DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorHello everyone. This is Steven here. It’s been a while since I last connected with you in January three, video. Hello everyone. This is Danny de Hek here, and I have produced five YouTube videos trying to warn people about this guy. Now let’s continue and listen to what Stephen’s got to say for us. And we will stop along the way and.

Give you my point of view of what I think about this. We’ve been busy behind the scenes working on our HyperVerse EcoSystem, and I dated that on my Twitter channel. Right? So if you go to his Twitter channel, which is HyperVerse6 on Twitter, you will see there are hundreds and hundreds of people demanding for the withdrawal.

This Ponzi scheme is coming to an end. And now they’re getting disparate by addressing people with a YouTube video like this. Now, if I was really trying to convince you guys and build a relationship with you and I was Steven for the first thing, what I would do is I wouldn’t sit behind a green screen.

Talking to you guys are there would actually be introducing you to the office. And I would be showing you the headquarters of where HyperVerse exist. We are listening to one man, who is this guy, the Messiah. Does he think he’s some God or some sort of person that can address the nation as shocking? So I’m not going to go into much, so let’s continue.

I hope everyone is doing well. Besides the ongoing pandemic, we now have the Russia Ukraine. And it pains me to watch innocent citizens suffering from political affairs. Really. It pains him to watch the Russia and Ukraine crisis go on. When this guy is quite happy to run a pyramid scheme and take money from people.

A lot of the people who invest in pyramids games, out of the people that really want to be rich. I loaded them. People who buy a lot of. This has clientele, ideal clientele, but he does not worry about this as he will continue wherever you may be. Please stay safe today. I just want to give our HyperCommunity an update on what we have been doing.

The team has been working. What has he been doing? Well, we haven’t heard anything from these scammers for a long time. Once blockchain global fell over and Australia, those guys behind it, Ryan and Sam flood, and that went to live in Dubai. And I can only assume that Steven race Lewis is also living in Dubai.

They have been trying to come up with clever ways of keeping the scheme going and these deeper issues in the roadblocks that are being pushed in front of them at the moment. He’s about to make excuses for it. So let’s continue. Kim really hard to prepare for the launch of the HyperVerse world. There are multiple ongoing developments within the HyperVerse EcoSystem

Now, if I had an EcoSystem and I had a concept, I would have, you know, like snippets, you know, out there talking to people today, I found myself in a zoom channel. 270 people who have been played this presentation about how, if they recruit people, they will get a star. If they reinvest in a plane, they will get to go up.

The pyramid scheme. A pyramid is a pyramid and you climb up the pyramid to the top. The ones at the top are the ones that make the money for a successful Ponzi scheme. You need hippie punters and. That’s happening at the moment. We’ve got these HyperZombies walking around telling us that this is a sure thing as they booed you into the downline.

Anyway, let’s continue. And we are very excited to slowly and reveal and share them with you. The HyperVerse EcoSystem comprises of a few key components, including defy and F T Dow and gain five. If you look at Dell on the crypto market, it’s with about zero, 0.10 cent at the moment. And these other names that he’s throwing out there truly are just names.

And if T’s a non fungible token, your piece of digital artwork or real estate is another thing that’s not connected with HyperVerse. Some of this terminology may be still new to many of you. And I hope you are learning more from the academy in the HyperVerse back office about the MetaVerse and our HyperVerse in particular, I used to be part of a religious coat and I used to go to five meetings a week for an hour long.

The elders on the stage used to brainwash us with the same table. So by going into the backend and watching these videos that are poorly done by, you know, organizations that theoretically with millions is just ludicrous.

All of these elements form the core HyperVerse world and will be integrated to provide users with an unparalleled experience in the MetaVerse. So the middle of this is. Basically a mess of any tea market where it’s going to be like a city. Now, these guys are not controlling the mirrors. These guys are acting like real estate agents.

And when the middle verse opens up, they’re going to run in the, in purchase everything and theoretically, create a wealth, from something that doesn’t really. the ironic thing about hyper. This is the company. They talk about it in the terms of conditions. There’s two separate entities. Now the community area is one entity and the HyperVerse project is another.

So you’re only part of the pyramid scheme at the moment. And as you already know, HVT is, are in world currency that will govern all operations. In the EcoSystem, HVT. If he looked how much that’s worth on the exchange at the moment, I think it’s a dollar, a coin it’s, it’s worthless. it’s just the whole, you know, like I purchased some Sheba and they were, I think, 20 cents a share and they, they 10 times their money.

