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DANNY : DE HEK: [00:00:00]  Welcome along if I got a treat for you, ladies and gentlemen. I have got two people on my show today that are blind and we are actually recording this from Clubhouse and they’re in the room and I’m going to get them to introduce themselves briefly and tell us who they are. Ann would you like to go first?

Ann Harrison: [00:00:34] Sure. My name is Ann Harrison. I am an author, a professional writer, and I am a podcaster.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:00:44] Brilliant and in our Clubhouse room yesterday Teresa, I just meet Teresa yesterday and she was the first person in two months, To actually cry on a Clubhouse room. And we’ve got a great friendship that’s growing every day. So Theresa, tell us about you.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:01:01] So as, you know, as you just said, my name is Theresa. I am the host of “Struggling blessed, but not alone”. I am diligently. I am almost totally blind. I only have 90% or 10% sight left. And I I’m a motivator motivational speaker as well.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:01:19] And she’s brilliant. She told me yesterday that she had 750 downloads and has generated around about $200 from her podcasting efforts to date.

And I thought, well, you can do my marketing for me. If you have accomplished that. And being blind, we were talking to the clubhouse room and we still are.

And I said, I had this format for my podcast. It works and it’s 12 random questions and I have a sort of like a pack of cards and I shuffle it and I just picked 12 random questions and I asked.

I’ll ask Ann and I’ll ask Theresa to answer the version of the question. So let’s go for the first one. The first question here we have today is what was the most unusual thing you had ever eaten? Theresa? Would you like to tell everyone what’s the most unusual thing you’ve eaten as a blind person?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:02:07] Yes. I had some gizzards that. That I didn’t know I’ve had them before, but it was interesting. Cause I didn’t know. So I thought it was shrimp. And so that was interesting to me.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:02:18] I’m a Kiwi. I don’t know what a gizzard, so it’s a chick. It’s a part of a chicken, right. And yep. Yeah. I still don’t know what it is that the egg of the feet, the toes, the beak.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:02:33] I guess I should have it’s

Ann Harrison: [00:02:36] I don’t want to be ugly here, but it’s the it’s on the inside of the chicken.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:02:42] Look, I’m a vegan. This does not sound good to say.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:02:46] Yeah, it’s good.

Ann Harrison: [00:02:47] It tastes, but for those of us Southern folks like me and well, Theresa too, cause fried chicken gives a darn good. Right.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:02:55] So Theresa, when you were like presented this meal to somebody, tell you what you ate, what did you just discover and go what’s this taste?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:03:03] Well, normally, and I learned since I’ve lost my sight, not to say this anymore. Cause I was raised where, I mean all kinds of different things, but I just said, Oh, I I’m not picky. I’ll eat anything. And then I was like, Oh my God, what am I eating?

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:03:15] Wow. We’ve got this thing in New Zealand called the wild food festival. Don’t even go there and say, you’ll eat anything.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:03:22] Exactly.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:03:23] They have all sorts of weird things just saying no.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:03:27] So as a little girl, my grandparents came from Italy. So I have had tongue. I ha I have had eel I’ve had some, some interesting foods, but I just had no. And I had, I just had no clue. And the way it was cooked was different than I’ve ever had. It I’ve even had tripe, which has cow’s stomach. So I’ve eaten some weird things.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:03:44] Okay. Ann how would you answer that question? I’ll repeat the question. What’s the most unusual thing you have ever reason?

Ann Harrison: [00:03:50] Well, and this was when I was a little girl. I ate fish gizzards. No, I’m serious. I am serious. They’re smaller than Chicken gizzards. But they’re kind of tastes very similar. My green, my grandfather on my father’s side of the family, he he, he had some in my grandmother fried him one day and I tried it and it was definitely different. But can I give you a, a little interesting factoid there? Danny?

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:04:19] Why not?

Ann Harrison: [00:04:21] I actually went to New Zealand back in 1991.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:04:25] Oh, you were the one, must of had our borders open at the time . How did you find it?

Ann Harrison: [00:04:28] Well. It, it was definitely different. It was hot.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:04:32] No, way, you must, must’ve gone to Auckland, not the South Island

Ann Harrison: [00:04:35] Yeah Auckland Onehunga . Save

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:04:37] We’ll you say it better than I do.

