. You were ready to, what does it say? You managed two accounts, one mine and the other. One’s your brothers and all legit, legit. Explain that, what do you mean legit? Is there some sort of like crypto’s unregulated and you’re investing in a company that isn’t really a company because they’re not registered on any company office in the world at all.

[00:12:38] You might have seen the video I did on Dennis, Des Amy a we while ago, and he was giving leadership. Advice to all the VIPs in the HyperVerse community. And he actually has a registered company and I had great joy going in there and going through all his company to see what and who owns what now I was amazed that somebody was on there.

[00:13:04] Actually claiming that they have a company because he was the first I knew in HyperVerse to actually have a legitimate company, even though he wasn’t HyperVerse. So, anyway, so I don’t mean what you mean by legit. I think that’s, that’s actually a bit shocking, really, so

[00:13:25] right. Some crickets, I. They were already in meltdown, deciding what to do. The bonuses were worthwhile defrauding the system. I told my sponsor and to my shock, I found one of two levels above me. Did exactly what I extrapolated out. I’m disgusted. Disgusted disgusted. It’s so disgusted. Almost terrible. fancy them doing that.

[00:13:48] it’s awful. Isn’t it? it’s so a Ponzi scheme had people in it who were only out for themselves and they found a way to get more money, even though HyperNation was being, HyperVerse were being so generous and giving out too many rewards. There was people in there that got even greedier. my goodness.

[00:14:08] And when you’re all living in the EcoSystem together in the Metaverse, you are gonna be with like-minded people. It’s certainly something isn’t it. Alrighty. Let’s see what we’ve got now. Unfortunately, my guys are hiding, still taking daily earnings, ready to transfer to the new Metaverse. I believe in what HV we’re trying to do.

[00:14:27] Their hearts were in the right place, but there are more wildly men among us all brought the good guys down. Oh,

[00:14:35] excuse me. I’m just going through some traffic there. so that word I saw on, Harling Ling. Yeah. That’s the word when you’re told to hold and wait, hurry up and wait. so that’s what they’re all doing. Is it so all your 83 K is sitting over here and then when you buy a hundred thousand dollars NFT, are you buying one of those mark or are you buying the, 10,001 look, or are you just gonna get the a hundred thousand dollars?

[00:15:07] NFT. So HyperNation’s got it suss now because every time they change and rebrand, they do something different to get further away from all the money that they’ve stolen from people. So now when you’re buying, you’re buying a passport and you need to buy NFT passport. Right. And the NFT passport is something like I, I have NFTs, right?

[00:15:25] They’re a waste of time. They’re only worth as much as someone is willing to pay you for them. So when they give away a hundred thousand dollars NFT, it may go, wow, but who sets the value of these NFTs? It’s like any market. It’s what the market is paying at the time. So Troy is a guy that’s named. That’s been pinging around quite a lot with HyperVerse.

[00:15:47] If you searched for Troy and HyperVerse on Google, you’ll find a video of him and David talking about how he won a hundred thousand dollars NFT at the launch of HyperNation. Now HyperNation through their back channels, contacted him and said, if he does a promotional video about how he loves HyperNation and puts it on his YouTube Channel, they will give him.

[00:16:13] The hundred thousand dollars NFT. He. Did you hear what I said? It’s shocking. Now, all the other people that in the presentation, which are still on the internet who won NFTs, didn’t get them because they also didn’t do promotional videos. They didn’t wanna put their neck out for a company that looks like a man in the mask is running it.

[00:16:37] Now you may have seen, if you go onto HyperVersus YouTube channel, Videos, I think there’s three or four videos from other people who won, $200,000. I think, Brenda Chunga and also Roman Leithäuser, I never get his last name. Right. Took me a long time to find his last name, but I found it. And they also won a lot of money and they had to go on there and do a Ray review.

[00:17:01] And then they obviously got that money. you might have seen Chuck Morris. So isn’t that like saying, look at our testimonials, our testimonials are all paid for and imagine winning a hundred thousand dollars NFT and then someone reneging on it because you won’t do a video saying how wonderful they are.

[00:17:19] It is just shocking. And that’s the company that you’re dealing with. All right. So where did I get up to. holding. okay, so now you’re saying Ryan, Ryan has no idea about MLM either. Does Sam, it costs them dearly in all ways. How do you know that shit? Where do you get that from mate? Are you just hyper think?

[00:17:40] Have you been watching all those YouTube videos? What amazes me is I was watching a, a video, of, Them doing the presentation. It’s usually on one of my YouTube videos, but they’re doing the presentation. I’ve forgotten the name, but you have to go in there and watch it. It was a live presentation.