And I think I’ve made $600. That’s about the best I’ve ever done it in a crypto say to celebrate the progressive development of the HyperVerse. We have launched an exclusive promotion since the beginning of March. And I’m pleased to announce that we have extended this special promotion as she would have seen for HyperVerse members.

You get to enjoy a special four times your wars with every HyperVerse 2.0 membership you are. So this was ridiculous. I feel because why would you offer now four times the rewards, the reason. That people could not now, not the minority. The majority of people cannot withdraw their funds. The only people who can withdraw their funds are people at the top of this pyramid scheme because they have busy recruiting.

Other people go onto meetup.com and you will find more. Zoom meetings happening with the recruiting people. Like I said earlier, there was one this morning, I was in 270 people. And at the end of it, they asked me to speak. And as soon as I started saying anything negative about HyperVerse, they cut me off.

They don’t care. They’re not ruthless. They’re not there to debate. They are just like cult leaders who are preaching to you. Now this full a hundred times resort reward package is there for people who can’t withdraw them. So, what they do is they let you reinvest this money into, the new package that now is available and the new scan that’s going around as they are, people are boating their own downlines by going to friends and family and assigned to them that they will use their reward dollars to let you purchase.

Your own HyperVerse account and you don’t have to pay anything, but when you break, even then you, to pay back the money that they invested on your behalf, and this is typical, and this is modern day money, money laundering, which is interesting. What’s interesting about this. As now, as this video goes on, they address people who have couldn’t get the money at and who have reinvested in the same.

Platforms, theoretically it’s against the terms and conditions. And now that’s saying that you are scheming the company, which is absolutely ridiculous. Theoretically, why would you not be allowed to use your HyperVerse dollars to buy another membership? If you wanted to write back to Steven race Louis, if you didn’t already look at the banner in your back office and click on the membership.

If you acquired one of the four times promotional memberships, it also unlocks a special four times rebuy option. We also have a special, so w w what, what’s, what this rebuy option. So you can rebuy your memberships. So you’ve got your 400 HQ and your 800. I’m not exactly sure. Cause I have not invested.

But there to entice people to stay in the scheme. Anytime somebody wants to withdrawal the rewards, they are not the ideal customer for HyperVerse and they are Jamie knew and coming up with all sorts of excuses, 5% additional accelerated reward for those who have referred others have also acquired a four times membership.

So join in the excitement of this special HyperVerse 2.0. We do this to encourage and reward all of our community members. Who’ve been with us from the very staff. Are you watching this guy’s eyes? He’s just reading this off a teleprompter this time I’m doing this ad lib. And if you don’t know, I’m dyslexic and I really struggle reading.

So that’s why when I use the teleprompter, it sounds terrible. Like I’ve read it the first time, but Steven here, there’s no authenticity. With him. We’ve tried to research and find the history of Stephen Lewis. We’ve even put a bounty on his head and we are currently seeking anyone who knows the actual real Stephen Reese Lewis, because he doesn’t have any digital print at all.

And they are hell bent at keeping their community leaders, healthy and fed because they are the ones selling and introducing people. To HyperVerse and this is how they gave him the cash and everything else. You’re about to hear as long as, and simply stolen techniques. I have been hanging out on Facebook groups.

I’ve been talking to numerous people about HyperVerse and a handful of people are still able to withdrew the funds. But these same people said they have reinvested into other schemes. They have also just barely covered their return on their investment. So they are inside the flags of hope service hyper-visible need to make this Ponzi scheme successful.

They need to keep those people happy. And I just got kicked out of the Facebook group today called hydro HyperVerse withdrawal problems. And Jim, sent me a nice message saying nothing personal, but we really need to stay focused and, and tune and trying to get our rewards in. And then I’ve also found other clippings on.

Twitter with people who signed it, that trying to upload the profile image so they can be verified as a real person and every single one of them, they get in the same ear misses saying that their profile image is too blurry. Try again. These are just Sterling techniques that this company is using. We truly appreciate your support and hope that everyone will continue to join us in growing the HyperVerse EcoSystem

Th this is actually just an emotional connection with you guys, do the mentality of it. If you had a psychiatrist and you took this along and said, this guy here is the authentic, he has already tried to build a relationship with you talking about Ukraine and Russia, the conflict over there. And he’s trying to get personal and trying to connect with you.