Ann Harrison: [00:04:40] Let’s see, we, our camp was at non snails beach outside of Warwick.
Yeah, so I went, we went to, and I’ve actually shared got a chance to, I had the experience of shearing sheep. I’ve been to an angle or a rabbit farm. I’ve been black.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:04:56] You went to you went to Waitomo didn’t you. Yep. And you might’ve bumped into a guy. I can’t remember his name, but David Fagan. He’s a New Zealand champions, Shira. And there’s a farm. I know you haven’t gone to it.

Ann Harrison: [00:05:10] No, no, no. It was actually at snails beach there. The one of our buddies, she, her father owned a sheep farm. My story though. Right? You really, you’re not having my story. Cause I thought I knew he was torn about now. It’s like lost in space. No, but I remember this has been, Oh my gosh. 30 years ago. Yeah, but no, we actually, it was, it was at snail’s beach. I’m like, I’ve never met the famous sheep shear, but I do know that the ankle or rabbit farm, they share their rabbits, like the, like they share the Merino sheep might

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:05:43] Not be the same story, but there is, see one of those and Waitomo. And there was a lady that had all these fluffy rabbits, and she was sharing them, making juices out of them. So we can get through now.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:05:51] Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that amazing? She’s totally blind. And she sheared sheep.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:05:57] Well, let’s ask the cheapest. Well, I want to say so question number two, let’s stay focused. We have 12 of these questions, 11 to go. Who is your favorite author? And I’ll ask Ann to go first this time.

Ann Harrison: [00:06:13] Oh my gosh. That’s it. That’s a toughy because I’ve got so many, but one of my favorite authors is Lynette Eastern.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:06:19] Why?

Ann Harrison: [00:06:21] Because she writes fabulous Christian, romantic suspense novels, and she’s actually been on my podcast.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:06:27] How cool. I I’ve got a favorite book and I managed to get the author onto my podcast. That was cool. Yeah. And how did you get the author to come onto your podcast? I actually, I actually reached out to Elizabeth Goddard, who is another author under the reveal book. Who published her books under reveal books and her there.

Ann Harrison: [00:06:52] Her publicist reached out to me after I reached out to Elizabeth and Lynette Easton was one of several authors on that list. Hackles that Teresa, how would you answer that question? Who is your favorite author? Well, I really don’t read much. I mean, I, I read more self-help books and kind of spirituality books.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:07:14] So I kind of like authors, like Charles Stanley, the Bible, that kind of stuff. The latest book I’ve read and who I like is max Lucado,

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:07:23] So I’m dyslexic and I’ve never read a book in my life. And when I say that, it means if I read the woods that ain’t going to my brain, so I don’t cannot as reading. However, I’ve just discovered audiobooks. And now I can understand when people go to a movie and come outside and say that the book was better than the movie, but suppose you girls wouldn’t experience the movie experience, but do you go to the movies?

Ann Harrison: [00:07:46] Yes. Well, I haven’t been in a while, but I, but I have gone and now the, for the totally blind, see theaters now have the headphones where you can get audio description. For the visually impaired.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:08:01] Okay. Could you just explain that to say that again? Teresa, you broke up a little bit there.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:08:08] Your television now has a, I wouldn’t say an app, but your television can now get some audio transcribed where they talk

Ann Harrison: [00:08:17] it’s it’s secondary audio programming. That’s what the audio description is for question number three, this one’s for Teresa.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:08:26] What really makes you angry and why?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:08:32] What really makes me angry? I’m sorry. I should just be able to jump this one out that people. Yeah. That people don’t that I believe in myself and I motivate myself, but that people, I always have to prove myself and people just don’t that they I’m always proving myself. And, and it, I don’t mind proving myself, but it’s just, it’s just, it makes me angry that people just think I can never do something because of so much saw, like I can’t get the words out.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:09:14] I think it did. Actually. I remember when I was a kid, I got blamed for something I didn’t do four men in a caravan all having a few beers. They said, you a naughty, Danny, you, you lied. And I said, I didn’t lie. And they said, you will never amount to anything. And that’s what they told me. And it stuck in my brain for the rest of my life. That’s probably the best thing they ever told me. I’ve always been trying to prove those guys wrong. Maybe you said it better than that. Yeah. Yeah. Ann what really makes you angry