[00:18:00] They were talking about, NFTs and they were talking about Ryan and they were asking people to go watch really, really old videos about the hype, about blockchain and Ryan and the like, I’m just gonna fix up my lights. Because I can anyway, they were still using the same content. Where’s my other one, one minute, please call her.

[00:18:23] They were still using the same content. They were from day one with HyperFund. I just can’t get over that. So it’s just all Plon Plon. Is that a word? Hope so, Right. So it sounds like you’ve been talking to them now. Funny enough, Ryan and Sam were dis crumbled with HyperVerse and theoretically there was a company out there called hyper one saying that they had both left and started up their own Ponzi scheme called hyper one.

[00:18:48] It was really, really funny. I did a video about that as well. They showed all these, photos of. Sam, they didn’t have Ryan in a penthouse, which, in Dubai, trying to say that this was authentic and they were taken last week. I got the digital fingerprint of the photo and found out that they were taken in 2018.

[00:19:06] It was such a laugh. But anyway, no one knows where Sam is. No one knew where Ryan is and no one knows where Jayden is. they’re just people that have disappeared. So for you to actually say that, you know that they have no idea about multilevel marketing, how about this for an idea, Ryan? has a crypto farm and he has these crypto farms that cost in one video, $10,000 a day to run.

[00:19:28] Have you ever thought that HyperFund was initially set up for funding? Cuz the bigger picture is actually mining and mining crypto so they can collect the cools so they can get the real wealth when Crypto takes off again or whenever. And these Ponzi schemes were hired by multilevel marketers like ish Patel and Keith Williams and, render CNDA and Roman and all these other people that were involved, to bring in the money so he could keep mining.

[00:20:00] It’s disgusting. And now you’re gonna get involved. Now, remember, you are hoping and you have believed that these, HyperNation. Sorry. HyperVerse, it’s very confusing. HyperVerse has told you guys that they’re gonna give you one times reward. So let’s say Danny comes along and he puts in $400 and then nothing got paid back to Danny poor Danny.

[00:20:23] So HyperVerse has decided to tell Danny that look, we, we got robbed, we got scammed by our own people. It was terrible. And, and I’m really sad about it all. but what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna make sure you get your initial investment. Now in the meantime, before we do that, we want you to jump over to HyperNation and buy a passport because we are gonna pay you out through HyperNation.

[00:20:44] I dunno if that’s how they’re gonna do it. and then you go, okay. So you go along to hi nation. Now they want you to buy a passport for a hundred S D T, which is basically a hundred dollars us. And then when you have that passport, if you only buy a hundred dollars one, excuse me, they are going to manually.

[00:21:05] go through your account, figure out what you put in, and then they’re going to, pay that out. Now I worked out, let’s do the mass on this. This is Danny’s mass, so it’s not proper, but I’m, I reckon there’s 500 V I P fives out there. I have heard 450 of them, right. That every V I P five had to recruit 2000 people.

[00:21:28] So if you do the mess on that 2000 times five is a million. Am I right. I, I don’t get the calculator out there. So there’s, there’s 500 VIP fives, times 2000 equals that’s a million. So that, that’s where they say there is a million people who’ve been involved in. HyperVerse let’s pretend that each of those people have bought a $400 membership.

[00:21:51] So I’m gonna times that by 400, and that is $4 billion. Okay. $4 billion is sitting there. Now. Mark said he’s put $5,000 in it. Another Aussie was talking to three days ago, said he listened to a guy who put 200, $300,000 in. and, he put $3,000 in the guy I was talking to and he said, he’s lost a lot. So I’m just saying reserve reserve, being preservative and saying that only $400 per person has been in.

[00:22:23] There’s a $4 billion scam sitting on the table here. So I’m guessing that people have got greedy and they’ve just keep chucking money. And as soon as you start withdrawing and get the money, you get excited and you put more in cuz you want the agreed takes. So I’m, I reckon this is a $10 billion scam and then Kish who’s.

[00:22:43] Been in prison before for 12 months, he, he was been investigated for fraud and they couldn’t NA him. It was for 12, or I forget it was, I think it was 25 million or 12 million. The figures, there is a document. If you want to ask me in the comments section, make sure you hit, like, why you’re and I’ll send you the document now.

[00:23:05] He couldn’t, they couldn’t get. And he took a plea deal, I think, but he broke some terms of his bail when he was being investigated and they managed to nail him for 12 months and he had to pay a $330,000, pound fine. And, he got locked up for 12 months as well. So he didn’t get locked up for fraud, but he got locked up.