He’s playing with your emotional model. And now he’s thinking the community for the support. To me, it sounds like they are a victim and they are looking for support from the members. Is this a company that is leading you into the mid of this more information and updates on the EcoSystem will be released later this month?

So stay tuned. I mean, there, there is a load of crock in itself because all along the way, there’ve been promising updates and releases and all they do is this is I’m really surprised he actually put it. Oh, I just about fell off my seat when this video. And this is the a go at reassuring people that they haven’t lost all their money, or they’re never going to get their rewards.

And I just have to say, this is a great Ponzi scheme. I mean, they use in crypto, which is unregulated. You, you can’t go back to your government authorities because these, this company is not registered in any company office in the world. They don’t have a headquarters. So you got no one to complain.

Cryptos unregulated. So you can’t go back to your local crypto dealer and say, I’ve got a scam going on. You’ve just lost your money. And not only that, because you’ve got a big balance lift in your hope of this bank account, you’re invested, you have to stay with them that this is not going to fall over quickly because people are going to keep looking at that balance that they’ve gotten HyperVerse.

And they’re also going to keep seeing the rewards. And then they’re going to start thinking like some of the people who have been being very creative and I’ve just been rebuying, new memberships and other people’s names and getting that money out and putting it to use with the hope that they will be able to withdrawal these new people’s money.

So imagine this right. So I can now go along and buy tin HyperVerse accounts. Basically get 10 of my friends to agree to let me use their name, to be part of a Ponzi scheme. And then because they’re new, then I can draw their money. And that’s how I’m getting my money out of HyperVerse there’s quite creative, but hyper or onto it because they don’t want you to do that because they need cash to survive for the announcements on our official website and social media channel.

I will stop at their social media channels. Come on a company like this. They theoretically had an official Facebook page with 15,000 people. What theoretically announced, not official, but everything on there. What’s your see on one of my other videos. It was all about help in understanding the HyperVerse.

Then they only have Twitter and the people that everyone that says to me, this isn’t a scheme, Ron and Sam Lee, who are involved. We are that. Why aren’t they on these videos? Why aren’t they together talking? This is the one main that we need to track down and. And he’s got a Twitter, he’s got two Twitter accounts that I can see, however, there’s.

And also “Stevenr_Lewis” something around if you want it, let me know. It’s just incredible. Anyway, let’s not get onto it too much. Lastly, we are aware that a small number of members are still experiencing trouble with some of the neutrals and accounts being frozen. All my goodness, a small, no. A hell of a big number, not the majority, the minority, I haven’t gotten around the wrong way, but this is actually a lie.

This is to put doubt in your mind. If you can’t see through this, you know, you’ve got issues, a small amount of. Okay. Why don’t they say we currently have 20,000 people in HyperVerse. Why don’t they say we currently have 300,000 people in HyperVerse and we are aware that a thousand people I hadn’t problems.

No, we’ll just say a small amount of people. We cannot govern, whether this is true or not.

These are getting resolved. Some of it is still use it. And can be fixed by using Firefox on a computer. Have you stopped to think why Firefox is the only browser that you can operate the system correctly with now? I was using Chrome and I did have problems logging in because of the. you, a robot thing kept popping up.

And then I did go to Firefox and I logged in without problems. Now I’ve been building websites for over 20 years and I used to use Netscape. And then when Chrome came along, I started using Chrome. I love Chrome. Chrome is the internet default browser. I had a guess, I would say 80, 85% of people will use Chrome.

I may not be that high, but why are we using, what is our website only compatible with? Is it because Chrome or Google are blocking a lot of the plugins that they were used. Have you ever thought about the fact that when you’re using Firefox, they may be monitoring what you are doing and looking for the, I can’t even say that word I’m going to say, are the rhythms looking for patterns if Firefox plugins allow them to do such a thing.

And some of it statin is a result of the glitch we found in our programming and we are working our way free those. Rubbish, absolute rubbish at glitch. I glitch. It’s just, I’m sorry, I’m going to keep interrupting you guys. I will not. If you completed the Google form, you are in line to have the issue addressed by supports.

Okay. Big issue here, guys. If you’ve completed the Google form. Do a search on some of the Facebook groups, everyone, when you complete the Google form, you need to upload an image and it needs to be verified. And for some reason, every single person that’s done that that’s having problems, getting a clear picture uploaded, and they keep saying, and as blurry now, I haven’t tried.

