DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorHello everyone this is Danny de Hek I’m your saviour from HyperVerse, formally known as HyperFund the reason for rebranding was that people were confirming HyperFund a Ponzi Scam.

Since celebrating the re-launch to their new name HyperVerse on the 5th of December 2021. HyperFund say they have received overwhelming feedback and threats from there own community the founders Ryan, Sam and the new CEO Steven have had to flea to Dubai and are nowhere to be seen. This was such a shame as they were so excited for the future direction of there company. 

So what happened? People started doing their own research and a lot of their claims were proven miss truths.

Financial Advisors where asked if HyperVerse was a legitimate company, not one of them have said it’s a good thing or a good investment opportunity, in addition over 50 financial authorities around the globe say HyperVerse or HyperFund “maybe” operating a scam.

HyperVerse talks about ecosystem that doesn’t exist yet, but making promises that it’s going to happen this year, recently they announced that they are now merge with a company Genaro Network is the first smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture, integrating a public blockchain with decentralized storage. This leading edge company hasn’t even updated their own website for four or five years, and looks like another smoke and mirror associate.

So there’s a whole lot of hype about HyperVerse, they are still actively seeking members to invest, memberships start from 300, 500, 1000, 3000 HU with the promise of 300% return on your investment within 600 days, but as they are now running out of money they are offering memberships with greater rewards 400, 800, 1200 or 3600 HU with the promise of 400% return within 600 days. To purchase one HU it is equivalent to one USDT about $1 USD. There’s many rewards offered to memberships, If you recruit other people you will also get paid an additional 20% on top of the membership that you’re friend or colleague invest in.

One guy we interview on Zoom has invested $5000 USD he’s been in this scheme for 12 months he has received $7000 USD in rewards, he’s recruited 10 people, he has now got his return on investment, and said he has nothing to lose, currently has 51,000 HU and is shown me he is collecting $140 per day and rewards. He was trying to convince me to get involved saying that if I put $300 USDT in within 10 months I would have my initial investment repaid.

Question is will this Ponzi scheme be alive for 10 months and the money that I will be receiving will be from other people who have been enticed to invest is this ethical.

This is why you are hearing so much hype about HyperVerse because the current members are trying to keep it all going, so they continue to get their rewards.

My research shows that you can never get your initial investment out you can only get paid rewards for loaning HyperVerse money. This is typical for a Ponzi scheme many people have got their initial investment out.

The promise HyperVerse he’s making, it is all about a MetaVerse and that includes a variety of NFTs non-fungible tokens which are a fancy name for a unique piece of digital property on the blockchain.

Up for grabs is arts, music, sports memorabilia, trading cards, comics, games and many other areas of finding NFTs are a unique and verifiable new way to identify something on its own. It’s clever technology but not unique or control by HyperVerse.

Hyperverse CEO Steven Reece Lewis

More and more mainstream companies have been trying to get a slice of the pie, he talked about Nike and how they are getting involved in the NFTs market they are dropping sneakers, we also talk about Burberry who have launched several NFT campaigns to promote their products, these companies have nothing to do with HyperVerse however by using the big names like this, HyperVerse can pass of the a good reputation of these well established brands.

Steven Reece Lewis say it a trend that you’ll be here in about more and more he talks about celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Mariah Carey are endorsing crypto related products and claims it is a very exciting period for the entire market as a whole. However Snoop Dogg and Mariah Carey are not associated with HyperVerse.

Chuck Norris and Lance Bass have endorsing HyperVerse. I’m sure the money is on the way, they will be waiting few more memberships to be sold before they rob Peter to pay Paul. (Chuck and Lance)

He poised to take advantage of the opportunity HyperVerse has been given to secure the best possible participation for our members. The world of the MetaVerse and of NFTs is exciting and we are committed to this world.

To give the members peace of mind they keep dangling carrots and he talks about the complexity of running this scam, some parts have been regularity complexities to work through and some parts are very straightforward we are addressing those in fully compliant fashion the development of the HyperVerse ecosystem is well underway and more updates will be announced shortly.

Remember that our overall MetaVerse we have two channels one being the HyperVerse membership community and the other being the HyperVerse ecosystem which are legally separate.

As part of the HyperVerse community membership you will always continue to receive the quality blockchain education that now includes information specific to the MetaVerse and our innovative membership rewards program which continues to daily benefit our loyal members.

With the launch of the greater HyperVerse ecosystem with details to emerge in 2022 you will discover even more optional products and services that may be available to you so open your thinking and join us in accelerating the construction of the digital future where you are only limited by your own imagination.

As the Internet involves people are going to be privy to more and more greater schemes this one is a goodie it’s very enticing, if you are in this company you are trapped you can’t get your money out and you can only get your daily rewards out if you are lucky or you need to keep recruiting people and keep the hype going, so you get paid out more.

Produced a couple of YouTube videos, I’ve received hundreds of comments many from people who can’t cash their money out of HyperVerse. Some have even told me they have been advised by HyperVerse to trade two crypto currency that you can’t get your money out GNX has the same terminology on their outdated website as HyperVerse.

Do not invest in any company that promise is you unrealistic return on your investment, don’t listen to your friends that are trapped in HyperVerse and need you to get there money back.

I’m not a crypto genius in fact I can’t read and write I have the gift of dyslexia left school at the age of 14 and have a reading level of a nine-year-old, if I can see the dangers in this company why are you educated people in disbelief.

My message to you as sharpen up if it sounds too good to be true it often is.

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