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10 Reasons why people are telling me HyperVerse is REAL and NOT a Ponzi Scheme or Scamming Billions

Let’s explain what’s up for grabs. Membership 2.0 welcomes you to invest from US$400 with promised daily rewards of 00.5% = $2 daily. If you let that compile within 200 days will get $400 return on your investment and the next 400 days is all profit. After that you have a choice, reinvest your rewards to another higher level or stop. You can never take out your initial investment, US$400, you can only withdrawal rewards (if you are lucky). Basically you are loaning your money to HyperVerse to pay your own rewards. You also receive 20% commission and many other rewards from people that you recruit and this goes on to your HyperVerse account that you can never withdraw, you can only collect rewards.

If you get this return on your investment you deserve it, because you’ve invested wisely. It seems that the people that have got into HyperVerse are now like in a religious cult and have turned into HyperZombies.

They are convinced that the world is flat and some of the reasoning is starting to be quite repetitive, just like they’re being brainwashed.

10 Reasons why people are telling me HyperVerse is REAL and NOT a Ponzi Scheme or Scamming Billions Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster Educator

I have put together “10 Reasons why people are telling me HyperVerse is REAL and NOT a Ponzi Scheme or Scamming Billions.

1. It’s not a scam because I get money out of it…

So you’re stealing money and no one is stopping you, for this reason you are convinced it’s not a scam. You are also not concerned that when this falls over many people are gonna lose a lot of money. As long as you are getting your daily rewards you are happy to promote this to your friends and family.

Shame on you, you are a modern day thief, you are stealing money that is not yours. Multi-level marketing is designed for the people at the top to win.

I keep getting messages telling me it’s not a scam. I am getting paid hundreds of dollars every day.

The adrenaline must be amazing, you found a way to steal money and not get arrested. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t a criminal.

It’s just like walking into the back door of a bank and finding that the vault is wide open and grabbing as much money as you can, before the door gets slammed shut. The tellers keep collecting money from people, who are streaming in the front door hoping to capitalise on this “to good to be true deal”, that has been shared with them by a friend.

You robbers don’t care, doesn’t matter how many people you hurt, as long as you get your share of the loot.

What are you going to do with the money? Are you going to give it to the people in Ukraine? Are you going to give it to a charity? There’s no doubt you are selfish and you’re only looking after your own interest, your actions are unethical, shame on you.

2. I haven’t researched the company and I don’t know what I’m talking about

A lot of people are telling me I haven’t done my research. How can I research a company that doesn’t have their company listed on any company register?

The only research I can do is by going to the website and reading there own published propaganda. It’s just like reading a fantastic book, how exciting.

I managed to be able to join the official Facebook group for HyperVerse 15,000 followers. The messages were strictly controlled by just two people “Nonna Evie” and “Mandy Elliott”. Most of the posts are reassuring people to hang in there, have faith Ecosystem that’s going to be built on the MetaVerse. The Ecosystem is just around the corner. The announcements that were meant to be coming in January they still haven’t.

I did contact one guy who apparently had won 100HVT, Dr. Juan A Mckenzie and Juan A Mckenzie. He didn’t even know what I was talking about, next thing he wanted to help me build my Crypto portfolio!

Watch my Video… HyperVerse Official Facebook Shutdown – Overwhelmed with Scammed Members Demanding Money Back

I used to be part of a religious cult and we had to go to 5 meetings a week. The propaganda and the brainwashing techniques of the Jehovah’s Witness organisation who brainwashed me, is exactly the same as what I see happening with HyperVerse. Soon we will have Facebook support groups like EX HyperVerse Support Group.

3. “If it were a scam it would have been been shut down by now”

Utter bullshit. ‘Successful’ Ponzi Schemes can go on for years and years before being discovered.

Some examples include: Bernie Madoff’s scheme, started (according to him) in 1991, though staff members working at the firm since the mid ’70s said it had been going on for years longer. The total fraud went into the billions of dollars. The fund’s last statements indicated it had $64.8 billion in client assets.

How was it discovered? It unravelled when during the 2008 market crash, institutional investors under severe pressure, needed to redeem their investments. He usually kept around $8 billion as a slush fund.

The scam worked as long as there were only modest requests to redeem investment, and importantly, as long as the amount of money coming always exceeded the money going out.

However, in 2008 the size of the redemptions was $7 billion, and though he tried to find new investors to come in, in order to pay off the people who were redeeming, he wasn’t able to satisfy the redemption demands and eventually had to admit to the fraud.

The scheme, just like HyperVerse, is essentially a magic money printing machine. i.e. promises massive and mysteriously consistent returns. About half of all ‘investors’ did actually make more than their investment back.

So this draws a parallel when you hear of HyperVerse members saying that they made more than their initial investment back. It’s critical for a Ponzi scheme to have a decent level of ‘happy customers’ for the scheme to last a decent length of time.

The scheme literally RELIES on people bragging to their friends about how much money they are making in order to convince new people to join.