[00:23:27] But probably because this is the thing that really gets me about anyone. They say, well, if it was a scam, why didn’t the police get involved? Now there’s rapes murders and there’s serious crimes out there. And they’re under sourced. I’ve been talking to an investigator who’s based in London who went over to America to talk to a team of people who investigate things like HyperVerse.

[00:23:50] And they, basically needed to prove that was worth their time investigating such a thing. Now, I just happened to know that they are actively going after one guy to make an example of, and that’s Bitcoin, Rodney. All right. Sorry, Bitcoin, Rodney, I’d go and live. And do why advise you about now just saying.

[00:24:09] Anyway, they wanna do this because he’s stuck his neck right out and he’s waving around his flag saying the HyperVerse and hyper fun and HyperNation is way to go. And he’s an easy target, to be honest, because there’s no, there’s not rocket science. This is a Ponzi scheme. He’s been promoted to other people.

[00:24:24] And I dunno about in America, but in New Zealand and Australia, it’s illegal to promote model level marketing, Ponzi schemes will be, get involved or it’s even illegal to provide financial, advice to people. When you’re not a financial advisor and all these guys doing these zoom meetings are doing exactly that.

[00:24:42] They read the silly disclaimer at the start, basically saying this is not financial advice, and this is not a financial, an investment opportunity. How ridiculous is that? So, anyway, long story short, another one is I’ve got a reporter, hopefully from the new New York. New York times who’s been, we’re gonna get together and he wants to do an article on it.

[00:25:01] So the private sector does seem like the people that do more about this because that, investigator guy didn’t work for a government. He was privately hired to do research, to prove that there had been a crime. And then he takes it to the authorities and they put all their cases on the table and they go, where do we spend our time and energy this year?

[00:25:20] Is it gonna be on hyper? HyperFund or hyper capital, whatever they’re called and, and that’s how they do it. So yeah, the honest fact of it, I reckon HyperNation, is probably gonna get away with this because they want to use all this rubbish that’s going on as an exit strategy and push everyone away.

[00:25:37] Now, if you’re a V I P five, you. There’s no doubt. You’ve earned at least a million dollars because you’ve recruited $8 million for HyperVerse. Right. And they’ve given you a million dollars. If not more. I don’t know. Cuz I can’t see your crypto wallets. Now you are sitting on a whole pile of cash that you have got from HyperVerse people like Keith Williams have made millions of dollars and now they’re telling you to hold hold, hold, wait, wait.

[00:26:08] And then. Let’s say a V I P five has a pile of cash. Now, HyperNation come along and says, alright, if you sign up for a hundred dollars membership, you can’t. Bring over you don’t get a referral link. That means you have no down line. If you buy a $10,000 or a hundred thousand dollars membership, you can bring over a team or you can bring up, bring over you qualified to be a super node or a node, and you can basically get $10,000.

[00:26:34] Now I might not have this. Right. But what I reckon they’re doing is the people sitting on a pile of cash HyperNation going. We know somebody who’s got money. Let’s set up a scheme where we can get this money from the V I P five S and that’s what I reckon they’re doing myself. So the police aren’t gonna stop it.

[00:26:51] HyperVerse HyperNation HyperFund. We don’t know who’s behind it. I don’t even believe it’s. Sam or Ryan, they could have paid them just to use their name. That would be a logical thing. They are professionals in the crypto world. So why not give them a few Huns thousands and say, can we use your name and your credibility and start doing a scam, all these meetings that they’ve had in Dubai, what do you think they’re about?

[00:27:15] What do you think they’re about? What do they need to get together? Like they’re some management team for HyperVerse and HyperNation hyper. . I mean, why, why do they have these leadership meetings? Is it all part of the, the multilevel marketing scheme? I mean, when the new presentation came out for HyperVerse, HyperVerse presentation two, the voice behind, it was one of the people in the leadership meetings meetings, and, COPI was waving the flag going, it’s gonna be so good.

[00:27:43] We don’t need to. The, presentation anymore. We don’t need to read it out word for word. it it’s gonna be, you know, have a professional voice behind it. And then the voice that come out was one of the VIP fives. So, absolutely crazy. That was that, guy with the big choppy face. okay. Shouldn’t say that.

[00:28:01] Should I anyway, let me, let me read this. So he is told me to use this email. He says, cheers mate. And then he is accused me of taking down tool. Cheers mate. Good luck with you bringing down the tall poppies, spare them. They had no idea. They were the ones to be manipulated. I have my guesses who did the sand.