Ann Harrison: [00:09:46] When something doesn’t work? Right? Or when I think I’ve lost some. Because I get frustrated when it doesn’t work. Right. Because I’m trying to do something, trying to get, you know, whatever the skill is it, like if it’s something on my computer trying to get like a pod, the podcast episode to upload, and either the site doesn’t want to cooperate or. You know, it could be something or it could be something complex or when I think I’ve lost something and I can’t see where it is and it just drives me insane.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:10:19] Yeah. That’s good. This is a question I want to ask, like I said to you before we went live a lot of questions. People want to ask blind people, but we don’t because we don’t think that’s nice, but. Two sides of this next question. And you can go first. Anna, what motivates you to get up in the morning is the question that I really want to ask you. How do you know it’s morning when you’re blind?

Ann Harrison: [00:10:43] Well, my phone and my amazon Alexa device and my, you know, whatever device I’m using. It tells me, and it has the, like, say 7:30 AM, but I also have a little bit of, I have light perception,

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:11:02] okay, so you can feel light and dark.

Ann Harrison: [00:11:04] Right.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:11:06] I love Alexa. I’ve got one of those as well. Theresa went to bed last night. She said that she went to bed last night at 6:00 AM in the morning, and then half an hour later, I found her on another clubhouse room chatting and I thought, ah, she didn’t get any sleep. Or I just wonder if she lost all track of time or it doesn’t really matter.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:11:26] no. I knew that I knew what time it was.
I just couldn’t sleep. I do know the difference from the night and the day I can, like I said, I have 10% of vision left. So I can see a very, very minute and the sun hurts my, okay. So the little bit of sight that I do have, the more light that comes into my eyes, the blinder I get. So I get a light blindness kind of like, you’re going to heaven. You know how they say you see the light.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:11:51] No, I didn’t get that. Okay. So what motivates you to get up in the morning then?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:11:54] Teresa, because I was blessed to get another day because there’s something that I need to accomplish.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:12:01] All right. That’s a good answer. Right? Question number five. You girls ready? Who wants to go first?
This time and or Theresa? Haven’t asked a question yet though. Who wants to go fast? When I do ask the question.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:12:13] That is the question. I’ll go first

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:12:15] Teresa how many languages do you speak? And I know that you speak to interview, say you only speak one and I’ll tell you why after you answer, how many languages do you speak?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:12:27] Well, I know I speak English for sure. And I do speak some sign language.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:12:31] Ah. Okay. And before I tell why everyone speaks two languages and I mean, I would just use speak

Ann Harrison: [00:12:40] I speak English and I know a little, I used to know a little bit of Spanish and a little bit of French, but I’ve lost a lot of that now.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:12:51] So have you ever had the privilege of asking people how many languages they speak? And as long as they can speak the language correctly, you can always say actually everyone speaks two languages. The second language that everyone speaks is called body language.

Ann Harrison: [00:13:06] Right? Yep.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:13:07] And yeah

Teresa Guffanti: [00:13:09] That’s what I meant. That’s what I meant by, by sign language.
It’s more body. Yeah.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:13:14] Sorry. You’ve missed it. American sign language, but I do, I do know some sites, some real site. Yeah. But go ahead. Good stuff. I like that. Right. I forgot what question worked. I think it’s number six. Okay. He’s a bit of a fictional one. I’m going to go in gong. This one. Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or not? Why or why not? So do you like people surprising?

Ann Harrison: [00:13:37] Oh yes. I absolutely love it because it’s, it, it makes me feel like it’s just, it’s just amazing. It’s like that. Ah, I’m like, Oh wow. You know, it’s totally unexpected.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:13:51] Nice Teresa.

Ann Harrison: [00:13:57] I honestly think you’re going to be surprised by this.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:14:00] Shock us all.

Ann Harrison: [00:14:03] I’ve never really been had a gift to be surprised

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:14:11] Don’t make me cry again they always pulled up a Jehovah’s witness right. We don’t celebrate Christmas or birthdays. And I do not like surprises. Is that something similar?

Ann Harrison: [00:14:25] Actually, you know what I have then I I’m wrong. Cause someone brought me flowers one day and that was a surprise. I shouldn’t say that now that I think of that, I D I do like surprise, but there’s very far and few

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:14:35] Hmm. Another day we’ll go into the reason why you said you didn’t. All right. We’ve got another question here. And the question is how many pairs of shoes do you own? We’ll go Ann

Ann Harrison: [00:14:49] Three, a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of sandals and a slippers.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:14:53] Hold it a minute tennis shoes. What’d he call them tennis shoes?