But you’re not the only one experienced that problem. And of course, some of the accounts that are frozen are complicated by people use multiple accounts or found ways to try to scam the company. I’m laughing my head off a scam, been scammed. What a great idea. Let’s put that in our message to the nation.

Really. You think that you’re getting scammed? Oh, you poor people. Thank you for your support. We’re really concerned, but we’re getting scammed. Are you nuts? Do you believe the shit?

We have people who’ve had multiple accounts such as free or five or seven accounts, but we’ve also have people with 15, 20, 30, 50. And a few with as many as 500 accounts, these are cases of serious abuse of the system, the system, oh my God, the system, I used to be a Jehovah’s witness. They told me that I was going to live forever on a paradise earth and all the animals are going to eat hay.

And I sat there and I believe that I was brainwashed and there’s one man in front of a green screen is going to change. And now that poor man is getting scanned. It’s so shade, push Steven Rich Lewis, who I you, Stephen Reese Lewis. When you hang out, why don’t you make your next video showing us your office, showing us your work colleagues, showing us around your, your beautiful house in Dubai.

And these obviously will take more time to resolve one by one. I cannot make a comprehensive announcement just yet on this multiple accounts issue, but we are finally very close to announcing a solution that can move everyone forward in the HyperCommunity, to the intended one account per member situation that will be enforced going forward.

The incredible, so this is a stalling tactic, because the reason why they’ve asked or they put these new membership plans out there and asking people to do. More money as because mathematically Ponzi schemes don’t work. You need more money coming in then going out. So what they were thought as lit. The membership Plains.

Now they will offering zero, 0.5% daily rewards on that money. And I have heard that in another meeting that they had, they’ve decided to make it 0.0 0.3% rewards. And instead of getting your return in 200 days, you need to wait 300 days. So this is stretching. That is using stolen tactics. This is also a stalling tactic.

They’re asking you to be supportive. They’ve already mentioned that previously. So they want to, you know, boomed you into that community and using words like community. I mean, these guys do not know what a community is. They know what figures are they a complex that they’re very clever at running these schemes and they will be measuring every year.

And if you, your action will definitely get a reaction. If you don’t follow the, their advice, please bear in mind, always that are excellent. HyperCommunity benefits are given through our membership, provided that each member complies with the terms and conditions of the service agreement to everybody.

Who’s got two accounts. mark, Gardner in Australia who keeps messaging me and telling me how much money he’s withdrawn, he’s got two accounts. So, if you go through my videos, you’ll see me talking to mark and you’ll see his account number and Mr. Steve Reese, Louis, and, he will be shitting themselves right now because he’s broken the terms and conditions.

So he might just think, well, let’s just get rid of one of those. Well, one of my teen accounts, because I don’t want to be jeopardized. And then if you read your own terms and conditions, part of the terms and conditions which are done in my last video is that you’re not allowed to talk about your financial rewards with anybody.

You’re not allowed to discuss what’s going on with your HyperVerse, this account with anybody. Because if you do, you’ve broken the tunes, the conditions, and they can just take your account off. You imagine, go into your bank and investing in something and then having a problem with. And your bank says, well, tell you what we’re going to do, Danny.

We’re just going to delete your account and we’re going to stop all the actions because you don’t deserve to have an account with us. No way, Jose, as they say, oh, just to qualify to receive the rewards. Thank you again to everyone in the HyperCommunity for being understanding as this complex situation is being.

Th this is, you know, a brainwashing technique. They are telling you how your brain should act. Thank you for being understanding that doesn’t say anything to you that is telling you, be understanding. It’s a complex situation that is buying them more time. I believe that 85-95% of people in HyperVerse this haven’t done their research.

And this company I’ve watched. One of your, is videos that have been produced, telling you all about their rewards system. It’s very complicated. Four times would, if you introduce somebody, you will get 0.5. You’ll become a. Two star three star person. All their stuff is just confused. Confuses people was baffling them with science.

this ain’t rocket science. This is to heck science. This is you putting $400 in with the hope that within two or 300 days, you are going to get your return on your investment. Ask yourself, do you really think that HyperVerse can continue this for 200 or 300 days just for you to break it? The other thing that they want you to do once you’re in is recruit people.

Now, when I watch one of these videos, I got so sick of it. it basically said that you could start withdrawing your money within seven days. This is on getting people ringing me, asking me if it’s real. I mean, can’t, I can’t do anything other than just say, look, this is a scam and I’m actually quite enjoying it.