[00:28:17] That’s all. It is my opinion. When it ramps up again, call me, I might find a hole in the plan again. Yeah. So if you are thinking of investing in any of T remember, there’s no valuation for NFTs. The NFT that you’re investing in will be part of hyper. Nation now, can you tell me that HyperNation is like Coca-Cola or apple or any of those other organizations?

[00:28:41] It’s a Ponzi scheme. So if you say to somebody, I’ve got a very valuable NFT and they go, what have you got you go, I’ve got a hundred thousand dollars, NFT for HyperNation. And they guys isn’t that company that will scamming people and everyone lost a lot of money. Even the karma associated with that.

[00:28:57] You’re not gonna get a hundred thousand dollars. It’s just a, it’s like first class business class and peasant class. So don’t get involved in that NFTs. I believe there are a waste of time and energy. I have went to VE ve.com and I purchased some marble comics. And, originally there were $7 a comic.

[00:29:20] And, I was up at three o’clock in the morning and my mate told me that if I go there at three o’clock and when they drop them, you’ve just gotta try to buy, buy them as quick as you can. And I managed to get a couple and within three minutes they were all sold out. 60,000 comics were sold out. And then your comic got delivered to you and you over got a common uncommon, AR a rare ultra rare or another one that was, ultra rare and basically five different levels of comics.

[00:29:46] There was 2000. Ultra rare ones and 5,000 rare ones and the like, and, and you all got special, but then they, the company kept dropping these comics every three, four days. And I’m guessing, I think it could be a hundred comics out there now. So get your calculator out. There’s 60,000 times a hundred there’s 6 million comics out there.

[00:30:04] How many people on the planet earth want to buy a bit of digital art? It’s ridiculous. And the hype of these. the last bit of that story, I’m gonna tell you the platform. I had to put my credit card into, to transfer crypto in so I could buy these comics. doesn’t allow me to withdraw my money. So even though I had a comic that I, I had nothing else to do with my money, but like having money in HyperVerse.

[00:30:30] So I decided to spend $450 on a. When other likeminded comics were selling for a million dollars. And I thought, well, it’s gotta go up. Well, it didn’t, it went down to $180 and I sold it the other day for $180. And now I have something like $200 in my bank account that I can’t withdraw into real money or get out of that crypto.

[00:30:51] you know, platform. So what did I do? I went and bought, I re I rebid . I re bought comics that were about to drop and I bought as many as I could. I even got an ultra rear comic, and I think it’s worth about $30 now. So it’s just a time and it’s just a, It’s over, you know, like I’ve made a hundred thousand dollars out of affiliate marketing.

[00:31:13] And every time I say that people go, how’d you do that? I say, well, I did it in two and a half months and they go, wow. and is it still worthwhile doing it? And I go, no. And they go, when did you do that? And I go 2004. Now, since 2004. How many times have you told or heard that? It’s a good idea to get unfolded in affiliate marketing.

[00:31:32] So if I basically dropped a URL down here and you went along and signed up for, so. And I’ll get like 10% maybe now 10%. Ain’t gonna make me rich the amount of marketing that I need to. To get hundreds of people to sign up is just ridiculous. And Google AdWords control a lot of the traffic on the internet at the moment.

[00:31:53] So it doesn’t work. When I was promoting affiliate marketing, I would be, I was promoting a product that costs 400 us dollars. And when somebody touched my website and read all about it and click by now, it would send them over to the UK and they would spend $400. Us dollars buying this product. Oops, blurry, not blurry.

[00:32:14] And I would get $200 us into my bank. Well, they’d send me checks. Would you believe? And I’d go along to the bank with literally a check for four or 5,000 us dollars and I’d put it into my bank account and it would be at the time the us dollar was around about 60 cents. So I’d get, you know, the, I don’t know, but anyway, basically a let’s say a $6,000 check would be $10,000, New Zealand dollars.

[00:32:41] I made 200,000 New Zealand dollars within two and a half months. No 100,000 get that. Right. but you know, it sounds really good and I know how it worked, but what happened was, and I just gotta finish this story. So, you know, I’m being, straight up with you. There was a company out there that was spaming people, a million spamed a day.

[00:32:59] People were getting these emails, listening to the spam, just like people were listening to these Ponzi schemes, then going to Google. And searching for that name of that product that they have found. And then they were landing on my website. So somebody, I didn’t know. Doing the spam. Google was sending them to my website.