Ann Harrison: [00:14:56] That, well, a lot of people call them sneakers and I’ve just heard them called tennis shoes.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:15:00] Oh when you buying shoes, what do you go for? Like. I mean, I know what I go for. I, I look at things for six months before I make a decision to buy and then I buy. But what are you, what are you looking for in a pair of shoes?

Ann Harrison: [00:15:15] Well, they’ve got to be sturdy. They’re going to give people good walking shoes. They’ve got to be comfortable and they’ve got to be within my price range. I’m not going to spend $120 on a pair of shoes when I can spend 30 or 40. Yeah.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:15:28] Okay. So I got to ask the question, you know, as you’re blind. And do you have like three inch stilettos or four inch stilettos?

Ann Harrison: [00:15:37] Oh no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m not going to work. Right. My next shoe Snope and go have fun. I’m going busting my butt.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:15:45] I’m just curious, had to ask Teresa, what about you?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:15:47] How many pairs of shoes? Five pairs of shoes

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:15:50] 25. Jesus. Can I say that? What, what do you do at 25 pairs of shoes?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:15:55] Well, well I just, I like heels. I like, I like, you know, I have several different pairs of sneakers. I have sandals. I, he just, there are fashionable girls like shoes.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:16:06] Wow. So you’ve gone like 25. Ann’s gone three. You think you’re guilty of the combination?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:16:14] I’m sorry. I also have a lot of pairs of boots.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:16:18] Boots. What do you do with the boots? What do you call them? tramping boots or safety boots. You can work your toe into something and not worry about it.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:16:29] No, just like cute winter boots. I used to have a pair. I think I still have a pair of go-go, but like long, like long boots up to the thigh. Okay.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:16:37] So you see cute. So what do you like cute boots? Or like, do you pick them up and fill them and go, Hey, they’re cute.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:16:47] Well, I have all these shoes I haven’t bought in shoes. No, I have a say that. I remember I still have a little bit of sight. So as long as the light is correct. I, I know I keep saying remember this, but I still can see a very little bit.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:16:59] Right that’s okay. All right. All right, so that’s cool. We’ve got Pat that’s in the room. He’s really cool. You’re listening to, we’re actually recording a podcast as we speak. Would you believe don’t tell anyone are we secret? That was question number seven. We have 12 questions. Aside from necessities, this is a really good question. I’m proud of these questions. I actually got a room full of people together and we had 200 questions and. I said, I wanted ’em to have a hundred and I wanted to narrow it into at roundabout a hundred questions. And I asked him what questions I should have and what I shouldn’t have. And we got personal questions and business questions. And at the end of it, we come up 107 questions. Three of those questions, four of those questions should have never been in my pack. And when I’ve asked people, then they said, don’t ask that question again. I’ll throw that card away. But that means that we have 104 questions. These are random. And this is another one that we’re quite like. I started from necessities. What one thing, could you not go a day without a Teresa? At least you go first

Teresa Guffanti: [00:18:01] What’s one day I could not go without

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:18:03] I side from the necessity. So at least not go internet or my iPhone because I assume. That’s an assistant for yourself.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:18:13] Oh gosh. Coffee that say coffee. Coffee. I would be coffee well it, yes, really? I just, yeah, my mind went more just necessities, but you can call coffee and necessity. Yeah. Yeah.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:18:29] I go for coffee now. My partner and I have gone. Vegan about 16 months ago. And I used to love lattes cause I love the word and I’ve been to Italy and you have latte . It’s great. But when you’re a vegan, no milk. Right. So then you, you go black and it’s like, but now I’ve used oat milk, which is from oats. And it’s pretty

Teresa Guffanti: [00:18:50] I was going to say almond milk.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:18:52] Yeah. Yeah, no, it doesn’t in his the other one is coconut milk. So tell us your coffee. What’s your favorite coffee then?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:19:02] So my favorite coffee is a vanilla latte.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:19:05] There you go. Yup. Or Ann, what about you?