People got all, you just want your YouTube channel to get bigger. Yeah. I’m after a thousand years, subscribers, of course I am. And when I get a thousand YouTube subscribers, I’ll probably do different videos, helping people, you know, survive and thrive and business. Cause that’s what I actually do. And I’ll probably get a little tiny rewards for people who click on advertising around my, my videos.

And it’s not going to make me rich. I reckon I’ll be lucky if I’ve got five or $7 a month for a YouTube channel, at least I got really big, which I’m hoping, but I mean, yeah, we all want to have. And we all want to do well in life, but there’s a good old saying of it sounds too good to be true. It normally is too good to be true.

So what is it with this money and what is it? I mean, I literally feel like I’m being attacked by. Because I don’t agree with one main sitting in front of a green screen. Like I am talking to you, misleading you and getting your, your brain, brainwashed by a guy who’s really just out there to look after number one and himself.

Who’s deeply concerned about the crisis going on and Ukraine and Russia at the moment. Does he really? Okay. Let’s carry on. That’s. So for now, be sure to take advantage of the HyperVerse 2.0 times promotion you’ll be hearing from, yeah. Just notice what he did there. He’s leading you down the garden path and he’s telling you don’t worry about anything.

Have total peace of mind and what I’m saying. And make sure that you take advantage of the ribeye options watch actually should be, they, what they should be labeled as is HD time extending options. So that if you rebuy and put your money back into HyperVerse, and don’t try to get the money out, then the whole scam will last longer and they will make more money.

Right? The very last bit, here we go for me again shortly until then take care and I’ll see you. How did, who were they? We go. So that’s a Stephen Reese Lewis. And, that is him addressing the nation. Like he’s the Messiah or Jesus Christ. I don’t know. Now, if you don’t know much about me, I am. I’m quite active on a lot of Facebook groups.

A lot of people, I I’m pretty open. I don’t have many secrets. Now this is my Facebook page. This here is my dog called apple. I had him for a living point. months, he died in my arms of a heart attack, last Tuesday, which was about a week ago. And it’s really devastated me and my partner. We love this dog so much and we’ve got lots of support on our Facebook page.

Even the genes are ahead and I watched my money. That’s a different story, but anyways, you can see if you go down here. I’ve had to bury my mind biscuit. And it was a very sad story. and if you look here, you can see that the apple was just absolutely gorgeous, literally dog and both my partner and I miss them a lot.

so that’s a sad story and that’s a personal story. So when I, when I’m on these, Facebook groups, I get people, you know, saying to me, give me some proof that. Is, you know, running a Ponzi scheme. So I’ve come up with my last video 10 Reasons why people are telling me HyperVerse is REAL and NOT a Ponzi Scheme or Scamming Billions.

And I posted on quite a few things. I’ve got this guy called Kip Grosso and, and he was really, he’s a nice person. He said, still waiting for proof. So I’ve given them 10 reasons why HyperVerse this is his game. And then he said, go. play with your dog. What a heartless person. I haven’t got personal with you.

So I’m going to leave his name and a link to his Facebook account in the show notes. Feel free. To send him some investment opportunities. Cause I’m sure he had liked to fill up his inbox with some lovely comments. And if you are going on the ethic, go to these other HyperVerse, you know, pages in heaven, look at all the people that are going through all the hassles with trying to withdraw their money.

Seriously, guys, this is not just a few people. Having a hassles. This is a Ponzi scheme. That’s on the brink of falling over. They are getting desperate. They truly are looking for new ways to keep this going. So they’ve given you four time rewards and they’re enticing you in their own video to actually buy and reinvest into the company.

And they don’t want you to take your daily rewards. And also, I think I just, just about vomited in a bucket when I stumbled across a zoom meeting with 280 odd people in it who are listening to this propaganda from these leaders at HyperVerse who are not allowing you to comment, not allowing you to speak, not allowing you to have your camera on and only asking you questions at the end.

And as soon as you say something negative, they. And they are the true modern day scammers. I hope that this has been hopeful, hopefully good for you to listen to. And as somebody sent me a message this morning, thanking me for my videos because they were about to invest and I hope this is actually stop you from investing and HyperVerse hyphen HyperMall, HyperCash, HyperPay.

There’s a whole lot of hype going on. And, please Subscribe to my YouTube channel because I want a thousand subscribers. I’m not going to deny that and you have a wonderful day and stay safe, and I love you all.