[00:33:21] So I was intercepting that traffic and I didn’t find out about that until I saw a guy on the news one day being interviewed by news reporters, about him sending out a million spam or. a day and he had claimed he’d made $300,000 out of promoting like-minded products. I don’t know if that’s any use to you, but what I’m saying is there is a time and a place, and there’s always an opportunity.

[00:33:45] Timing is everything in business. putting your money into a Ponzi scheme. Isn’t going to get you rich. We’re living in the get rich quick world now. Isn’t it. Everyone that’s come from your school. Don’t wanna work hard for a living. They don’t wanna save their money at 30. I remember when I first saved for my first car, there was a company out there called blue ribbon investments.

[00:34:06] And I think every time you invested $300, I think they were offering, I think it was 25% interest. But you had to leave it in there for three months, whatever it was. I don’t you do the mess, but I’d put $300 in and in three months time that $300 would turn into $330. Then I’d get my $330 and I’d put it back on top of my.

[00:34:29] Next lot of investment, which was $300 plus $300. Plus $30 was $630, and then I’d wait three more months and I’d get more money. So comp you know, com compounding interest. And I remember saving up $2,300. And then I went out shopping and found a car Austin, 1100, if you’re wondering, that was selling for 2,500, I had to borrow.

[00:34:51] $200. I think of my mother. And so I could buy the car, my first car. Now that whole saving regime took me a long time. I love that car every Saturday morning, I would be blacking the tires. I’d be cleaning it, washing it. I’d be touching up any scratches. And, that was my favorite car. And I had a lot of value in that car because of the time and energy.

[00:35:14] It took me to get that car. So, I mean, this is the thing. If you find a product or a service that you can offer and sell online, then build up an old fashioned business. I’m entrepreneurial. I haven’t worked for a boss for, since I was the age of 23. So that’s nearly 29 years. I’ve been working for myself.

[00:35:32] I, I do a lot of side hustles. I own a drop shipping business. well, I don’t own a business. I have multiple websites. I have five websites to be exact. And, I do drop shipping and it basically means that I sell products. I purchased 20 face masks for, woman fighters. Now they’ve got normal masks, but when they’re fighting, they fall off.

[00:35:58] So a guy rang me up and he said, I see that you sell outdoor equipment. Do you have a mask that, can the Velcro on the back? So when the Gill are fighting, they don’t, knock off their masks. I’d have two masks. I dunno how they’re gonna fight with these masks on, but anyway, yeah, I said, yeah, I can find them.

[00:36:16] So I get on the internet, do a bit of research, find the ideal mask, find how much they cost me and put my margin on top. I go back to him, I send him an invoice. He pays the invoice. I go away and order the products. They get delivered to his doorstep. He rings out and he goes, they’re brilliant. They’re great.

[00:36:31] That’s how it works. That’s business, you know? And then I think, if he’s interested in those masks, wonder if there’s any other. Organizations that are like us, that may also be interested in those masks. So then you go to his competition and you say, Hey, look, I just sold, John some masks for his girls, so they can carry on fighting.

[00:36:51] are you interested in buying some like-minded masks? And they go, oh yeah, we have been looking for something like that. You know, that’s how it’s, it’s slow process building up businesses like that. And then you’ll find. People who bought masks always want gloves. So then you diversify, you know, I’m not gonna tell you how to suck eggs, but anyone that thinks that you’ve got a business and you can, you know, basically, get money, give it to someone else.

[00:37:20] Who’s irresponsible. And then that irresponsible person is gonna give you three times or four times what you give it to them. You know, think about what I just said. Is that logical or is that stupid? I think it’s stupid. Hey, mark. If you’re watching this, why don’t you do a YouTube video with me? I mean, I love talking about investment opportunities online.

[00:37:44] I don’t like offering financial advice. I definitely don’t like Ponzi schemes. Maybe we don’t talk but anyway, mark is a, a Aussie he’s over there. Is it there? Yep. Mark’s the Aussie of the surfboard. I’m Danny de Hek. And that’s my mountain bike. I need to go. That’s I’m a Kiwi and marks aqui here. And Mr. H is in the middle of us too.

[00:38:05] So, Hey, thanks for watching. Hope it didn’t rave on too much. Please do like this video. It sends it out to the masses, Google, YouTube. They look at it and they see how many people like it. And then they keep sending it out. 50% of the views that go to my YouTube Channel is from. YouTube promoting the videos and that happens when you like it.

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[00:38:42] I’m Danny de Hek and I’m out one Kiwi versus the Koalas bear.