Ann Harrison: [00:19:09] Well, coffee, cup coffee. I’m not talking coffee seems to be a necessity of late because every time every morning I get up and I gotta have my cup of coffee anyway, but now one thing I couldn’t live without, aside from the devices and stuff is my music.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:19:30] Great. And what sort of music do you like?

Ann Harrison: [00:19:36] Oh, I’m a bit eclectic. I like classical. I like like the wage freeze type music. I like eighties and nineties country, some classic rock.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:19:49] Have you, have you listened to the sound of silence by Disturbed

Ann Harrison: [00:19:54] Sound of silence?

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:19:57] Next time. He a voice in it too. Spotify search for sound or silence by disturbed is amazing. You remember Simon and Garfunkel?

Ann Harrison: [00:20:07] Yeah. Yeah. That’s so disturbed. Ooh. No, I don’t like it. My daughter does.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:20:12] Don’t worry about disturbed as a band because they’re pretty freaky and they’re heavy metal and yeah, no, it’s fine.

Ann Harrison: [00:20:20] It’s fine at first. And then it gets a little bit too. Yeah.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:20:23] You got to listen to the YouTube video of him making it more. He thought he wouldn’t pull it off. And then he did. Yeah.

Ann Harrison: [00:20:30] More the Simon, Simon and Garfunkel version. I like that one better. Yeah, both. Cause I thought I liked one end of the spectrum from the other sort of scenario. All right.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:20:42] Here’s one for ya. Alright. You can fight over. Who’s going to answer this question. What superpower would you like to have?

Ann Harrison: [00:20:53] Teresa let you go and we’ll come back to that one because I can think about that one using stalling tactics

Teresa Guffanti: [00:21:02] Teresa. Let’s see. First thing that comes to mind is I’d like to jump off Jumping just fly, fly. Oh, power you want?

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:21:11] No, no, no. Flying is good because I’m thinking of the greatest, greatest American hero. And it’s ironically, I liked to be able to fly as well. Yeah.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:21:20] I would like to have healing powers, healing, healing through sound. Yes. You said

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:21:26] How does it work through sound by now?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:21:28] Well there are, there are like music therapists and that kind of stuff, but it’s like, I had certain have certain Sonic vibrations that I don’t, I don’t know. I’ve got, I’ve got a really working out, but as a blind person, sound and touch two of my strongest senses. So I don’t know how it would work, but it’s something that I find intriguing.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:21:58] Cool. I love the next question at the end. This is a really good if you ruled the world, what would you change on day one?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:22:08] Hmm,

Ann Harrison: [00:22:11] I would, I would want, well, my first thought comes, I would, I would make everybody blind so people would understand what blindness is like.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:22:22] That sounds very mean.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:22:25] Yeah. You know, why the why though, because then we wouldn’t be judging people so much. We wouldn’t care about the color of our skin. We wouldn’t care about race. We wouldn’t care about those, those minor new things that people, you know, what someone looked, you know, just all of those types of things. We judge too many, you know, we judged too much. And if you can’t see, I think with me losing my sight, I, you know, I. You just have a different perspective. So maybe that doesn’t sound so mean now.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:23:00] Yeah, that’s right. And I’ve been mean, cause it was just a stimulating conversation in a way I think. Yeah, no, I think I think that’s a good answer actually.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:23:10] Just for the differences because we’re, we’re ma we make so big about, you know, different, different things that are just not important. And when you can’t see. You, you don’t, you, it doesn’t matter. Those things don’t matter that we’re making such big issues about I

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:23:24] I heard because my partners boys in the spectrum and he struggles with a few things. I remember watching a video once and it was talking about the world has the disability. Is that the people don’t. Well, I think that’s a beautiful thing. I always think about that as like, you know, like people in wheelchairs, you know, it’s, it’s not that they’re not allowed to be in a routine is the fact that even got, you know, wheelchair friendly access to things or the world doesn’t give it up for it. It’s geared up for the majority, not the minority of people. So yeah, I got two more questions out of the 12 what’s one thing. You do sorry. Oh God, I hate this question. I’ve got to throw this card out, but the reason I don’t like it is I’m no good at saying the word eleogy. Funny enough Lance.
Yep. So Lance, funny enough. I think we had a map a couple of weeks ago. I I’m pretty sure this might’ve been one of his questions just popped into the room. We’re recording this as a podcast, by the way, Lance, that’s one thing that you do want on your eleogy .