10 Reasons why people are telling me HyperVerse is REAL and NOT a Ponzi Scheme or Scamming Billions Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster Educator

4. I’m doing really well I’ve made lots of money so it’s not a scam.

Let me emphasise, it is only real money until after the withdrawal to the exchange is done. HU in HVT is not real money, it’s the same as a Monopoly.

A lot of people are actually saying they are doing really well, but it’s until they start withdrawing their money regularly that HyperVerse start holding back the withdrawals. You will find people are starting to gift memberships so they can get money out.

The guy I interviewed on the video “How to withdraw from HyperVerse” that had withdrawn $7000 from his $5000 investment, has also told me that he has been re-investing in HyperVerse, so he can get more daily rewards. He also recruited 10 people who are probably also recruiting.

It is the algorithms. I’m sure they’re watching every transaction and are looking for people that are not re-investing or recruiting other people and they are blocking those people from cashing up. These people are not stupid, they are professional scammers they will be actively managing groups, and denying withdrawals for people who go outside the ideal demographics.

With the modern technology that we are all encouraged to embrace, to survive and thrive, I can tell you it is a fact, if you go outside the HyperVerse flags, you will not be able to withdraw. Ryan, Sam and the mystery man, Steven Reece Lewis are watching from Dubai.

They’ve just introduced new membership plans 2.0, promising 400% return on your investment, but they’re letting you hang a little bit longer before you get to the break even point. You also need to pay more to sign up, they now have hooked you in, you are part of a religious cult.

5. The founders, Sam Lee and Ryan Xu, are successful business people worth billions

HyperTech Group, HyperCapital, HyperFund, HyperDAO, HyperPass, HyperMall, HyperCash, HyperMining, HyperCommunity and HyperScam a lot of Hype.

Blockchain Global lost $48 million in Australia and have now gone into hiding. HyperFund had to rename, because it got busted as Multi-level Marketing, and as there were too many security and fraud warnings. They have started up so many shit crypto coins it’s not even worth me naming them all.

Molecular Future (MoF) dead at $0.001469
HyperDAO (HDAO) dead at $0.01524
Genaro Network (GNX) dead at $0.01535
HyperCash (HC) almost dead at $0.329
HyperVerse (HVT) almost dead at $1.01 and declining daily

If you do a search for the “HyperVerse Global Launch Event Watch LIVE” video, watch Hope Hill, the Compliance Officer for HyperVerse, she is using a fake name, Ronae Jull who is a Hope Coach.

Continue to watch and you’ll see HyperVerse CEO Steven Reece Lewis ZOOM in and read from the teleprompter like a boss. He still is no where to be seen, the HyperZombies are still searching for him, they will never find him. The reason for this, is he’s not even human, he is already in the Ecosystem living in the MetaVerse as an Ai HyperSteven 00.5.

10 Reasons why people are telling me HyperVerse is REAL and NOT a Ponzi Scheme or Scamming Billions Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster Educator

6. An acquaintance approached me with the offer to “gift” me and each of my kids a “buy in”.

You heard right, they will set up a HyperVerse membership and pay for the account from their rewards. However, they will need to use your name and your children’s name and they will let you pay the money back when you make a profit, how can you lose?

First thing comes to mind, you are now involved in a scam, an illegal activity, congratulations.

This is an old Ponzi scheme trick. These people are building there own downline. One person can’t withdraw, so they “gift” you a membership using their rewards that they can’t convert to cash.

Then you repay them, say $50.00 a month. All this means, is they get their money out by a back door method, (you).

In the meantime your cash is locked into the system. In the last few weeks you would have seen this on your Facebook timeline? There is only one winner and it certainly won’t be you. This is called modern day money laundering.

Also, if you get hooked the hope is you will recruit people into it and they climb up the pyramid scheme.

7. I need to stop this nonsense and get a job

I have a job, I build Workshops that help people survive and thrive. I also have a few websites selling products. I do a lot of drop shipping and I own and facilitate a Business Networking Company.

I am a fully qualified painter and decorator. I learnt my internet skills from starting Christchurch’s first email centre (Internet cafe) with a dear entrepreneurial friend, called Peter Young. When Peter went back to Australia, I sold everything I owned and brought myself a laptop and a digital camera on my credit card. I hitchhiked around New Zealand telling people I was a mobile Internet consultant.

I built-up a website called New Zealand’s Information Network. I built websites on the road for $300 and charged $30 a month for the service. My company in 2004 turned over $475k, and I took home $275,000 in one year. For 10 years I generated a six-figure income from that company. My wife at the time and I, lived on a 10 acre block and we worked from a satellite dish in our purpose built home.

The company was called NewZealandNZ.co.nz Limited, recently renamed to DANNY : DE HEK LIMITED, you can find me on the New Zealand Company Register. You can also find my contact details on my Website.

This is a common practice for a genuine businesses, unlike HyperVerse where you cannot find any of those details. The founders of HyperVerse are nowhere to be seen. The CEO Steven Reece Lewis doesn’t have any digital footprint, he’s meant to be driving the Ecosystem and cannot be found anywhere on the Internet. It’s like he doesn’t exist.

DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster Educator

8. HyperVerse General Disclaimer

Tami Jackson, the biggest scammer in the world, running meetup groups and ZOOM meetings, doesn’t care about anyone except herself. I thought I’d tune and listen to one of the ZOOM meetings replayed on Vimeo.

I want you to listen to this disclaimer, and tell me that you feel safe having money invested in HyperVerse.

The information here is provided to you in general terms, without taking notice of your specific personal and financial situation. Under no circumstances should this presentation be considered as any type of solicitation, investment, legal or financial advice. In describing the various parts of the HyperTech Group and HyperVerse, past performance does not guarantee future results, and is for informational purposes only.

Acquiring a HyperVerse membership gives you access to benefits such as education, optional access to other products or services within various parts of the HyperTech Group including the separate HyperVerse ecosystem, and access to the daily rewards program of the HyperVerse membership as provided to all Hyper Verse members. A membership acquisition involves an exchange of the cryptocurrency USDT (Tether) for the HyperVerse unit of account called HU (Hyper Unit), and it is not an investment. Access to certain other optional products and services may be subject to KYC and separate qualification processes and may not be available in all countries. Each membership carries a specific benefit and specific time frame and will expire as specified.

Access to membership can be extended through acquiring additional and separate memberships by your personal choice.

The HyperVerse Membership is on a best-efforts basis and, like any project, there is a risk of loss of funds and rewards. The world of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile, can involve risk of loss, and may not be suitable for all persons. Risks include but are not limited to: market and trading risks, system and transaction processing risks, cybersecurity, regulatory risks, business failure, mistakes made by yourself, and others.

Opinions, market data and recommendations are subject to change without notice. HyperVerse seeks to mitigate risk by exclusively accepting USDT (Tether) for membership. USDT (Tether) is considered a “stable coin” and historically has not been subject to the market volatility found with other cryptocurrencies.

We do not purport HyperVerse membership to be a “get rich quick” scheme. There is no recommendation in this presentation to acquire any membership, product or service. You make your own decisions, based on your own due diligence. We recommend that if you are unsure in anyway, you seek the advice of a suitably qualified professional.

Your continued attendance at this meeting or a recording of this presentation beyond this point, indicates your acceptance of the above terms.

Basically, if you listen to that disclaimer they are not responsible for anything.

9. You’re only limitation is your imagination

HyperVerse at its Global Launch Event, 5th December 2021, they announced their entry into the raging MetaVerse space, designing an alternate reality where intergalactic voyagers can design their own virtual lives.

The event was graced by a number of heavyweight VIPs, such as Steven Lewis, CEO of HyperTech Group and HyperVerse. Sam Lee, Chairman of HyperTech Group; Ryan Xu, Founder of HyperTech Group and Co-Founder of Collinstar Capital; Grig Richter, CMO of Molecular Future; and Chris Hector, CEO of Genaro Network.

I hope those heavy weights haven’t overloaded your imagination. Those guys have millions of dollars of your money, they are all professional scammers. Don’t associate with people like that, it will tarnish you for years.

10 Reasons why people are telling me HyperVerse is REAL and NOT a Ponzi Scheme or Scamming Billions Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster Educator

10. They are doing upgrades, this is why we can’t withdraw at the moment

Not according to “HyperVers☹️Withdrawal Failures Facebook Group

The group description: Can’t withdraw? Filled out the Google form? No support from corporate? Customer service doesn’t help? This is a group where we can share this dilemma.

The admin asked if I would stay on topic, and not post about HyperVerse being a scam, until they are totally convinced that they are never going to receive their rewards. As HyperVerse has been going since 2019, a lot of people think it’s going to be another long term Ponzi scheme.

A lot of people are tied up in so many other small investments these are all get rich schemes.

In conclusion.

This is a sign of the time, the end is coming. My website has been going off, the live traffic is incredible to watch. Hundreds of people are landing on my website from Google, they are searching for keywords; Chuck Norris, HyperVerse, HyperVerse Presentation, HyperVerse Red Flags, HyperVerse Review, HyperVerse Withdrawal, Is a HyperFund a Scam, Is HyperVerse a Scam, Lance Bass, Ryan Xu, Sam Lee, Steven Reece Lewis, What Is HyperVerse, Who is HyperTech Group

I’m going to add a few more names, Chris Hector, Grig Richter, Ronae Jull and Tami Jackson, these scammers need to be held accountable!

Remember Bernie Madoff, he didn’t have enough money to pay off investors, and he had to come up with bigger and greater schemes.

HyperVerse has just released the big one, “Membership 2.0” you can invest 3600HU and receive 00.5% rewards. Promised daily rewards of 00.5% = $18 daily! In 200 days time they will have no money to pay you back promised rewards.

This means the end is near. They are running out of money or they have already ran out. They are not paying people the promised rewards. People, stop investing in Ponzi schemes and get a job like me.

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