Teresa Guffanti: [00:24:27] Yeah, you came a little bit too late.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:24:29] What sorry could be what’s one thing you’d like on your tombstone or what would you like somebody to stand up if you know, and say Teresa was good. She was always up a…

Teresa Guffanti: [00:24:50] Go getter. A motivator

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:24:52] Motivate them. Ann what about you?

Ann Harrison: [00:24:56] Oh I guess I would S I would like someone to say she encouraged me to express myself and not to be afraid to do so. And I’m wording that wrong, but

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:25:08] Gave people a voice.

Ann Harrison: [00:25:10] Well, thank you. There you go.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:25:12] Look at that last question, but not least. Where are the world would you now? This is what we talked about before we went online. Cause it’s one of the first questions where in the world would you like to travel to next? And I would like to know how exciting is travel for blind people.

Ann Harrison: [00:25:33] So I’ll take it. I would love to go to Italy and I am going to go to Italy. I see that in my next five years. I actually am going. I actually would love to see in five years to travel all around the world, go everywhere once this. Yeah. And it’s going to happen. And what was the other part of that question?

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:25:52] Where are the word would you like to transfer to next?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:25:57] So I answered it. Okay. Sorry.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:25:58] That’s right now, just before we go to Ann like, have you traveled in the past,

Teresa Guffanti: [00:26:04] Only in the United States.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:26:08] I was in a train. I’m going to Niagara. I was going over to Canada. I think I left from New York. I might have that wrong. I think it was New York. And then I went to the Niagara falls and I met two guys on the train. They were heavily married, 75 years of age. And they said to me, this was the very first time they have even lift their state. And at that time I was traveling in 25 countries in four and a half months. A lot of Americans do not travel. They didn’t even know where New Zealand was.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:26:39] That’s that’s what I was gonna say. Yeah. A lot of, you know, People from the United States, don’t travel.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:26:43] What about Anne?

Ann Harrison: [00:26:48] I have been to various places and I did, and I say I don’t travel alone before, but I actually have been on a Greyhound bus and I knew he was going to meet me at my destination. I have done that a couple of times at the next place.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:27:02] I took a greyhound bus into Las Vegas and those toilets in the back smell like hell. Did you have that problem?

Ann Harrison: [00:27:11] Yeah. And they were going to say, but anyway, besides that, yeah. But as far as traveling, I’m a little wary of it now due to COVID. But if I had a destination in mind Hmm. Maybe England, but don’t little.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:27:32] What appeals do you have that drive? Like Armour co I’ve been to 35 plus countries and I call myself a solo traveler and I love to travel just before COVID card went to bed. We’re gonna start at India and China. And I got out of there probably two weeks before COVID AC started happening. And I did it because I turned 50 and I didn’t like celebrating my birthday. So I escaped, however When I was traveling, I thought, Oh, I love traveling so much. Just say freedom. That’s a blessing for me to be able to do it.
But for you guys, is it something you, is it a curse that you can’t so easily? Is it something that you don’t have any desire to do? Or you got too much to ask out on that you don’t really like what they already have a kind of went to holiday. Is that something that you want.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:28:22] Yes, I do. I just not something that I’m thinking about currently.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:28:27] I think before we went live, we talked about your sensors. I think we did. One thing that really was interesting to me is your fear of going outside and not being able to get home again. How do you, how do you manage that?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:28:42] Okay. So after I said it, I thought, you know, cause it’s just because I’ve lost so much sight. I do get out. I just don’t get out as much as I used to. I used to walk everywhere cause I’ve only lost most of my site in the last six years. So I’m just panicked to what the question was. How would I get back? Yeah. I just try not to go too far of destinations.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:29:05] And you’ve got a difference with Ann because Ann has been blind since birth and Theresa is got about 10% in the first sites still today in lost her sight slowly.
So you’ve got a different perspective. So in some ways going about what you’re saying earlier and kind of has embraced it more because she’s never had sight, but you’ve had a touch of it. And then you try not to lose it. Correct. So whatever. And when you leave home, do you, why are you able to find your way back home?

Ann Harrison: [00:29:36] If I’m in this familiar area wearing him yet nail yes, because I have like landmarks, like w like the mat in front of my porch steps. I have the wind tones on my porch and things like that. But when I’m in like a more urban area and I don’t know where I’m doing. It does get a bit scary. I do get a bit anxious, anxious, because I get disoriented and that in itself scares me.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:30:06] Hmm. So D just because we’re recording this live, I would like to say just pretend, you’ve just wrote a book and you’ve given your message out. And at the very, the very last paragraph. The nieces that you want to leave people, you know, what is your why? I know you both are getting into podcasting and, but what is your, why it’s such a cliche because everyone asking your why, but Ann first, if you had a misses that you wanted to believe people, what is the reason that you want to be able to speak out? What is your why?

Ann Harrison: [00:30:43] Well, because I think that. I want to make a difference. I want to encourage people to go after they’re there to achieve their goals and go after their calling because writing and now I find podcasting. I’m both. I’m called to do both. So therefore, that’s my thing. I want to get people to courage, the courage, the courage, to use their voices, to speak their message to the world, because we all have a message. But we are the only ones who can share our message

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:31:15] Chucking when I am saying this , but Ann, what is your why?

Ann Harrison: [00:31:22] Because I want to make a difference

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:31:24] One more time. Cause that’s what the book told me to say. What is your why?

Ann Harrison: [00:31:32] Because if I, because I want to make a difference, brilliant. And if I don’t, who will, you know

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:31:40] Yeah. And I, and honestly, I think if I ask that question three times to most people who are podcasters, they really want to make a difference. Teresa, I got a question for you. Are you making a difference?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:31:56] Yes.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:31:57] Theresa. Are you making a difference?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:32:03] Yes. I’m making a difference

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:32:05] I’m going to change the last one. Cause you think I’m going to ask the same question. What difference are you making in people’s lives at the moment?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:32:12] I make a difference every day, because even though we are in COVID, I have a podcast where I show during in COVID. I have met many different people all over the world and I’m still doing it and being blind. I. I, you know, it doesn’t stop me awesome to get out there and meet new people and just doing it sitting in my home.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:32:33] So have you been listening to my podcast and you’d like to know more about these ladies? I’ll make sure the show notes give you a link to their profile. They would love to interview you. They’d love to have you on the podcast. And they would certainly like to make a difference in your life. So if you can help them do that in any which way or form by all means, reach out to these girls. And if you don’t know what clubhouse is, that’s my last question is how has clubhouse now, if you’re new to clubhouse, when you first joined opponents within seven days, you get a party hat . Now, both Theresa and Ann by fifth party hits means they’ve only been on clubhouse for seven days. And my last question to both of you girls Ann first. Do you like the platform clubhouse

Ann Harrison: [00:33:16] In some respects? Yes. But I’m still, I’m still so new to it that I really, I really don’t know how to answer that. I like this room per say, but like I said, clubhouse as a whole, I can’t really answer that because I just joined it yesterday.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:33:37] Oh, you’re only one day old.

Ann Harrison: [00:33:39] Yeah. I would love to ask that question in about two weeks time.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:33:44] Absolutely. Yep. Theresa, how long have you been, how long have you been in Clubhouse? So I think I’m hitting my fifth day. Yep. And I would say, I think it is a, an amazing thing, an amazing thing. It has opened doors in so many ways. I’ve already podcasted about it to my podcast, to my listeners. I. Get a voice back and I get to hear from amazing people. There are platforms. It is like having some of these things, some of these rooms that you go in these, I guess they’re called clubhouses or rooms. You they’re like masterclasses. You can feature yourself, however you want. It gives you a voice and it gives other people voices. And I think it’s going to change. I, I don’t like social media, really. I really don’t, but I enjoy this because people are getting to talk to one another.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:34:37] I’ve coined a phrase and I’ve got it. My clubhouse profile series clubhouse equals the world needed to talk. I truly believe that’s what this platform is all about. Yeah. How many hours sleep have you had in the last four days?

Teresa Guffanti: [00:34:50] Theresa? Very, very little right.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:34:55] That’s awesome. Well, thank you both for coming on my podcast. And it’s been a privilege to interview you on the cuff as we did. And as I said, there was some show notes and by all means, reach out to Ann and Teresa. I’ll make sure I link there profiles to the show notes.

So thank you for long. So I’m going to play the music at the end of the Podcast. thank you for coming along to WHAT : DE HEK podcast turned into. Right next episode, it more riveting podcasts from our guests that come along to our show.

Thanks girls.

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